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  1. Hey, Im a few years into a save. Im blackburn came 2nd in the prem last season. Also i am Ireland manager but seems to be working ok for them although only played a couple games with them
  2. Hi Knap, I am using ¬FM18.2.1KnapWOF343P103.fmf I seem to be conceding a lot of goals from crosses since the update also not creating as many chances any ideas?
  3. Do you think this formation or FM18 WOF 343 Knap is better in terms of test results with 145 potential teams?
  4. I am struggling against smaller teams would you recommend changing to standard?
  5. Great tactic Best I have tested in any forum so far Works well with a middle of the road team predicted 10th in prem I am currently 4th with Blackburn 3rd Season in.
  6. Any Screen shots OIs? Training? Player advice etc?
  7. Surelycontinually posting the above on a year old forum is against forum rules??? its up to hough to release his own tactics.
  8. With the new tactic what are you doing with Opp instructions. Also what are you doing with training pre season and during the season once tactic is fluid?
  9. tested in new patch w 8 d 1 L 3 seems to still be working definitely a question mark over away form
  10. Is this working with the new patch? I have found most success with 3 fairly defensive midfielders, 3 pacey forwards the central striker must also be good in the air
  11. Best formation ~I have tried by a mile guided blackburn to 5th in the premier league and an FA cup win and I only started using it after 20 games of the season. Cracking stuff
  12. This just isnt working for me at all im afraid. Im completely inconsistant beating chelsea losing to sunderlad and leicester
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