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  1. @mr_josephine and other multi managers users Have you tried the 19.2.3? Any problem occur? I am holding off my steam to update
  2. I notice there is an update 19.3.2. Will the problem occur after the update like we had before 19.2.2? Is there an option for not update the game?
  3. Dear All, I have tried and the update seems to fix the problem. Thank you very much!!!
  4. Dear All, I have tried and it seems the problem is now fixed, thank you very much!!
  5. Glad to see others having the same problem lol I am waiting for the solution. Hope they update the patch because of us 3.
  6. @Jimmy Wong @Russell Hammant @mr_josephine I have tried everything. Instead of waiting for the next update patch, which I don't think it will be released soon because of me or the other guy who have the same problem for managing multi games. I have provided the crash dump file, dxdiag twice and uploaded my save game called B4.fm. Have you guys tried to go through the save?
  7. @Neil Brock The way i got through at the moment is to choose 5 out of the (more than 5 matches) matches to manage, the rest of the matches use instant result. But it loses the fun of managing multi teams at the same time. I have been managing multi teams since CM93.
  8. @mr_josephine I think I am having the same problem as you have. I control many teams, probably about 20, a bit less than you. I am using this worldwide champions league add-on, have 7 matches in 1 fixture. Finished 5 matches, then the game crashed at the 6th matches. I am waiting for the solution too.
  9. @Jimmy Wong Yes, tried deleting the cache and preference. Even took out the whole graphics folder and skins. Still crashed
  10. @Dallan I like to manage many teams and I have up to 7 matches at the qualifying and group stage. The game crashes at 6 game. Any clue?
  11. @Jimmy Wong @Russell Hammant The crash happened before as I'm using this worldwide champions league add-on, therefore I would have up to 7 matches in 1 fixture day. I use instant result to go through in the qualifying stage but I actually want to manage all 7 matches in the whole competition. Really hope you guys can help.
  12. @strangerthankindness I mixed up your file with another file. Your file works perfectly, thank you for your hard work!
  13. I cannot make it works 1. Put the ads folder in \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2019\graphics\pictures folder 2. Put the No Club xml in ads folder 3. Put the simatchviewer_uncompressed file in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2019\data Please advise, thank you
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