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  1. Player rejected me - doesn't make sense

    Do you have a save game before this occurred and can you check if he got a player-coach role at his new club please?
  2. Is FMM too easy?

    Thanks for your analysis - its very interesting, any chance on you passing along your latest save btw ... I'll take your feedback into account when tuning things going forward and try and make things a little more challenging for you BUT do please bear in mind that its incredibly likely you are in the minority with finding it quite that easy (which the survey seems to reflect - we do need a 'its about right' option on that imho) - heck knows I don't
  3. store

    Which platform are you running the game upon?
  4. We'll consider that moving forward - thanks for the feedback
  5. Please email me at marc.vaughan@sigames.com and include a link to this thread.
  6. Depends on the player, his loyalty and Ambition ... Le Tissier stayed at Southampton despite all odds, some players are happy to be big fish in small ponds ...
  7. If you have a legitimate version of the game then turn off 'fake players' in preferences, if you have a pirated copy and its detecting that then please purchase a copy of the game from the relevant store (pirated copies of the game can't use real-players even if someone has managed to break the protection).
  8. Is FMM too easy?

    This is because only 'current' reports are considered to be valid - that is if you saw someone when he was 21 he might give you a particular view of him as a player, however at 24 he might have become jaded and stopped training properly - his pace might have dropped off and his ability with it ... as such that report from 3 years ago would be wholly misleading, nor if you hadn't seen him recently would you have any way of knowing what his current situation is. Hence to avoid making things misleading or overly complicated we allow visibility accurately for attributes but remove some from display as time passes until only his most 'known' traits are visible. Thus for myself I have always been a solid old fashioned defender with limited pace ... so you'd probably still know I'm 'strong, slow and can tackle' ... the fact that despite being 6'5'' I'm not actually that good in the air* would be a nice surprise for your strikers to discover during a match *Despite this I have somehow scored in two of the four SI Wimbledon tournaments I've played in, both times from headers from corners ... every dog has his day
  9. Is FMM too easy?

    That is entirely its intent ....
  10. Is FMM too easy?

    It should automatically 'discount' anyone who hasn't a scouted attribute you have in the filter - so if someones hidden attribute is 19 and you're scouting 15+ you won't get them in your list because he's unknown to you ...
  11. The third strips in FMM are intended just for extreme clash circumstances and aren't driven from the database at present I'm afraid (ie. they stop clashes but might not mirror real-life).
  12. Is FMM too easy?

    Incidentally Mr Dean - based on your scouting comments, do you use attribute masking? ... if not why not? (as that's intended to make scouts more useful and the game more realistic as no manager irl knows every player).
  13. 10 bugs in FMM 2018 :(

    We only release updates when we have the ability to control them (ie. pull them if there are issues, submit further updates etc.) and sufficient support available to communicate with users in case of issues .. over xmas that isn't possible (partially because the store owners themselves close them from being updated in some cases).
  14. We will indicate a release date for it once we have got further towards the end of its creation cycle. As always I'm loathe to give an exact date for releases before we're in a situation to guarantee them. I'm sorry if anyone is disappointed that the X support isn't in yet, but we are working upon it and we will endeavor to ensure its available as soon as is feasible - thank you for your patience in this regard.
  15. 10 bugs in FMM 2018 :(

    Can you confirm you're using the latest update and also any chance you emailing me saves showing these issues? (marc.vaughan@sigames.com). PS - I've relaxed '9' inhouse already, the cause is that the 'maximum' is only allowed for players the board see as truly exceptional.