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  1. Or alternatively the board could just choose to make a large improvement to the relevant facilities, depending on the cash available. Perhaps there could be a question to the manager as there currently is for when they decide to increase spending in one area or another. Something along the lines of "We're considering building a new *superb* youth training facility. What do you think?" "Yes that sounds great!" "I think we could spend the money better elsewhere".
  2. Record crowd sees Miedema seal 2-0 Arsenal win in WSL north London derby
  3. There's a skin you could download for previous FM's (and presumably this one, after beta) which adds this feature.
  4. Yes to both, but shouldn't this be in the beta forum?
  5. I mean to say, assign them a training program that will result in them fitting into the formation better and then giving them experience in the relevant position regardless of their ability to already play there.
  6. I would like if your youth managers try to adapt the players they have to fit into tactics currently used by the first team
  7. To expand on this a little, it would be nice if a similar system could be used to set up pressing triggers.
  8. I believe that the game already can tell you've tried to fulfil the promise because one of the explanations to the player is something like "well I offered you a contract and you didn't accept it". I think it's understandable that the player is unhappy that you've not offered the contract they wanted, but I think it should be possible to start another conversation with them to address the issue before the squad gets upset too.
  9. I'd like to see a bit of manager definable if-then logic for players. For instance: If (your midfield partner) makes a forward run, then hold a deep position If (right winger) cuts inside, then take up position on the wing If (striker) drops deep, then look to make a forward run I'm pretty sure this is in line with how players are instructed in real life and it would add a nice bit of complexity to how managers can set up their teams in the game
  10. Put him in the first team for tutoring, but make him available for your U18's
  11. In real life, people are motivated by different things. Some want to be wealthy, others want to be loved and some people just want to be the best they can be. Footballers are just people, so they have these motivations too and I think it would be good if they were represented in the game. I propose five new 1-20 stats for each player: Wealth The importance this player places on receiving a large wage and substantial bonuses, perhaps at the expense of the quality or reputation of the competition. A high stat in this area may lead a player to join high paying but low rep clubs such as in China or the Middle East. Fame The importance the player places on reputation. He will be more impressed by clubs, managers and squads with a high reputation, perhaps even if they are in a less competitive league. A player with a high fame stat might be less willing to join a newly promoted side but happy to go to a newly relegated club so long as they have a high rep. Challenge The degree to which this player wishes to test himself against the best. He will be more impressed with clubs playing in competitions with higher reputation, even if the club itself is small. A player who values challenge may for instance move to a club in a small country because they are in the Champions League. Improvement A player who is high in this stat wants to make himself the best he can be. He will value good training facilities and coaching staff. Personal Relationships This would represent the importance of playing with or under people (or for clubs) this player has relationships with and perhaps influence the likelihood of those relationships forming in the first place. I this these should replace the current Ambition and Loyalty stats.
  12. Those things have Pentium CPUs so don't expect to load all of the leagues, but the game should run fine. I have a tablet with a m7 (fancy Atom) CPU and that works and the Pentium should be better than that. Bear in mind that it will burn through the battery
  13. There are a LOT of regens in North America, many of whom have EU nationality. Edit: also they are mostly available on free transfers (although for the younger ones you have to wait for their 18th birthday)
  14. Starting in the lower leagues, I load in the MLS and move wages and transfer budget so I have ca 40k in the scouting budget. I then change youth scouting package to global and search for players 18 and under with partial EU nationality. I can usually fill up my youth team with excellent prospects and maybe one or two players good enough for the 1st team. Just don't forget to change the scouting package back and readjust the budgets before continuing the game.
  15. Fair enough. I hope they will keep it in mind though if they are reviewing the format of the savegame or somesuch related area.
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