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  1. Glad to have you aboard PS - Thanks very much for the feedback about the game, much appreciated - the more we hear back from people who play the game the easier it is to decide the direction it should evolve in moving forward
  2. If you go to manager preferences then you can ask your assistant to look after loaning out players in your reserve side, he generally does a good job of it and its less tedious than having to 'offer to clubs' all the time if you've a lot of youth players.
  3. Your only hope is that its still present in one of the temporary autosave files - check in the loading list when you go to the load game page and see if any of them have the manager name/team from that save (we rotate two 'auto-save files' ... its a long shot, but I'm afraid at this point it's your only hope, sorry.
  4. We normally don't give a lot away until just before the game is released - suffice to say we've been busy though
  5. Interesting - I'll add it to my list of things to look into (although admittedly low priority as I doubt it affects people's enjoyment too much).
  6. That is physical real-life time that you've spent playing that save game ... so you've lost a week of your life to the save (we record the actual time you 'play' the game so if its backgrounded it shouldn't count up - its only actual 'play' time which counts)
  7. Thanks for posting - I think I've got a handle on the race condition involved and it'll be fixed for FMM21.
  8. Thanks - much appreciated, we'll look into things and let you know what's going on as soon as we work it out.
  9. Thanks - if you go to the "About - Credits" section then at the top you should see it, my current development version indicates: "Football Manager 2021 Mobile - Version 12.0.0d1445915 (XGA)" (this sort of thing gives us a lot of information about the exact code used for the build and the skin being run etc. .... all of which will help us ensure we can work out whats going on)
  10. We haven't announced any details for this years game yet - but it is coming, please be patient. (Traditionally we don't release details until fairly close to release)
  11. Would you mind indicating your device and the build number (should be shown on preferences).
  12. We have had one other report of this - the person involved resolved the issue by reinstalling the application (as to the cause for it, I'm not entirely certain at this stage - but initial investigations are that its something to do with the OS, not the application).
  13. Possession comes from patience, so short/mixed passing combined with a non-impatient style (ie. not attacking). Your percentage possession will also go up if you dispossess the opposition quickly, so pressing etc. all play into it ... even if you have a lot of the ball if you sit back and let the opposition have possession without getting the ball back your percentage might be low. (with regards to individual movement the players will make space for receiving passes etc. based on their attributes, you can however encourage this through the formation of players you send out onto the pitch, i
  14. If you go to a specific player you can ask he mentor players and you might be able to pick the 'relaxed' kid from that ... however do bear in mind that to mentor someone a player has to have a certain seniority within the club, ie. a wonder kid can't tutor other kids etc. PS - If you go to the kid and select 'find a mentor' and use the left-right arrows on the find mentor page to look through all the players who are valid to mentor players. They are sorted by 'compatibility' however and it might be that he isn't particularly interested/compatible with professional players (which is somewhat
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