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  1. If you click the 'view' button on the club squad page then you can choose to view the players by contract - that view will show their wage, contract expiry etc. Before a player leaves there are normally news messages warning you about impending contract expiries also - each of these will have a 'view' button at the bottom of them which will take you to a dedicated page showing players who are near contract expiry. Finally out of season (when players contracts normally expire) you will see this information upon the club home page also.
  2. A wonderkid is someone who is very good for his age and has potential to improve, the 'potential' you see isn't always accurate ... nor does a wonderkid description mean they'll fulfil it ... PS - In answer to your question yes every player has a 'potential' hidden behind the scenes however its not 100% tied to their star rating, at Manchester United a neglected kid in the reserves who hasn't been playing well might have 160 PA but only show up as 3* potential because he's now 20 and only has 100 CA ... thus he's unlikely to ever reach his full potential with his current situation in the coach's eyes ... if you started giving him game time and he blossomed then that 3* might rise ... then again perhaps he isn't 160 PA, it's all down to your judgement in deciding. Rough rule of thumb - if someone plays for you in a competitive match and does well without gaining 'experience' after the match then either something is stopping them progress (check their training page) or they've hit their potential limit. Do bear in mind that there ARE exceptions to this - if a young player gets a serious injury (six months+ out) then his potential can change for the worse, also very occasionally a young player who is performing exceptionally might get a PA boost ... but this is very very rare and I won't go into the triggers involved as I don't want you guys attempting to game the system
  3. The ball size is slightly exaggerated on purpose to ensure its easily visible for people, there have been more than a few who had issues being able to perceive the animated ball easily upon devices and this is one of the reasons why its slightly larger. I hope it doesn't detract too much from the enjoyment of the game for you, but this is working as intended.
  4. Throw the save to me at marc.vaughan@sigames.com and I'll take a look at it ...
  5. I don't know if Moise Keane should be 4* presently - the way I've heard pundits and (some) Everton supporters talking about him I think 3* is fair enough tbh ... in general the public are incredibly harsh on players when they perform badly or don't settle in at a club. Look back at some of the great players who have 'busted out' from the Premiership and been dismissed as awful signings ... only to go on elsewhere and suddenly recover form. Memphis Depay Mohamed Salah (most people forget he was with Mourinho at Chelsea where he failed to impress and was loaned out) Diego Forlan .. etc. This is obviously something which is down to individual interpretation however and I'll keep listening to the feedback in this area, if everyone agrees with you I'll tighten it up a little more than it is presently (but I don't want it to be 'that' accurate that it removes having to utilise your own judgement).
  6. That's a fair point and I'll look into that for a future version.
  7. What is your wage budget looking like and how important is Pogba to the squad? (ie. if you're not playing him much or you're over budget that is as expected) ... tbh I doubt the Man Utd board are going to give you 500k when you already have indicated there are only 345k free in the budget .... Outside of that, have you given him an offer with a minimum release clause? - if I remember right he's very ambitious and letting him know that he CAN move if the right offer comes in might make the difference.
  8. Yeah we're two seperate teams and my approach may differ from theirs in some aspects ... quite commonly neither is better/worse ... they're just different as the aims for our products are slightly disparate (I want FMM to be more accessible and entertaining while realistic ... where as full-fat FM is a hard-core simulation).
  9. Yeah the star rating is very much impacted by form - as in real-life the perception of a player is biased by how they're performing in the 'here and now' ... if a striker goes on a barren spell for 4-5 matches then pundits start asking if he's past it rather than realizing he's just been unlucky etc. This is entirely intentional and is intended to (1) be realistic, (2) mean that you have to use your own judgement to cut through the opinions and ultimately decide what YOU think as a manager . PS - Glad you're enjoying the game
  10. Glad you appreciate it - this is actually an 'unlockable' feature, there are quite a few in the game which as you play it will become available (you can also purchase most of these in the app instead of unlocking them through gameplay, just in case you're time poor and cash rich)
  11. @Tommy Hearts - Do you tend to install 'data cleaners' or similar apps on your devices? ... these are the most common cause of issues with missing files in games (not just FMM but others also) ...
  12. There is a purchasable/unlockable which gives you that option - it basically makes you a member of the board at the club. As with most such things in FMM you can either choose to purchase the in-app-purchase it unlock it through achievements during gameplay.
  13. Could you also indicate if you're using the enhanced match engine or not please?
  14. Different platforms have different restrictions and the most frequent cause for us being unable to provide cloud saves is a platform not supporting large save files - some games (notably lighter non-simulation games) have very small save files, the ones for FM-style games can often be 100-1,000x the size of such products saves.
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