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  1. Some of that depends on the personalities of the players on the team, not just the tactics you set - if you have people who have strong characters and a will to win they'll rush back to the center circle with the ball ... generally high work rate, determination, leadership and decent morale ... ambition also helps behind the scenes. (at a guess you've loaded your team with kids?)
  2. Our next update will contain a database update which will revise the stats for players in the game according to transfers and their real-life performances since the games release - its entirely possible his reputation may have risen as he scored a hat-trick in December 2016 (which was after the game was released) ... I'm not certain about whether his stats have gone up as I'm only a developer not a researcher and I haven't checked.
  3. Changing the mentality to attacking will make your players more (err) attacking in nature - this comes at a risk as it'll mean they push forward more and are likely to try and 'rush' plays a little, passing faster meaning there is an increased risk of turn-over. You can also try and speed up attacking by going more direct/long and cutting out the fancy midfield stuff somewhat .... how you want to approach things depends on your management style ... PS - I also tend to combine the above with 'pressing' to try and get the ball back when we lose it
  4. I can't say at this stage - its in the current branch here, but obviously its up to QA whether its deemed 'ready' or not for a particular release and as such it'd be wholly wrong for me to say "it'll be in release x" .... I trust QA to verify things and put it into the appropriate release, if I've messed up something in its implementation then it'll come back to me and might be slightly delayed (the game is somewhat complex so its easy to miss a permutation or knock-on from things) ... (sorry I know that answer probably isn't the most satisfying - but I'm trying to be honest)
  5. Hmmm - you don't happen to have a save before the transfer goes through do you? - if so if you could email it to me ( then I'd appreciate it.
  6. What date is it when this occurs and which leagues are you (and the club purchasing from) in? (wondering if its effectively already the end of season?)
  7. There is a built in editor for the game which you can purchase if you're desperate to cheat, otherwise there will be a pre-game editor released through Vibe in the coming month.
  8. I was considering a separate option in preferences - but I wanted to keep things as simple as possible if I could, its very easy to over-complicate things I find. (basically the 'gist' is that global will put things roughly where they were for previous iterations of FMM, with lower settings being faster and filtering out some matches/news)
  9. Ok current plan is to link this to the news filter setting ... Global - will stop on any competition of importance over that of the Championship (so will stop on most top division matches in active leagues, say if you're managing in England then it'd stop on top Italian league matches etc. so you can see the score) - PLUS all instances mentioned in National + Club below. National - will stop on any league match in your country and similarly any cup competition in your country plus all continental competitions - PLUS all instances mentioned in Club below. Divisional / Club - will stop on matches as at present (i.e. determined by the competitions you are active within) Does that sound reasonable to you AndrewDriverNo1? - I think linking the two makes sense as your news filter should indicate to some extent what you're interested in?
  10. I'm not sure in all honesty as the rule-groups is something Rich deals with more than me, I know some tweaks were done in the hot-fix for Cup competitions but I don't know if that was covered in the changes. (Rich has a young family and so Christmas is a very important bonding time for them, so please be patient - he'll back back online in early January, in the meantime I'll investigate (cough) by playing the game a lot while I tweak things )
  11. It's purely a display/UI thing where instead of 'appearing instantly' some items slide out onto the screen ... some people like the animations, others want the speed of things instantly appearing.
  12. Yes that's what Dec means - all the items of iAP are achievable through normal gameplay with the exception of the 'In game editor' which you'll have to purchase to use. (they're offered as purchases for those people who are too impatient to obtain them through normal play)
  13. What pixel resolution is the tablet out of interest?
  14. Can you email me your save game to and I'll take a look at your reputation and see where its at ...
  15. Its on my list of things to look at for the next update in January - its probable that I might make it configurable as some people like the faster pace of it not stopping while others such as yourself don't ...