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  1. just checked my Rangers save, yip it is the same, no reserve/U20 fixtures.
  2. I have managed to add a couple of new kits but when trying to add downloaded 3D kits, it ain't happening. Does FMT allow the 3D kits ?
  3. ok mate, thanks
  4. I agree, was skint lol. I wouldn't be upgrading anything, I would put in a shop and they would do it. Was just wondering if it was possible to upgrade and if so what would be the best bits possible. I have a decent PC that runs my games( Civ 5 , FM16) no problem, laptop is for work and playing FM in the same room as the TV when footy on :-) noticed i5 was about £150 so wondered if I could swap that it to this laptop.
  5. So it isnt possible to put in an I5 or something to speed the game up, allow more Leagues ?
  6. Sounds like a plan !
  7. quick question re designated players or what ever they are called in Australia. At MCFC , Koren is on 13K a week and the top whack I can get to is about 3K, so no chance he will resign a deal and no chance I can buy anyone else in that slot. So he leaves and I have to replace with a player on 2K a week or something. I assume there is no way to offer a "special" contract out side the budget ?
  8. Not sure of official answer,but I think you need to play a settled formation for a bit for them to learn it, and then tweak only
  9. Everyone has there own ideas I guess, but I have had a few Rangers saves and it is tough, but have a Juventus save where I have won the title 9 years out of 10, the Champions League twice and World Club championship, plus various Cups and Super Cups, so you can win things. I also have a PSG save where again, title 2 out of 3 years and Champs League won also with world Club championship. Tactics, 433.
  10. Any advice ? FM16 was running fine on my laptop when I had windows 8.1, it has now updated to win 10 abd the game has slowed basically to a stop. It is unplayable today. Anything i can tweak in system to allow it to run ? Laptop isnt a world beater but game was running great last night b4 update to Win 10
  11. Dont have to , just wife gets discount, hence paying 240 for the 300 price HP.
  12. And is another £40 over price point mate :-(
  13. Smurf - I play on my PC, usually just about 5 countries loaded and it does nicely. I wanted a laptop, but not paying over £250 as it won't be used for anything except FM and logging into work. Is this possible ? http://www.very.co.uk/hp-15-ac110na-intelreg-pentiumreg-processor-8gb-ram-1tb-hard-drive-156-inch-laptop-with-optional-microsoft-office-2016-whitesilver/1600020527.prd?_requestid=105724
  14. So in FM16, you set 2 coaches with higher attack levels and you see players dev better shooting skills etc. So I was asking if I choose to be a Gold badge Motivation coach, what effect will that have, given there are no team talks ? And I guess I am asking also if I go a Gold Attack coach, will the one player mentioned as me influencing, will his shooting etc ( attack stats) get higher ?