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  1. Its a japan football comics. No one updated it since fm 2014. I re-edited it in fm 2016 and fm 2017 to run this database.
  2. Dear All, I seem to figure out the way to combine Foss's, Claassen and Captain Tsubasa together and not crash. I previously tick the Brazil and Japan for the player count (right hand corner custom setup). I have unticked all and just chosen Large Database and it worked. Im not big editor like Foss and Claassen, just try to add something exciting to my game. I am not sure it will work perfectly afterward but at least i tried to go on holiday for a month and it did not crash.
  3. Foss, start in Jan do not crash, the other main league would not have any games to play until August.
  4. Willz71172, are you using the Claassen file too? I am trying to figure out how these files work together (Claassen, Foss and Captain Tsubasa)? Thank you for your hard work again Foss
  5. I just tried the Claassen J league file with the Captain Tsubasa from 2016, it did not crash. But I will ended up with J League team with no real japan players and only some Captain Tsubasa in the J League Teams.
  6. Thank you Ross. I use your new data file with Claassen Japan League file, it crashed on 2 July. It is either your file / Claassen Japan League File. However, no one upload the Japan League File yet. Without that, would not able to play the J League. Any J League data file you are using? Can you share with us?
  7. Foss, Thank you for creating this. May i know which file you use for yhe league structure?
  8. kayyuenchinup

    J1 League season 2016 [WIP]

    CaptainBanana and lustcrusader: Thank you for your hard work and cannot wait for your J League update to play on FM 2017. I have also played the Captain Tsubasa database in FM, with the J League, made the game more exciting. However, no one updated the Captain Tsubasa database since 2013 and even I tried to play it in 2016, there were bugs where Japan players are either goalkeeper / defender / forward. I hope someone can update that and to play in Fm 2017. Your J League update will still make us happy. Appreciated and support!
  9. kayyuenchinup

    Looking for original sigfx arms and feet folder

    The files are "arms" and "feets", should be in program(86)\steam\steamapp\common\footballmanager2015\data\sigfx\character_parts\base_meshes\
  10. Hey guys, I have downloaded the goalkeeper glove and players boots add on, I forget to back up my original arms and feet folder. Now my players are without arms or feets, can someone please send me the original arms and feet folder in the sigfx folder, thank you very much. My email is kayyuenchinup[at]hotmail.com