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  1. I'm impressed by your success as the premier division is very competitive. Managing in Sweden myself this year but had 3 years of not winning the title with Hammarby which meant the end.
  2. They are a highland team so it is possible, i tried getting them up but ended with every higher rep team and quite a few lower rep teams promoted but not them.
  3. I would like to see an option to take on other nationalities after meeting the days completed criteria similar to a player. As well as helping the managers knowledge it could influence the future chances of getting jobs in that country if you start as a foreign manager.
  4. Has anyone tried with Caley Braves in scotland. Im just curious to know if all their youth players really are french.
  5. more games this season and a bit of progress, also played more than Goran at least.
  6. That is an astonishing tactic that doesn't look like it should work with the midfield balance as its too attacking (although IF's were very effective in FM19, i haven't used them in FM20 to see any changes) , how did you decide on that tactic.
  7. i think all the players are all going to have to up their games, just 6 goals in 31 starts isn't going to get any records. Has Redding taken any penalties and has he scored them?
  8. In spite of being worth more, my player is already behind another youngster at the same club. Not a good start.
  9. I saw this problem in the beta and reported it, still happening in new saves. Lowestoft is an example i have seen, no idea if it is just certain teams or not. There seems to be a lot of annoying bugs still at the moment.
  10. Name: Ellis Redding Date of birth (will be 17 at game start): 14 December Nationality & place of birth: English, Southampton Starting Club (19-20 EPL only): Southampton 2 high technical attributes: Finishing, Penalty Taking 2 high mental attributes: Composure, Determination 2 high physical attributes: Pace, Strength Up to 1 PPM: Shoots with power Favored club: Southampton Disliked club: Portsmouth Favored personnel (and why): Matt Le Tissier (Idol) Disliked personnel: None
  11. Good progress as ever, not surprised the youth preview is pretty negative. I imagine the higher the status of club, the more negative it appears as it is all relative to your existing (better) squad.
  12. Having a chairman willing to prop up the club is always good, looking like a good club for you, youth intake aside. Personally i always sign all the youth up as the staff generally seem very poor at analyzing their ability, get a staff member with high judging attributes and see they have a different opinion on the candidates while they are still at the club.
  13. With your finances, did you have a takeover? I had one in my current game and the finances improved by 40K although there was no message to say so and the chairman said there would be no investment
  14. Good luck this time, should make for an interesting time. the facilities are a bug i think- i have seen the same in the english lower leagues where a team had the best possible coaching and recruitment in the VNS, it changed at the season start. In my game the club has basic and fairly basic.
  15. That's really bad luck, the clubs seem really demanding in Sweden this year by the looks of it with no room for falling just short. What was your rating in the job by the end as C seems like you are doing ok rather than on the point of being sacked.
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