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  1. @LandonDonovan10 can you tell me what is the name of yout face pack ?
  2. Marco Kana as DM/DMPL on support duty.
  3. First game and this happen :O We were down 0-2 after first leg at semis..
  4. Nope. The only thing I added is Mark Tighter. In my save on the left I have Almada and on the right Stengs. Both are little monsters.
  5. Here it is. I hope it's ok. !!!!!!FM20.4.1PreachinBluesKnap4141P106ALLCUPS_mario_tweak.fmf
  6. Always Milan : ) My original post is on @knap official tactic page.
  7. I am still active. If @knap let me share it i will post it here. Cheers.
  8. I've just finished my second season with Milan. I've tweaked @knap PreachinBlues 451VOL5109ALLCUPS to 4141 with IW. As you can see Serie A was a piece of cake. But in CL every match in knockout round was a fight till death for my team. I can say this: Almada on left IW is doing pretty amazing job: 15goals / 7assists 19 years old. Below are some screenshoots:
  9. This is my usual starting eleven. But in my experience rotating squad quite often gives you fresh and happy players all along the season. Mostly I rotate WBs and IFs cuz they make the biggest work on the pitch.
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