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  1. Scouting agency is driven by CA/PA, reputation and form as a combination of factors ..
  2. We support cloud saving on iOS, Google's cloud save wouldn't support the size of our save game files last time I checked - if this changes then we might support it in the future.
  3. Out of interest - which 8 leagues do you want to run concurrently and which are the most vital of these to you?
  4. I don't know the percentages involved as I'd have to analyse the database - but I believe it's based largely on the percentages involved in the game currently for each position at present (basically when someone is regenerated there isn't a bias for or against a female being generated). (in case you didn't know there are female staff in all the non-playing positions in the game around the world - including management)
  5. Thanks for mentioning this - originally the game (10 years ago) didn't contain the concept of genders for the manager and we've attempted to implement this since - however the game has hundreds of thousands of lines of text and now and again we find one has slipped through which we missed ... I'll try and make sure this is rectified for next years version, sorry for the oversight (and thanks for mentioning this - it's much appreciated).
  6. Can you explain what you mean in a little more detail (perhaps with screenshots showing an example?). If you drop a players 'current ability' then yes their attributes will drop - this is normal.
  7. Teamtalks might enter the game eventually - however if/when they do I'll streamline them and they will be somewhat different to how its undertaken in FM (and I won't be rushing to implement them) - until then I'll be doing my team-talks in my imagination as usual Players retire 32/33 - When a player retires depends largely on how active they are, their attitude and fitness - plus please remember you can request they stay on and reconsider retiring (click on the retirement message on their profile page). Transfers - The amount a player goes for depends on on whether the player is wanted by a club, your surplus players who aren't active aren't in demand so it's unlikely clubs will negotiate over them, similarly if you're bidding on a clubs key players they'll fight to keep them ... if you want cheap players look at cast-offs who are out of interest. (I will as always however keep tweaking this area)
  8. At present I'd recommend Mobile for any phone device as FMT doesn't formally support them and isn't really designed for a small screen. (I am somewhat biased obviously - but FMT is also partially 'my baby' these days ... so not as much as you might think .. I try to love all my children equally )
  9. You're a decade in the future, anything is possible - ask Sunderland where they thought they'd be a decade ago ... heck I'm a Brighton fan, two decades ago I wasn't sure the club would even exist in twenty years and we're now in the Premiership
  10. Ok the instances for setting it were far too rare imho - I've increased the iteration of these both for youth players and from events in game, hopefully in FMM21 you'll find it more along the lines of what you hoped for (sorry but we've done the final update for 20 at this point).
  11. You can transfer them manually between a chromebook and another device and they should work fine. (as I mentioned though this isn't officially supported so its not been tested thoroughly)
  12. I'll check into that - some should have the club assigned as their favorite when they're promoted in ... (generally people pick it up (or a liking for yourself as manager) when they've been at the club a while and feel comfortable there - your post however has reminded me I haven't looked at this area in a few iterations so I'll have a player around with it tomorrow ... thanks for the nudge )
  13. That's not quite how it works in FMM - but that is the gist of things generally. However it's worth noting that FMM has a larger 'random' scope for young player potentials than FM does, so instead of being 'clipped' to a range of say 20-30 points it can be quite variant but is on a bell shaped curve so 'mostly' it'll be within a close region (similar to FM's) but not always ... that helps prevent people cheating by always buying the same youngsters.
  14. When the retirement occurs there is a news item indicating what happens in your retirement .... then the game ends (ie. you can't continue) ... you can continue to look around the game however and export tactics, shortlists etc. if you desire to.
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