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  1. Rounds keeper is amazing for strikers who are often one on one with the keeper
  2. Roaming playmaker to support the attack, a DLP(d) as a holder? Pep's Barcelona, Spain 08-onwards?
  3. Why not? Because they would end up just passing it between the 3 of them?
  4. This is really interesting stuff. Any reason you haven't gone for counter-press?
  5. Yeah I've used him as an IF as well. Had him on loan for 2 seasons, 50 league goals across the two
  6. Brewster in League One is basically a cheat code, immense player
  7. Tactic, possibly a 4123. This would suit your AMR and AML to start with, then in the midfield 3 you could have 1 sitting player, then 2 BWMs or a BWM and a BBM in front of him. Focus on winning the ball then immediately passing to your AMR and AML I would assume you would want more closing down, get stuck in (maybe need to test this one), tackle harder as a PI on some players Counter strategy maybe? Players would want aggression, stamina, work rate, bravery, tackling, basically Kante
  8. Jorginho is an excellent Regista. in a 4123 with Pogba as one of the 2, could be very tasty
  9. Does 'exploit the right flank' not work because your IWB is cutting inside from the right flank and isn't there to pass to?
  10. I wonder if Croatia will play a midfield 3 with Brozovic/Modric/Rakitic
  11. Overhyped how? He's had a decently successful career so far
  12. @knap how come you don't play with an updated database? (eg Mkhitaryen at Man Utd rather than at Arsenal)
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