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  1. I'd probably go for the Xbox apart because of the speed - apart from the fact that my most common way of playing is while watching football on the TV that my Xbox shares ... decisions decisions (the sad truth is that I have FM installed on most devices around the house, my primary ways of playing are Football Manager Mobile on iPad and Football Manager Touch on iMac ... largely because I generally play while working or watching footy)
  2. They're very similar games although the UI differs somewhat obviously because of the controller input being the default on Xbox (you can use a mouse/keyboard if you plug one in). The iPad is touch screen and you can play on the toilet, the Xbox is bloody fast - the choice ultimately is yours ..
  3. A lot depends on the managers style with humans imho - a lot of people tend to drop older players too early in my opinion because they have a 'hot young thing' coming through the ranks - older players might lose a few points from stats as they age, but often that is more than made up for with the improvements to their mental statistics and influence on the rest of the team.
  4. Ok chances are that'll be in the next update when the other transfer windows close, the issue where you had weird news with affiliates should be fixed in the current update.
  5. They should be adjusting their expectations, I'll double check this.
  6. Hopefully the last update (with the January transfer data) should contain fixes for the affiliate stuff, I'm not sure if it included the option to remove affiliates or not off hand, but it should have fixed any other issues. (if deleting existing affiliates is present then you'll be able to do it by going to the affiliates squad page and selecting 'remove affiliate' as an option either from their bottom bar or action menu depending on what skin you're using and the options available)
  7. I'll look forward to giving it a whirl ... if its any consolation Brighton suffer from the same issue in real-life presently (I'm still in denial that the Crystal Palace match happened .... I mean ffs they had TWO shots the entire game and scored both)
  8. Thanks - that's awesome (and very much appreciated) PS - With regards to Goalkeepers; what personality and age are they? .... one of the most common things I find is people throwing young keepers to the wolves at large clubs, if they have a bad couple of games then the pressure can destroy them if they don't have a really robust personality (I'd suggest sending any keeper under 20 out on loan for a while even if you think they're class from a 'stat' perspective - some first team experience at a lower level can be invaluable). Once I get your save I'll take a look at the keeper and s
  9. Goalkeepers definitely yes, I've kept keepers in FMM until they're 38 or so and they've performed well for me at the top level - it requires someone who is a model professional and is lucky enough to avoid injuries. They do lose their edge slightly as they get older but still perform well. With outfield players I've had players perform at the top level until 36 (esp. defenders) - Ibrahimovic is a one off and while its theoretically possible in the game, once they pass their prime one bad injury can often take them down. If you think about it how many other outfield players irl have manage
  10. I'm not sure which forum you wanted to post on - but this one is for the Football Manager Mobile game, I think you'd be better off posting on a Call of Duty fan site for support with your issue.
  11. I am sorry that you perceive it in that manner - I can understand it is frustrating, however for most users it isn't considered a show-stopper. Changing the enhanced match engine internal is something which requires a LOT of testing, it's a huge module of code containing very complex math and AI code. The entire thing is written to allow perfect replication of the match being played out by using a non-divergent coding approach which is incredibly delicate and involved. As such changing it can easily cause issues to occur within the game and it is for this reason that I'm afraid resol
  12. With older players how long they last depends on a lot of factors within the game, they WILL lose some physical attributes (as happens in real-life) ... however more professional and hardworking players will make up for these in other ways ... How much actual ability they retain or lose depends to a large extent on their match time, if a player rots in the reserves then he will lose his edge ... if he keeps playing at the top level then he will keep his ability. The difficulty for many good older players at large clubs is simply that as they age they lose their playing time and so are prett
  13. Ok I got the save game fine - the bad news is that I can't recreate the 300k going red here, this might be specific to the exact device/os you're using (if you'd be kind enough to let me know your setup I'll see what I can do to replicate it). The GOOD news however is that Greenwood isn't the greediest player, you should find you can negotiate him down to something more reasonable - in my experiments here he accepted 250k/week with a little haggling (always remember that just because a player/agent asks for a wage - it doesn't mean they aren't willing to negotiate, this is especially
  14. I'll try shortly - I live in Florida and its only just got to 8am here.
  15. Both are great players and this is imho reflected in their abilities in the game. They are not unstoppable however (no player is) - if they were the wayside you describe in real-life then they'd be scoring a dozen or more goals per game each match. PS - I have a feeling you're playing the FM PC game and not the mobile game which this forum is for, as far as I'm aware there is no 'legend database' for FM Mobile ... if there is then the fact they're 16 will impede their performances somewhat as younger players will be more erratic, especially when they have low reputation or are play
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