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  1. Renato Sanches would be better as the Mezzala, I would have thought
  2. The Egyptian king

    Match training is on the third notch from the left, I think 40% match training 60% general I'll try the international break thing, though I do give my players a few days rest from training every so often Looking at his stats, Salah gets fouled on average 2.5 times a match in the league, 3 times a match in continental and 4 times a match in domestic cup, I wonder if that has an affect?
  3. The Egyptian king

    I'm in early Feb in the first season, Salah has 27 goals in 22 matches, very pleased with that. He's absolute dynamite, such a fun player to manage However, he has been injured 7 times for a total of 14 weeks, and has just been injured for another 4-6 weeks. He's on average personal training intensity, my team is on average training intensity and I sub him off roughly every other game. Is anyone else experiencing problems with injuries?
  4. FM 18 - Next Roy Keane

    Have you looked at Thomas Delaney?
  5. I think you are misinterpreting this graphic - it is showing where your shots have gone. So for example you have hit the right post 7 times, the bar 7 times, the shots you thought were from near the corner flag are actually shots that have gone low and wide by a fair amount
  6. FM18: Hidden Gems

    Not much of a hidden gem, but Michael Dawson is like a budget Bonucci. 16 passing, 16 vision, traits "tries killer balls often" and "tries long passes". 8 for technique and first touch, but could be fun to use
  7. Ah I was wondering how you got Tarashaj, Everton want 35m for him!
  8. Seems to be random actually, he is 11 determination on a different save. Will give him a go, used him on previous editions and he was class
  9. James Wilson has 2 determination on my game, that puts me off
  10. Didn't realise Manduzkic was so good. Would make a great BWM
  11. Favourite players so far in FM18

    Alex Lawless from Leyton Orient
  12. @knap how come Ozil scored so few goals in comparison to Sanchez? Looks like they play similar positions just inverted