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  1. Have just gone back and read through the Tour de Challenges thread and forgot how great of an idea that was. Would love to see that challenge resurrected in FM22.
  2. I've always had an idea for a challenge, however it is one that would need the use of the editor. I present the Red Bull Pentagon challenge. Obviously the aim is to win the champions league on the 5 in game continents. You will need to use the editor to change a club in Asia (Probably a club in China given their clubs current financial troubles, it seems like an interesting option) and also in South Africa. There would also be additional aims like win the top domestic cup and league with each Red Bull team. There could also be additional challenges like having points for players who are apart of champions league winning teams coming from any of the Red Bull acadamies, having players play their entire careers in the Red Bull family etc. Haven't really thought about points or little intricate details but it's always been an idea of mine that I have never got round to trying. Maybe somebody has got some brilliant ideas and can have a plan set out ready for FM22.
  3. Starting to look good now. It's a shame that your on the Ajax side of the Cup draw again!
  4. Brilliant thanks a lot. I don't suppose you know how to alter the estimated wage & value section so that all of the text is visable. I have changed every number I can see just to see if something changes so at least I would have an idea where I might be looking but nothing seems to be changing and I still cant see all of the text. Thanks for the right panel though! EDIT: I have attached the file thats in my widget folder. If anyone can see what I am missing, or can tell me what line I need to change then I would be very grateful. scouting centre recommendation card.xml
  5. Ouch, it's a shame that you've got Ajax in the cup, although if you can beat them then you've got a great chance at winning the cup.
  6. Can somebody please tell me what Panel this is? I don't know what folder to look in, is it news_item_panels or widgets, let alone try and work out what the individual file is called!
  7. Does anybody know if its possible to have different default pictures set to different type of people? For example can I have default picture 1 for staff, default picture 2 for journalists and default picture 3 for players or will it always just be the default picture or regen face?
  8. Really enjoying this so far. Are you staying at Rennes for a lot longer or are you still planning on taking over other teams?
  9. I am hoping that somebody can help me. How can I make the main body text size a little bit smaller. I've had a look at the panels that I could find, or thought that would control this, and while I think that I've found the one that controls the headline size, I couldn't seem to find how to change the size of the other text.
  10. I'm thinking of giving this challenge a go, as I want a 3-5 year challenge. With that in mind I want to do this in the MLS. Does anybody know what the league reset date is, or do I just wait until all of the league games have finished and then take over the team that finished bottom?
  11. The interaction on the phone is a fantastic idea and looks great.
  12. Has anybody else had this problem happen to them, and know how to fix it? As you can see the manager picture is very dark and I am having that same problem on all of the generated faces.
  13. Sorry, I completely missed that! Thanks for the screenshots. Will give it a go.
  14. Can anybody who has got this take a couple of screenshots of what it looks like please. I am very curious about how it looks before I go and implement it into my game. Thanks
  15. Thanks for the update. Quick question, do you have your referee backgrounds in a separate folder or should they be in with the staff? Mine are currently in a separate folder but with the latest update I wasn't sure if there were any referee backgrounds in the update as there wasn't a separate folder and it's got me questioning things!! My OCD really can be a pain!
  16. That looks great. Is there any chance you could upload those panels?
  17. Cant wait! Just a heads up if your updating the China backgrounds. They have added 4 new clubs to the top 2 leagues. They are only new in a name sense but they will need their id's changing.
  18. Brilliant work on this @_Ben_ Can't wait to see your next save.
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