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  1. Just ran a few very simple season-long tests of a few different tactics with Fulham (predicted finish 20th), since I was trying to find a suitable underdog tactic in my main save, and can confirm this one had the best results -- 5th place finish, 2nd goals scored, 2nd in expected goals scored, and tied for 5th best defense! FM21.5WARRIORKnap4442IWBP104EC.fmf
  2. Wow, this formation looks beautiful...I don't really have the personnel for it, but I'm going to add it as a third tactic just to see how it does and maybe make a priority to sign some WBs and SSs next window...
  3. @knap thanks for testing some 21.4 tactics so fast! love the different HGF looks so far, i'm loading the 41212 Kingstonian and the 4321 to have some consistency in the instructions but some different shapes to choose from based on available personnel, we'll see how this new season goes!
  4. Literally just started a new save like 20 minutes before the ME update......I'll wait for a few new tactics before jumping in for real.
  5. Also curious to hear how these updated defensive instructions work out! I started using Knap Tribute today and saw some good success early on, but have had to manipulate the match mentality more than I normally would based on home/away or strength of opponent due to having no true strikers, so I'm intrigued so far but would love it if these adjustments made it more reliable!
  6. hey @knap, given how the current match engine seems to favor offense instead of defense, do you think any of the high-scoring tactics would be suitable for a sub-top team? usually i'm wary about implementing specialist roles like trequartista in a LL save, but if HOLY GHOST FIRE41212 TREQ P104 EC P really scored 144 goals in a season, i'm wondering if it might still work to just try to blitz and overwhelm the competition in a new journeyman save...
  7. Starting my third season with my Palermo save using the Venom & Faith 41212 No Loss, have finished 10th, 8th, and 6th in Serie A with it so have found some success (especially since I brought Palermo up from Serie C and don't have a ton of talent), but haven't had the runaway success it looks like a lot of other users are having. This season I'm going to try to sign players to fill the specific roles in the formation and try to overhaul/upgrade pretty much my entire roster, since I think the attribute/skills/talent gap was just too high going against most teams, so we'll see how that goes.
  8. hey @knap, how would you recommend going about player trait training to fit your tactics? I usually go for traits that fit a player role, like Tries Killer Through Balls for my DLPs, but I noticed in a lot of your tactics the player instructions go a bit against what you would normally want in the role (like a DLP with takes fewer risks, plays shorter passes, etc).
  9. Excited to try out the new Fire & Water 4132 P112CC, I've still been bleeding goals with my Palermo side (I worked my way up from Serie C but think I just don't have good enough players now...) so hoping the DW add a bit more defensive responsibility compared to the attacking wingers I was using beforehand...
  10. Just went unbeaten and won the 2022 WC with South Korea using the No Loss Venom & Faith 41212! Went on vacation for each match of the tournament (after setting my lineup) and didn't really face any difficulties, even against Spain and Portugal in the group stage and England in the first knockout round. Bit of an odd WC, as Ukraine were my finals opponent and Denmark also made the Semis, but can confirm this tactic wreaks havoc when you have talented players (still not seeing as much success for my Palermo side, but not bad by any means!)
  11. Running Venon & Faith 41212 (No Loss) on both my Club and my International side and won two friendlies on the same day 8-0. Not having quite the unbeatable, dominant season for my club (clearly a tactic for dominating lesser opponents but my lower-talented side is underperforming their xG in the league), but will comfortably finish ~3rd in Serie B and likely to advance to Serie A via the playoff tournament after projecting to finish 16th!
  12. @knap started using your tactics last year and they've been great, but question for the new long-term dynasty save I'm starting in 21 -- do you recommend training every player in your organization (new signings, youth intake, etc) to fit one of the roles in the long-term tactic you're using? ex. if I plan on using PREACHIN BLUES 23221 (451) P101 CC long-term, should I train every DL/DR on my team as a WBL/R, every CM as a Mezzala, etc? is there any use in training someone as a different role, or will their attributes develop best to fit the role by the specific role training?
  13. This is my understanding too -- I remember a Zealand video saying this and it's one of the reasons why they got rid of the colored-in circles for roles from last year's game, since it added even more confusion into the mix. I think the stars are more or less your staff's opinion of how someone should perform in a role, but if the player has the stats for the role, they'll perform and gain familiarity (I remember someone on the reddit tried out Neymar as an attacking Segundo Volante and he put up monster stats)
  14. Beowulf is usually a pretty steady tactic suitable for underdogs, but I agree, I haven't been seeing as much success so far in the Beta or the full game last night using either Beowulf or another 442, so might try out some different formations.
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