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  1. I've just started as Ponteland United, lets hope I don't get any of these bugs you speak of. Then again, I'm using the April update from their Facebook.
  2. After forgetting to do 2 seasons worth of updates, I'm starting again on the 11.2 patch. I have no idea why I am because the 11.3 patch will probably be out in about 2 months, but what the hell. Reloadtime.
  3. This just got Goal of the Month.
  4. Best name ever?
  5. Which is unusual for a Brazilian.
  6. How the hell do you outplay Arsenal, yet lose 4-1?
  7. Updated with Flickr, for now anyway.
  8. ****ing Photobucket. Anyone got a decent alternative?
  9. What's the jury on my new goalkeeper/record signing, Paulo Roberto?
  10. Note to self: Onyekachi Apam is utter CRAP! Sell immediately! He was doing so **** against Middlesbrough that I took him off 30 minutes into the game.
  11. Don't let Midgetram see that! He'll go spare! And for the record, City and Colour are AWESOME! As are Alexisonfire, who I saw a few weeks back. Anyway... Back on topic.
  12. And, it's how the artist he's named after (I assume) spells it
  13. Are you using Brian from the Breakfast Club as your manager profile picture?!
  14. Funnily enough, Carroll plays for Scotland. The only one currently playing for England is Tom Huddlestone. Other Englishmen I have are Green, Richards, Cahill, Henderson, McEachran and Wilshere. I could have Lee Cattermole coming in too, who is currently in the England squad. On another note, this popped up in my inbox... They're taking the **** now, surely!
  15. I've finished my season. Can't be arsed to do my report just yet, so I'll come back to it. But in short, 6th place finish and semis of Europa League. Cracking on with the new season. Ins: (Free Unless Stated) Jiri Vicek - £6.75m (Nottingham Forest) - Regen Vincent Kompany - £1.7m (West Ham) Fawzi Chaouchi Marcus Berg Gary Cahill Jack Wilshere Giuseppe Carboni - Regen Outs: (Free unless stated) Lorik Cana - £500k (Tottenham) Ross Turnbull - £1.5m (West Brom) Alex Henshall - £1.5m (West Ham) Titus Bramble - Released Signed all my outs for frees, and sold them for that much.