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  1. It happens because of the ME balance. The attack in the ME is years ahead of the defence, it is easier to attack effectively and with danger rather then defending without giving space. IMO SI thought that was better to counter balance the attack by tuning down some "easy" chances, like for example 1v1 that even world class strikers tend to miss by a great extent. In RL strikers don't have as many chances that a FM striker have, because the defensive system in the ME is a joke, so the solution was to simple make attackers be "bad" in front of the goal.
  2. I have this problem since FM16,remember when I tried to buy a player and the AI did everything to make him way more expensive,after 2 weeks trying to fins a acessible price for said player,other team appears with 30% less money that I offered,and they straight accept. Happened at least one time since 16.
  3. After playing 200 hours on this FM,I think it's time for the feedback. Don't know what they did, and why they did, but this is one of the most disappointing interactions I played. Pros: Training: Great feature. Helped a lot my planning on the next game, all those options were a great addition to the game. Game itself: I felt the game was smoother than last interactions,so a pro for me. Tactic: I liked the addition of new instructions, and the tactic styles helped some of my friend into the game. Cons: The ME: Don't know where it went wrong from the beta, but the match engine is feeling very arcade. Any defensive style that I tried was so ineffective compared to high intensity football. Sometimes I was just trying to populate around my box, so would be harder for the other team to attack the space (because I was not giving this space), but for some reason, my players decided they needed to abandon their position to press someone, even when I said to not do it, they do it anyways. Not only this, but is so easy to win in this game, just gengenpress everything and you win 80% of the games easily. My problem with this ME (and all the others before it) is that it doesn't ressembles modern football at all. This is my 2 cents about it.
  4. Top teams are actually hard to manage because their demand for titles is huge, and 2 saves of mine are a great exemple for this: In this save on FM17 I was in 2021 with Norwich, Champions final (predicted group stage) and third in the league, while the other finalist was Real, that was second in the league, and actually lost the title for me. Their manager was sacked right after the loss! 2 years after, Norwich was way bigger in England, and my expectations were like "win almost everything or be sacked". The other example is my OM save in FM19, after some years in,they demand champions semi-final and Ligue 1 title, despite PSG being in the league. Grabbing a big team, or managing to ascend a team to titles have your consequences.
  5. If he is not listed for loan,than they will make high demands for him. Maybe they have plans for him playing in the cup,and you are in the same level as them, so is not business for them.
  6. I was doing a test on barça early on,and when let my assistant go and take control of the team, he played a 4-3-1-2,with Messi and Suarez in the top,so may be the case.
  7. So everyone in this thread is ridiculous for waiting? You must be fun at parties
  8. Is not because isn't very used in english terms that it doesn't exist or doesn't matter. Segundo Volante is a major role in brazilian football, because most of the tactics are played with more than one DM,in this case, the DM is more know as "Primeiro Volante". But in english football the Primeiro Volante can be easily found on other names, but the Segundo not. Raumdeuter is the same case,not so used in England, or the name is not common, but it is a important role in a system,so should be in there. English football is not everything that exist in the world mate
  9. They are more acessible, they are giving new players the base for their ideas, but you can't expect SI to simple give us a full tactic ready to just plug and play. I loved the templates ideas because I can see how a team play in certain style, their roles, and mentality. Will be very useful for experienced and new players. But you need to remember, this still FM, so even new players need to get on with the game, need to learn what the tactics do, it is part of the game, it always was.
  10. In the end of the day,it is only a template,you can change it to your vision of how it should work, with your formation and roles, so not too much of a problem in this.
  11. Wow, you mods really like to say that people don't know anything about the game, it is quite boring even giving feedback because "it is your tactics that is not right/your problem, you don't know to deal with it". What I said is, I go with a system that the objective is "grab the ball,recycle possession,and when they open space, go for it", but, if they don't find this space, they tend to go on a long shot and losing possession, even having a low mentality, roles,PPM and TI to go for this behaviour, but even with everyone in the right setup, one or other decide that is better to give the worst long shot in the game instead of just turn around,and pass the ball. "Without the ball,the opponent can't score,so don't give him this precious chance". This don't happen so often in the ME, players tend to go "always forward", but that is not what I always want, so yeah, I really hope that the training I was talking about can give the players at least some patient while attacking, but I definitely don't expect to end all long shots, so don't say like I said that
  12. Looking at how the line of engagement works, I am worried that strikerless system could break how the game works,because if the strikers don't drop deep enough, AM will be the new striker and maybe this will be exploitable.
  13. Not fake I guess,the official FM twitter account respond it right after he posted.
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