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  1. Try and think about what was working and why - it might be you got lucky with the fixture list and played weaker clubs first and are no hitting against harder clubs, it might be that your key player is injured or tired and a rest to him might allow him to come back stronger later .... alternatively if you're playing in England especially it might be that you're in the lower leagues and trying to play passing football on quagmire pitches full of mud in January ... hard to say, but part of the satisfaction for me is working out how to recover from such things myself. PS - If players have low morale some players will be more affected than others, older players (esp. determined ones) will be less affected than kids.
  2. Main thing I tend to do in the lower leagues is to look for players who are physically fitter, faster and stronger than the opposing players ... skill costs money and the chances are you don't have a lot of it, however speed (especially up front) will get you chances and with enough time and space most players will score eventually ... (so I normally play with a fast striker up front and two advanced wide players who are also as fast as possible ... in defense/midfield look for physically strong players and go for somewhat cruder tactics than you might higher up the leagues, I don't look for silky passing - I look for direct balls over the top for my fast players to chase ...) PS - The guide @NickThomas posted looks fantastic
  3. More news about the game will be released in the near(ish) future I'm sure - at present all of us developers are working hard to finish the game off and ensure you'll enjoy it when it's released
  4. Using someone elses game.cfg won't work I'm afraid for rather sensible reasons - obviously you could cheat by taking one from the internet and avoid having to unlock things yourself so such files are 'locked' to a persons specific device (sorry).
  5. In case you missed it - the studio did a documentary 5 years ago about the game and its effect on soccer etc. ... its free on youtube these days - here's a link in case it interests you - Football Manager Documentary
  6. Achievements and unlockables are held in the game.cfg file and if you back up and restore that in future then it will protect against device clearers etc. deleting your unlocked items. If you purchased any items obviously 'restoration' will restore them. I'm glad you appear to have retained your save games and if as you've indicated they are several years into the game it is likely you'll find quite a few of the unlocked items will automatically unlock quickly because of your in-game situation which might be some consolation to you.
  7. LOL - no guilt at all, I play (or have played) nearly all sports sims out there regardless of the sport and developer ... some I enjoy more than others but they are all a labor of love for the people creating them I'm sure. PS - No idea what happened to Kron or Alpha I'm afraid, we haven't acquired any other studios during our existence that I can recall (we have a fair few developers here who have cut their teeth on other products before joining us however, not sure if any are from those companies).
  8. Without going into details we already do a lot of the things he talks about in case you weren't aware - Football Manager Mobile works on a range of over 3,000 different devices with resolutions ranging from 480x320 to uber high resolution devices, we also support numerous different aspect ratios as intelligently as possible. The problems which aren't detailed there hugely are mainly to do with making sure that layout is sensible and looks presentable as different ranges and resolutions are supported, this isn't as easy as it might sound and especially awkward when you consider the 'trend' towards having 'notches' in mobile devices meaning that the screens are no longer truly rectangular in nature. (that being said we're always trying to improve this side of things and will continue to do so as we move forward, thanks for the post)
  9. With regards to bundles - I'm not going to try and predict the future for such things as I'm just a humble developer and the business side of things (which that would be part of) is down to far wiser people than myself. With regards to fonts - I've tried to make them slightly larger this year in areas which were potentially problematic (according to feedback), at some point we might be able to allow people to scale them or select a font size, but that is a huge amount of work to undertake and there are only 3 developers on FMM so I'm afraid it won't be appearing in the short-term. (bear with us, I think we're heading in the right direction and we've come a long way from the days when our games were only available via. mail order from the back of a magazine )
  10. It sounds like you attempted to purchase the game at the point where a sale had just completed (pure hunch on my part, not involved in such things personally) and the store was refreshing with the new details - this will be why it was indicating it was changing. The normal (non-sale) price for the game is what you are seeing now, it's entirely up to you whether you want to purchase the product or not (personally I think its good value but obviously I'm somewhat biased).
  11. Sorry to hear that - there have been a handful of people having such issues. If you have an iPad then you might find the game far easier to read on that device (its the main device I use these days to play the game on myself). It might help you to know that based on the feedback for this years game from people like yourself I have tweaked the text sizes slightly for the main areas of the game for FMM2020 to hopefully help with people who have been challenged this year.
  12. Basically what FMExperiment said - bear in mind that there are LOTS of factors which go into youth intake and development, for instance both are affected by the type and quality of coaches you have ... have lots of attacking coaches you'll get more attacking youth coming through etc.
  13. There is an option to start using fake players as Nick mentioned - outside of that if you run a pirated version of the game then you won't be able to use real players (you may also come across other oddities which occur because of violating copy-protection if this is the case).
  14. Thanks for posting the review - it actually means a lot to us developers when people do
  15. The game lays out according to the device its on, if you are on a low resolution phone then some aspects will be very different to how they are on a tablet for obvious reasons. If you are using a high resolution phone with a large display then the game layout will be very similar on a tablet. The design is intended to not swamp users with information overload so as to keep the gameplay reasonably fast, we 'could' fix more information onto some pages, but I feel its better to make things look presentable and keep the gameplay flow as smooth as possible.
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