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    Head of Handheld Development at SI, catch me on twitter at MarcVaughanSI.

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  1. Marc Vaughan

    Ridiculous results

    Thanks - I've got it here, I had a party last night so won't look at it until Monday I'm afraid (in all honesty I won't be doing much apart from watching the Final and playing soccer today ... anything intellectually taxing is out).
  2. Marc Vaughan

    Ridiculous results

    It'll be harder that far from the situation - but presuming you're using similar tactics etc. it'll still be a huge help, thanks. (my email is marc.vaughan@sigames.com)
  3. Marc Vaughan

    Ridiculous results

    I'm surprised - but I'd need the save to investigate further ... any chances of obtaining it?
  4. Marc Vaughan

    Ridiculous results

    Any chance you can post screenshots of the attacking players on your side? ... you say you're an average side but by chance do you have a lot of pace for countering? ... I'm envisioning Vardy up front chasing long balls out of the back after sustained pressure ...
  5. Marc Vaughan

    Wasted transfers

    We will do our utmost to look into everything we hear about - save games are very useful in this regard, at present I'm working part on new features and part on rectifying issues which I'm made aware of in the game (oh and I'm also watching the World Cup obviously ).
  6. If you have another device using the same store then you will be able to install and use the game on that, so if you've an iPad and iPhone then you can install and use the game on both etc.
  7. Marc Vaughan


    Did you uninstall or move to a new device or similar? - if so then I'm afraid it means the game lost the store saying they were unlocked, purchases can be restored but unlockables require knowledge of how you've played the game previously which is stored in the installation locally.
  8. This should be fixed in the latest update - if you email me the save game (marc.vaughan@sigames.com) and let me know the operating system used and installed version of the game I can probably fix the issue in your particular save game.
  9. Marc Vaughan

    Football Manager Mobile 2018

    If you can email a save game to marc.vaughan@sigames.com then I'd be happy to take a look at your matches, team setup and either give you constructive feedback on why you're struggling to score (first thoughts involve inconsistent (young?) strikers or long shots - such things will make opposition goalies look better generally) or tune the game if there is a fault found in it.
  10. Marc Vaughan

    Recent save not there

    What device are you playing on? - was it connected to a computer at any point during play today or previously?
  11. Marc Vaughan

    Is FMM too easy?

    That is a hard thing for me to answer accurately as I often 'speed play' the game while I'm working on a feature and as such I'm often not playing full attention to matches (and it sucks when I'm 2-0 up so I concentrate on code, then go back and see we lost 2-3 ... no I'm not managing Man City ). If I play properly I find it challenging but can take a team from top to bottom ... but it frequently takes me quite a while to do so, I'm not as good as Lillywhite Dean is put it that way
  12. Marc Vaughan

    Is FMM too easy?

    That was my 'baby' so really glad to hear that
  13. Marc Vaughan

    Is FMM too easy?

    It means you can't do an 'instant search' on the entire database for specific style players and catch youngsters who are hot in obscure countries so easily. What I'm trying to ascertain as much as anything is what advantages people have between who is successful and who isn't - I know you're REALLY good at the game so you're not an average player but whether most good players find it easy not because they're amazingly tactically astute but because they're good at transfers or whether they're 'ok' at transfers but have a great tactical setup etc. (and the reverse - try and ascertain why people struggling are struggling) If I can understand this then it'll help me take steps to tune things so that I can help those struggling a little while also tightening things for those of you finding it too easy (this game design stuff is tricky ).
  14. Marc Vaughan

    Is FMM too easy?

    On average I think you're correct but I'm trying to look at ways to make it feel 'right' for everyone - in general we find from our surveying that after a few weeks play around 15% find it too hard, 25% too easy and the remaining people think its about right. What I'm trying to do is slim down the percentage of people who aren't finding it 'about right' - as some of you have guessed this was part of the intention of adding in the 'starting reputation' levels into the game and suchlike. One thing I'm wondering is do those finding it too easy use the 'attribute masking / fog of war' option? - if not why not. For those who don't find it too easy, do you use this option or do you - if you don't why not, if you do - does it make finding quality players a little more challenging? (I'm considering turning this on by default in the future depending on feedback)
  15. Marc Vaughan

    New phone same data?

    If you mean save games then details on how to back them up to a computer can be found in our FAQ for the game. If you mean the purchased games and such then you should be able to download them on your new device presuming it is the same operating system and you use the same account details.