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  1. I guess you are right, I was reviewing the teaser, and if you pause it in the frame that start showing the xG, you will see more stats, even one with successful dribble on the right,with the symbol that appears in the statsbomb.
  2. Yes, I am in this boat too, but they didn't said anything about a rewrite or any significant change in the ME. I expect that with the xG addition, things go more realistic, or we would have very unreal numbers every match, and the xG stats would be there just for the cosmetics. For now, all we have is a bunch of screenshots, and some features that are very hard to please everybody, so that is the reason people are not very happy.
  3. Obviously, but everyone here is a fan of the game, so as such, everyone expects the game to get better every year. Also in case you don't know, one dev already said that SI works in a 3 years development for FM, so if they had something to put in the game, it should be already close to ready, and if wasn't ready and they didn't want to get criticized, skip some months and put in the feature to please everybody. But like I said before, it is their choice to launch the game with less features, but the consequence is see their fans that want changes very pissed.
  4. Because SI took the decision to launch the game anyways, and they will charge the full price anyways? If they couldn't bring all the revolutionary features they wanted, then launch the game next year. If they are launching it this year and not bringing much to the table, they know people will talk about it.
  5. So,as xG is added to the game, and with the comment made by Miles in his personal twitter saying that this xG system takes defensive positioning into account, maybe, JUST MAYBE, SI may have tweaked the ME a little harder this year and also curious because Miles already said it that he didn't wanted xG in the game, so a little hope that hings are changing? The part of the video about the tactics, just seem to be a overhaul in the pre-match meeting, so for now I am incredible disappointed with this new FM, I hope that in the next weeks they reveal some features that actually put more flavou
  6. I also thought like you in the past, but the truth is that SI simply can't find the balance, and this leave us with this broken ME. Back in FM16/17 crosses were normal, but defenders would leave way too much space for attackers to head in, leaving too many goals from crosses that weren't even contested. To counter play that, SI decided to tone down a bit the attackers and boost the defenders, but as we can clearly see, they failed so hard that we can see our WB/wingers finding acres of space free to cross, but they will wait until a defender come to block their pass. And this already happ
  7. His FM28 save is so good that he is thinking on continue on it.
  8. If you are correct, then probably this will be a big turnoff for me. I don't believe SI will keep changing something that maybe just 1% of the player base cares about, when there are so many areas of the game that need more love.
  9. I remember that back in FM19 they actually left a clue about training and tactical changes in the pre announcement steam page, so maybe we finally will have the with and without the ball back? Or it is just another way to say that you can change your tactics? I am actually excited to see what SI is bringing in for the table now.
  10. I really don't understand why people are so against it. If one day SI implemented difficult levels, obviously they would maintain a normal difficult that is the usual gameplay nowadays for people that are disliking it, but wouldn't hurt to have two modes, one for people that want it to be easier, and one for people that want it to be harder. I don't really understand the whole premise of not wanting it in the game. If you dislike the idea, then don't use any of this modes, but simply don't take others peoples right to change their way to play the game in a different way that you like it.
  11. Well, It can cause them to leave because of the lack of complex, or because too much of it. Like I said before, a great way to put casuals and hardcores between the same roof without sacrificing any of them could be difficult settings, but obviously SI can pull a master move and find a balance between both. I prefer the idea of a harder difficult exactly to make things more complex, to actually give managers the power to create great systems, getting ride of all those hard coded patterns that we have nowadays that simply ruin entire systems, and for those who dislike it, well, just play the no
  12. Well, in my opinion, playing 3 players in the same strata, and also using the same role, even tho they have different duties, will create this pattern. You can maybe put both wide AMCs in the wide with some role that keep them more narrow, if you really expect them to produce this pattern. Or you can try to change the roles to produce something different, but I think they will continue to be on top of each other. I don't know exactly what you plan with this front three, but both are solutions to at least maintain them in different spaces.
  13. Obviously that is better, and obviously that the player will be better than the AI, the thing is how the AI will challenge the player, and how long this will maintain the player entertained. A game without challenges become a boring game, that is exactly what FM is doing right now for the hardcore community, and I don't think that SI want to lose this parcel of players, so a good choice would be those things I suggested, or maybe they come with things that are even better than my ideas, or the most obvious thing to happen, they don't do nothing and simply follow the same path with the same men
  14. It is not simple, but it is not achievable exactly because of the player base. We have a good number of players that don't know anything about the manager job, what he really do, what is tactics, and how contracts are done, if SI simply go and make everything ultra-hard, all this player base (I must say they are probably more than 45%) will go away from the game. I find FM easy because I love football, and I follow my team and most majors competitions, transfers windows and all tactical analysis for more than 15 years, but it is not everyone that have this dedication, it is not everyone that p
  15. While the player is the difficult level, when a player achieve the knowledge of how to play this game, doesn't matter if you are a 7th tier team, or a champions league contender, you will win everything, have the best squad and become a living legend. This is what make the game needing some sort of difficult settings. I had a great save with OM that in only 5 years I was able to completely dominate the french league, and I was also dominating in the champions league, I had 3 finals in 4 champions that I was in, so the only option for me was to resign and go to other challenge, but basical
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