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  1. Believe me,this tutorials will grab a video on the features and will be "revolutionary".
  2. I don't expect new roles,but more control in the phases, WiB/WoB probably will never go back,but we should have more control in the transitions. Pressing traps, defensive/offensive moves and build-up more detailed and more tactical aproaches for us. We have way many tactics with limited amount of options on how to use them in-field.
  3. Libertadores is basically like CL, but have 2 finals. And if you play on Brasil, expect to have a lot of competition, the big teams have almost the same strenght between themselves. (I am brasilian by the way,any questions, I am here)
  4. FM should do a "euro truck" approach in the future, having some config that could make the game more arcade (easy tactics,easy training, more unbalanced ME), or more simulated (Real tactics, having to deal with all the training drills, and a ME that try to ressemble real life). Right now, this balance between both is killing the experience for both sides. I've seen casuals finding impossible to get in the game because they find it too hard, and hardcores destroying season after season and finding it too easy, it definitively need some new ground for both sides. (sorry for the english)
  5. 2 Options: 1- They didn't show any gameplay because nothing new (or good) will be in the next game,so cinematic hype, or 2- They made some requested overhauls and are feeding the hype to give us more hype. Looking at the last FM's, I would say 1 is the call,but the 2 would be nice to have.
  6. So,after seeing the new FM19 trailer and the announcement of 'end of an era", I want to discuss what the trailer may passed through: Press conference: Maybe a overhaul in the way they are handled, because they are showned in the trailer,and is obviously one of the most hated things by the FM players, because is "boring and repetitive". IT could be a sign that this would be revamped. Player interaction: One thing that is somehow ''broken" in the game,is the player interaction,and we see the manager talking to the player before the match begins. Maybe new lines or a more depth system to interact with players? New camera vision: All the trailer is first person, to give us a feeling that we are the managers, maybe now they wil introduce the "bench view", one requested feature for the 3D? Tactics: In the trailer,is also showned a tactic in the hands of the manager in the press cinference,and in the match-day talk, maybe a tactic overhaul or something like it? This could be all true, or they just hyped everybody with the "end of an era" thing, just because they are making changes inside SI, and decide they will only make small changes in the game. So, what your thoughts about the trailer?
  7. masno


    Ok,so lets go. Training: About the friendly, it let the players tired because they play full 90 min, what I suggested was to click one button and show how your team is playing with the current tactic,without the need of a friendly,understood? I know the time and all things about training,but it definitely needs way more depth than it have today. Tactics: One dev said on my thread back ago that the formation in the TC is not the defensive formation, but the "starting position" for the players, so is not "defensive: what you see, offensive: roles duties and PI." What I asked by descriptions is to get they better, more examples, and better feedback about then in the tactic, I have several friends that got into game, and got out saying "my team don't play the correct way" because they didn't understand the tactics,and didn't want to read hours and hours of text to understand the game,like I did. Actually,no one should read that much. Players: I think that some more especific PPM are needed to give "super" players their skills, because you need this things. No one does what Messi does,but that doesn't mean that he needs to be ignored. And not only this, but newgens can get this new PPM's too in the future, so more custom players!
  8. I will start this thread by saying that FM is on urgent need to change some of the core game, we definitely want the better football simulation. Mods and devs always say "constructive feedback",so here we go: Training: Training is basically the most important part of football. I played 6 years in semi-pro/amateur teams,and the most part of the time we were training and learning the tactics and strategies for the next game. In my opinion,we need to stay more time planning for the next game, look how our players are doing in training, plan a game-training to see what they are understanding about the tactic, choose with more depth what training we gonna lead that day, and for the lazy people, give it to the ass-man . Tactics and Philosophy: FM needs to work better in the TC. Offensive and defensive formations are a thing in football nowadays, actually, it is absolutely important in every team. No one defend and attack in the same shape. If FM wants to be called "football simulation", it also need the basic. TI and PI needs to have their descriptions rewrite, a lot of players get confused about what they use in their tactics, and need to get to the forums to know that X TI does Y, not X. Team shape also need to be looked, I've seen players in this forum and also others that always get very confused about what every single one of it does. Players: More PPM's are needed. Why? To not do players slave from their role. Just look at Neymar,Hazard and Cristiano. Both play in the same position, have good stats and can play both feet, besides their stats, what is the difference between then in FM? Not many. But looking at RL, Neymar likes to do tricks against his opponents, while Hazards like to dribble them quickly,and Ronaldo like to score.This should be in their PPM's, like : Neymar( Challenge opponent, likes to do tricks), Hazard (Dribbles a lot), Ronaldo (Individualist, likes to get in the box). This would get the feel that players are not simply bots with stats,but they are actually players, sometimes roles simply dumb players to only do what he is asked, and this don't get the feel that you are playing with players, but robots. This are some complains that I have about FM series that really needs to get some changes and upgrades,in my opinion of course. (Sorry for any wrong grammar, english is not my first language.)
  9. The problem is to know that probably next year will be the same TC,and so the next,and the next... I really can't understand how they claim to be a "football simulation" and can't simulate the football base nowadays. None tactic have one unique shape, you can't simple tell that X role can't combine with Y role and Z instruction because one thing inside the ME that is not write in the UI will lead to a hole on your defense/midfield. You can't simple grab a newcomer and say "hey,here we have the shapes,if you play on very fluid,your players will have more freedom,why? I don't know!, And your team will work with almost the same mentality! But having too many of the same duties can lead to a problem on your tactic, and also mentality is not what you think it is, but whatever" The devs really need to start being "friendly" with the average player base, not put hidden instructions ("work ball to the box" doesn't work the ball to the box,f.e) and put things that real managers do (More acurate training, more realistic tactics, better descriptions on role and instructions). A overhaul on the TC is needed,but no hopes for the future.
  10. Actually, I blame myself for 90% of my team defeats, because of tactical tests or I played someone on a bad role. But the other 10% are bugs/ or player faults. Beside that, since FM16, I had sucess with most of my teams, once you learn the base of the TC, the game becames very easy tbh. My problem in FM is the game has no necessary depth on important football areas, like training and transitions.
  11. I think that first SI should look at the training section before going forward. We should see how our team acts with given tactic before a game like real life managers do, in the training. Not only this, but give more options for the trainings,and schedueles for all the month,would be good steps. And of course, the TC need to have with/without the ball instructions. Every team needs to work in their transitions, and we also need to have this power. It is impossible to have a gengenpressing system in the actual FM, because you can't press properly. How I am supposed to tell my players "If you lose the ball in the attack, chase the ball with high pressure,if they manage to maintain possession, go back to our defensive formation.", it is impossible nowadays. Also a good high pressure like Pepe's M.city do, it isn't possible because closing down (I'm sorry) it is poorly implemented. What is "closing down more"? More when? When do we stop closing down and when do we start? Crosses should not be an ultra-weapon if you have a defender that can protect you. I already saw Sergio Ramos loses head-balls a lot of times, and this bugs me, he is a header machine, and the air is his best "area". Offensive also need to be well developed. I already had tactics that made my team so effective that every match was like Fifa, a lot of opportunities created, and in RL we know it isn't this way. Only top teams creates a lot of opportunites. If the defensive could get a rework and be effective, with good defensive transitions,and a real pressing, then attack could finally gets a true shine. Build-ups with patience in control system (because control-FM is not like control-RL), getting the ball outside the box,look for a good space to infiltrate or a good overlap to cross, or miss a pass and get counter-attacked. This is how football works, and this is the way that FM needs to take, better transitions (and give players and AI this power), if some tactic is OP, is because it is good,not because 3 striker are too hard to defend. I just want to play FM, and have my team playing proper football, creating chances like a real life team creates, top-players being actually smart and doing good plays instead doing silly mistakes. FM really needs to work a lot to get in its prime,because the actual state of it is just a fantasy manager game, nothing like a simulation.
  12. I've played 3 seasons in Spain, 1 in Italy,2 in Brazil, 1 world cup and the first DFK I saw was in wolves, bit strange because I saw at least 2 a season on my saves in FM17.
  13. FM17 was a great game,it was balanced,it had no long shot problems and was enjoyable. The closest to a football simulation so far. Then FM18 came, you barely see Free kicks been scored (I did a barça test, messi alone scored 10 in 3 season in FM17,and after 2 seasons in FM18, he didnt scored once), players seem to like the corner flag, and 3 strikers can crush the AI opposition, and plenty of people argued about the UI change. But the medical Center and dynamics are great features to be honest. After this quick analysis, I asked myself "maybe it is time for a change in the ME Staff?". There are some years that football has envolved,nowadays every elite team work with 2 formations, offensive and defensive, and change it in the middle of the games, FM didnt walked this way yet, and don't seem to want it. So maybe it isnt the time to get some new faces with new ideas and ride FM to a more modern and actual football ME? Before the mods say that I Am criticizing the devs,They are doing a great job in FM (not so great this year,to be fair),but like every team needs to change its players to achieve new results, maybe the team also need new faces to achieve new mechanics. It is just my opinion, I cant handle no more "no advances" in this aspect no more.
  14. Fluid equals more creativity freedom and the play more like a unit, they defend together, they attack together. This is because the more fluid, lower will be your players mentality, so a striker can have the same mentality as your midfielder (this is not always true,maybe your roles changes this situation,remember this) and more structured means that your teams work in blocks, and your player look more to their ground then the hole pitch itself. If you want your players to be more expressive, and work more closely to each other,go fluid. If you expect then to follow orders, and stick to their positions/roles/duties, go structured. If you don't have idea, go flexible. Analyst scout matches and goals from that given player, so they basically show you stats, and scouts scout the "player curriculum".
  15. I will answer what I can 1: For what I know, Highly structured and structured rise or lower your player mentality, so if he is support,he will be lower than someone on attack. This also affects on their positions and the roles. (It is more complex than this,but just for you understand a bit) 4: There is a difference in Real Life: Scouts look for players most of the time,and analysts analyse all the match and give solutions to the teams problems. 5: That is true,there are few options.