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  1. Counter attack football should be direct pass and high tempo, can it combine with play out from the back as to draw opposite team to press us high and hit them by quick passes from the back? Also should high press combine with play out from the back? As in high press you team should be in other own half pressing but when your goal kick you build up the attack low from the goalkeeper to defenders ? Any thoughts?
  2. My mentality approach would be (My experience and learning from the game) Start with balance 0:1 Remain balance (If remain 0:1 75 minutes change to positive, 80 minutes change to attacking, 90 minutes change to very attacking if home game) *Notice Premier League games, teams losing 0-1 will not go attack immediately, they hold and to be solid first then attack in a appropriate period 0:2 Change to positive + Shout Demand more 0:3 Change to attacking + Shout Fire Up 0:4 Back to Balance (Pushing the team to attack will concede more goals) + Shout No Pressure 1:0
  3. @Neil Brock@Jemal Wiseman Have not received any feedback yet, I have uploaded my save game into the sigames cloud. Please help to look into this issue.
  4. Can you provide example of how you set up the offensive side / the defensive side?
  5. @Jemal WisemanI have sent you my saved file through message, have you received it?
  6. Managing two teams and the match went into penalty, game crashed during after home team teamtalk before the penalty. Please advise.
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