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  1. Table | Squad | Transfers Started the season as the only semi-pro club in the league and with odds of 400-1 (the next worse team was 35-1). Sadly it proved accurate as the team was overpowered in most of the matches especially in defence, ending the season with 8 games without a win and a 0-8 loss at home in the last game. Entered the swedish cup in the 2nd rd and were well beaten 2-5 by D1N Akropolis which was a disappointment as the team had won the previous 2 league games. Finances were the only good thing in the season as this league has prize money - 415K for last place.
  2. @jmarchand Good season in europe, looks like you need to add greater squad depth to compete in europe and the league at the start of the season to make more progress. Or start later in europe
  3. Golden generation seems to a common summary this year, it may not amount to a great deal although it has picked out at least 1 player.
  4. In sweden its mostly just the top 2 divisions who are pro, look for a side in the 3rd tier (1st div n/s) who have been relegated in the past 2 seasons as they will be the bigger clubs and more likely to turn pro if promoted. Lungskille might have been good and their training facilities are ok for sweden.
  5. @jmarchand great season there. Sipos had a fantastic season for you.
  6. Squad | Table | Transfers Started the season on fire and swiftly went top, by halfway the team were ahead by 6 points, 2nd half of the season the team faltered and were nearly caught. 4 draws to end the season with a 0-0 draw against Oskarahamn in the last game ensured promotion. In the cup the team faced Malmo FF and rearranged the match to play away losing 1-2 although the game was not that close. Finances increased as a result of the swedish cup match with Malmo (the club were paid 30k + 50% of the gate fees of 16k attendance). Most of the transfers were backup players to imp
  7. 2023 Table | Squad | Transfers Started the season with no wins and 4 draws from the first 10 games, 1 loss in the next 7 took the team to midtable before 6 straight defeats sent the team back to a relegation fight and several talks with the board! With 3 games to go the team looked safe but a 1-1 draw to the bottom side was followed by a 2-2 draw against Skovde (after being 2-0 down) and a 2-1 defeat to Linkoping. Avoided the relegation playoff on GD. Not entered in the swedish cup. Finances are still slowly decreasing, disappointingly attendances went down this season.
  8. @BiscottiWell done on promotion, the finances look like they should be sorted. Do you think you can make the step up, i always got the impression the top 2 leagues were some way better in spain than the lower ones
  9. basic 4-4-2 swedish pyramid is prem - D1elite - D1 north/ south - D2 divisions. the difference in standards is also quite high and my team are finding the step up hard. Good luck in Bulgaria, don't think i have ever managed there in FM
  10. Table | Squad | Transfers Started the season well and was in 2nd although some way behind Nykopings who completely lost it with just 2 points from their last 8 games. This meant it was a battle between my team and Gute for the title, Sleipner were 1st going into the last game but lost to go into the playoffs. In the playoffs the team drew and won to lead the group of 2nd placed teams and face a promotion playoff against a team from the league above. I beat Tvaakers by 3-2 and 4-2. Not entered in the swedish cup. Finances are very poor and were only helped by the 30k for promotion via
  11. fair to say the team was rather clinical, didn't feel like an even match.
  12. Table | Squad | Transfers Started the season well but a downturn mid season meant that a promotion challenge was always out of reach although a good finish closed the gap. Not entered in the Swedish cup. Started with just 17 players who were mostly good players, most of the transfers bar Sahlin didn't do that well although they increased the squad depth. A lot of the players are good in different positions so finding the best position and role still needs some work, i played Ringqvist at LB (he has tackling of 3!) but realized he is my best LM. Partly this was due to the
  13. I don't think i have ever seen that before. Have you thought about changing your HOYD as all your best youth players seem to be AMC's. Maybe a different one will bring through CB's ?
  14. Got bored of the groundhog day nature of my Malmo city save so i have restarted Profile IK Sleipner has some better facilities and use their rivals ground. They also have a long history (of the 16 clubs to have won the top flight only 2 are currently outside the top 2 divs)
  15. they just built it, i didn't ask as i wasn't filling the previous one.
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