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  1. Updates

    We do our utmost to ensure you can continue an existing save game - if you continue to have a specific issue then let us know and sometimes we can fix things manually for you if they don't unsnarl automatically from an update.
  2. App will not open

    That sounds very strange - can you perhaps back up your save game and game.cfg file through iTunes and then delete/install the app again? (that way you'd retain your unlockables and saved game).
  3. Hi - this is out on a 'staggered' release now (a percentage of Android users can install it), we do this to ensure that there aren't any issues on the myriad of devices we support (some 13,000 different variants in total). If you've downloaded it can you post and let me know what you think - also if you can rate in the store it'd be useful as a guage of how things are going and allow us some reassurance that we can ramp up the release to all users and move forward with assessing future improvements to the game on Android.
  4. Lost of save games

    Did you use DU Speed Booster to clean things? - as I believe that has an issue where it doesn't obey the .NoMedia file in directories to tell it not to delete things.
  5. iPhone X support?

    As mentioned in your original thread post - if you look in preferences on Android devices there should be an option to stretch the display full-screen if we don't have a native skin available for your device currently (Android has a LOT of different resolutions available so its impossible to cover them all).
  6. Please look in the game preferences for Android devices which don't have a direct 'skin' for them there should be a 'stretch' option which will size the application to cover the full screen if that is your preference.
  7. Blurry for iPad

    Those screenshots aren't from FMM18? ...
  8. It shouldn't be at all - can you please indicate your nationality, the leagues active and whether you've set yourself as 'unknown' or not ... once I've that information I'll run some tests here.
  9. Amount of players in game

    I believe the databases we're using aren't much different in size now, there might be a few players here and there but they're largely equivalent.
  10. iPhone X

    To confirm we will be looking at making a skin for the X - but obviously we can't predict a timeframe for this until we've had a chance to take a proper look at it.
  11. What time ?

    I believe its just gone live in the UK now
  12. Match Engine

    It's hard to know how successful your tactic will be as the AI has been tweaked and evolved .. if your tactic is sensible and solid then it'll probably do quite well, if it was taking advantage of an AI flaw that might have been fixed in which case it'll do somewhat less well this time around.
  13. Amount of players in game

    There is a much more flexible database system behind this version of the game and it displays the count of players who will be active based on your league selections. The actual 'active' database has grown considerably from previous versions if you 'max out' your selections by running four nations with all their divisions active - obviously on older devices however this will slow the game down somewhat.
  14. You're welcome to your opinion - hopefully you'll feel more positive once you've played the game. (and sorry if some of us react a little sharply to your comments, everyone on the team has been working very long hours trying to get the game finished and solid for people to enjoy ... so we're a little tired at present)
  15. Sorry but this shouldn't be possible, as in reality the clause would obviously have a time limit in which it couldn't be activated (i.e. after two games). It's gutting as I can't find anyone else to replace him who is anywhere near as good. I've always struggled to find real top strikers for my teams and I bet he would've been one. Players insist on these clauses BECAUSE they want to move onto a bigger club when the chance arises and I don't think there is generally a time-limit involved after which it 'activates' .. its generally fairly rare a club will move that quickly on someone because in the main it takes time to attract attention, but apparently you got unlucky. It's hard being a smaller club in the game and keeping/attracting talent - same as it is in real-life, heck Liverpool are having a bit of a mare trying to hang onto their players even ... PS - Sometimes you might be able to get away with offering a big-club release clause to sign someone and then renegotiating with them for a higher base wage without the clause once they are at the club.