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  2. Hey @bigmattb28 - Did you add in any additional leagues at any point?
  3. Hi @fotomiami, This is a known issue and is under review by our dev team. Apologies for any inconvenience this issue is causing. Thanks
  4. Just to weigh in, Jordan has found a nice one here. I'd go with that.
  5. The numeric score is based on other things like whether his personality is similar to the rest of your squad (even if that's not a fantastic personality), whether he's likely to be interested in a transfer, whether the scout thinks he'll be available at a decent price (which obviously can change), whether he's homegrown etc. I've certainly been very interested in players with scores as low as 56 and very uninterested in players with scores in the high 80s before
  6. Qena SC - Premier League - Pre-Season - 2024/25 Season Preview - Competition Expectations Transfers - Released Seven players released as they were not good enough for the team,the first three I can't say I'm expecting to find a club while the last four sees one at a new club,one under a bid and the other two wanted.No loans yet due to the Olympics going on as that has left us a bit short,no permanent transfers yet as I am looking to offload one of my midfielders who enjoys missing training for a night out! Pre-Season Fixtures A more unique pre-season as I got try different players out due to the ongoing olympics which has left us without eight players.Definitely been given some things to think about with regards to the team.Other than that,these fixtures were used to get fitness back as well as keep morale higher. The Team Squad 1 - Squad 2 Manager's Thoughts Pressure has been turned up by the board this season as they want us around the top of the league,reach the semi final of the Egyptian Cup,the final of African Confederation Cup,the Egyptian Super Cup is the one they don't care about.With the extra games,we could potentially play 60 games so I've added Zac Ottley (DC),Ashraf Gamal (DM,MC) and Mohamed El Sayyed (ST) to the first team as we will need a bigger team this season.Not expecting to start the season off with a bang as I have eight players at the Olympics but I am not expecting them to be there too long as they have a difficult group so it will be about regaining fitness for them when they return. On the developmental front,Junior Coaching is now at an adequate level while Youth Recruitment is at a Average level.The training and youth facilities will finish in January,hopefully I can get the board to further increase them as it will be beneficial for us to do so as it will help with development.Still don't need to do anything with the stadium as we are nowhere near filling the 10k capacity stadium although we are expected to sell around 1000 season tickets this season which is an increase from 513 last season so that is encouraging as this could mean a even bigger average attendance this season. Time to get this roller coaster ride started!
  7. That's odd. I'll have an investigation this week to test the functionality and see if we can find the issue. You will likely need to ensure that the players potential ability is equal or greater than the current ability, otherwise the current ability will regress to lower than your PA and therefore cause the attributes to decrease. Thanks
  8. Originally after installing the 10.14.4 update, I loaded the game and had the same lag issues as everybody else, both in match and navigating around the other screens so I left it until you released the beta. After installing the beta I found it was even worse and totally unplayable due to severe lag on the lowest settings even in 2D, so I returned to the normal non-beta version and found this was running much better. 3D is still hit and miss but I’ve found if I watch in 2d and have 3D replays this works well. For example last night, even on 1650x800 resolution with medium settings with low crowd and shadows settings, 2d comprehensive with 3D replays were perfectly smooth but watching all highlights in 3D causes more issues if that makes sense. I can try to film some examples later if that will help?
  9. I don't think it's just you being overwhelmed and I share your concern.
  10. Added the following to the code: <!-- TOWN --> <container> <attachment_group class="vertical_arrange_autosize" vertical_offset="7" vertical_gap="-2" horizontal_alignment="horizontal" horizontal_inset="0" /> <widget class="city_label" id="nomL" alignment="left" auto_size="vertical" colour="secondary"> <record id="object_property"> <integer id="get_property" value="SctI" /> </record> </widget> </container> <!-- NATION --> <widget class="nation_button" id="nati" auto_size="vertical" alignment="left, centre_y" colour="secondary"> <layout class="centre_in_parent_attachment" alignment="horizontal" /> <record id="object_property"> <integer id="get_property" value="Cnat"/> <integer id="set_property" value="objt"/> </record> </widget> </container> <!-- TOWN --> <container> <attachment_group class="vertical_arrange_autosize" vertical_offset="7" vertical_gap="-2" horizontal_alignment="horizontal" horizontal_inset="0" /> <widget class="city_label" id="nomL" alignment="left" auto_size="vertical" colour="secondary"> <record id="object_property"> <integer id="get_property" value="SctI" /> </record> </widget> </container> <!-- MEDIA PREDICTION --> <container> <attachment_group class="vertical_arrange_autosize" vertical_offset="-2" vertical_gap="-2" horizontal_alignment="horizontal" horizontal_inset="0" /> <widget class="label" id="CmeL" auto_size="vertical" font="title1" colour="secondary"> <record id="object_property"> <integer id="get_property" value="CmeD" /> <boolean id="name" value="true" /> </record> </widget> <widget class="media_expectation_text" id="CmeV" alignment="left" auto_size="vertical" colour="secondary"> <record id="object_property"> <integer id="get_property" value="CmeD" /> </record> </widget> </container>
  11. If you "Save" the schedule, you can then use it in the Calendar in-game. If you "Export" the schedule, you actually save it in your Sports Interactive folder in your documents so you can import it in future saves.
  12. Hi all, sorry for the delay in response. This has been under review since the original post in March, and we're continually looking into what the issue may be that is causing this dramatic drop. Thanks for your patience.
  13. Hi Reguire, I'm afraid not for the time being. We're looking to resolve this for future editions of FM.
  14. I'm not sure if this is a bug or by design but it is annoying in any case. There is no option to copy/paste schedules for U23/U18, only the senior team.
  15. Where are they Now: BenArsenal has another frustrating season at Swindon and failed to make a single first team appearance. He was left to eight non competitive game in which he conceded four goals. With his contract up soon he could be looking to find himself a new club Gavrenwick started the season at Swindon and played eight games in total and then was shipped off to Wrexham on loan where he played a further twenty games without scoring. He did however earn himself and Man of the Match award. Lets hope next season sees him get a first team slot. Drogba11CFC spent the majority of the season in the Under 23's where he played a total of 38 times in which 19 of those were as a sub. He did manage to score three time. However he did play twice for the first team with one coming on as a sub in the league and the other was a starting spot in a cup game. Another player who will be hoping for more first team action next year Mark Wilson was another player who left the side and in truth never got a chance to prove himself. Played in the Under 23's all season and scored eight times in 29 appearances. Fifteen of those were from the bench, however he did earn one Man of the Match awards. Hopefully he'll get the chance in the first team next season EvilDave spent the majority of the season in the reserves where he played a total of 44 time scoring one goal. Eight of those appearances were from the bench, he assisted in seven goals and earn't one Man of the Match awards. He did play seven times for the first team all from the bench. Six times in the league and once in the cup. Hopefully he'll get the chance to prove himself next season Chesterfans2 was one of the players who left the club and has actually got some first team action. He played a total of 21 times for the club with seven from the bench. His defensive work earn't him two yellow cards and one assist Tenthreeleader played a lot in the reserves with twenty seven appearances and three goals which isnt too bad for a defender. He managed to play 12 times for the Rotherham first team with six of those coming from the bench BobBev got straight into the York first team and played a total of twenty one times and conceded fourteen goals. He also kept ten clean sheets and earn't two Man of the Match awards. Bagpuss played only five times for the first team and assisted in one goal. He did play a further five times in the Blackburn reserves Dalbeider also got straight into the first team and played a total of 18 times with one coming from the bench. He earn't himself two yellow card and scored once for his new club Notts County Diego Imposta played fifteen times for his new side Leyton Orient and managed to score once. He also assisted in two of the sides goals. Club Competition Review: | Season | League Pos. | FA Cup | Carabao | Community | Checkatrade | FA Trophy | Champions | Europa | European | Club World | | | | | Cup | Shield | Trophy | | Cup | Cup | Super Cup | Championship | |=========|==========================|=============|=========|===========|=============|=============|===========|========|===========|==============| | 2018/19 | Vanarama North 4th | 3rd Qual.Rd | N/A | N/A | N/A | 3rd Qual.Rd | N/A | N/A | N/A | N/A | |---------|--------------------------|-------------|---------|-----------|-------------|-------------|-----------|--------|-----------|--------------| | 2019/20 | Vanarama North Champions | 2nd Rd | N/A | N/A | N/A | 2nd Rd | N/A | N/A | N/A | N/A | |---------|--------------------------|-------------|---------|-----------|-------------|-------------|-----------|--------|-----------|--------------| | 2020/21 | VNL 12th | 4th Qual.Rd | N/A | N/A | N/A | 2nd Rd | N/A | N/A | N/A | N/A | |---------|--------------------------|-------------|---------|-----------|-------------|-------------|-----------|--------|-----------|--------------| FMS All Time Player List: | Name | Apps | Gls | C/S | Conc | |====================================================================| | Neilhoskins | 105 (2) | 20 | - | - | | -------------------------------------------------------------------| | Rien102 | 101 (4) | 8 | - | - | | -------------------------------------------------------------------| | CFuller | 87 (21) | 39 | - | - | | -------------------------------------------------------------------| | Dalbeider | 84 (5) | 2 | - | - | | -------------------------------------------------------------------| | WLKRAS | 81 (11) | 13 | - | - | | -------------------------------------------------------------------| | Greyfriars Bobby | 79 (16) | 7 | - | - | | -------------------------------------------------------------------| | Bagpuss | 77 (6) | 1 | - | - | | -------------------------------------------------------------------| | Tenthreeleader | 73 (4) | 3 | - | - | | -------------------------------------------------------------------| | Sherm | 72 (17) | 9 | - | - | | -------------------------------------------------------------------| | Mark Wilson | 68 (27) | 41 | - | - | | -------------------------------------------------------------------| | Balthazars | 65 (25) | 28 | - | - | | -------------------------------------------------------------------| | Gavrenwick | 65 (1) | 1 | - | - | | -------------------------------------------------------------------| | Diego Imposta | 62 (11) | 10 | - | - | | -------------------------------------------------------------------| | Panpardus (GK) | 62 | 0 | 27 | 80 | | -------------------------------------------------------------------| | Salkster | 59 (18) | 39 | - | - | | -------------------------------------------------------------------| | Chesterfan2 | 58 (8) | 1 | - | - | | -------------------------------------------------------------------| | EvilDave | 51 (6) | 11 | - | - | | -------------------------------------------------------------------| | BobBev (GK) | 49 | 0 | 22 | 42 | | -------------------------------------------------------------------| | Martin. A Powell (Gavrenwick) | 41 (2) | 2 | - | - | | -------------------------------------------------------------------| | Manxie Ash (Manxie_Ash) | 40 (5) | 1 | - | - | | -------------------------------------------------------------------| | Drogba11CFC | 32 (9) | 10 | - | - | | -------------------------------------------------------------------| | BenArsenal (GK) | 13 | 0 | 5 | 13 | | -------------------------------------------------------------------| | Copper Horse (Copperhorse21) | 35 (8) | 4 | - | - | | -------------------------------------------------------------------| | Marco Van Bas Turd (mark wilson27) | 35 (6) | 3 | - | - | | -------------------------------------------------------------------| | Faramir | 34 (5) | 10 | - | - | | -------------------------------------------------------------------| | Ben Beck (BenArsenal) | 31 (3) | 5 | - | - | | -------------------------------------------------------------------| | Terry Owens (tenthreeleader) | 28 (3) | 3 | - | - | | -------------------------------------------------------------------| | Georgez Spencerzyk (GK)(Drogba11CFC) | 24 | 0 | 5 | 44 | | -------------------------------------------------------------------| | Terk Jr (Terk) | 17 (5) | 1 | - | - | | -------------------------------------------------------------------| | Mark Catterall (CFuller) | 10 (5) | 0 | - | - | | -------------------------------------------------------------------| | Tom Ashley (Tom Ashley) | 9 (3) | 0 | - | - | | -------------------------------------------------------------------| | Petr Bezborodov (EvilDave) | 8 (3) | 0 | - | - | | -------------------------------------------------------------------|
  16. I've started a journeyman career in Oceania and Asia, loading the lowest ranked nations available (via add-ons). Currently managing Bhutan U17s team, where we're only allowed to sign players 17 or younger (and the youth intake gets automatically "signed" every year). Needless to say, the level of the players is atrocious, with the "best" ones having maybe 2 or 3 attributes in the double-digits. That makes managing there quite a challenge because it subverts all the conventions I'm used to after decades of FM. So I'm wondering: a) is there a point in focusing on development (ie. PA) when managing amateurs whose PA is likely very low, but still far far away from their CA? Or I should just ignore Potential rating completely as we're talking 1000% growth that can't be achieved with 2 coaches, amateur contracts and 2 days of training per week... b) do attributes trump CA in this scenario even more than they do at, say, EPL level? I mean, a player with 1 Silver Star CA/4 Gold Stars PA, but with "passable" attributes for his position is still more useful than a 1 Gold Star CA/5 Gold Stars PA with worse specific attributes (he may be faster, or have a higher Leadership or better FK skills) c) Do tactical circles and zones mean anything whent the "best" CM has 8 Passing and <5 mental attributes? Or when the wingers are glorified sprinters who couldn't trap a ball with superglue on their boots? So, can I happily play with all-red circles and squares, or is Green a key factor here, as the players are completely useless already in their "ideal" role, nevermind if asked to do something different? d) are tactical styles worth exploring with players in the single-digits as far as overall CA? Or should I go for the most pedestrian formations I can? To be honest, this save is equally fun and confusing... I rarely feel I'm in charge of my team and I'm more a spectator of some random pseudo-football unfolding game after game... Also, strikers don't score... and my topscorer is a 1 S* CA winger whose only valuable skill is Free Kicks taking.
  17. Season Review: (2020/21) English Premier Division: It was Manchester City who lifted the title after beating runners up Liverpool by two points. Manchester United finished third. The bottom three saw Huddersfield, Cardiff and Middlesbrough all going to the Championship Sky Bet Championship: Leeds United went up as Champions after beating Watford to the title by five points who earn't an immediate return after relegation last season. It was 4th placed Swansea that went up via the play-offs after they beat 3rd placed Bristol City 1-0 in the final thanks to a Z.Tutte goal. At the other end it was Hull, Sunderland and Portsmouth who went down. In the end Portsmouth were a full fifteen points behind the safety spots. Sky Bet League One: Oxford went up as Champions four points clear of 2nd placed Wigan. It was 5th placed Scunthorpe who went up via the play-offs after they beat 6th placed Rotherham 2-0 in the final. The four sides that went down were Wycombe, Aldershot, Accrington and Notts Co. 21st placed Wycombe were six points clear safety. Sky Bet League Two: Colchester were crowned as Champions on 88pts with Shrewsbury and Bury both promoted on 86pts. 7th placed Newport County won promotion via the play-offs after they beat 5th placed Mansfield 2-0 in the final. The two relegation spots went to Dover who were three points clear of safety and Morecambe who finished the season on 33pts ten points clear of the safety mark. Vanarama National League: Barnet were crowned as Champions and earn't the automatic spot a point clear of runners up Maidstone, it wasn't all bad for Maidstone who beat 3rd placed Tranmere 2-1 in the play-off final. Solihull Moors, Fylde, Torquay and Wealdstone were all relegated with 21st placed Solihull Moors three points behind the safety zone. Bottom placed Wealdstone were twenty points clear with only five wins all season Vanarama National League North: York were crowned as Champions after beating 2nd placed Stockport to title by five points. Stockport however earn't promotion after beating 5th placed Kidderminster on penalties after a 1-1 draw in the play-off final. Tamworth, Marine and Alfreton were all relegated with Tamworth and Marine a single point clear of the safety zone. Vanarama National League South: Hereford were clear champions as they beat Dulwich Hamlet to the title by eight points. 4th placed Slough won promotion via the play-offs after they beat 3rd placed Maidenhead on penalties after a 1-1 draw in the final. Dartford were relegated on goal difference over Woking. Woking had a goal difference of -14 while Dartford were on -18. The other two side to go down were Eastbourne and Canvey Island English FA Cup: It was Arsenal's turn to lift the trophy as they beat last years finalists Burnley. A.Iwobi and P.Aubameyang scored for Arsenal with A.Barnes getting the only goal for Burnley Carabao Cup: It was Everton who beat favourites Manchester City 2-1 after extra time to lift the trophy. M.Icardi scored early on for City however a sending off for R.Guerreiro saw them down to ten men. Everton's goals were scored by K.Dolberg English Community Shield: It was Manchester City against Liverpool and it ended 2-1 to Manchester City with S.Mane scoring for Liverpool. B.Silva and G.Jesus grabbed the goals for City Checkatrade Trophy: League One side AFC Wimbledon lifted the trophy after beating Liverpool Under 23's 6-5 on penalties after a 1-1 draw. L.Trotter scored for AFC Wimbledon and D.Solanke scored for Liverpool English FA Trophy: Chesterfield retained the trophy as they beat Billericay 2-1 after extra time. L.John-Lewis scored for Billericay with C.Lavery grabbing both goals for Chesterfield Champions Cup: The Champions Cup was an all English affair with last years winners Manchester City facing Liverpool. In an exciting game for the fans Liverpool triumphed with a 4-3 scoreline. S.Milinkovic-Savic scored twice, Fabinho and B.Woodburn grabbed the other goals. Manchester City's goals were all scored M.Icardi Europa Cup: It was England against Spain as Chelsea faced A.Madrid. Another exciting European final saw it decided on penalties after a 2-2 score. Unfortunately for Chelsea they lost the game on 4-3 on penalties after W.Zaha missed the deciding penalty. Willian scored twice for Chelsea with A.Griezmann and Rodri grabbing the goals for Madrid. European Super Cup: Manchester City ran out two nil winners against Italian side Lazio with L.Sane and R.Sterling grabbing the goals to give the English side the trophy Club World Championship: Manchester City added another trophy to this seasons cabinet as they beat Mexican side Tigres two nil thanks to an own goal by R.Carioca and one from J.Stones
  18. June 2021: No matches played so no reports guys Monthly Results: (Vanarama National League unless stated) No matches played Team: No stats due to no matches being played Other News: International news sees Rien102 called up by the Canadian manager for the games against Grenada and Cayman Islands. He played the first game against Grenada as they won 3-1 with an impressive performance. He also played the full match against Cayman Islands as his side won 4-0 with another impressive performance. More international news for Rien102 sees him being called up for the Gold Cup which takes place during July. He played in another friendly as his Canadian side beat Suriname 2-1, he however didn't impress with his performance Greyfriars Bobby has started to train for his National C License which will take around 4 months to earn which he has paid for himself. At the end of the month the United Kingdom finally left the EU. I won't bore you again with details. If you want to go through it again read the post (November 2020)
  19. October 2027: October 2nd: Sevilla (H) (7/38) A cracking start saw us taking the lead within five minutes as K.Baise ran into the area unmarked and headed a M.Khumalo cross past the keeper. Soon after we had another chance with K.Mbappe rattling the crossbar from just outside the area. We were in complete control and on the 33rd minute we grabbed a second goal with K.Baise firing in his second of the game. Four minutes later we made it three nil as K.Baise completed his hat-trick with a rasping low shot which gave the keeper no chance of saving. The second half was much the same as we pressed forward however unlike the first half we couldn't get past the Sevilla keeper, well not until the 81st minute as P.Dybala slotted in from close range after a great team move. With seven minutes remaining in the game Sevilla were reduced to ten men after H.Salah was sent off for a professional foul on K.Baise Barcelona 4-0 Sevilla K.Baise 5, 33, 37, P.Dybala 81 M.ter Stegen (capt), Q.Monnier, M.Djukic (H.Kurt), J.Gimenez, B.Mendy, C.Theunis, A.Piras, M.Khumalo (J.Caicedo), P.Dybala, K.Mbappe (E.Ramirez), K.Baise Booked: A.Piras, C.Theunis October 6th: Some good news regarding injuries sees E.Carvalho back in full training after two months out with a torn hamstring October 15th: The draw for the Spanish Cup 4th Round sees us facing an away tie with Spanish Division Two side Zaragoza
  20. Hi @Hovis Dexter, we will keep an eye open for this as it doesn't seem to reproduce here but there should be an option to promise to let him go at the end of the season.
  21. Today
  22. So even now if you play on the non-beta version of the game it actually runs better? Or do you just mean prior to installing the 10.14.4 update?
  23. Currently, youth ratings for nations resemble the best possible situation a nation can (realistically) have. This is based on various criteria such as its population, level of development, national football infrastructure and popularity of the sport. However, in practice this doesn't really mean much, as the quality of newgens, and the number of high quality youngsters, is majorly influenced by club youth recruitment and development metrics. As you probably know, these figures can be influenced in-game (think board requests) and as such, it does become possible to develop the national talent pool, provided clubs invest in their youth setups. I feel the system is somewhat opaque and improvements done to club youth recruitment and developments can be hard to measure but I think it does a decent enough job at capturing the dynamic of national talent development.
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