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  1. If we were to change the manager who would people want? Either available now or in the summer? I feel like a manager change is needed, however not super keen on an another cycle of short term managers.
  2. Neuchâtel Xamax - 2015/16 - Season 1 Have flown through a couple of seasons as have had some time off of work. Will provide brief updates of the seasons I have done and will add more depth as I catch up. Manager Profile Table - finished in at 7th fairly comfortably. Cup - a run to the third round including knocking out a super league team. Season Competition Position Swiss Cup -------------------------------------------------------- 2015/16 Challenge League 7th 3rd Round
  3. Yes they do, it took me several reloads to get them to come up but I eventually did and have started a game with them.
  4. He has declined quite a lot and was a fair bit better in his prime, hence the 32 caps for England. He was first choice and always outperformed Lukaku before I sold him, I had Hazard either behind or alongside him supplying the chances.
  5. He is pretty average but a decent finisher and I just have him in the box finishing chances. Here is his history I will have to do a full update at some point as I have only played with academy products.
  6. I am in 2022 I think. Academy only save which has made things a bit more challenging/interesting, still have won a fair amount of trophies. Will try and do a full update when I have some more time free.
  7. About to start 2016/17 and playing a 3-6-1 my 25 man squad is as follows: Courtois/Cech Kalas/Christensen Zouma/Omeruo/Conroy Luiz/Terry Azpilicuetta/Kane Bertrand/van Aanholt Baker/Loftus Cheek/Lampard Chalobah/McEachran Oscar/van Ginkel Hazard/Boga Lukaku/Bamford/Brown Piazon, Traore and Hazard just missing out and will probably all have premier league loans. Might try and phase out Lukaku, Luiz and van Ginkel this season. Azpilicuetta stays as there are no decent RBs through yet and Hazard/Oscar just to good for me to let go yet. I also have a couple of average regens that could take a squad place but none through that are good enough to be stars.
  8. Chalobah and McEachran join Baker, Bamford and Bertrand in the England squad
  9. Currently playing my annual academy only game. Have had Lewis Baker and Patrick Bamford called up to the England squad Hopefully Chalobah also makes it soon.
  10. This is such a stupid argument that goes on every year. Mikel is our best DM, even if we signed another Mikel would still have to be part of our squad as we have been short there recently (and had to even play Luiz there). I would like to Chalobah used in rotation with Mikel rather than signing a new player. Our current strike force is a way larger concern than DM.
  11. I think we need a proper top striker and Lukaku as our main two strikers. Then we need a third young striker with potential (unless Schürrle is the man?) to provide cover. Torres is **** and really has to be moved on. Ba didn't get much of a chance to prove himself but probably isn't quite up to the standard of striker that we need and I don't see the point of him being a third choice.
  12. I haven't renewed by ST yet. I hadn't intended on doing it... very tempted to make a last minute impulse renew for Mourinho
  13. I think it had been 18/19 league games without a goal for him. We need to ship him out this summer.
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