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  2. the overall tax the same may well be a very good idea but it looks like the super tax goes after the super rich and thats where I believe we will see the best results for my project...operation- 'address the balance' aka 'smash the elite' I am also going to tweak it so it starts earlier than current game set up so I may well set it to start in 2019 so you then get to see immediate results as in my sims its the second season where it really kicks in, but I am using a custom start up date for lat May 2021 so that may well influence the first season I may just sim from a normal ga
  3. So I tried the tactic with Hertha, my childhood club since 25 years and wow. Bayern and BVB were terrible but I didnt expect to become champions in one season. Defensively the tactic is astounding and offensively the team picks up steam as it gains morale and cohesion. DOF is responsible for transfers and he bought me Brais Mendez in the winter break who was tremendous as the Attacking Midfielder. Thanks Davy for this brilliant working and brilliant looking tactic which doesnt use strikerless nonsense. Results are seen below.
  4. After some months away from Football Manager I've decided to get back into my Ultimate Challenge save. Look forward to reading some of the current attempts in this thread and cracking on again with my own save!
  5. Its definately a problem late in the game, i'm about 25 seasons into my save and alot of the big clubs play players way past their prime as its based on their high CA and reputation. For example i noticed Arsenal signed a 38 year old striker for £10.75M and played him in most of their league games getting 4 goals in 28 games. The player is still in the England squad too at 38. Its happened in all versions of FM and is one of the reasons why the game gets too easy when you manage a big club as you can easily create teams full of wonderkids while the AI teams end up being full of older play
  6. How are you guys coping with Brexit in-game? First window as a Prem side and can't get work permits for anyone, with English talent being massively overpriced. *Please note, I am not trying to be political.*
  7. A pretty one-sided QF and we're through to the semi-finals again. Last year we were beaten by Man Utd at this stage, now we'll face the other team from Manchester. League is close to being mathematically won. I would like to get the unbeaten season there:
  8. Here is the file with squad rule changes cheers Germany changes.fmf
  9. Indeed I can, they are quite big, because I can't be bothered by compressing them, so allow for some loading if you are on a slow line. Just had this lovely move. Did have to score on the rebound, but still a good example of central play. But this other goal was so much better. The opponent were sitting back a bit, so this was very satisfying to have. It's all about creating movement between the lines!
  10. if you manage a squad [I just took over a club on squad submission date] it wont let you exceed the wage cap..and so works as expected it stops you from submitting your squad until you are under the set amount however I am seeing this for some AI teams- Bayern clearly exceeding the cap and the selected players do play in league games and there is no punishment that I can see at the end of the season when they do this so 2 questions why is this happening and what is the point if there is no punishment cheers
  11. Currently playing as Tottenham in the 2020/2021 season. A goal for the 2021/2022 season is "Reach the latter stages of the Champions Cup" which is already marked as failed, and the board upset about it, in May 2021.
  12. Season 1 Pre-Season and Transfers Budgets and Board Vision Having a look over the first team we have quite a bloated squad but we do have cover in every position, the one position I was concerned about was GK as Gilks, Crellin and Jensen are all roughly the same ability and they're not very good. With not much budget to work with I may have to just concentrate on finding a GK only in Pre-Season. I expect we will be battling it out for promotion, the media predict us to finish 1st but the board are a little more realistic. Best 11 Transfers As mentioned
  13. Your setup of roles and duties really looks very good for a possession-based, short-passing approach you want to implement Instructions also make sense, although I would not insist on the WBiB at all costs (or at least not all the time). Because there will be situations when such instruction is likely to overcomplicate your attacking play and thus potentially do more harm than good.
  14. Central play is definitely improved compared to FM 20. Maybe @XaW can bless you with one of his glorious GIFs. Anyway, there's a free Demo available, so you can see for yourself.
  15. Your setup of roles and duties looks okay(ish) overall, but is not optimally suited to a short-passing game. I also don't see any particular reason for the use of wide(r) attacking width, especially as a regular part of the tactic. Instead, attacking width is the type of instruction that should basically be used/tweaked on a situational basis. Being that much specific when it comes to keeper distribution is something I personally would look to avoid as well. In short, your tactic already looks pretty decent and therefore should not require too much tweaking.
  16. I am a big proponent of using an Advanced Playmaker (support) in place of the Deep Lying Playmaker in systems like this. The DLP is obviously very cautious/stable as a second holding midfielder, but I don't think the AP is excessively aggressive with the good structure all around him. He has a bit more license to move to hurt the opponent and combine with the front 3. The AP plays in the space between your opponent's defence and midfield, and the DLP plays in the space between your defence and midfield. IMO, you want more of the former from one of the two "8s" in a 4-3-3.
  17. hello guys i need help i am new with moding I want to play FM21 with "custom/created league(DB file )" when i start the game i cant select them because they are available for 21.3 version of FM,and my version is 21.4,so how can i update league versions to i can use them on 21.4 How to change league prize money for finishing 1,2,3,4... on custom created league? how to change or remove limit for foreign players?
  18. I attach my screenshot, you can see I do not lie, I am with Kisvarda. Despite of this, I still like this game, but usually never quit when my team runs good form because of this...
  19. I tried to approach to sign regens with no contract and even when they accept the offer and I have WAY more money than the compensation fee is, the board sends me a message saying that I don't have enough money to pay the transfer, so the transfer is postponed. PS: can't seem to attach the file, because it says it's too big.
  20. I haven't bought FM 2021 yet, are chances created from central play increased in comparison to 2020? I can't seem to score from anything but crosses in this version
  21. Today
  22. Looking for some feedback on a new tactical set-up. Playing as Wolfsburg, season 6. Team is a top 4 side, finishing in the Champions League places the last couple seasons. As we play a lot of high-pressing sides, I'm looking to play a possession game, using our movement and passing to open up space in the opposition defense. Does this selection of roles/duties/instructions look like it will get the job done? I've debated whether to use a carrilero or a DLP on the left side of midfield. The two players I have there can play either role. One is a bit better CAR, the other a bit bet
  23. my concern is that an AF-a pinning back defenders earlier in the attacking phase (higher mentality, GFF, MIC) opens space for the WP-a to move vertically and laterally, meaning the defenders are caught having to defend in two directions simultaneously, and one axis of that movement is in behind, whereas the movement of a CF-s (towards the left, but also deeper) and WP-a (towards the center) is all in front of the defenders, which imo is easier to defend against (this is also why I like the combination of CF-s and W-a on the right, creating that attacking movement behind the defensive line
  24. https://community.sigames.com/forums/forum/26-editors-hideaway/ The link above will be the best place to post the question.
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