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  1. Well, before I was like you and expected big things from SI every year, but lets be honest, they can't change all the game in a year. Grab FM16 and then FM21 and look at the differences, they change the game little by little, developing everything until ready to be launched. If you don't think is worth it, simply skip this year and buy the next year, or the other, until you actually see the changes you want.
  2. I honestly loved all the ME changes, but I will keep myself until I see the gameplay in the long term, especially because of the pressing overhaul. I loved it that now they made it more realistic,so you can't press all the game, you actually need to do what real managers do, press 15 minutes, then wait, then press again, and make subs so the press goes on, but the problem is, if they don't nail this correctly, defensive team that just sit back recycling possession while our players run like headless chicken will be ultra OP. Remembering, Gengenpressing and agressive press is only op right now because every team turtle themselves and don't actually try to play games. If SI actually got it right (which the little highlight they showed didn't actually gave any sort of info on this), then this FM will be the realistic of all time. Also I've seen some saying that the animations are not so realistic, I actually couldn't care less, just seeing wide players actually going wide, and them passing back instead of smashing the ball in one defender, is super exciting to see, maybe now open possession tactics will be actually effective instead having to pray for your players to not make the same mistake over and over. I am really excited to see what SI will bring for us in this new FM, hoping for the best.
  3. I guess you are right, I was reviewing the teaser, and if you pause it in the frame that start showing the xG, you will see more stats, even one with successful dribble on the right,with the symbol that appears in the statsbomb.
  4. Yes, I am in this boat too, but they didn't said anything about a rewrite or any significant change in the ME. I expect that with the xG addition, things go more realistic, or we would have very unreal numbers every match, and the xG stats would be there just for the cosmetics. For now, all we have is a bunch of screenshots, and some features that are very hard to please everybody, so that is the reason people are not very happy.
  5. Obviously, but everyone here is a fan of the game, so as such, everyone expects the game to get better every year. Also in case you don't know, one dev already said that SI works in a 3 years development for FM, so if they had something to put in the game, it should be already close to ready, and if wasn't ready and they didn't want to get criticized, skip some months and put in the feature to please everybody. But like I said before, it is their choice to launch the game with less features, but the consequence is see their fans that want changes very pissed.
  6. Because SI took the decision to launch the game anyways, and they will charge the full price anyways? If they couldn't bring all the revolutionary features they wanted, then launch the game next year. If they are launching it this year and not bringing much to the table, they know people will talk about it.
  7. So,as xG is added to the game, and with the comment made by Miles in his personal twitter saying that this xG system takes defensive positioning into account, maybe, JUST MAYBE, SI may have tweaked the ME a little harder this year and also curious because Miles already said it that he didn't wanted xG in the game, so a little hope that hings are changing? The part of the video about the tactics, just seem to be a overhaul in the pre-match meeting, so for now I am incredible disappointed with this new FM, I hope that in the next weeks they reveal some features that actually put more flavour in the game, or that the ones they are adding actually will be good things in the long run.
  8. I also thought like you in the past, but the truth is that SI simply can't find the balance, and this leave us with this broken ME. Back in FM16/17 crosses were normal, but defenders would leave way too much space for attackers to head in, leaving too many goals from crosses that weren't even contested. To counter play that, SI decided to tone down a bit the attackers and boost the defenders, but as we can clearly see, they failed so hard that we can see our WB/wingers finding acres of space free to cross, but they will wait until a defender come to block their pass. And this already happened to me so many times that I stop watching matches, that was too frustrating. This also works with all other things in the game, teams that usually dominate the game have a hard time to score, because basically the lesser team suffer from some disease that make them unable to be proper in defending, leaving too much space for the attackers to finish. It is like, how many of us had 4-5 back to back CCCs that even our mothers could square in, but our strikers couldn't? Unless both attacking and defending start to work properly, this things will be always in the game, because that is how SI coders managed to "balance" things out.
  9. His FM28 save is so good that he is thinking on continue on it.
  10. If you are correct, then probably this will be a big turnoff for me. I don't believe SI will keep changing something that maybe just 1% of the player base cares about, when there are so many areas of the game that need more love.
  11. I remember that back in FM19 they actually left a clue about training and tactical changes in the pre announcement steam page, so maybe we finally will have the with and without the ball back? Or it is just another way to say that you can change your tactics? I am actually excited to see what SI is bringing in for the table now.
  12. I really don't understand why people are so against it. If one day SI implemented difficult levels, obviously they would maintain a normal difficult that is the usual gameplay nowadays for people that are disliking it, but wouldn't hurt to have two modes, one for people that want it to be easier, and one for people that want it to be harder. I don't really understand the whole premise of not wanting it in the game. If you dislike the idea, then don't use any of this modes, but simply don't take others peoples right to change their way to play the game in a different way that you like it. Nowadays the game is in a state where is too complex for new players to get it right off the bat, and too easy for veterans that knows everything the game has to offer, also like I was discussing days ago, it is also too limited in the tactical aspect of the ME, probably to help the majority of the player base to understand what they are doing. For this game to evolve, the next big step will be this, divide the player base in 2 or 3, between the ones who wants the usual game,the usual AI that can't build squads and is easily beaten, and the players that want the AI to be harder, to actually challenge the player.
  13. Well, It can cause them to leave because of the lack of complex, or because too much of it. Like I said before, a great way to put casuals and hardcores between the same roof without sacrificing any of them could be difficult settings, but obviously SI can pull a master move and find a balance between both. I prefer the idea of a harder difficult exactly to make things more complex, to actually give managers the power to create great systems, getting ride of all those hard coded patterns that we have nowadays that simply ruin entire systems, and for those who dislike it, well, just play the normal usual FM mode and have fun, no problem with that.
  14. Well, in my opinion, playing 3 players in the same strata, and also using the same role, even tho they have different duties, will create this pattern. You can maybe put both wide AMCs in the wide with some role that keep them more narrow, if you really expect them to produce this pattern. Or you can try to change the roles to produce something different, but I think they will continue to be on top of each other. I don't know exactly what you plan with this front three, but both are solutions to at least maintain them in different spaces.
  15. Obviously that is better, and obviously that the player will be better than the AI, the thing is how the AI will challenge the player, and how long this will maintain the player entertained. A game without challenges become a boring game, that is exactly what FM is doing right now for the hardcore community, and I don't think that SI want to lose this parcel of players, so a good choice would be those things I suggested, or maybe they come with things that are even better than my ideas, or the most obvious thing to happen, they don't do nothing and simply follow the same path with the same mentality till some new manager game makes them actually try to change something.
  16. It is not simple, but it is not achievable exactly because of the player base. We have a good number of players that don't know anything about the manager job, what he really do, what is tactics, and how contracts are done, if SI simply go and make everything ultra-hard, all this player base (I must say they are probably more than 45%) will go away from the game. I find FM easy because I love football, and I follow my team and most majors competitions, transfers windows and all tactical analysis for more than 15 years, but it is not everyone that have this dedication, it is not everyone that put in 2-4 hours just looking at videos and tutorials so can improve in the game. Most of the player base is casual lads that just want to grab a team and press continue, have some immersion in the training, but leaving most part to the ass man, and assemble a tactic the way they like, and SI know that. Exactly because of this that the roles exist nowadays, because they are basically roles put all together, pretty straight-forward for this player base get in the game. But answering your question, there is 1000 ways that SI can make everything more robust by adding difficulties levels. Like, in hard level, you would have control over all the field in the ME, instead of players having roles, you would choose where they would attack and defend, how they would do it, their instructions, put this together with their PPM, and having your tactic doing what you actually expect. This is the pro, the con about it is that if you don't know what you are doing, your team will be all over the place and this will lead to several losses. This will be harder, player will need to actually have a challenge, and obviously, if SI manage to make the ME more robust, we won't find exploits leading to ultra tactics. This is a form for us to actually achieve more realism, and also not leaving the casual players behind, the normal difficult would still be there, they would still have their roles and the TI and PI that we have nowadays, but that would actually help the tacticians and the hardcores. A way to harden the transfers is more to code the AI to identify the gems, like IRL teams do, and actually sell them to a price that is fair, or put AI teams to pursuit this gems too, nowadays is so easy to have a full 25 squad with great players, and even easier to maintain them in the long run, that don't even make the game enjoyable after 7 years, you literally have a solid team. Also other way is making players wanting to leave, like Neymar did. You have a great player, but he wants to be the star, so one team with the finances for it actually come and grab him. But that obviously wouldn't happen all the time, and also not with only against the player, so wouldn't be something easy to achieve, but in my opinion, would be a great way to take the next step without sacrificing anyone in the player base.
  17. While the player is the difficult level, when a player achieve the knowledge of how to play this game, doesn't matter if you are a 7th tier team, or a champions league contender, you will win everything, have the best squad and become a living legend. This is what make the game needing some sort of difficult settings. I had a great save with OM that in only 5 years I was able to completely dominate the french league, and I was also dominating in the champions league, I had 3 finals in 4 champions that I was in, so the only option for me was to resign and go to other challenge, but basically is the same circle, I got in, rebuild the squad and all the staff, and in 5/6 years I was basically another big gun, but in other country. I even tried a low league team, but was just a matter of time before I got in the elite and start destroying everyone. I didn't use any manual scouting, or any exploits to achieve any of this, I simply know how transfers works, and what tactics use against certain oppositions. Obviously that I didn't win everything every year, but that was also a matter of time before that happen. So yeah, when you start understanding the game, it's basically a matter of time to you became a liverpool or a bayern, with your super stars and big amounts of money. A difficult setting could even make the ME more robust, because SI could make the tactic screen even more complex for harder difficulties, and also better challenges for the transfers windows, maybe making the game more exciting!
  18. I think FM17 is one of the favorites of most player because is one where the broken aspects of the ME don't make the game boring for the player. If I remember correctly, the middle of the pitch was more vulnerable to plays, so player could play through balls and one-twos against defenders, things that actually happens in RL, but in FM18 and onwards they nerfed it a lot, so this type of goal, that is more produced for everyone that like the possession style of play (which is huge in this forums), was more achievable than in FM20, that we usually see defenders packing 3-5 men in front of the box. Also defensive teams weren't so effective in retaining possession, obviously that they could still have more even numbers with possession/offensive teams, because pressing is a problem since ever, but that wouldn't actually make the game so unbearable that you would be watching the team about to relegate pass the ball between defenders and GK for 3 minutes straight without your team being able to do anything. The problem nowadays, and why FM17 is "better" than 20 is, while both are not realistic, and FM 17 is lesser realistic because N reasons, SI manage to find the balance between realism, with better open play and tactical instruction getting followed as they should, and fun, with tons of different goals, FKs being scored by good players frequently (at least my team would manage to do this), not boring type of gameplay, and obviously, you could use a lot of styles to score your goals, not just certain pattern. So yeah, FM17 is "better and more complete" ME wise than FM 20.
  19. Football instructions are just like computer codes, like : If player A get the ball in the area B, then player C,D and E will close everyone close to them and player F will press player A. There is ways to actually put this into the ME, and even there is ways to actually put instructions way more detailed, like: if player A drop in space, then player B will explore this space. If player B have someone closing him, then player C (who has the ball) will recycle it. This are all things, all little situations that the players could manage alone like real managers do, put exactly what you pretend in your tactics, creating more fluid systems, and getting the role system far away from the game, allowing way more freedom, but there are problems with this: 1: The casual player base, they would never try to work with that amount of instructions and details just to get a part of their tactic working, and unfortunately for us that love the tactical aspect of football, the casuals are the higher number of players. 2: The work SI would have to do this work, basically, to something like this be implemented in the game, a great chunk of code that is in the ME would need to be rewrite to accommodate this new type of instructions, all role would be gone, and a lot of hard-coded instructions would be gone too, so imagine like, having to choose the half-spaces your winger will explore if the wingback is overlapping him, and while he do this, what your ST will be doing? He could be pinning a CB,or moving wide so create another situation,etc. Endless possibilities, but unfortunately, this would take a lot, and I don't think that they think on doing this. But honestly, would be a terrific system to work with, creating different patterns for how you team will attack, how you gonna be press, choosing where your team will make the traps, wow, a men can dream. But yes, that would need a ton of instructions.
  20. I don't think it ever will be like real life, RL football can be boring sometimes, and I also don't think the average FM player will have the patience to learn all the things that a system have to do , but honestly nowadays ME is very disappointing for a football simulator, simple modern concepts are not implemented in the game, and if they are, they demand so many micro manage to be half achievable that most of the player base will never achieve such patterns. In my opinion, SI need to focus not only in making the ME more robust, but also in creating more instructions that helps the average player to achieve a more realistic gameplay. Nowadays what we see almost every time in this forum are people struggling to put together simple concepts, or not being able to organize a simple tactic with good roles because there are so many of them. This game right now is needing a bit of simplification, or better explanations on its systems.
  21. If they don't fix all the tactical mistakes that are in the game right now, I probably will skip another year for the sack of my sanity. Pressing is all over the place, and I don't get it why they put gengenpressing in the game when you can't actually press like a real team. It is so easy to see lesser teams have 50-70% of possession because they just sit back and pass the ball freely, and the bigger team struggle to stop this because they simply can't press players correctly, they go all in on just one player and leave acres of space behind them, this doesn't ressemble nothing at all like RL football. Real teams have press patterns and plans to desestabilize other teams offensive transition and offensive phase, things that we don't have in this game. Also this goes hand to hand with the attacking side of this game, a lot of the attacking in the game is just as bad as the defensive aspect of it. I watch matches on full and what I see is anything but football. You ask your players to play a nice possession football, playing the ball with patience and trying to find that space by rotating the ball, and suddenly one of your players decide to pass to a winger, but 7/10 times he tries, he send the ball away and you lose possession, 2 other possibilities he actually have the ball, but he dominates it wrong and the opposition grab it back, and just 1 time they actually get it right, so terrible to see this type of football. I don't know why, but wingers and fullbacks from both side find so difficult to actually find a way to go on 1v1 against FB, I had a game were my full back with great stats couldn't win a single dribble against a normal bundesliga FB, and my winger would always wait for someone to stop in front of him so he could try a cross, why he does that? Why he simply doesn't go for a cross and wait till he is marked? And if he is marked, why he don't do a back pass and maintain the possession and rotate them a little bit? This things makes the game almost unplayable if you are playing just for the tactical side of the game. Don't get me wrong, FM 20 is the best, years ahead of all the other before him, players are now complaning for things that are a bit more realistic, we don't have the whole squad getting mad when your third choice keeper is asking for more game time so frequently, and all this out matches problems that we had back there, but the problem exactly inside of it, everything is roses and dreams, but when you step inside of the field, the game turns in a complete nightmare. If FM 21 manage to work this problems out, and actually make it more enjoyable for all the players that love the tactical aspect of football, than I will definitely will be buying this year.
  22. I find your tactic kinda... strange? So, you have a 4-3-3, that is ok, your front 3 is in attack, so they all are attacking, you have CR7 playing as a playmaker, also strange, and have loads of TI that just kill your attack and expose your defense. You are using both DF and LoE ultra high in the pitch, that means your team is pushing way up the top, leaving acres of space behind the defense, and you don't have anyone protecting your CBs, because of your mentality, both of your FB must be way up the pitch, a regista is not usually the role that defends well, and everyone is probably out of position because of the press, so imagine that a well organized team can do to your defense, that virtually have 2 player that are actual active trying to defend, and I almost forgot to add that you are asking them to press like madmans, so this leave even more space for them to operate, I think that your mentality is ok with you don't care to concede one time or another, just be careful with teams that are the same level as yours. If this was my tactic, I would change one of the front 3 roles to support, probably ronaldo, then I would change a bit of the In possession TI, as I think that a possession football don't need that many instructions asking them to slow play and change the out of possession. As you said, that this tactic is working in your league, that is good, but you need to remember that you are risking a lot playing this same way against the big guns in europe, you are exposing yourself a lot.
  23. And that was the exact point I brought in, I also don't have a insane rig, not even close, but with stadia and some other cloud services in the door,maybe, just maybe the community will start to transition to it. The problem is that most of the players find kits, players faces and other things like this so important that they are already refusing to go there, and this put SI in a worrible position, where they can upgrade the game because they got the tecnology, but they can't upgrade the game because the players don't have the harware to support it. Then they need to stop the statment that they have a simulation game and sey they just have a management game. SImulations doesn't care if you know what you are doing or not, they just give you the game and say "do your thing''. See racing simulation games, if you don't know how to properly race and just go as fast as you can, you will lose hard. I remember some guys saying forza (i guess?) was boring because the cars didn't drift, and were heavy, but that was a simulation of a proper car. SI really needs to know who they want to please, because on one hand mods say that if the game was equal to RL management, no one would play because would be ultra difficult, and then in the other hand they come in and SI "FM is a simulation". It is contraditory. I am here because I want this game to be harder, to be frustating, but not with AI knowing hidden things, or something like that, but the game being realistic, with AI fighting hard for that wonderkid, with a epic tactical battle in final, decided by a mistake that real players would do. While I want more of a simulation instead of fun, I know I am the minority here.
  24. I guess all this problem leads to the old phrase "FM is stagnating". The problem right now is that SI simply don't need to upgrade the ME, or even to rewrite it, if any of us dislike it, what can we do? This is the only good management game in the market, the only one with such depth, and exactly because of this that SI take baby steps in their development. For some years right now we see the game having small to medium changes in most of the features, and thats the consequence of a combination: yearly launch doesn't help much with revolutionary changes, and the lack of a competitor trying to take FM's place also make the game stay as it is. If SI really wanted the game to just be the real simulation of football, they would go full on the ME and on modern tactical concepts, make the core and what is really important (almost) perfect, and then going on the rest. But right now they don't need that. It is so obvious that some aspects in the ME need some fixing, or even a rewrite, but this costs money and time, but why you do something like that when you know that you are the only option, and wanting or not,people will need to buy your game to play it. I risk to say SI already have other ME in the oven for some years now, with better moves, modern gameplay etc etc. But because of the players with old rigs, with no competition and with a multitude of "features" ready to launch year after year, they decide to just take the easy path and not touch (or talk) about it now.
  25. There is no insta-win tactic, that is a fact. Because out of a save,maybe you lose like,2-5 games in total. I already did the test, just grabbing the best squad my team had and using one broken or op tactic and the results were flying. Having a team that could relegate win 3-0 against psg in the first season, in their house with their full team in the field is kinda worry. Deny that this tactics exist is simply put your hands in front of your eyes and pretend you don't see a problem. Obviously, the ME is not perfect, but every single year having a clear better combination of formation and instructions, that works way better than most of the usual tactics, well,that is a problem.
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