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  1. documents/sports interactive/football manager 2010/schedules or something like that...
  2. Can you change the Thread title from: Maidstone United - Hopefully Featuring League Football Again to Maidstone United - Will there be another Mag Man Jr.
  3. Really interesting story here, really looking forward to reading more.
  4. Why dont you try it out and see how they play. If there not performing make changes that you think will work.
  5. I normally make the FCd as target man, this way he flicks it on to the FCa. I also like my FCd to be creative. However when I play with Chelsea I use Drogba as an FCa target and Anelka as a more creative FCd.
  6. I dont actually use a pre-season just have a lot of friendlies. I guess use it until the fitness levels are up and then sort the players. I would probably give them 2/3 weeks of pre-season and then go onto normal training.
  7. I and many others who partake in the lower league challenge attempt to get players on full-time contracts asap. You wont get full-time coaches until you turn professional but the players do improve by being full-time a lot quicker. Yep, assign your coaches to maximise the star ratings. That means all aerobic training in each schedule will be done by the same coach and at that coaches level. Youth coaches only train youth schedules. I only have 16 and younger players on youth schedules but anyone 17 or older go into proper schedules as these are more intense. Just my opinion here though.
  8. Indeed they are. The schedules you imported contain varying levels of strength/areaobic/etc. So you assign your coaches to train those things. Any other questions?
  9. Go to training. On the left hand drop down list there should be an option to see coaches. From there you can assign them.
  10. Similar to FM08 corner routine works for me. For other settings I use common sense and try to base them on real life.
  11. Go to the player interaction screen, scroll to the bottom and link player. Will only work on youngsters. CA & PA are not visible in the game and you need an external utility. Training or tactics? For tactics go to my documents/sports interactive/football manager 2009/tactics For training go to my documents/sports interactive/football manager 2009/schedules
  12. Go to training overview on the player-screen. Then there is choice to retrain position. To train PPM's go to player interaction and scroll down.
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