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  2. looks awful to me in that screenshot alright, the edges of the stars are super blurry
  3. Ah gosh, unfortunately it does not remember the numbers as normal. I entered them after playing a game and clicked submit and then by the next it is asking me to enter them again. Edit: To clarify, entered them as you suggested above during mid week.
  4. I tried to put, as every year, the real fixtures via editor but this year there are so many issues. I really cant ficure it out. I start trying to fix Football League by adding teams to it. Then it requires more. I think the hole greek leagues system is not good. This is the first message BEFORE I change anything, just try to test it.
  5. February It's just not falling for us. We have chances but we're not putting them away. We thre away a win at Preston due to it, we should have easily won at Reading but two quick goals after we misseed an abudance of chances saw it get zero points. A draw away at Bournemouth was good and Norwich just battered us but the Forest game we were ahead, comfortably and they squeezed out a 20 yarder that flew in. We're throwing away too many points. I'm having to change tactic now, to get some goals. The win at QPR was thanks to Barlaser scoring two free kicks. We're dropping fas
  6. as above, gutted was in only in December but the save had 25+ hours into it it is what it is we move on, wondering how others are getting on with toon takeovers? i had 3 inside 1 year (during beta)
  7. dont you need to know this informations better than me..guendouzi is 185cm in everywhere
  8. Summary: board blocking transfers for a player and demanding a crazy amount of money to allow their sale Description of Issue: I am playing as Hapoel Tel-Aviv and trying to sell their first team GK, who is valued at 45k, for 40k. The board said he was worth something crazy like £60m. Then this news item connecting Austin FC suggested they might have to bid £225m for him. Board blocked my sales of 40k annoyingly. Steps to Reproduce: Try and sell Ernestas Setkus as Hapoel Tel Aviv Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: https://oc.sigames.com/owncloud/index.php/s/Kzvhd0MdU3v4Nv4 ...file n
  9. That is correct. I like the 20 mark roughly when it comes to playable leagues (baring in mind I add two straight after I've loaded the db) You can add as many view only leagues around that as you want, I'd suggest leagues you're actually going to look at. No point adding Chile if you're not actually going to look at it. As for the DB, this is where you can be quite flexible depending on how quick you want things to be. At a minimum I always load "Current International Players" + "Top Division Clubs" + "Continental Reputation" for all continents. That gives you a rather large pool of playe
  10. Uhm, so what does it need to be then? · State what you think is specifically wrong with a particular piece of data. · State what you think the data should be. · State reasons/proof for your suggested corrections/improvements.
  11. Hi Michael Thanks, I have now raised the issue with out team
  12. Does anyone know what colour setting controls the light blue on this screen? It is also shown on the press conference where the press ask questions. I'd like to change it to another colour as its too bright for the dark skin.
  13. In addition to the PM Nico Jalink should be set as Ast. Mgr. already? Fouzi Mesaoudi is manager at FC IJsselmonde? Then I have to pick, and I think we should give him the manager role there over a scouting role. (Unless if he left IJsselmonde) Jim Camphens - has been added for updates. Thanks!
  14. Yes, i was thinking the same. Something like this should work ok, functional and very space saving. -A click to display the dugout advices list and another to go back to the notable events-.
  15. Keep getting mails about players in my shortlists. When i try to untick the options to follow shortlists, as in the picture, it doesnt work (nothing happens). I'm using a custom skin but the same happens with default skin:
  16. Hi ! As you can see on the two screenshot, I have a U19 squad ass manager named Régis Beunardeau. But in the coach responsibilities panel, he doesn't appear, Since that game was started with the beta version, I tried to run a game from scratch, and the same problem appears, not only for the U19 ass manager, but for the Reserve ass manager too. No problem for the 1st team ass manager. Btw, yes i'm using a darker skin, but I reverted to a standard skin, and the problem is still here.
  17. I'll post it here as well, as there was no reaction in the league issues(yes i know it's busy but perhaps now it will be looked at)Squad selection, for selecting the 18 players for match day it´s needed in the game to select 6 players that has a home grown status Belgium, but this not longer needed, you only need to select 8 players in squad registration of 25 in the beginning of the season. In the picture you can see an extract of the current belgian book of rules regarding squad selection and registration
  18. Hi - I have noticed that if the Steam Client is 'Online' then the in game editor works fine, however if I am 'offline' it is greyed out and not working. Playing on Windows 10.
  19. Is it only me or are the player rating stars a bit grainy/lowres on retina displays?
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