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  1. Yeah that's Marc Roca! I think that he attempted more than 256 passes, which led to the counter ticking over back to 0. So I would guess that he attmepted 256+3 passes = 259. Then completed 254 passes out of 3 (but really 259) attempted, so 8466%
  2. Marc Roca made so many passes in a game for me that the pass counter ticked over and back to 0, meaning his completed pass percentage was well over 100%
  3. It was against Reims, a Ligue 1 match!
  4. 1400 passes in a game with PSG, pretty outstanding
  5. I think that the front 4 either have roaming as part of the role (trequartista, complete forward) or have it added as a PI
  6. If you give them an instruction to "look for overlap" it does work well
  7. Rounds keeper is amazing for strikers who are often one on one with the keeper
  8. Roaming playmaker to support the attack, a DLP(d) as a holder? Pep's Barcelona, Spain 08-onwards?
  9. Why not? Because they would end up just passing it between the 3 of them?
  10. This is really interesting stuff. Any reason you haven't gone for counter-press?
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