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  1. So make it a different game. Just don't get it at all.
  2. Assume these issues are with Android or Ipad players ? I mean on my FMT on PC I can set the database size to small , medium or large ?
  3. Can someone explain to me the constant requests to have an editor for FMT ? I just don't get it. I play with logos, players , kits and name changes in place, and can easily add in anything missing for the Leagues. So why the need for an editor ?
  4. Can never understand why people want to go backwards, FMT20 is the best there has been as far as I am concerned. I am too old to devote time to the full fat FM20, so have played and enjoyed FMM for the last few years instead. Lockdown got me into FMT and it is great. I would like to be able to maybe do a bit more in training, but glad whole thing isn't done to player chats, team talk etc, that's what Full fat FM20is for. FMT , ts about tactics and transfers, which is great. I just finished a save where I managed in Singapore for 12 seasons and it is the most enjoyable save I have done.
  5. depends on what platform maybe, as PC FMT defo has window mode , I am playing it now
  6. Only jobs in the Leagues you have loaded will appear I think
  7. go into player , click on history tab, then career milestones
  8. just offer a contact to a new one and the existing ass man is fired
  9. for player search, could it not be included that we could filter by role ?
  10. Actually team talks and spending 15 - 30 mins per match would be totally against what FMM is about. It is supposed to be streamlined, so you can play for 30 mins and get through a chunk of matches, it is mobile !!
  11. Anyone share their tactic for the Rangers?
  12. It has finally unlocked. won conf cup with brazil, another A league and FFA cup and a 4th ACL b4 it did though
  13. Says too big to email so how do I get it to you ?
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