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  1. Here's a weird change in my current save game. A bunch of my players with 18-19 determination, personality previously "Determined", have become "Driven". Change in personalities or bug?
  2. Just thought your initial reply seemed a little petty, that's all.
  3. Well, that was a nicer reply than the moderator deserved. (Disclaimer: haven't seen the thread where bababooey struggles to accept that common sense is a concept or whatever.)
  4. Staff certainly decline as they age. I'm guessing ambition and/or professionalism helps. Also, often you'll also see their attributes redistributed if they're employed in a different role than what they had previously. Iirc, a director of football will typically improve in JPA/JPP. This is certainly true if he has more PA than CA and a decent personality. How big the changes are simply through attribute restribution, I don't know. I'm sure the same goes if you specialise a coach, for instance.
  5. Thank you very much, I did search through the first four pages of this forum, but then decided to just post this instead.
  6. So, I'm dull enough that I actually quite like the standard skin. (Or maybe I just struggle with change!) In any case, I would quite like a to have a look at the oppositions tactics/roles pre-match (and also in Analysis/Formations post-match). I'm managed to "create" a new skin, which is just the standard skin, but I've not yet been able to figure out how to enable this "feature". In the end I might decide to disable it, but for whatever reason I'm curious to try it, and am hoping someone here can point me in the right direction. Much appreciated.
  7. No clever troubleshooting tips we can give a try?
  8. Worth noting that this is a network game (2 players).
  9. In FM14 you could start training a PPM before loaning him out and it would progress as normal. Not saying that makes it a good idea to loan a player out, but it was possible.
  10. Digression: Having a lot of non-Italians at Inter is a bit of a tradition. That's why they're called Internazionale, if I'm not mistaken.
  11. Would be good though. If your former players are influenced by your management of the club, for instance. Maybe they'll gain knowledge of the tactics you use, develop similar traits (or opposite traits, if they dislike you), etc. I'd love to have a former player become a nemesis of mine, due to his having worked under me. Let's be honest, it doesn't take too long for a career game to become quite easy as a human manager due to the weakness of AI and their recruitment.
  12. I agree. It is Football MANAGER after all. Coaches are part of the equation. A small part, arguably, but once you get properly (excessively?) invested in the game, these kind of minor details do take on more importance. If you want to control every aspect of your team, you do want to develop your backroom staff as well as your players. I'm sure it's not a pressing concern ahead of FM15, but being able to - let's say - aid a player you're fond of, into becoming a useful coach or manager, would definitely add an extra dimension to a career game.
  13. Worth noting that Motivating can develop as the coach ages. Think Determination and LoD are static.
  14. More varied personalities in newgen STAFF. They generally just have 10 for all hidden attributes.
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