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  1. Player Name: Roland Garros Nation of birth: Reunion Month and date of birth (year will be set for all) 06 October Ht/Wt (in meters/kgs) 1.80m / 75kg position(s): ML (AML secondary) Assign one attribute (4 total) (technical/mental/physical) at 18, 15, 12...and 3. Rest of attributes will be randomized by the database.: Professionalism - 18 Pace - 15 Passing - 12 Tackling - 3 You may select one PPM: Knocks Ball Past Opponents
  2. @Biscotti- great season there, Juan Manual obviously fits your system really well. I assume your youth is numbered from the start of the save, confused me a bit since i number mine in the year they come through.
  3. 2028 Table | Squad | Transfers Started this season quite well but a 3 month injury to Diawara sent the team into a decline, it was only due to there being 3 worse sides than auto relegation was avoided. In the relegation playoff the team faced Trelleborgs, after losing the away leg 2-3 the team won 3-1 at home with late goals from Kucys to stay in the league. In the swedish cup the team went past 3rd Div Rynninge 6-0 to make the group stage for the 1st time. The prize money of 630K has improved finances although the board have decided its not enough to improve the facilit
  4. Did Eriksson have a poor personality as it looks to me like staff tend to rate them lower if they do. I now sign all the youth players to see if they do change although so far none have changed up by more than 0.5 stars.
  5. 2027 Table | Squad | Transfers Made an indifferent start to the season before going on a 14 match unbeaten run albeit with too many draws in that run. This took the club to around the playoff spots but ended with needing to win the last game to overtake Huddinge into 2nd. In the playoffs the team faced GAIS and won the home leg 3-1. In the away leg the team was really poor but luckily GAIS were no better to only win 0-1 and the team were promoted. In the swedish cup the team beat L2 Enskede 3-2 away before facing Malmo. The game was switched to away and the team were well beaten 0-2
  6. welcome back. I managed to sign the very opposite of your preferred CB, namely one with with 14 heading and 2 jumping. I thought i could increase the jumping but managed to somehow overlook his height -5' 4" which meant i could not increase it beyond 3 in jumping according to my coaches. Needless to say even with good pace, he was still rubbish.
  7. The squad should be good enough, i can't get them to perform. They seem to be rated highly but are deficient in too many areas like pace and determination The club is 100k in the red and has no money, the cup tie meant they did not lose much more money over the season, frees all the way in the lower reaches of sweden. Really hard luck in the final, looks very even.
  8. 2025 Table | Squad | Transfers Started off poorly and then picked up before then tailing off. No consistency in the the performances and they finished a distant 7th. In the swedish cup the team went past a lower league team before facing 1st Div elite Dalkuld in the 2nd rd. The team lost 1-2 at home after extra time. Finances have really gone downhill this season with an increase in the wages and little money coming in. Did manage to convince the board to increase the youth recruitment at the end of the season. Diawara was the only really good player for the team.
  9. @aldojags- that's tough with those groups, really hard teams. You need to get to a point where you are the 3rd ranked side and have a couple of easy games to win, that way wins against the others is enough to qualify usually. I played in hungary last year and had much the same issue. i wasn't even able to nick many players from slavia as they were better than me and paying huge wages, they had some great players though.
  10. 2024 Table | Squad | Transfers This was an indifferent season where the team were always just outside of the top 2 sides without really being in a position to get into those spots. The teams performances against teams at the bottom was particularly poor and the main reason for the drop off in position and points. A poor end meant the team finished 6th. In the swedish cup the team eased past D1N Enskede in the first rd before meeting premier Norrkoping away in the 2nd rd. The team went into extra time at 2-2 with 10 men but after losing another player to injury lost 2-5. Finances
  11. i only missed 1 out of 7 last season, its rare to see a missed penalty in my game even though the takers are only 9 or 10 in penalties for my team or the opposition. Perhaps its the standard of the keepers in yours.
  12. 2023 Table | Squad | Transfers Started off this season in really strong form and was battling for the title until about halfway through the season when a poor run sent the team down the table. Thereafter Dalkurd were clear in 1st and the team was in a 3 way battle for 2nd. Going into the last game (against 3rd) the team were in 2nd place and 2 points clear of 4th. A draw was enough to get into the promotion playoff against Jonkopings. In the 1st leg at home the team went 4-0 up before being pegged back to 4-2. In the 2nd leg a sending off for my team meant they were up against i
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