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    Computer Engineering Student; Chair at one Company; Worked in the Game Industry for 5 years; Tech Enthusiast; Economic and Scientist at Team Performance and Management[business].

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    Almost became a professional football player. Had almost everything right to fly to Liverpool and become a player(youngster), but 1 month early had an injury and discovered a serious problem in my knee that would ruin my career. Was colleague on and out the pitch of Matheus Cunha, RB Leipzig player and Puskas 2019 nominee.

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    Loves Football. Already played as youngster at portuguese club.

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    Liverpool FC

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    Ascoli Calcio

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  1. I will be buying together with a friend from Portugal, looks the only possible solution for me. Do you know guys if is possible to play Online and other stuff in sharing mode within this mode? That's a great perspective too. But I do believe Brazil is not the worst place at all talking about piracy, and it's just become more of a way because the game is not here itself, dualistic battle("you must have experience to apply for the job, to have experience you must had a job" just to joke around) I do believe that CBF controversies and the harsh difficulties to deal with imag
  2. ahahahahahah, a Ronaldinho move from Steam, uh?!
  3. Expected but it still got me ahah. That whole situation is like a hell of a party is happening 10km from your house and your mom say you can't go out with your friends ahahhaha. In fact, you do wish to "blame" your friend to not bring the party any closer to you(Sports Interactive), but is your mommy who is the one putting walls over here(CBF). Expect to use this level of creativity in my FM2020 save, oh wait!
  4. *Reservated space to post club* So, Ascoli Piceno is a comune in Italy with 48 773 habitants and a touristic and fascinating place. The club has been crowned champions of Serie B(2x), Italian League Pro Champion, Mitropacup and runner up of Serie B once. However, these achievements are way down in history and 33 years after I assume as manager of this club to propose entertaining football and hopefully hands on Glory. 2019-2020 My first sprint is to clinch to a Serie A league and level considering the prediction of 2018/2019 to survive financially and in the lea
  5. I'm not italian, not an italian football addicted, but Ascoli is a new "passione". There's not plenty of people who choose Ascoli, actually. Normally, we, the virtual managers, choose that clubs that has a known charisma, a sleep giant or clubs with a hell of a project but that are still to make those large steps in and [maybe off] the pitch and that's not bad at all! But Since I was a kid, playing fifa in manager career mode(we all have been there) I had that finger to choose clubs with a Financial limit, negative balance, and with the expectation to die drowned in the league.
  6. Things here are complicated. If the CBF just posses the data it would be a hell of a boost to make negotiations easier. Anyway, dream that SI walk to make it happen some day too. Until this it's a gegenpress approach!
  7. Will FM2020 be available in Brazil? It's about time...
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