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  1. https://community.sigames.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=298537 This is for me the best version of PREACHIN blues: PREACHIN BLUES 451 VOL 2 P106 CC
  2. Hello knap which 442 for nottingham forest which has just gone up in d1 please
  3. https://fm-base.co.uk/attachments/fm20-4-0teaforoneuroknap4231p100eccc-fmf.490386/ Where is this tactic??
  4. Hi Knap, how are you. I have been a fan of the BlueMatter433 with a DM series since last year. My best results were with this tactic last year. I play with this version 20.2.4 and I have very good results. Can you update it i would be very grateful please
  5. Hi Knap, can this tactic work for a small team? Can you update it please my friend
  6. Hi Knap, I want to play with a 433 with a defensive midfield with a small team. What is your tactic that would suit me?
  7. Hello friends, are these tests valid for the update to 4.1? I do not have the impression. What do you think of knap and Par1s?
  8. I said it before but for me this is the best tactic. Congratulations knap and Par1s. Nothing is impossible with this tactic, in a previous post I showed you that I was champion with levante. Here I am champion of league 2 with Chambly, what an achievement !! The media predicted 18th place in chambly
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