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  1. We've confirmed there will be two new leagues - full details of the features etc. will be released in the near(ish) future, please be patient chaps.
  2. We'll be releasing more information upon the game in the very near future - at this point all I can say is that I try and make the game as realistic as possible while also making it fast and fun to play
  3. That is REALLY well done - impressed
  4. There are still a very few instances where you will be sacked - for instance if you are relegated outside of the modelled league structures then you are sacked rather than left with no fixtures to play etc. (outside of that it would be considered a bug)
  5. Email me your save game ( and I'll change it for you ... just as a one off (please don't snow me under with saves people ).
  6. These are automatically arranged in FMM.
  7. Go to the manager area and click resignation - you'll find you can choose to resign either club or country, save before you do it in case you somehow mess up
  8. Can you possibly email me a save game ( and indicate which player to approach and I'll look into this - it may well be something 'common' in your experience but its not something I've seen personally and I'd appreciate any assistance you can give in this regard.
  9. Can you email me your save game at and I'd be happy to take a look and try and work out whats going on ... (it may be simply that your team is so successful other clubs don't think the players will be interested unless they're actively 'on the way out' ... its somewhat similar with Real Madrid irl unless someone is unhappy or nearing the end of a contract they're presumed to be staying ...)
  10. All of this should be covered in the in-game manual ... but to clarify .. Yes. Yes. Players have a set number of preferred moves, some are only present if they are asked to play in a specific manner and might not be active for 'all' roles. For instance a player might 'Run with ball' when asked to be a winger because he's intelligent and realizes it helps that role, but if asked to be a holding midfielder he might surpress that aspect of his character (some players however might not be able to avoid their natural characateristics and continue to run with the ball even if its inappropriate). Items shown in green are considered 'good' for the currently selected role, those shown in 'red' are considered bad (ie. run with ball for a holding midfielder). I think they're listed in the manual - I'll check later if I remember to. Its a combination of greediness and work-rate in FMM. Counter attack also attempts to lure the opposition onto you and is mainly about hitting hard and fast when you get the ball and they're sucked forward ...
  11. Yes - depending on the manager, they may rest tired players and be more likely to play younger players for experience if they feel its not a critical tournament or that they're going to win easily and have a tough game coming up ..
  12. Clauses can help a lot with this side of things - but as Vane rightly indicates it comes at a price, its understandable when you think about it though ... by giving such a clause you give a statement to the player that if he is good enough he'll be able to step up to a bigger club and earn more ...
  13. The two platforms are very different and the stores are entirely separate so I'm afraid as with any other apps you might own you'll have to purchase it again from the Apple App store (either on device or in iTunes).
  14. Quite often a player will ask for an inflated wage and may accept less if no one else shows interest in him ... whether you want to take the time haggling and risk him going elsewhere is up to you ..
  15. If you're planning to manage as Barcelona but want full English clubs make England the main league and have Spain as a secondary league and manage within that?