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  1. Not the OP but i've messing around with team fluidity for a while. The differences that I saw was this: More fluid team usually try to mess more around with themselves because all of their mentality is quite close together, players with attacking mentality actually try to act as team player and sometimes I see my wingers tracking back really deep Flexible: Team acts like 2 different beasts. Attack players seems to give way more speed to attack, try to dribble more a lot more times and stay higher in the pitch most of the time, I don't usually see them tracking back (midfield on attack) as much as the previous team Structured: Team almost act if it was on fifa, players supposed to attack go up, and the rest stay in their position. My experience with the 3 fluidity was different despite having the same TI. Obviously that the difference between fluid and structured are quite easy to see,more support on fluid positive mentality means that players look to deliver the ball to attack but not as rushed. Also one thing that I forget to say before, but if you do a test yourself and put everyone but the CD on support with positive mentality, they will all (excluding the striker) be in the positive mentality, the defender with balanced mentality. If you put one of the players on attack (excluding the striker), he will go to the attack mentality. But if you're in the flexible shape, usually the attackers will be on a much attacking mentality. I did not test with all the roles (and don't pretend),and not with every single setup possible,just with my system,and those were the results.
  2. As I said, in theory if you(we) can maintain at least 10 mbps connection, then you are able to enjoy stadia without a problem. In my opinion, unless you got a really bad ISP, 10 mbps is easy to get with a 50 mbps internet.
  3. You will only need 10 Mbps for the 720p 60 fps, so it is pretty acessible to be honest. At the launch no, but the stadia devs said they have plans in include all smartphone platforms in the future.
  4. That is the exact point why I go journeyman on my saves, you can't win nothing that the board wants you to become the new Juventus of your country. I got sacked on a previous save exactly because I over-achieved. Got a job in the Ligue 1, managed to get Europa league spot in first season, champions in the second, and win 2 cups, and ligue 1 in the third with the supercup, in my last season, all teams simply started to rampage my team for the stars, 6 out of 11 of my starters asked to leave for the big boys, unfortunally I decided to let them leave and bought new players and promote others. After all that the board was expectating me to win the league, get in the final of the cups and round of 16 in champions. I was sacked in december after getting europa league and being 5 in the league
  5. In Brazil,you will have a ton of players, just to start, every year your season will start with the "estaduais", that is a competition between teams from the same state. If you're a big club,this will be the opportunity to test your pieces and give your first team game time, if you're not, then it is your time to prove that you can win even being bad! The calendar is insane, you will be playing games all weeks if you are in the continental competitions. I recommend you going in this save unemployed, so you can grab a sweet challenge.
  6. It depends actually, if you use a more counter-attack approach, having your offensive players that have to break the lines (like wingers) or being in score position (striker) in a attack duty is important So they have their own mentality up a bit compared to others. But with you want to have a possession based approach, then maybe more support players with just some players in the attack duty so it doesn't break your system. Remember, while the team shape is gone, team fluidity still affects how your players work. 7 players on support in a positive mentality means that they all will have the same individual mentality, while your player in attack will be just one mentality up them (attack so), unless its your striker, so you would have a very fluid approach. If you change the duties, you can end with the same guy in the attacking duty with a very attacking mentality, so be careful with what you choose.
  7. After playing a ton of FM 19,I'll finally give my 5 cent about the game and my experience with it. In the beta, I had a great experience with the game, some bugs here and there, but it was a beta,so was expected, but in the last update (19.3), the game turned awful to watch (reasons below). One thing that I must give to the SI team is that I had way less unreasonable reponses by my players when complimenting em,so this is positive. But what did I found so horrible to watch? The ME,why? Crosses: Don' know why,but I think that I was watching something like, 23 or more corners-kicks per game due to cross attempts that hit the first defender and go outside. It is so painful to see is process: Send to fullback that its overlapping -> he proceed to go with the ball to the byline/close to it -> for some reason he take his time,and this is the perfect time for the defender to come; Now he have a couple of choices: Drible the defender and cross Pass to the midfielder not so far away from him Pass to the winger in the box (need to drible the defender as well) Just pull the Neymar and go all in with the ball into the box Instead 8 out of 10 times he simply send he ball directly into the defenders legs. And this is not happening just with me, the AI also struggle with this (so no "it's your tactics"). This problem makes the ME so repetitive,because almost every time this happens, so frustrating to watch. Possession football: Is hard to pull a real possession football even when you are a team like barcelona playing against some of the relegation battlers in la liga. Why? Even when I play cautios,shorter passing, work the ball into te box, and others instructions aiming to have possession in the opposition half (just like barcelona itself), for some reason my players pass the ball a couple of times looking for a open space, and usually hen they don't find they do 2 things: Send to the fullback or winger and repeat the first problem, or Some midfielder say "f*** it" and send the ball away. Both options give away possession for exchange of nothing,which is exactly the opposite of what I want in this given system. Players need to be more pacient in the opposition half,even when they don't have the PMs or I give them a personal instruction (shoot less,sometimes even be more disciplined) they tend to go and give it away. Don't get me wrong, I don't play with this mentality expectating to just go and create penetration in the box without any agression, but when I have 1 or 2 goals lead and my team is better then the opposition, I just want to have the ball, pass it to players and have it while I can, when I have the ball means that they don't have it,so they can't score! Possession stats maybe wrong?: I never got in any game when I had more than 65-68% more possession than any opposition that I played against,doesn't matter the team I was or against who, during the game was always at this point. I was watching Brazil vs Bolivia, and if I am not wrong when the first half ended, Brazil had 75% of possession. I don't know what was the final possession for them, but I definitively wanted this amount of possession in a game to be honest. I don't know if this have some sort of connection with the problem I said before, but not getting high amounts of possession even when the oppo is playing ultra defensive is strange. Long shots are crazy overpowered (My opinion): So, while I did not saw any stats about it, in my games I've been seeing a lot of 15-20+ meters goals by a vast number of players,some that are supposed to do it (like Pogba smashing 2 with just 2 shots in a game), and some from center backs (multiples goals just like the Kompany goal, but I saw at least 5 of them just in my saves). It is simply crazy how I saw keepers defending impossible 1v1 shots from 2-5 meters, just to see someone banging a world class goal in his first attempt, without controlling it, just kicking. Like I said, don't have any stats about it, but the high number of screamers I saw is definitively bigger than the 1v1 easy chances that the attacker just need to roll in. (Just to clear, all the examples happened against and in my favor, it is not like I am coming here and saying "this game is rigged, the AI is cheating", all of those examples went both ways, so because of this that was clear that it (FM19) had a problem)
  8. If I’m not wrong,some moons ago someone from SI said they couldn’t make big changes in the game cause they had a significant number of users in low specs (not in this exactly words), could this mean that in the future (in case that stadia actually works and FM continues there) FM can actually look on doing big upgrades in the game without worry about losing players?
  9. I don't know about the argentinian league, but the Brasileirão is a huge problem not just for FM,but also other games. Here in Brasil in we don't have any organization that grab all players and clubs rihts of image, so every football game needs to negociate with the CBF, with the clubs, and also the players. The biggest problem in all of this is that some reserves in big teams asks loads of money for their right of image, and some clubs have their right already filliated with some game, so is pretty hard to have this league licensed for now.
  10. After reading this post,I can tell you that you shouldn't worry to much about P&P, because in real life most managers kinda just use tactics or strategies that are or were effective in football. One of the problems in FM that can't be fixed is that the manager never do his job alone,he always get a coaching staff that helps him around,tactics included, and this staffs usually have several ideas that together creates a tactic,and most of their ideas came from other managers that originally created them, so they are "copying". Unfortunally for us FM tactic and match engine are too limited, and players can't create anything too original,neither replicate with maestry some of the top tactics in todays tactical trends (guardiola city for exemple), so just P&P what works in the realm of FM is as acceptable as creating your own.
  11. Its a joke because these are world class players. This is El clasico, basically the 2 best teams in the world. I expected some kind of goal being in a low level with a terrible team, but one of the best keepers in the world just do something like it, is bizarre. More bizarre than this is just you fanboying the game saying this is actually ok from a team on this level.
  12. 94 minutes, last highlight in the game, both teams working hard for the result, and this gem comes to show why this ME is a joke,enjoy.
  13. But the problem is that SI sometimes fails to fix every problem in a single version, and simple says "we are working on the next FM,sorry", example of that was the 18 ME, 3 strikers were a problem and they let it in the game. If you didn't got back to other FM or decided to buy the new version, you will be stuck with a unfinished product, which is horrible and already happened before in this community.
  14. It happens because of the ME balance. The attack in the ME is years ahead of the defence, it is easier to attack effectively and with danger rather then defending without giving space. IMO SI thought that was better to counter balance the attack by tuning down some "easy" chances, like for example 1v1 that even world class strikers tend to miss by a great extent. In RL strikers don't have as many chances that a FM striker have, because the defensive system in the ME is a joke, so the solution was to simple make attackers be "bad" in front of the goal.
  15. I have this problem since FM16,remember when I tried to buy a player and the AI did everything to make him way more expensive,after 2 weeks trying to fins a acessible price for said player,other team appears with 30% less money that I offered,and they straight accept. Happened at least one time since 16.
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