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  1. It gives a delay between needing and purchasing a player if you want to be 'reliable' in your signings, it also makes it harder to anticipate opposition teams unless you scout them in advance. (I'm guessing you do all of the above )
  2. Aptitude affects their ability to learn themselves (ie. the likelihood of them getting the next badge up) ... the badge affects them coaching players, their actual style/area affects who they are likely to coach and how much.
  3. No aptitude doesn't change - HOWEVER all the aptitude indicates is their likelihood of improving through training, so how important it is depends entirely on your club and current level, if you're in the Conference South then chances are you'll just be happy to have any member of staff, in the Premiership I'd suggest using only Normal or above aptitudes ... but its your call (in terms of 'effect' the badge is all that matters).
  4. [ The pictures are stored in the devices storage which can take up a LOT of space if you have a high resolution screen (you're looking at 400mb most likely for the standard install, far more if you're using one of the packs from vibe). In actual 'usage' however the pictures are swapped in and out of memory BUT they're always loaded into the same space so they shouldn't mean it hurts the stability of the game or the overall memory usage, just the storage space required on the device.
  5. Next version do you think highlighting that focus attribute in a different color might be useful?
  6. Do you have the the tackling set as the 'specific attribute' setting for the player you mentioned?
  7. In the lower leagues I tend to concentrate on the physical side of the game, its easiest to grind to promotion by finding players who are very fit and fast ... then worry about the technical side of the game afterwards. (this is true somewhat in real-life, you'll find quite a few strikers who are dominant in the lower leagues but simply aren't intelligent or technical enough to be able to cut it in the higher divisions)
  8. The game is designed to require a fairly 'constant' amount of memory during play - the idea is that if you are able to start playing the game then you should be able to play as many seasons as you want to (up to the 30 season season end point). Depending on the OS variant, hardware etc. the actual requirements will vary because individual devices/OS's have different sized memory block allocations etc. ... so I'm afraid I can't give a precise recommendation in this regard, however the game DOES try and detect marginal systems and restrict them to a single league being available ... if you can select multiple leagues then you should be 'ok' to run them generally. PS - Memory usage to play and space for storage are very different things, the biggest effect from player portraits is on memory storage space (which can be excessive) ... their being present during play doesn't affect memory requirements too heavily.
  9. Post in the 'General Discussions' section for that game, hopefully one of the developers or QA on the game will pick it up and reply ...
  10. I'm afraid I didn't design that on the PC game (I stopped working actively on that around a decade ago I'm afraid - yeah I'm THAT old ) so I can't say - I'd hope so (in the FMM game all the comments you make do definitely have an effect and making the actual effect clearer is something I'm planning to look at in future versions)
  11. But we do try to (always attempt the impossible - it helps you achieve more than you might have thought possible )
  12. At the moment there isn't a precise ETA, but a new update is in test.
  13. The effect is permanent HOWEVER do bear in mind that a player can deteriorate with regards to professionalism and such and motivational coaches can mitigate against this ... deterioration normally happens when players at your club get away with things (ie. skive training with repercussion, get sent off for violent conduct without repercussion etc.). The likelihood of a deterioration depends on the player involved and the players witnessing it, for instance let your key pro's get away with things and the youth players are more likely to think that is acceptable practice. More professional players might not turn bad, but will likely look down on the players in question which in itself can cause problems. Yes Youth Coaches will help youngsters develop a little faster. No - the aptitude is just regarding the likelihood of them progressing as a coach, once they gain a badge they have it and it works the same regardless of aptitude.
  14. We get the Deloitte report each year as you might expect (such things are interesting especially when simulating the world of football) - as I mentioned however such things aren't the 'whole picture' by any means and are obviously somewhat simplified for consumption by the people reading the report (hence the fact that various similar articles/reports give different values and expectations, heck even the same transfer or player contract can be reported with different figures because of exchange rates/nuances in how things are undertaken etc.). I don't mind the idea of such tables in the game and can see the appeal in trying to get your club to the top of such a thing (I know I've done it in full-fat FM myself ) ... but at present its behind a list of other concepts on my to do list.
  15. Actually no you don't - you know what individual journalists writing an article think, but even amongst such articles you can find huge variances of opinions as debt and resources are spread between numerous corporations and thus it isn't wholly clear how things stand especially amongst the larger clubs where they might have seperate structures for such things as Youth Development, Investments, Stadium Management, Concessions, Sponsorship, Sports Activities, Charity Activities etc. .... all of which may or may not have the same ownership and be directly visible under the same corporate umbrella. As far as making something visible for 'bragging rights' - I don't mind that as a concept and understand the appeal, but in all honesty its not high on my agenda of things to do at present because I've already a very full plate planned for next year ..
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