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  1. Hi, Can someone tell me where i can find the Current and Potential abilities in numbers? The report screen shows the figures in stars. I'm sure on FM 19, you could get these figures by going into the hidden attributes screen, but I can't find it on this version. Thanks
  2. Decided this year to buy the Touch version of the game instead of the Full version. My tablet is listed as compatible and it says i need to purchase the app from Play Store. Now this is the bit that i'm not sure about. I've bought apps and games from Play Store before and after they have downloaded (on my tablet and or my phone), the app is ready to use straight away. Is it right that i have to download Steam as well?
  3. I thought it maybe because i'm not paying any wages for him. But i have now taken a Spanish player on trial and he needs a work permit !
  4. I am playing as a championship team. Brexit has been confirmed. I'm about to start season 2. I've just signed 2 players on loan, but 1 requires a work permit, though at the time i didn't see any notification that he would fail a work permit. But i don't understand why 1 does and 1 doesn't require a work permit. is it randomly picked? Mayarol (22) on loan from Real Madrid. Spanish. No caps. I'm paying zero wage contribution. NO PERMIT REQUIRED Garcia (22) on loan from Man City. Spanish. No caps. I'm paying £8,250 wage contribution. REQUIRES A PERMIT. Can someone explain how one requires and one doesn't ??
  5. Just bought the game and was wondering if it is possible to start a season without the january transfers added, but include the september transfers? I'm guessing if i would have bought the game at Christmas, it would have had the original squads, but contain certain bugs ?
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