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  1. I'm afraid as a developer I'm not entirely certain - I'm loathe to quote a specific price as I don't know the exchange rates etc. ... sometimes we don't change the price tier but a platform owner might change the exchange rate they use and thus increase or decrease the price.
  2. Please by all means message me any issues once the game is out - it'd be much appreciated, it's an area I'm trying to improve ... but sadly my language skills are rather limited (which is why I'm glad there are far cleverer people than I on the team here ).
  3. A random request (hopefully you won't mind) - we've put a lot of effort into improving the non-English translations on FMM this year and if possible would you mind giving some feedback on how the French translation looks when the game comes out. (I'm presuming from your 'quote' being in french that you're a native french speaker - Sandy who joined our team this year is bi-lingual and he's been a huge help with that side of things ..)
  4. Hi - thanks for posting, improving the first time user experience is something I'm really interested in doing ... so any explanation of what you find confusing would be fantastic if you'd be willing to share? (feel free to post here or message me privately)
  5. There will be basque requirements at some clubs within the game and work-permit requirements, however there won't be domestic player restrictions in next years game. On the other hand I have totally reimplemented the shortlisting/transfer decision making/squad decision making for the AI clubs this year which I hope makes the game more challenging for experienced players without adding the complication of domestic player restrictions.
  6. To clarify the design decisions involved - The 30 year limit was chosen for multiple reasons: (1) It is 'roughly' the career length for the average football manager. (2) It allows us to test the game to 'finish' which is important for some platforms (where it might be a requirement from the platform holder). (3) It allows us to know the maximum memory usage the game will have on a platform. This allows us to vastly improve the games stability on older devices. Finally expanding the duration can vastly increase the memory usage (and save game storage space) because each year stored holds memories - both for competitions, fixtures but also for players, achievements etc. - so we're cautious about expanding this side of things because it might prevent some people from being able to play the game.
  7. We appreciate your patience and understand that where people are impatient it demonstrates that they love the game (which is a good thing) ...
  8. Us developers are working hard to ensure the game is the best possible when it's released and further information upon the feature set etc. will be forthcoming in due course. The promotional side of things isn't something I'm involved with, but from my limited understanding advertising a mobile product far in advance of it's launch isn't considered to be efficient, especially if another similar product (FM PC) is being publicized at the same time. PS - Please be patient, I think you'll enjoy this years game a lot - I look forward to hearing your feedback once its released
  9. Bleeding heck - I used to be a person, now apparently I'm a sign? ..... (checks ancestry.com, nope I'm definitely not the seventh son of a seventh son - here's hoping they consider me a 'stop' sign and stop tagging me? )
  10. lol - it'll come out when it comes out ... please be patient, it'll be worth the wait in my ever so unbiased opinion
  11. (gets distracted from fixing bugs by being tagged in forum post) Raises eyebrows when he realizes it's 'that' thread (goes back to working on game)
  12. FMM doesn't have an 'instant result' button - however it's matches have been tuned to be far faster than FMT's were, if you use commentary only and the highest speed setting you'll find they take very little time to blitz through (which gives you a nice medium where you can blast through a season in a few hours, but retain some control to turn around matches if something unexpected occurs during the match).
  13. At some point we'll probably be able to extend or remove this restriction - it is in place because of older devices which might have storage or memory issues if the game plays further than that. The 30 year limit was chosen because I felt it was a 'realistic' length for a managers career in most cases (and in practice only around 0.01% of save reach that point).
  14. When you play the game the major players from inactivate leagues will be present and purchasable (as is usual) - the grey plays that are visible are there to ensure gameplay balance should those club's be active in a tournament for some reason. I'm glad you're enjoying Soccer Manager, I feel that any rival product to ours helps keep us on our toes and continue to drive us onward - I obviously can't comment on their database or how their game research is done, but I'm proud of what we've achieved and the fact that professional clubs have licensed our data in the past to assist in their scouting shows that our game is based on reliable real-world data.
  15. That is something I want to do long-term, but we're still in the process of hiring developers to allow us to be more expansive in some of our plans. (I've got REALLY bad eyesight myself so I really want the game to be usable and playable by everyone regardless of any issues they might have with their eyesight - I've pushed the text size up very slightly in a few areas this version for just that reason and we maintain a colour-blind option in the product already to help people who have that issue)
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