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  1. I started with a challenge - Build Cagliari to be a force in Sere A. As you all know its not much money in Serie A so bring them back its some hard. History: Cagliari for me means two players: Luis Oliveira and David Suazo. Both two strikers who had great times in this club. For me, who have followed Serie A since end of 90`s - Cagliari have always been a team, on the lower part of the table. They have won Serie A once: Real life last season: Cagliari fought hard against relegation last year and just avoided it. They scored a lot of goals on crosses. They had a good central midfield with a great striker that scored 17 goals for them. The team - tactic - players When I take a look at the team, I see very good central midfield players. A hard working midfield with few players that have techinquly players with great flair. They lack Wide players with pace. So I tought diamond formation ore 3 back line at first. But as I have hard time making a good diamond style I went with: Diamond formation when we have the ball and a 4-1-4-1 formation when we dont have the ball. In real life Cagliari played this last year: I went for this: This way I will get the crosses I want from Srna from right, from left I get crosses from LB. As well as we keep a diamond shape in attack We have scored great amount of goals, but no goals form outside the box. The star players: Problem is that you have one main good striker who is as well 30+ years old. Srna I had to make a new place for him as he lack pace and dribbling. But his crosses and set-pieces is worth gold! Promising players: You have two strikers that you can work with. One is in the club the other is on loan to Perugia. Vrede I have already used and will try to use as much as possible to build him up. Results so far: J Long term Goals I have asked the board to upgrade the training faculties (its good but we have to have the best if we want to compete at top level). So to build the training facility and youth department as well as the finance is vital! In terms as result we need to get to Europe to get the needed money.
  2. I have tested with many big teams such as: RM, Atletico, Barca,PSG, City, Juventus and Bayern. Always win the leauge but can get past Quarter finals in CL. I mean I win first round over barca 4-1 and lose 2nd leg 4-0 Do you adjust in CL ? I always win first game lose 2nd.
  3. Thanks for great help! 🙏 i am lost with Man Utd 😂😱
  4. What is the direct effect of these three and combination: Team width Passing type (short - direct) Pace of passing I always tought: short passing - fast passing - width game is Ajax style ? How would you use the different instruction ? Type of players ? Thanks guys I am lost in a game and need to get back to basic
  5. 7 draw I a lot. What I need is formation that I can win against weaker team and still own the ball. Then it would be perfect. One style against weaker teams and this one against better
  6. I have made a tactic that kills big teams. its important for me to keep the ball more the other team. I am happy with this tactic, but I draw to much against weaker teams. So open for any help - thanks in advance Tactic: Table Results: PI Striker: wingers: MCR: DM DR
  7. Thanks! very spot on. 1. we are to passive in the game, and dont create enough. 2. have a hard time fitting Abu in the style , if I yuse him as a inside forward, he is great on counter but else he loses the ball. Changed to this one and helped somewhat, am winning tgames more and Ozil is assisting. Buy still I think need more to win EPL
  8. Cant get stabile results. WHat I really wanted is to get use of Ozils pass and Abumayangs pace. But at this point I am open for everything. Get just draws
  9. This had to be made ofcurse with none other then Bayern Munchen in the game! The only problem is , many of the players that played in the last treble version of Jupps side is still in Bayern, just older. One of the rules when I remake a tactic is I dont change the tactic for single games. Is same tactic all season. So the tactics are more effective then I show it here if you want to use it. So here we go: Movie for those who want more: Jupp achived: the treble I: didint achie the treble since I went out in CL on away goals against Liverpool. Jupps team: 91 points in Bundesliga My team: 78 points (only 2 loses) Tactics: - Jupps team played normally with a 4-2-3-1 formation -Back 4 built around pace and physique of Dante and Boateng - In centeral midfield: Martinez and legend Schweinsteiger (where Martinez could drop down in defensive line if needed and Schweinsteiger as playmaker if player behind the strikers (kroos) was marked ore Muller started behind the srtiker. -Robben and Ribery at the flanks and Kroos/Muller behind the striker:Mandzukic (the striker didint score that many goals (15) but helped in other aspects of the game. - In goal ofcurse sweeper goal keeper Neuer. - Bayern had high defensive line but not offside trap. CD use to tight mark the players. Relaying on there pace. - Jupp had a gegenpress. - up front fluid My Team: GK: SWGK - A FB-A : Cross more often, mark tighter CD-Stopper: mark tighter BPD-d: mark thighter WB-S: Cross more often and mark thighter HB: Vol- S: AP-S Mark Thighter , more direct passing Right:if-s: mark thighter,get forward , shoot more often Left: if-a: mark thighter Pressing forward -A : Shoot more
  10. if you use this set up Play wider (beceause Messi will get more space in center of the field). Use striker as pressing forward ore poacher to create space for Messi, behind the striker. Use Messi behind the striker as Trequarista ask him to shoot more Play more in center - you are opening the space so its more room in center as well as Messi is here Ask your right not to take to much risk and drible less and pass short passes. CMR should play simple short passes and dont take risk. This way you will have triangle, where RB and CMR passes short passes, Messi drops deep to pick the ball and since you play wide, he have space to run in. At right side, if you have a player make sure he dont run in Messis space, he should run forward wide ore between CD and FB (move in to channel)
  11. Great to see someone try this one My feedback is only as Ancelotti fan: Ospina: SWG - D. He is part of the team when they play out from defense but he keeps it simple. Left Wing back: WB in support, but ask him to move more forward. You use him in attack and he will be very forward minded with the ball, and he wont be that good in possesion wise. LB in Napoli stands high up in the field, makes moves forward, but dont take that much riskes with the ball. Left CD: BPD as a stopper. Right CD: CD - dont take that much risk Left midfielder: IW-S (ask to drible more and shoot more) MCL: Roaming playmaker ore ADP MCR: Midfielder in defense, plays short simple passes dont take risk Mr: should move up as AMR and maybe as Raud. ore a Winger in support SCL: Trequista SCR: Poacher ore Pressing forward
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