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  1. 2018/19 - Season 1 Solomon Warriors, Solomon Islands Manager Profile . Leagues Loaded Initial Squad - We had a really good base of a squad, but we needed to bring in some much needed depth and rotation options Transfer History - The advantage of playing in a league with amateur contracts. We raided our rivals for the best players, and even when we lost players we were able to bring them back in. Final Squad - We simply had the best squad in the league. Our midfield and forwards were devastating going forward, while we were able to add the best goalkeeper in the league to solidify us at the back. Yes, that is my backup goalkeeper with 2 goals! League Table - Not much to be said. By far the best team and it wasn't even close. Fair play to Marist Fire coming second after we took 9 of their players over the season! League Fixtures 1 & 2 - We never looked like losing apart from our 2nd game where there were a few hairy moments. We went behind four or five times, but with our attacking options we were never really in any danger of losing. Champs League Group Stages - The big surprise was how poor Team Wellington were. Last year it would generally always be an all New Zealand final, but once I saw Wellington draw their first game I knew we had a chance. I became very confident when I saw Auckland draw a game. Champs League Knockout Stages - Apart from Amicale beating Suva, each game went as expected. The 5-1 final aggregate flatters us but the damage was done with a 2-0 away win. Champs League Fixtures - Some big scores, but it is our results against the New Zealand teams that stand out. The 91st minute goal against Auckland was huge, and then the 80th minute goal at home was a brilliant way to wrap up the OFC Champions League. Competition Overview - No idea what happened against Kossa in the cup. We got FM'd in the 2nd leg (they had 1 shot on target and scored, to our 15 and we didn't score) and of course they went on to win on penalty's. It's a real shame not to win this but I will settle with the double! * * * After winning the Champions League I thought about resigning straight away and looking for a new job, but decided to stay with Solomon and wait for the right job. I was hoping that I might be able to jump straight over to the MLS, but it wasn't to be. So after 6 games I was gearing up for another season, to try and retain our League and Champions League title but to also win the cup. There was also the small matter on the Club World Cup, but then almost the perfect job opened up. I will be moving to Malaysia, and taking over at Johor DT. Johor are the current champions and have been for the last 6 years! As soon as their manager retired I knew that I had to try and have this job. The last couple of years they have been knocked out of the Champions League in the qualifying rounds to teams from Japan & South Korea so I am going to have my work cut out for me. This could be a long stay in Malaysia! Solomon Warriors Stats . Johor Job Offer
  2. I've decided that I am going to try and give this a go. I have used the databases from here. I looked at the nations that Timo had done, and it didn't really give me the ones in Africa that I was looking for. Anyway, here are the nations that I am going to be using: Africa: Mali, Senegal & Zimbabwe Asia: Iraq, Malaysia & Uzbekistan Europe: Belgium, Russia & Turkey North America: Canada (USA), Jamaica & Panama Oceania: Fiji, Solomon Islands & Tahiti South America: Bolivia, Peru & Venezuela
  3. So, as I was getting ready to start the next season with Massana I was linked with the vacant job at Sant Julia. A semi-professional team who finished 2nd the year before was just what I was looking for. I took the job as was able to bring in some quality players (for the league standard!) and went about my way. In truth it was very easy. We won the league by 7 points and also won the Cup that I missed out on last year. So no its just a matter of waiting for the Super Cup at the start of the year which hopefully I can win and then it time to say goodbye to Andorra and hello to Kosovo. League Win | All Competitions Grand Total = 160 pts
  4. Congrats on finishing Crimea, will be interesting to see where you end up next. Add another 18 points onto my total! Won the 2nd Division on the final day of the year, and then lost in the cup final. Oh well, the most important thing is that we got promoted.
  5. Sorry its taken a while to get these screenshots in, my computer is about as useful as a chocolate fireguard at the moment!! Anyway.. here are the screenies, they aren't the most in depth but they show all the competitions that I have won so far. Crimea 1st Season 2nd Season 3rd Season - Super Cup Win Manager Stats at the end San Marino 1st Season 2nd Season - Super Cup Win 100 Game Record Manager Stats at the end Current Points Total: Crimean Premier League = 10 pts Crimean Cup = 8 pts Crimean Super Cup = 7 pts San Marino League = 23 pts San Marino Cup = 21 pts San Marino Super Cup = 16 pts Grand Total = 85 pts I am currently mid way through my next season in Andorra, where I have taken over a recently relegated team and am hoping to bounce straight back into the top division. The most tedious thing that I have noticed is when all your players are on amateur contracts the only thing you seem to do is offer them new contracts every single week. I can't wait to be managing a professional team!!
  6. I use the Metallic ones and they seem to be very good. They also have the added bonus of being linked to the sortitoutsi online database search option, so you should be able to see if they have the logo that you are looking for.
  7. Have been giving this a go and have enjoyed it so far. I'm currently in my 3rd season and have just moved to San Marino having won everything in Crimea. Just a tip to anyone starting out, you might want to think about loading the Russian & Ukrainian leagues alongside Crimea as the player base seemed quite low. I will try and get some screenshots up soon.
  8. Try taking out the /logo/ from the config and see if that works. This is what my small nations config looks like and it works. <record from="africa/alg" to="graphics/pictures/nation/5/icon"/>
  9. Ok here goes: I took over both the Club and International jobs from the very start. League Table - We lead the league for a long time but lost some crucial games including against Modena in January. Thankfully we rebounded well and won 8 of our last 9 to win the league on the last day. League Fixtures 1 & 2 - Really happy with how we played overall. Lost random games at crucial times but overall I was very happy with how we played Promotion Playoffs - Completely forgot about this! Was celebrating winning the league and then realised that it could mean nothing. Thankfully we beat our 'Parent Club' Cesena on penaltys to be promoted to Serie C. Serie D Poule Scudetto - Useless competition. Doesn't help that it is played after all the players have left for their holidays. The part time nobodys drew both games, and thankfully our season was now over. Youth Candidates - There was obviously only 1 standout player here. Alan Zavoli will hopefully lead San Marino into the promised land for a long time both domestically and internationally. Was called straight into the National Team. Squad 1 & 2 - As you can see there are a lot of players here! We had some big contributions from the Midfield and Full Backs with both goals and assists. Thankfully we found our goalscorer in Vassallo. Transfer History - After reviewing the squad when I took over I decided that it wasn't good enough. By loaning all the players in we helped the wage budget while and gave ourself plenty of roation oppertunities. Finances - Not too bad really. We were helped throughout the year by the board adding in £100k here and there. Made no progress on facilities upgrades which is a shame. Other - We have turned Professional Next Season - Who knows! The plan is to loan in a lot of players again and just see what we can do. Maybe an outside shot at promotion? The most important part of next year is to not get relegated and keep the wages down. 2018 Fixtures - Couldn't be happier with how we did here. We were competitive in every game. Should have drawn away vs Moldova. Doing the double over Luxembourg is outstanding and to also finish with a win vs Moldova. 2019 Fixtures - Got a tough draw in Euro Champs qualifying including the World Cup Final teams. Greece was a tough game but we fought hard and weren't disgraced. A good win but bad performance against Gibraltar. World Rankings History - We have made fantastic progress so far. With the games to come during 2019 I am hoping to end the year between 180-190. Overall - Really happy with this team. There are obviously massive holes that need filling, but I can start to see 5 - 7 players that could all end up playing for the next 10-15 years and could end up with 100+ caps.
  10. I'm thinking about giving this a go but I have a couple of questions. Firstly, are people still using the database that was suggested in the opening post? Is it reliable? Secondly, are people taking charge of both the club and the national team at the start or are the waiting for the national job to become available? Can you take control of both the club and nation?
  11. Does anybody know what panel I need to change to get rid of the circles, but on your manager profile page?
  12. @Rivanov that looks really nice and clean. Is there any chance that you could upload that file please?
  13. So I just realised that I didn't have attribute masking turned on, so I have decided to start again. I had only progressed a couple of days so it's not too bad. I was hoping to get Huddersfield again, but I missed out on them by a point. This time I will be managing Swansea. Manager Profile | League Table Also, not sure if this has been asked already, but with regards to the academy player, could you sign a player that came from you academy and then use him as the match day player, or does it have to be somebody who is currently at the club?
  14. I think that I will give this a go. I don't know how often I will play this, but with the database size being small, it should be relatively easy to get through a big chunk quickly. So here goes. I am the new manager of Huddersfield Town. The squad isn't fantastic but I am sure that it will be good enough with a couple of additions in January. Thankfully it also looks like we have a decent player from the academy, although he is from Denmark?!?!? Hopefully we can keep hold of him, until we get somebody decent through the academy. Manager Profile | League Table | Youth Player Attributes . Youth Player Home Grown Info |
  15. Love these updates, but have found one error in the latest update. Mauricio Pochettino is currently set as Tottenham's Assistant Manager.
  16. Here are my Stage 3 Results: Really interesting challenge, it certainly helps that you start at one of the best teams in the league. It may be tough to bring in Viking players during the first season, but the current players should be good enough to get you promoted if you are struggling to find players. The best bit of advice from me is to try and bring in some Scandinavian staff asap. That really allows your scouting knowledge to increase, which in turns will show you more Viking players. Initial Setup: Leagues Loaded . Database Extras | Start Manager Profile . End of Season 1 Profile . End of Season 2 Profile | Results: Season 1 Competitions . Fixtures 1 Fixtures 2 | Season 2 Competitions . Fixtures 1 Fixtures 2 | Team: Transfer History Season 1 . Transfer History Season 2 | Squad View Season 1 . Squad View Season 2 | Goalkeeper: Marcus Engebresten History | Defenders: Adam Mansa History | Casper Abildgaard History | Frederik Nielsen History |Kristian Larsen History | Lukas Talbro History | Pal Fjelde History | Sebastian Lodahl History | Snorre Strand Nilsen History | Midfielders: Asgeir Snekvik History | Benjamin Mbunga Kimpioka History | Kristoffer Iversen History | Saban Ozdogan History | Attackers: Adam Persson History | Henrik Johansson History | Isak Malvik History | Magnus Langseth History | Marco Hjorth History | Vetle Myhre History | Points: (Wasn't sure about Yellow Part 2 if we include substitute appearances or not, have added points for both. Also wasn't 100% sure on Stage Win points. Do we get + points for the amount we sell for or just players sold? Again I've added points for both!) Yellow Jersey: Part 1 = 1st in VNL 30 pts | Part 2 = 636 Starts (126 Subs - 21 Pts) = 106 Pts / 127 Pts | Grand Total = 136 Points or 157 Points Green Jersey: Winner x2 = 40 Points Polkadot Jersey: 4th Qual. Round = 2 pts & 3rd Round = 7 pts | Grand Total = 9 Points Stage Wins: + = £30.5k or 7 | - = 0 or -23 - - - - - I think that is everything. If I have missed something then please let me know. Something to add is that in the players history it only counts the league games played, so for the Yellow jersey points I have taken the games from the Squad Views as they include the competitive cup games played.
  17. How is everybody getting on? So far I have finished the first season and walked the league. Now it's all about trying to find another 7 Scandinavians to get this team ready for the new season.
  18. I have actually found something worse than the finances. Bloody players refusing to leave, even though they've asked to. Cant move 3 or 4 of them and have had offers accepted on all of them.
  19. Has anybody else been struggling financially? Seem to be losing money at an alarming rate.
  20. Looking forward to the new stage. I want my Yellow Jersey back @TheEarl so be warned!!!
  21. I can run the game now in full screen mode, but I cant change to windowed mode or start in windowed mode. I can run the game in windowed mode on a different user account. Any reason why I can't do it on my main account?
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