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  1. I offered him to clubs in January and put him also in the transfer list. There were some loan offeres which I automatically rejected and then came Burnley with the offer
  2. On the beginning of the season Real always hire Allegri and Juve Conte, maybe it is the problem. In my save Conte did poorly in Seria A but managed to bring Juve to final in Champions League where he lost 2-3 to PSG.
  3. Here it is: Milan 4141DM Final.fmf
  4. Thanks ! I'm using tweaked @knap 442 tactic, so all credit goes to him. I tweaked it to 4141 wide. In my opinion, it best describes the style of today's Milan (beside 442). If you want I can upload it for you. Yellow cards are in fact pain in the ass. But with good team managment you can easily cope with it.
  5. I just finished my first session with Milan. It was easy enough to win the Seria A. With the Europa League it was sometimes hard, but also managed to win it. The Italian Cup Final won after a fairly easy match with Roma. Transfers in July 2018: Sandro Tonali (10.5M EUR) and Antonio Marin (3.6M EUR). Ricardo Montolivio (1,2M EUR), Juan Mauri (loan) Fabio Borini (10,5M EUR) and top Manuel Locatelli left. In January, the offer came from Bayern for Suso. After negotiations, they agreed to pay EUR 90M upfront and tranfer deleyed till June 1st 2019. In his place, I brought my favorite, Federico Chiesa, 67M EUR and Lincoln for 1.9M EUR, immediately. From large transfers, I hope that I will be able to sign Savic (he is just amazing) and maybe one more top player. I have a lot of young players who will slowly be introduced to the first team: Bellanova, Capanni, Marin, Gabbia, Bellodi, Plizzari, Haidara, Torrasi. Forza Milan.
  6. themario

    A complete B2B midfielder (FM19)

    Kessie is also a monster this year. Worth every penny ^_- Cheeper option will be Matheus Fernandes from Botafogo. You can get him for around 9mil eur.