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  1. FM18: Hidden Gems

    Not much of a hidden gem, but Michael Dawson is like a budget Bonucci. 16 passing, 16 vision, traits "tries killer balls often" and "tries long passes". 8 for technique and first touch, but could be fun to use
  2. Ah I was wondering how you got Tarashaj, Everton want 35m for him!
  3. Seems to be random actually, he is 11 determination on a different save. Will give him a go, used him on previous editions and he was class
  4. James Wilson has 2 determination on my game, that puts me off
  5. Didn't realise Manduzkic was so good. Would make a great BWM
  6. Favourite players so far in FM18

    Alex Lawless from Leyton Orient
  7. @knap how come Ozil scored so few goals in comparison to Sanchez? Looks like they play similar positions just inverted
  8. Smashed the Vanarama National League with Leyton Orient, 135 goals in 45 games, won by 25 points. Got a counter tactic for when leading, but mainly play with the normal tactic Tempted to try your 442 @knap but this is so good that it's hard to imagine it would be better
  9. I'm surprised you have roughly 50% possession considering the TI's like retain possession, short passing, work ball into box
  10. Can you post a clip of it happening?
  11. [FM18] Good Segundo Volante

    Grujic is lots of fun on FM, great PPMs. On 17 anyway
  12. I'm surprised you get good results whilst only playing one centre back!
  13. Shoots from distance, comes deep to get ball
  14. De Bruyne sometimes pops up in a right wing back position whilst City have the ball, any way of replicating this movement? I have been using him as a RPM in the right MC slot of a 2 man midfield with Silva next to him (APa as I am still on FM17) with Fernandinho behind as a DMd/HBd/Anchorman depending on opposition, leant away from DLPd as I wanted Silva and De Bruyne to be the ball magnets
  15. Does Target Man mean that your players will all launch balls up to him for him to battle over? I don't know if this is the case but I remember reading about it in the past