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  1. I reckon the 1030 would be an improvement on 11th gen integrated graphics, but not by much. This is an entry level card released the best part of a decade ago. This is probably about as good as you'll get for this price but if you can save up a bit more you could hope for something a lot better
  2. no, no...silly me. They just offer the ability to for some reason pay more to have Windows 10
  3. I hope they have pre-installed Windows for you given they don't provide a licence. If not you'll need to get a friend to put the installation image on a thumb drive for you
  4. CPU is more important for FM. A modern i5 will be fine for FM, but the i7 ought to be better. AMD equivalents are also worth considering.
  5. The Amazon one is more laptop for your money, but then the GPU is overkill for FM, even in 3D
  6. Sorry to jump in with possibly unwelcome advice, but have you considered a Steam Deck? I use this for FM on the go and find it far more convenient than a laptop. I also use a large database and find the performance acceptable (despite low star ratings).
  7. I would expect that having 8 rather than 16gb of RAM will be more of a handicap than having a 2050 rather than a 3050, so I'd personally choose the second one.
  8. How about this? Performance should be about the same as your desktop https://www.laptopstation.co.uk/products/lenovo-legion-5-amd-ryzen-7-16gb-ram-512gb-ssd-nvidia-rtx-3070-15-6-fhd-screen-gaming-laptop-2 Or this? The processor should be more powerful but the graphics are weaker. They will be fine for FM24 but I would guess they won't be able to max out FM25 https://www.laptopstation.co.uk/products/asus-laptop-vivobook-16x-12th-generation-h-series-core-i7-16gb-ram-512gb-ssd-nvidia-rtx-3050-graphics-16-120hz-fhd-screen Edit: in either case the battery life isn't going to be great and it will have deteriorated since the laptop was new. Plan to be playing plugged in
  9. The issue won't be the graphics, it will be the processor being taxed by processing the game. The 1260p normally ruins at 28w but can boost to 64w which it sounds like it is regularly doing. Simulating fewer leagues and players would help to reduce this issue. Edit: Re a gaming laptop, no it won't help as the processors in them use even more power. Gaming laptops tend to have better cooling solutions however so the overheating would be less of an issue.
  10. That depends on what processing speed you're happy with, but I usually run 8-10 leagues.
  11. It's pretty easy, just make sure you download it on to a USB drive from another computer first
  12. I don't agree with that. I play with the full graphical settings without issue and a couple of hundred thousand players. Granted the processing time is longer than I'd like, but then what do you expect from 4 Zen 2 cores. Given the form factor, it's very impressive. Considering that the graphics engine is what's changing I'd be surprised if the the Steam Deck can't play matches in FM25 at least on medium settings and I'd expect the game to progress at a similar rate as now.
  13. To add to what @kevhamster has said, if you especially want to go for a laptop that relies on an iGPU look out for higher end AMD processors with 680m or 780m graphics. By some distance they are the most capable iGPUs currently. Honestly though I'd recommend trading down on the processor in order to get a dedicated GPU as a preference to this
  14. According to MSI's webpage the RAM is in slots, so technically you could unscrew the back, take out the old DiMMs and replace them with a 32gb kit in the future, should you so wish. I found one that costs around £80 (90 euros), though note the price of RAM is quite volatile and it's very low right now.
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