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  1. No this isn't possible within FMM21 I'm afraid.
  2. Definitely not scripted sadly .. otherwise I'd give my seasons happier endings Passing (and other things) are affected by pitch condition and weather .. playing short fast passes on a muddy wet pitch won't go well.
  3. They're at the bottom of the financial page - if you click on the list it'll also bring up a dialog with more details.
  4. Could be either - but I use light tackling for the team because I use excessive pressing ... and also because it reduces the amount of penalties I give away .... hopefully (just missed out on the damn play-offs for the third season in a row on my current save - nothing like losing in the final repeatedly ..., I simply cannot quite make it out of the Championship ... on the other hand Eastbourne will be in their new all-seater stadium next season - perhaps it'll be 'my' season?) I
  5. The editor will allow you to edit pretty much anything within the game, clubs, players etc. ... its an 'in-game' editor rather than a 'pre-game' editor though so please bear that in mind.
  6. Yeah that would make sense - you can also see other attributes adjust things, for instance I have several semi-psychotic players in my team (aggression 19-20) and so I always play light tackling ... it doesn't stop them being aggressive, but they do less karate kicks and outright assaults that way (at least that's how I envisage things - I watch the matches in 2d).
  7. Are they away on loan or anything special? (also can you provide use with a save game and details of the players involved?)
  8. Just to mention but shouts are in the match engine and should be very easy to find. With regards to the rest, FMT is somewhat streamlined to give faster gameplay and so slower aspects of FM which might have unclear effects (such as the team-talks, press-conferences etc.) aren't in the product at present. It is possible that FMT specific implementations of these might appear in future versions, designed to be optimal to this product.
  9. Nope - it'd be like giving a group instructions and then taking one of them aside to give them the same instructions ... I'll have to take a look into the match engine code to double check this - bear with me (I designed and coded the original match engine that FM uses, but have been off in Mobile land for a long-time and don't want to accidentally mislead you - but my expectation would be that common sense is applied to these as you presume, that was how it was in the original match engine and I doubt its changed).
  10. A player will follow team instructions by default unless they are over-ridden with specific player instructions - in this manner you can play hard tackling but exclude the psychotic midfielder who likes to do on-pitch kung-fu classes (I have two of these in my current game, both active ball-winning midfielders ... they're too good to drop, but damned if they don't leave us with 10 men at least a couple of times a season ... even with them set to go gentle on people). Teamwork on the other hand affects how well players work together, for example a winger who has a chance at a shot but has a
  11. I voted for 'yes' for social media ... although it won't be happening for FMM22 as we've got that planned out .. With regards to press conferences my fear is they'd slow the game down too much, but perhaps for very big matches one day? (exchanges I want to keep simple and there is very limited screen space on some devices)
  12. Commuted tackling is when someone traveling to work really annoys you and you take them down ... I see it like a rugby tackle from behind, they probably didn't even know it was coming
  13. I'll have a play around with that style next week and see if I think there are any flaws with how it operates - what mentality do you use when trying it out of interest?
  14. My favored approach to defending in the game is to get positionally good defenders and play a high line, then play an off-side trap ... it seems to work fairly reliably if your players are good enough. I also use the 'Counter Attacking' style generally as that compliments that style of play rather well I find if you have fast wingers (I use AML/R as inside forwards and a single striker - ideally someone reasonably fast and tall - use him as the outlet to feed the IF's when you break).
  15. The way I've setup the national management is to maximize the number of countries you can manage, there should be a 'usable' amount of players when you take over - but it might be somewhat limited in some cases ... However, the good news is that once you're in charge of a nation more players will regenerate into it to swell the pool of players somewhat (so given time and you keeping the job for a few years - you should find more options open up).
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