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  1. That is what the 'Somewhat Tired, 'Tired' and 'Jaded and needs a rest' indicates incidentally - but I agree its something I could display more prominently elsewhere, you're correct that putting it on a physio page would probably make sense ... good idea.
  2. Errr MikealS ... if it goes in apparently you're in deep deep trouble
  3. I know you're into 'harsher is better' - It is very slightly relaxed but not amazingly so and as I said this is somewhat offset elsewhere .. balancing gameplay is a thankless task for developers, there's always going to be someone upset ... but hopefully fewer each revision, the aim to to ensure its realistic and challenging - while rewarding people to clever behavior and not being so intense that someone casual can't play and have fun ... yeah so simple to do?
  4. Would you mind indicating if you have updated to the latest version of the game (the version can be found at the top of the credits page) and what match engine you are using? (ie. Enhanced or Original). Thanks.
  5. Have you actually applied for any positions? - clubs might be thinking you're out of their reach and might not consider you unless you indicate you're interested. (I've already plans to make it possible for you to publicly indicate your availability a little more easily in a future version of the game)
  6. It's been loosened a very little and the issue where a player was getting 'stuck' on a percentage incorrectly was fixed. The next update will further tune things not removing the decaying but making it a little more prevalent for higher stamina players to recovery more visibly faster and for the reward for player rotation being slightly more apparent in terms of recovery (its close to where I really want it now and definitely very playable, but well I want better still ..). PS - As an offset to this slightly increased recovery you will find that players actual form suffers very slightly more in terms of 'effect' during matches from wear and tear so their technical abilities aren't quite so sharp.
  7. Some amateur/semi-pro teams will be able to turn professional, basically those who move into divisions which require it, others who might not be in leagues with such requirements will remain at their level unless they get extreme success.
  8. You will need to get into contact with Sega as we are only the developers of the game and do not handle the transactions. Your best bet would be to email help@sega.co.uk with your proof of purchase and see if you can get a refund.
  9. If you can get the save game to us then we'd be happy to investigate this (and any other issues people might have) ... we're obviously looking into all issues reported, but having a physical save game helps hugely in reproducing them and fixing them.
  10. That is very odd - you don't happen to have that old save still do you? - if so could I borrow it please?
  11. Can you possibly post a screenshot of your first team and reserve teams and also one of the non-promotable players? (these aren't 'virtual' players you're trying to promote are they? - ie. grey names on the squad page).
  12. In some cases it may be that he can still improve - he might be stopped from improving for a while by any number of issues including: (1) Facilities at his present club (2) Coaching staff at his present club (3) Level of football he has at his present club (ie. a Premiership ability player who is currently active in the Championship won't be learning much). (4) Age of the player (some players will be unable to reach higher abilities until a certain age).
  13. Youth players are likely to recover somewhat more 'slowly' but they shouldn't get stuck - if you could forward a save onto me then I'd be interested in taking a look, we're hoping to get an update out to iron out any remaining glitches in the near future. PS - A 90-95 condition rating should be fine to play with btw in case you were worried.
  14. This is simply because it doesn't have a huge effect in the game at present, however its a fair point and I'll consider changing this for a future version.
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