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  1. And that was the exact point I brought in, I also don't have a insane rig, not even close, but with stadia and some other cloud services in the door,maybe, just maybe the community will start to transition to it. The problem is that most of the players find kits, players faces and other things like this so important that they are already refusing to go there, and this put SI in a worrible position, where they can upgrade the game because they got the tecnology, but they can't upgrade the game because the players don't have the harware to support it. Then they need to stop the statment that they have a simulation game and sey they just have a management game. SImulations doesn't care if you know what you are doing or not, they just give you the game and say "do your thing''. See racing simulation games, if you don't know how to properly race and just go as fast as you can, you will lose hard. I remember some guys saying forza (i guess?) was boring because the cars didn't drift, and were heavy, but that was a simulation of a proper car. SI really needs to know who they want to please, because on one hand mods say that if the game was equal to RL management, no one would play because would be ultra difficult, and then in the other hand they come in and SI "FM is a simulation". It is contraditory. I am here because I want this game to be harder, to be frustating, but not with AI knowing hidden things, or something like that, but the game being realistic, with AI fighting hard for that wonderkid, with a epic tactical battle in final, decided by a mistake that real players would do. While I want more of a simulation instead of fun, I know I am the minority here.
  2. I guess all this problem leads to the old phrase "FM is stagnating". The problem right now is that SI simply don't need to upgrade the ME, or even to rewrite it, if any of us dislike it, what can we do? This is the only good management game in the market, the only one with such depth, and exactly because of this that SI take baby steps in their development. For some years right now we see the game having small to medium changes in most of the features, and thats the consequence of a combination: yearly launch doesn't help much with revolutionary changes, and the lack of a competitor trying to take FM's place also make the game stay as it is. If SI really wanted the game to just be the real simulation of football, they would go full on the ME and on modern tactical concepts, make the core and what is really important (almost) perfect, and then going on the rest. But right now they don't need that. It is so obvious that some aspects in the ME need some fixing, or even a rewrite, but this costs money and time, but why you do something like that when you know that you are the only option, and wanting or not,people will need to buy your game to play it. I risk to say SI already have other ME in the oven for some years now, with better moves, modern gameplay etc etc. But because of the players with old rigs, with no competition and with a multitude of "features" ready to launch year after year, they decide to just take the easy path and not touch (or talk) about it now.
  3. There is no insta-win tactic, that is a fact. Because out of a save,maybe you lose like,2-5 games in total. I already did the test, just grabbing the best squad my team had and using one broken or op tactic and the results were flying. Having a team that could relegate win 3-0 against psg in the first season, in their house with their full team in the field is kinda worry. Deny that this tactics exist is simply put your hands in front of your eyes and pretend you don't see a problem. Obviously, the ME is not perfect, but every single year having a clear better combination of formation and instructions, that works way better than most of the usual tactics, well,that is a problem.
  4. Considering that this is FM,and players stay like, 10 or more years in save, this is probably a excelent feature to be in the game. Quite excited after this announcements.
  5. After looking at the screenshots, I can give my guess: The WM strata will get together with the AM wide strata, stopping the nonsense that one guy was a natural winger at AM,and wasn't aware on how to play in WM. While the ball color doesn't change his capability to play, his attributes do it, it was very annoying, must be honest. That new button probably will be the fans or media thing. Just guessing. The only thing I expect is that if the 2 stratas are getting together, their initial positioning get a little behind, so having AM wide is not that risk. Correcting myself, I actually saw that the Wide midfielder strata still exists,so ignore that point.
  6. Impressive how I was directly to one point and you tried to put it totally out of context. I never said miles doesn’t care about the fanbase, I would be a liar if I told you this. But what is true is that he doesn’t care if half of the player base comes knocking on his door asking for him to announce the features, he will say “mid September” or will ignore. I will not lie to anyone,I am not here for long time like a lot of folks here,but since I am actively following SI and the FM fanbase, I can see a good amount of people asking for the features to be revealed together with the announcement, and they are not asking for full detail,but at least some tiny details. We are talking about gamers, people that buy preorders like to know what they are buying. If miles and SI really didn’t want this headache year after year,they could either reveal FM when they already know what will be in the game, or just open the preorder when they reveal. I am being obliged to buy? No. But I find it disrespectful for them to offer something that they didn’t revealed a single info about it. As I said before, I know SI have the capability to deliver a great game every year, but I dislike this way they reveal the game,open the preorder and 1 month after start revealing details. I’m a consumer so I will express this every single year if I have to, maybe one day I see a change (a man can dream). Also,stop taking things out of context just to try look smart on the internet, is such a childish attitude and adds nothing to literally any discussion.
  7. Well, people here buy the game, it is not like it is free or SI is doing some sort of charity. When you are so passionate about something,and FM got a very loyal fanbase, that buys the game for consecutive years, at least in my opinion,everyone have the right to ask for the features to be released. But don't worry,doesn't matter what people say(or ask), miles already took his decision, and everybody knows that he doesn't care much about if is going to be today or one day before launch, he will do as he please, so you can calm down, no one here will make SI change their date.
  8. If you want to use stadia this year, you will nedd to buy the full pre-order package,and get access 'til 2020, but in the case you don't wanna,you can wait till 2020 open launch and use stadia base,without the need to buy the controller.
  9. SI already do this,a lot of times. Not in the part of the test, to be honest, but in the part of creating features and hoping players adopt it. Clear examples are: the medical tab, that while is very informative, I doubt that even 20% use it actively( month after month). The social media tab is also other tab that was introduced by SI and loads of players state that they ignore it during the gameplay. If SI simple have the same line of thought that you have, they would just replace FM classic with an improved touch with just the features that the majority of the player base uses and likes.
  10. Miles already said multiple times in his twitter that SI have access to all screens and options that players use in their game, and they use this data to actually get information of how players actually play. What I suggested (and surpriseling enough you took this out of contest) is that if SI decided to put a Iron mode/hardcore mode they would actually see if the player base will adopt it,or leave it,simple as that.
  11. The problem with it is we don't know if the game is just to easy right now with guys that conquer all in 4-6 seasons with a team of a obscure league at the point that this is frequent, or that maybe half of the guys that do this are actually cheating. Lets suppose a hardcore/iron man mode is introduced in FM, and by the end of the year the data states that just 10% of the player base used this mode, and just 2% won actual continental competitions back to back,while the others had normal careers, conquering some titles, getting sacked, but playing fair. After all this data being brought up, the same people continue to claim the game is to easy,but doesn't show if their saves are or not IM/HC mode. What we could suppose from it is that the game is indeed hard from most of the player base, and that things should be kept in this way. But instead, we see that half of the player base actually are playing HC/IM mode, and most of them are actually owning the AI, then it's time to rethink on the difficult of the game.
  12. I already had this discussion before with some friends, and seems like no roles can translate Messi and Neymar into the game. Neymar was the type of player who could easily be the winger because of his creation to Suarez,and the explosion and pace he had, and his PPM would send him inside in case he wanted to score, and Messi would be a IF-A, because he could create and appear in dangerous positions upfront. The problem with this 2 is the AI that control them, they are not half smart as the RL players. It will end with both trying to many individual plays instead of looking for a pass, and also too many bad solo advances in the final half. To simulate both we would need first a better offensive transition to ressemble better their fluid moves.
  13. And like I said, FIFA was selling in Brazil despite not having the rights of image in here, actually they never suspended the game here like SI is doing now, but yet they decided to just ban the game from here instead of using a fake league with fake players. Brazilian players are actually pretty mad at SI because of this, I would say that 40% of the player base just stayed in FM16(if I'm not wrong,the last interaction sold here). And obviously, something is not right about it, if the game doesn't have the actual players,teams and league, then it can be sold here. But if they do, then CBF and the teams can get a lawsuit in then,despite not being sold here, because they would be getting money selling the game in all countries but here. Like I said,do not make sense, but it is a SI decision at the end.
  14. Well, this is not for us to discuss, but for SI devs themselves. I gave a idea based on what I see and play, but behind the curtains this game can be way more complex than we think. But as I said, SI already said they are not interested in difficulty levels because they think FM should represent real life, and real life don't have different difficulties. My opinion is that they are necessary, one day SI will get in a two-path decision where they will have to decide if they are gonna increase the difficult of the game increasing the realism, and getting some players to be mad at it, or getting the game easier to please the casuals, getting the hardcores mad.
  15. The solution is simple, but SI themselves already said they dislike the idea. Difficulty levels would be the solution to please both publics. You want the classic FM experience, where AI is not so smart to build squads like players are, and you can climb leagues more easily like always, use the classic difficult and be happy with your experience. But if you are already a experienced player,want to have a real challenge, AI really acts like a real manager, doing business and making tactical changes, exploiting our weakness and everyone actually fighting for success. You will be able to have the 3 save files as always,because corrupt saves always happen, but at the second you or the AI socre a goal,the game insta save to prevent you from reloading. No way to put anything you downloaded in your save, if you are really looking to cheat, go and do one by one. This hardcore option would have the same ME as the base game, the same tools and features, the only diference would be in the AI smartness to prevent us to simply climb to the top in 5 seasons or less. This would please the guys that play the game with super-tactics, would please the ones that urge for more hardcore options in the game, and would give a real approach to the simulation side with a AI that actually acts like a human being.
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