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  1. I changed the half back because I got some better presurre in midfield and could support Banega and Jordan better. I felt against high energy teams we didint win the ball and didint manage to keep pressure. Could I ask why you would change the wingers and Mezzela? And thanks for the input!
  2. Sorry didint load up, here is the tactic after I have edited it. What else would you do? (I also changed striker from AF to PF. Half back to BWM and brought in a faster DM then Fernando.
  3. Hi guys, I am Sevilla first season, and as you may know, they dont have much defefensive players in midfield. I play 4-3-3 and try to play similiar to their real life style. Using wingbacks overlaping and crossing. But I see that against teams like Feyenoord that have a energic midfield and high work rate. They ruin my play, we just simple cant match them. This happens often in Europe agianst Nordic teams with high workrate. What would you do and why? Should I play wide ore small? Passing short ore direct? Tempo high ore low? Things I have done is: Ask them to get the ball
  4. at this scene I play 4-4-2 like this: But I start normaly like this: The other team play 4-4-2 flat With a pressing forward, winger and IW
  5. when the other team GK start with the ball, my two centeral midfielders dont focus on the central midfielder of the other team, they stay wide. I am Dortmund. See at the picture. I tried 3 in the midle didint help. Played small defending didint help, even asked them to mark the players didint help. What happens is they play it out from back, and their centeral midfielders are always free and when they get the ball my centeral midfielders start to move up, but then its to late, they have played out first line of pressure and they are going straight at me
  6. Wanted to make a tactic that can be used with fast strikers and as well as great midfielders with good vision as well as having to strikers. this is somewhat very similar to Jose M tactic in Porto. Against weaker sides you will own the field and against good ball playing teams you kill them on counter attack. the idea is to make my strikers stay up when we don't have the ball to make a 2vs2 ore 2vs3 situation. But then I have to have plenty of central midfielders so they can move and pressure the oppositions fullback to prevent crosses. But at same don't allow the opponent to go in c
  7. Well i have counterpress, But same time asked my wing to mark the back, so he just flies away and press the player with the ball.
  8. It really crazy, sometimes two players RUN TOGHETER and press the GK, and it happens all the time high up the field. Something I do wrong here?
  9. So true! I tought, okey if they are playmakers they get the ball more, and I want them to get the ball more, but in different part of the game. It just become a mess hehe,
  10. I would have to players such as Modric and Kroos. One is responsible for build up and the other for final third. And while yoyu have pacy players ariund them with good movement
  11. Thank you! So it could be posiblle to use Halfback-AP and roaming playmaker. As long as one of the playmakers keep it simple
  12. Hi guys, Need some help: What is the difference of the playmakers? Do they fit different styels? Roaming playmaker ? Dlp ? Ap Trequista ? Regista ? Thanks guys!
  13. I tried this with PSG (yes I know its expected to win with them in France) But this one really is good , both domistic and out in Europe. But as you all know to play this kind of football you need good players and right type of players. Here is the tactic Note I changed the gegenpress. As this is the gegenpress combined with tiki taka ' Thorow ins is important. Its important to keep the striker front of goal. In tiki taka systems, the striker flows to much to the flank specially on throw in Ask the CD to stay wider Match stats: Clear cut chace 8!
  14. Just played with Roma and hard and funny one. You lack defensive midfielder, with defensive qualities. Should consider to use Mancini as a Halfback. You got great wingbacks. So a Halfback is ideal. Change the FBS on the right maybe to a WBS Change the APA to BB - You have a lot of them but few really good APA Right wing is good, but if you want to make place for a creator, put it as a APS Left: Change it to Winger and Mezzela at the same side. So at right you get crosses, and left you storm in. If you use Dzeko , be aware of his movement. Start with throw ins , hold him away
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