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  1. There will be one as usual (we do one every year) - we only create it once the windows are closed and it is normally released towards the end of February for this reason (as we need to collate all the data, extract it into the game format, test things etc. before it can come out). As always once its released you can choose which database to start the game with (and if you want to use one earlier I expect Vibe and other unofficial fan sites will do their own).
  2. I will keep an eye on it and tune some more - can you confirm which game version you're using please? (the initial release was a bit too harsh in this regard but its been tweaked in recent updates already). PS - It is very difficult to keep a large squad wholly content throughout as someone players will be sitting on the side lines and wanting to play ..
  3. My guess is that you're fielding a very young side which is leaving you in a situation where the result is more 'confidence based than might be usual - that is the first match you played your side scored early on (?) and that kept your team positive and everything clicked, in other matches perhaps they struggled initially and that and injuries took the wind out of their sails somewhat ... If you're fielding less weighty youngsters against a bunch of bruisers as it sounds like then injuries are unfortunately a real concern, if there is a specific player who is prone to this then perhaps field him as a sub and bring him on around the 60 minute mark - if he's quick then the opposition defenders will be tiring a little then so that might work nicely?
  4. If you can connect to iTunes on a computer then you can grab it using file sharing - then use this link to upload it to us - if possible please rename the file with my name and 'no transfer offers' or something in it .. Upload
  5. I'm testing some tweaks in this area presently - it would really help if people seeing the problem could give me save games so I could 'play forward' with them though ..
  6. There is an 'auto' button on the number selection page, can you try clicking that and see if that works ... I'm guessing there is a player for whom you haven't allocated a number.
  7. Marc Vaughan

    Save games and updates

    Save games should be compatible throughout the updating process.
  8. The game uses your coaching staff/scout ability and then uses that to estimate the players current ability and potential - these while fairly accurate are fallible .. so a 180 potential player will always be seen has having potential in the game, but he might be seen as a potentially decent Premiership player to an absolute World beater ... depending on the person looking at him. The accuracy for potential is also influenced by his current ability and his age, the younger he is and the more he has room for growth the less accurate the guess is - so a 16 year old Messi with 40 CA isn't obviously going to be a world class international when he's 20 ... however an 18 year old Messi with 120 CA will be more obviously someone with potential greatness ahead of him. (basically its intended to help guide you - however it doesn't replace your judgement ... you will always have to use some of your own intuition, often you can get a 'vibe' by looking at a players ratings in matches etc. ...)  Yes They can be yes and some scouts will give information in specific areas which others might not or more accurate valuations etc. depending on their specialism. This can be all of the factors you mention along with perhaps your clubs reputation improving - for instance if you're at a lower league club and get promoted then the players ratings will then be judged more harshly as they're being judged against the new level you're playing at. To some extent yes - HOWEVER a lot depends on the role you want them to play in the team, for instance two 3* strikers - one might make a perfect Poacher ... but he'd be awful as a Target man because he's short and lightweight ... overall they have similar ability but very different strengths.
  9. I believe I put a fix for this in earlier today - QA will be on it tomorrow I expect to verify its working.
  10. Would you mind indicating which device you're using as I'd be happy to look into the scrolling side of things. With the 'a' what do you mean? - if you press continue it will continue the game for few days depending on whether anything happens which requires your interaction (ie. transfer interaction, player unhappy etc.) or an event which it thinks you might be interested in (ie. matches in your division, approaching a transfer deadline etc.) ... if this what you're seeing or something else entirely?
  11. Runs are down to the roles a player has - they demonstrate the movement a player is likely to undertake as part of the roles, so 'box to box' midfielder shows up and down to demonstrate that he will cover as much of the pitch as possible etc.
  12. Interesting - do you think it might be that youngsters who come through aren't getting enough reputation for their performances as they grow in stature?
  13. If you can get the save game to me I'd be happy to take a look as this appears to be specific to certain clubs/players/playing styles and I'd like to investigate further
  14. Marc Vaughan

    Difficulty Setting

    We won't be including a difficulty setting - however you can make things slightly easier or tougher for yourself by giving yourself a coaching badge and/or starting reputation. The coaching badge will help players on your team develop while having a high reputation will make players more patient with you and more likely to take offers for them seriously, while a low one will do the opposite. PS - Please be aware that this is 'starting' reputation and will change once the game begins, in a similar fashion you can become a superstar manager in game simply by doing really well for a continued period of time ..
  15. Players will sometimes reject offers for them whether they meet the minimum fee or you just accept them (I had one overpaid old git who refused to move on because he liked his huge salary thanks very much all the same ) .... generally if they're meeting a release clause though then they'll be paying a decent salary and that can be persuasive.