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  1. knap,could you please make a list that put the orders of which tactics are most offensive and which are most defensive
  2. most offensive tactic: wulf 424>beowulf 442>oxford 41221>beowulf4411>sympathy442>wulf4132(tequila sunrise 4132 ?)>sympathy 4222>sicilian 4222>wulf 4141>argus352(northern soul352 ?) :most defensive tactic Am I right?
  3. I have got 2 red cards over the last 2 important games using wulf 4132 and wulf 4141 with no tweaks. Does something wrong with it?
  4. which player will take the corner? By position or determined by ai?
  5. sicilian442, beowulf442 and wulf 4132, may I ask you how would you rank these three tactics? And which one would you use for home and also for away
  6. it seems that tequila do well in this test. Hope to see version 2 for 20.2
  7. Same. 1-6 Liverpool 2-5 spurs 2-4 arsenal so many one-on-one chances i am using wulf 4132 and Beo442. My CBs are Lucas and Sule.
  8. hi knap I have looked at 4132 P102 and P106, all the settings are the same,right? i mean 4132 p102 (20.2)
  9. Yes, sympathy 4222 performs a little bit better than wulf 4132 in fmbase test. More goals, less concedes.
  10. Hey Knap, I hesitate to choose wulf4132 p112 or Sympathy 4222. So could you tell me what is the difference between them. They both do well in fmbase test.
  11. Sympathy442 is 442 Sympathy for the Devil P103 (Top Sub top underdog) FM20SympathyforthedevilKnapZaipvol2442P1???
  12. Tried wulf 4132, shots are lot, but usually planish away ground(expected to be 4th place in premier league). Could you please recommend me with using which tactic at home and which tactic away. I usually use 2-3 tactics. One for attack for win, another for against with stronger teams.Thanks!
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