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  1. Having ten men is obviously a disadvantage, however if you're a hard working team who normally counter attack its probably less so as bunkering down and hitting hard on the break can be somewhat helped when your ten men disadvantage is encouraging the opposition to stream forward ... (that being said its the first time I've heard any manager who plays the game say they don't find it harder when a man is sent off ... I know I do )
  2. Makes sense - will have a think about things ... might not make it into the initial release of next version (as we've got a lot of plans for that already) ... but its on the radar ...
  3. You're not weird at all - or if you are its in a good way imho I think that so long as you're having fun then that's the important thing and everyone has the right to play in their own way ... besides if you want weird read on I started off with management games before computers (yeah I'm that old ) by making a stat based Football RPG using subbuteo, rulers, dice and attributes which I forced my friends to play with me ... I then progressed into things more complicated which required computers to handle (its also a little known fact that one of the test beds I created to try out new 'features' and concepts for CM3 was actually a football management game which used Orcs, Elves and such ... I considered throwing it out as a freebie for our 10 year anniversary at the time, but it wasn't polished enough )
  4. Can you try moving them to the first team - do their suspensions expire properly then? (sorry for any inconvenience this is causing you)
  5. 1 - The sound is simply the UI clicking noise, some people like having it as a confirmation that their click was 'taken' by the device. 2 - Commentary, if you're watching in 2d then yes this is true but the commentary can tell you a fair bit about your teams performance and help guide decision making. 3 - If you have it turned off then yes you can be sacked. If you're at the stage where you're a club legend this is less likely though - think of Wenger irl.
  6. Where did you install the game from? - is it from an unofficial source as its possible that some such downloads have missing skin data and might cause this sort of thing to occur.
  7. I'm never satisfied with my products - thats one of the things which keeps me working in the industry, I have a notebook file with over 100 pages of things I want to change, improve, add to the game ... these aren't (in the main) things which complicate the games, but evolutions of existing concepts or changes to how things are done to streamline them etc. ... There are many lessons we've learnt from things and each iteration we attempt to refine our approach to development and QA, I'm afraid I can't publicly go over our improvement plan etc. - but suffice to say we do continually assess our progress and do an extensive post-mortem of any major release to try and ensure we continue to improve as time goes onward.
  8. That's an interesting idea - I've always resisted the idea of 'gameplay levels' because I feel the game should just be 'realistic' really ... I could however add in a starting manager reputation level which would then affect the likelihood of players wanting to join your club somewhat and potentially lower their asking wages (as they'd be more inclined to want to work with you). (and yeah this might well be 'similar' to what you're asking for ... but mentally to me its a little different, I'm weird and have to try and make things make sense within the 'game world' ... hence the unlockables in the game being the way they are )
  9. I think disaster is a very harsh term to use - its disappointing that a few issues have slipped past, but as a programmer I understand how hard it is to QA a product and please realise that frequently it will be something introduced late in the testing cycle which causes the visible bugs users see. If we don't try and fix as many issues (no matter how minor) as possible then users aren't happy, but the more we fix the harder it is for QA to ensure everything is sane and working - especially if we are fixing up until near the submission deadline. This isn't an 'excuse' its an attempt to explain the balancing act we try and keep with our products, we try and ensure we get the products as near perfect as possible while at the same time reserving enough time for QA to ensure they're stable and sane across each of the 2,000 plus devices which the products are active upon (Android contributing 1,990 of these ). This is a big challenge but one we happily take up and hopefully are getting better at each year as we gain in experience. We will be releasing hot-fixes as appropriate however generally we do hold such things for a short-term once a fix is implemented for an issue (unless its a true show-stopper) - the reasoning is: (1) We need to test fixes to ensure they don't cause other issues in the product. (2) There might be other issues which users might want fixed ASAP which we don't know about yet, we can only do one submission at a time so if we submit a hot-fix with just a single fix in it and it takes a week in Apple submission then subsequent fixes then it would delay the release of other fixes. I know this isn't ideal and ultimately our aim to get things to the stage where everything is bullet proof at all times, we're working really hard to try and ensure the game is as good as possible, please bear with us and I apologize for any problems you might have which affect your enjoyment of the game.
  10. The AI will sometimes use asymmetrical tactics if they feel its in their advantage, for instance if you've good attacking midfielders having one of theirs sitting deep to break up runs and support the defense forward might make sense ...
  11. The biggest problem playing against sides with 10 men is that they tend to hunker down and unless you have creative players it can be hard to find space to get clear cut chances in those circumstances .... When I'm playing with less able teams (I generally start as Eastbourne Boro because they're 'local' to Brighton) the method I tend to use in such circumstances is NOT to go attacking, but instead to setup my team to be patient and draw out the opposition, counter attacking when the opportunity arises .... if I push onto them and attack then while it'll often allow me to snatch a victory it sometimes leads to embaressing defeats where they break away and score with their only shot, counter attacking tends to avoid that fate more consitently for me and once we're a goal up the opposition tends to look to equalize and leave more space at the back, leading to more goals ... (obviously each manager has their own ideas of what works for them - this suits my sides, partially because at that level I go for pace more than guile in my attacking players)
  12. We do our best to communicate openly with users, however in some aspects its better not to make promises beyond our control - for instance with release dates for updates we're dependent on the platform holders approving applications - sometimes this takes longer than expected and sometimes we have to resubmit things because of unexpected changes or requirements from those holders (especially if they're about to release an OS update or just have). I apologize if anyone thinks we're 'dodging' questions - but the reality is we're not really 'PR' people here, we're developers, QA and such and doing this support largely 'unofficially' in that its not truly part of our jobs - often in our own time (its 8:10pm here in Florida and I've just finished running a 5k race, then nipped onto the forum to say "Hi" ).
  13. Me temo que las dos tiendas son independientes y tendr√° que comprar el juego de nuevo si tienes disposit vos de Apple y Android. Esto no es algo que tengamos control sobre - es la forma en que los proveedores de auriculares hacen sus modelos de negocio. PS - We try and encourage English on the forums as most people posting here only speak that language.
  14. I haven't seen that at all and I've played quite a few seasons - nor have I heard it reported .. It is possible that some factors might exaggerate this sort of thing though, do you perhaps have center halves who dislike each other or are you playing a sweeper keeper who is low on confidence and often leaving the defense under pressure from poor passes or a defender with awful passing and poor decision making or similar?
  15. Yes - the league reputation is dynamic and can change over time, so you can build up the leagues standing in the world if your team becomes a European powerhouse etc.