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Knap - FM23 and FM22_FM 21 - FM 20 -FM 19 Tactic List

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4 hours ago, knap said:

Anyone want a specific tactic updaed

I am using your Halaand tactic from the Beta 4123 started a new save top of the league with Blackburn Diaz is on 40 goals mad 2 edits and seems to be working great guns.
Changed mentality to attacking
And Chanded the Corners to hit my Centre back at the near post working very very well. 30 games in and have only lost 2 in the league.

Would be great if you ran a test

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Knap, for me you are a living FM god. I´ve been playing this games since FM12 thanx to your tactics. Thanx for all these. 

Do you have any updated 451 SUS tactic for FM23? A tactic to use against vastly superiour team or in last 15 mins to defend? 

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ME23.0HGFKNAP451BRENTP83MCP103ECFA (needs tweaks).

HGF 41231 P105ec

Beowulf 424 P102ec. (Done)

HGF 4231DM VA MC P102 FA  (Done)

41131 p106 mc  (Done)

electric funeral 424 ( code224013 )   (Done)


BETA 4123 HAALAND    (EF 4123 VA )

ARGUS 3421




ME22.4ELECTRICFNERALKnap4231BaseP331P102ECCC    (Done)





HGF 451 P110

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15 hours ago, jborges said:

Could you check this one out, please?

And, if you can, can you explain when do you change mentality or other stuff?

thank you

ME22.4KashmirKnap451TikiTakaTweaked.fmf 46.69 kB · 5 downloads

It was posted previously by Knap that this old guide is still good, I tried for changing mentality and i now used every game.


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16 hours ago, knap said:

Anyone want a specific tactic updaed

Any of the below 3 would be very much appreciated.




EDIT: Whats the best 4-2-3-1 (with CMs) do you guys think?

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On 25/10/2022 at 18:03, knap said:

ME 23.0 BETA


ME23.0WHEELSOFFiiREKnap4420DMP101EC.fmf 45.04 kB · 270 downloads

I have used this tactic on a Nuneaton save.

I used EBTS for training. This is not a holiday save. I played this season out in full.

Used WOF4420 for 97% of matches. Only played 3 matches with a Simeone-style tactic and one with JUSTGOTPAID4141, which I am trying to see whether it is a good complement for the 4420.

I came top for clean sheets (22 of them in the season). Top for least goals conceded (34), and 2nd for goals scored (86).

Bear in mind that I used very defensive to close out matches and positive for away games when I was not the favourite. All home games were played as attacking.

I picked up a lot of yellow cards but only 2 red cards (using the ease of tackles after a booking).

Cannot recommend this strikerless tactic highly enough. Great defence and very good on the goals scored, but use the mentalities!!


The screenshot below shows a positive mentality. The default is attacking and this should be used predominantly (always at home). Almost forgot, predicted finish was 17th.





Nuneaton Borough_ Overview.png

Vanarama National League North_ Stages.png

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Want to just re-emphasize how important mentality appears to be in this ME, and how viable lower mentalities are to still win -- I'm in my first season in the Bundesliga after winning promotion from B2, so pretty clearly a bottom ~3 team in terms of roster talent, and I've been having decent success playing home games as Cautious and away games as Defensive (default Positive mentality on Knap's HGF 451 was giving up too many goals). I'm not gonna win the league, but I'm gonna avoid relegation and get stronger next year -- definitely seems like "defense" is still a bit bugged and the key to winning is scoring a ton of goals, but lower mentalities can absolutely let you hang on in tough games!

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2 minutos atrás, knap disse:


Basically the PIs for FB and WB can be set p n a similar way but the FB has a lower mentality, which changes the mentality structure of tactic. IMO it is more important to keep the mentality structure

By FB I mean the position, not the role. My idea was to change the left back role from WB-A to WB-S because he can't do much attacking wise 

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  • knap changed the title to Knap - FM23 and FM22_FM 21 - FM 20 -FM 19 Tactic List

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