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  1. It's worth noting that Intel 8th gen integrated graphics are much weaker than 11th gen. 8th gen would be expected to struggle with the 3d match engine while I think 11th gen would be more capable. Try turning down the graphical settings?
  2. It's a 5w cpu designed for ultra portable devices, hence the slower speed. I would still have expected it to be powerful enough to start FM though, even if it doesn't run brilliantly.
  3. Just doing a bit of research, I think the CPU architecture could be the issue. It's a big.LITTLE design (like ARM chips) and Windows 10 isn't designed to use it properly. Trying Windows 11, with it's new scheduler designed to work with this architecture, might help.
  4. I know there are minimum requirements on Steam but I was using a laptop 10 years ago to play FM without a dedicated graphics card and it worked fine (with the caveat that I had to use the dots rather than fancy graphics for the match engine). I've also had it working on a tablet PC with one of those old m7 5w CPUs (again without a separate GPU). Modern iGPUs are at least as powerful as those old mobile GPUs listed on Steam anyway. Checking the drivers is a good call though - this chip uses (I think) Intel's new graphics architecture so there may be some issue with that that could be resolved with newer drivers
  5. FM runs fine on modern integrated graphics. I think you need to post in the technical help forum for some more appropriate assistance
  6. I for one will be playing FM22 on the Steam Deck and it would be great if that experience could be made as smooth as possible.
  7. Any dedicated GPU from the last few generations will run the match engine just fine. I had a 750ti for quite a while which ran it perfectly on max settings. Also AMD integrated graphics from the last couple of years and the most recent (11th gen, XE) Intel offering should also be fine.
  8. Either of the i5's with '10' at the beginning of the model number are going to be about as good as you're going to get at the moment in that price range. I'd recommend a Ryzen 4500U laptop but they seem to be out of stock or overpriced everywhere currently. It can handle 4-5 leagues, but don't expect wonders in terms of speed. I think the 3D match engine might struggle, although it will probably work if you turn most of the options off.
  9. That's true - price is important. But given a similarly priced device and other things being equal Ryzen is best in most price brackets at the moment Not true. Poorly cooled processors throttle under load. U processors are often not cooled as well, but if they have a good cooling solution there's no reason for a U processor to throttle. I would only recommend them though to people with limited budgets because they tend to be cheaper. Your own list notes the R5 4500U is a strong performer. You don't have to endorse it, but someone has to correct misleading information.
  10. Get him in a tutoring group with someone who has high loyalty
  11. @silentwars This table is helpful. It's not the full story though, because it doesn't take into account some important points in its rankings: Cost. Those top end Intel processors are generally only in premium, very expensive laptops. The price to performance is generally terrible. Required cooling. The TDP rating is theoretically the amount of heat generated during normal operation, but in reality it often bears little resemblance to the actual amount of heat the processor puts out. Efficiency. This may be less of a problem if you're just gaming at home, but which processor you choose will have a large impact on the battery lift of your laptop. The U series processors are all quite efficient, but AMD gaming processors have been shown to be quite a bit better than Intel in this regard. Sustained performance. This is actually related to cooling, because modern Intel H Series (gaming) processors put out quite a lot of heat when they're working hard which means that if not properly cooled they will slow down to prevent the chip from overheating. Laptops, being by nature constrained in the area of ventilation are quite vulnerable to this. So essentially the implementation is as important as the processor you choose which is why it's always a good idea to read or watch reviews of any laptop you're thinking of buying. This is especially the case with Intel at the moment as there have been some terrible implementations which kneecap the performance of the processor (I'm looking at you Apple), but also with AMD which is often put in budget systems where the cooling might not have been well thought out (eg the ASUS A15). Overall though I'm more comfortable recommending an AMD based laptop (at least in the current generation) because they generate less heat under load as a result of their superior lithography. I would generally advise the following as a guide (as of right now, anyway) by budget: Under £500 - play FM on Stadia via a cheap chomebook or similar. Trying to run FM on an underpowered laptop is just going to cause disappointment. If you can't be online when you play it would be worth looking at used i5 or i7 based laptops but temper your expectations. £5-600 - Ryzen 5 4500u based laptop. These processors are amazing, beating out even last gen gaming processors. Also they have integrated graphics that can play the FM match engine with some settings turned down. All with only a 15w TDP meaning you should get decent battery life. £6-800 - Ryzen 5 4600h based laptop. This is the price range of the budget laptop so be careful about your choice, but most will perform well. The 4600h provides excellent performance and possibly the best bang for buck for laptops right now. £800-1000 Ryzen 7 4800h, or maybe the Ryzen 5 4600hs (depending on requirement). In this range is the cheaper of the 8 core Ryzens but I wouldn't necessarily go straight for those. You can find premium gaming laptops with the 4600hs which provides still very good performance with improved efficiency, allowing for thinner and lighter devices and longer battery life. £1000-£1500 In this range is more premium Ryzen 7 laptops and you also will start to see some competition from Intel. Intel I7 laptops in this price range may well be faster, but make sure to check the review for the individual model because this is very much affected by the cooling ability of the device. £1500+ I9 or Ryzen 9. Intel has a slight performance edge in this category but generates more heat. I'd therefore say if you want portability (seems like an edgecase with a gaming system like this but whatever) go for the Ryzen and if you just want the fastest thing available go for a well cooled Intel laptop. In all cases get the lowest spec GPU offered unless you want to also play more demanding games. The most basic of dedicated graphics processors will be more than fine for FM. Even for the 4500u paying for a dedicated GPU is a waste since you'd then be able to afford a proper gaming laptop.
  12. B550 motherboard - this will allow upgrades to the processor and storage in the future. Also if you're recording your streams you'll want more storage I would say. A 650w power supply wouldn't cost too much more and would give more room for later upgrades. If your budget stretches video editing would be improved by upgrading to the 3900x (or even 3950x, although this is seriously diminishing returns) and 32GB of RAM. Depending on the software you use a better video card might also help but I wouldn't class that as a priority due to rapidly increasing cost.
  13. I'm not familiar with each model of laptop, but based on the specs the last one will perform the best for CPU heavy games like FM and Civ. Either of the Intel ones would be okay too with £50 a fair tradeoff for a slightly older processor.
  14. Wow that's expensive. But yes, I'm sure it would manage one league.
  15. It depends what's important to you. A more expensive laptop like the Legion is going to have better build quality, better screen etc. If you're just concerned about raw performance, no it's not worth it.
  16. To elaborate on @Smurf's comment, the G14 you link to is based on a 6-core rather than 8-core processor and has less RAM, so it won't perform as well. It is however a different class of laptop, being comparatively thin and light for gaming laptops. The HS processor is also more energy efficient so you should get decent battery life. If you need to take your laptop around with you often it would be worth considering, even though the performance isn't as good. It might be noted that it will likely still beat anything from Intel short of a well cooled i9.
  17. You might also consider using Google Stadia to play FM. You need a good internet connection, but the specs of your computer then basically don't matter. If you have a smart TV it might even work on that.
  18. If you're just playing at home you might consider getting a living room small form factor PC and plug it into your TV. That's how I mostly play FM and find it works pretty well. AMD have just announced a new range of APUs (that is CPUs with graphics build in) which should result in some very practical devices in the near future. If you're looking at a laptop though AMD offer better bang for buck currently and in your price range you could go for either one of the more premium Ryzen 5 4600h/GTX1650 models or stretch your budget slightly to a Ryzen 7 4800H/GTX1650Ti. Either would do a good job.
  19. The Lenovo Legion 5 comes in a Ryzen 7 4800H/16GB/GTX1650Ti flavour for around that price. That would be pretty well balanced for FM and will run the match engine at max settings perfectly well.
  20. Yes that would be a lot better. I wasn't aware the new Ryzen 3's were available yet - good find! This will perform a lot better with more RAM, but from what I understand it comes with an empty DIMM slot so you can slot that in at a later date.
  21. It will run FM very well. As a note, the 9400F is a locked CPU, so having a Z390 motherboard (the purpose of which is overclocking) is pointless. You may as well have a B360 and save a few £
  22. If you must buy a laptop in this price range the best performance will be found with a Ryzen 3 based laptop. If you can find a 10th gen i3 that would be better, although I would expect that to be £400+
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