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  1. Hi I wonder how it is in CL, and how do you approach it? Even if I am a top team, I feel suddenly hard time in CL ore Europa L play offs. I normally play same tactic and same OPI as I do in the League games (that I beat the best in the league with). I never give speech in locker-room. And training I have more set-pieces and match training. Should I adjust my tactic for the continental? Does with success in continental matches feel free to share.
  2. I often play tiki taka with cautious mentality. Because you dont want to give away the ball to much. Same time you dont want your players dont try anything. so maybe you can change team instructions, like higher line of eg, dont use work the ball ..... so you find a balance. You can also use playerroles and pi 😊
  3. Anyway I have found something that started to work here: I changed the striker to a TQ deleted some PI on the Shadow striker made the TQ and shadow striker to change places in the game. What I can see is, when Messi plays striker in this set up, here scores some crazy solo goals when he plays striker as TQ and the shadow striker make space for him to bring the ball. As a Shadow striker he scores at set back from Navas (tap in). But rarely I see a nice solo goal. So far results Messi stats; tactic with changes pi on shadow striker:
  4. Thanks Just as you said, I am purley after understaning how I can get more out of Messi in this game. When it comes to why I used the asymetry, When I use some of the players that "chase" the ball more, as a AMR they will collide with Messi when he is playing nr 10. So If use Fati that moves in to channel, its okey to have him as AMR, but others that I know will ask for the ball more I put them as MR (same role). In that way I get a triangle with wb, mr and Messi. That is also why I bought in Navas, because he plays one two So the hope was to make a triangle where they set up messi w
  5. Thanks, but the tactics have been giving me good results. I have even more pi then TI lol. but my main problem is making a way to get the best player at world to score as much as he does in real life. Because its easy to get haaland scoring 40+ goals but to get Messi to that is hard. so my thoughts is more building a tactic to get messi to score. what have to be done to get a player with his traits and stat to score what he does in real life. I need to break that code as I have hard time doing it
  6. Thanks mate! I will try it. did you go short with fast play ore slow?
  7. i know he wont work but in this way I hoped he is not so much part of the build up. and get the ball in front of him and as cut back from wb hehe
  8. This is the tactic I am testing now, very unlike barca but. I am forcing the ball to "past" him so he comes with his head to goal and that he isint so involved in the build up. Hope for cutback from WB. results are okey but , messi is only assist guy.
  9. sorry mate, well I tried him mostly in tiki taka styles Slow tempo, much shorter passing and the width small. Problem is that anyway I try him he gets his back on goal and starts play the ball to wide areas. He gets the ball most as Treq when he have a advanced forward in front of him, but again he dont score. I start to believe all of his traits makes it impossible for him to be big goalscorer? I am testing him in a more gegen style where he is a shadow striker. somewhat better but still. to make it easy, I started this project about getting goals from messi, so when I fa
  10. its insane stats! hehe but I still belive he should have higher pace. When he runs with the ball...... I have tested him as a trequista as a solo striker (like pep style) but he always gets the ball with his back to goal. It can be because of his trait?
  11. I feel every year the same with Messi, its hard to create his real stats in the game. I mean you get Haaland to score 40-50 goals but Messi...... I feel like I am Argentina's manager, just cant get the best out of him. have you got something out of that is like real like? He gets high avarage rating. But not enough goals. I have tried him in a pair upfront, solo striker, out on the wing and behind the striker. As a Enganche he is awesome he controls the game but don't score. Any tip? Anyone who have tried him and can share some tips?
  12. I see, use kane as tq:) . Dribble less is last 1/3 of the field. It’s more for teams with bad dribbling. That is why you don’t score , players don’t commit last 3rd of the field
  13. You have to commit more in attack if you need more goals 😄 I don’t know how you want your team to score but , here is what I would do 1.Your striker change him as TQ, ask him to hold up the ball and play more direct. I am guessing you want to play like spurs in real life ? 2. change your nr 10 to a more attacking role. If you want to keep him as AP change him to attack duty. 3.ask your inside forward to roam more so you get some more movement 4. maybe don’t ask Sissoko to take more chances. You have players in front with better vision and pa
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