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  1. Thanks Mate for the central i have: Bentacur, pjanic, ramsey and rabiot, ho would you use for which role? I struggle a bit to find the optimal duo in there.
  2. Knapp what type of player would you recommend for your right and left midfield in your tactics BEOWULF 442 (P107) P105 EC FA
  3. Nice Rosler, i am looking forward to it . I startede i serie a whit Juve. Startede the game in June, so i can get a lot off friendlies a get the tactic fluid
  4. okay, i will try him as defensiv and llortente as poacher. How are you getting along? I just startet a new game, so i can get the tactic fluid faster. But the previus resuls where good. Defensiv i was a rock, but i allso whant my strikers to score
  5. Rosler ho do you think will be the best soluition to play upfront? Tevez as poacer and llorente or Vucinic as defensiv forward or vice versa?
  6. I am currently trying it out whit my juventus team. Will post updates later, but currently it looks good. I am going to try the defensiv forward Rosler
  7. Super I even started a game. Have tried some solutions throughout the season, but are still unsure of the final configuration. How long do you use too testing the changes you make to your tactics?
  8. Okay So you dont use any settings for eace player? Like run whit ball etc?
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