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  1. I've just had it happen. The sequence of events was: My player (D R) is red carded. I move back one of the midfielders and sub him for defender from the bench. I make another two subs few minutes later. At this time I noticed that "subbed" player is still listed in upper part of the team list, though with red arrow next to his name, confirming the substitution. Despite that, the player I intended to sub was still on the field. I could not make any other sub at this point, as if the game counted that substitution toward the limit. The player I wanted to sub off receives another red card. At this point the game allows me to make third sub - I drag another midfielder back and sub him for the same defender I intended to bring on previous time. Again: "subbed" off player remains on field, is listed on teamsheet with red arrow 'till end of the game, no more subs allowed. Match file is attached. I am quite sure that in both cases I did things in the same order: first draw player that I wanted to sub off to position of player that has been sent off, and than sub him for player from the bench. I don't seem to recall anything out of order when making sub, so I assume all confirmation dialogs and so on were as usual. Sporting (POR) - Vaduz.pkm
  2. I can name only 5 subs in Euro Cup II qualification (best placed path) matches. Champions quals, group games and knockout rounds all use 7 subs, so I suspect this is a bug.
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