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  1. Quale di corrispondenza stai utilizzando? (puoi controllare in "Preferenze"). Il Potenziato è necessario per ottenere tutte le opzioni tattiche. Which match engine are you using? (you can check in "Preferences"). The 'Enhanced' one is needed to get all the tactical options. PS - Sorry for my awful Italian, languages aren't my strength ...
  2. Can you let me know which device you're using to run the game and which store you purchased it through please.
  3. Hi - the games use the same source database, but how that data is interpreted and shown differs slightly between the different game engines. FMT/Full-Fat FM use the same game engine largely which is why the values look the same. Football Manager Mobile collates some stats for display due to lack of screen space, so Pace as shown is actually a combination of Pace and Acceleration in the background for instance (same with some other stats). The player values in FMM differ from FM because its an entirely different game engine and aim of the valuations shown. The values in FMM are g
  4. National teams only - ok, have added it to my list of things to 'sneak into the game' when I have 5 minutes ...
  5. To elaborate on Alari's answer - a 45 minute match would be unsatisfying from a users perspective because you'd have a huge increase in the number of low scoring games, ie. 0-0, 0-1 and this would make things frustrating to the user. If you want to play through seasons more quickly then I would suggest turning details down and the game speed up - if you play commentary only on very fast then you can whizz through matches really quickly.
  6. They don't really (at least in the major leagues) - simple as that. This kind of feature would be far more appropriate if we created a 'player management' game where you were the player - in something like that I could see you purchasing items and bling to show off with and attract advertisers etc. .... within a standard 'football manager' product I think there are a lot more features which have more visible/vital effects that can be implemented before we start thinking about this sort of thing tbh.
  7. There is a time limit involved in unlocking some areas - I expect you haven't hit the limit with that one and will find it unlocks within a season or so ..
  8. I'm not sure - would you mind letting me know what club you're playing with and what leagues are active etc? (if you think its a bug rather than just your club not having any players graduating because they're a bit 'poor' in that regard then please forward the save on via. the in-game system)
  9. I'll have a think about this side of things - I've tried to avoid making the game too complex, but I'm leaning towards agreeing with you with regards to domestic player restrictions in some leagues ...
  10. Technique is their skill with the ball and how well they control it (it can also affect which of the PPM's they'll get as they develop), dribbling is their speed and general effectiveness when dribbling. The two are very different in concept - for instance you'll see some fairly effective dribblers (especially in the lower leagues) who are good at dribbling with the ball but have poor technique. Brighton had a player in the late 1990's called Peter Smith, he was a tall, lanky guy who won player of the season twice for us ... played at right back and was prone to explosive dribbles down th
  11. Just a humble developer - I've no idea how it being on Gamepass is feasible ... enjoy it while you can I say
  12. Quite often in real-life you'll hear about recovering Premiership players getting a run-out in the U23/Reserve team as they get back to fitness - these matches aren't as competitive and its easier to assess a players fitness in such situations than throwing them back into the first team. (sadly as in real-life, sometimes players do break down from an old injury during recovery) PS - We're looking into the protection issue.
  13. Join the board will prevent your sacking (both from national and club jobs) - there is another unlockable which will allow you to select a national team to manage at the start of the game during setup (but within the game you'll have to apply for jobs I'm afraid). PS - The 'start at national team' purchasable can also be unlocked through gameplay (as with most of our iAP).
  14. If you're watching using the 'enhanced' 2d match then it should be possible - if its using the OME then it won't be as visible I'm afraid (it is operating but because the OME maps onto a 2d it doesn't display it as well).
  15. A managers contract in terms of the game wouldn't add that much to the gameplay in my opinion which is why I've never put it into FMM, simply put you WANT to be at the club you're at - that is why you chose to manage them in the game. If you had to negotiate a contract with a wage then it would have a negligible effect on the game as the clubs budget manager wage separately to their player salaries and whenever I play FM PC I simply negotiate my salary down and maximize its length so that I don't have the hassle of having to do it again for a while. If we ever add in a lifestyle elem
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