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  1. So about the same price? The Ryzen should perform better.
  2. It would be pretty great if it were possible to host an FM server that you could log into using a mobile device. The main processing could be done on the server allowing many leagues and players, while the interface and graphics could be handled by the device. This could allow multiplayer or just a better single player experience. Also there would be the possibility for SI to charge for centrally run servers or to licence the server software to host companies.
  3. The A9 was terrible three years ago or whenever it came out and the athlon is worse. Either would run FM, but not well.
  4. No. At that price point you won't find something much better than a 2nd hand 5 year old business laptop costing £100-£150. A significant improvement on that starts around £500. The other option you might consider is to get a netbook or something and get the game on Google Stadia.
  5. I'm sure it would be fine, but if it's being sold to you as a new laptop be aware the tech in it is two years old. Unless you're getting a good deal 2nd hand you'd probably be better off looking for something more modern. A Ryzen 5 4600H with a GTX 1650 would be superior and cost in the region of £650-£750 new.
  6. What's particularly worth noting is that is a 15w processor vs a 45w processor (not to mention power used by the dedicated CPU). For FM the integrated graphics on a Ryzen 7 will be perfectly fine so I'd choose that all day long if given a choice. Battery life will be so much better, fans won't need to be so loud and there won't be as much heat generated.
  7. I'm sure it would be fine. I have an equivalently spec'd laptop from a couple of years ago and it quite happily handles 6-8 leagues.
  8. At that price point you might consider just getting a chromebook and running FM via Stadia. Yes it is more expensive (usually) than buying it via a Steam key and yes you can't install custom files, but you will have far far better performance than you would with a laptop in the £300 price range.
  9. This is several years old. It's far too expensive for what it is. A current gen i5 laptop will only set you back an extra £100 or even less if you can find an especially good deal.
  10. That's the one. Great that it would come with the Ti version of the 1650 - it should make playing more graphically intensive games a more pleasant experience!
  11. The Asus A15 has been widely criticised for overheating and thermal throttling. While it theoretically has better performance from it's specification, out of the three I'd go with one of the others, probably the Acer, personally. I'm sure there will be other similarly spec'd laptops with the 4600H for around the same cost if not out now then soon - It may well be wise to look at those first. Edit: in the same price range you might consider the Acer Nitro 5 AN515-44. If you do I'd suggest also getting an extra 8gb Sodimm of memory as it is configured with only a single stick meaning memory bandwidth is halved, negatively affecting performance.
  12. Yes (marginally) and yes. The speed all those leagues will run at will be another thing of course. For FM as long as you've got a dedicated gpu from the last few years the match engine will run fine so all of those would be fine. If you don't plan to install more than 3-4 games at a time or download a lot of media then 256gb is fine.
  13. Yes, that would be a lot better. Even the GTX 1050 should handle the match engine just fine.
  14. That's a four year old laptop. It would run FM but not brilliantly. Overpriced. Also the integrated graphics is terrible.
  15. Well you're going to have to make some compromises I think. Ideally for what you're looking at you want to be considering a H processor laptop with dedicated graphics - in other words a gaming class laptop. Something meeting the RAM and storage requirements is likely to be in the £1000 range. You might find a 9th gen system on clearance somewhere if you're lucky? If you're going current gen you'll get better value with AMD - their Ryzen 5's apparently offer better performance than 10th gen i7's for productivity tasks like video editing. If you're looking at last gen go with Intel if you can as AMD's 3000 series wasn't as good as Intel's 9th gen.
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