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  1. I have your Honduran League loaded. For the Hall of Fame , have you not included the CONCACAF League as a trophy you get points for ? Just won it season 2 and not showing.
  2. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2341945727
  3. @davie77 can you give me the id for the CONCACAF Champions League ? hate playing with rubbish default logo's..
  4. just searched for CONCACAF League and it says I am in the prelim round, starting July 2022. I am in Feb 2022 so will keep going and see what happens.
  5. I havent gone into CONCACAF League either though mate. Here is the season 2 Ch League , Marathon are in it . They didnt even come 2nd either times
  6. @davie77 Not sure that makes sense as there are Honduran clubs in the Champs League, just not mine !!
  7. Looks like I cant Only leagues I have loaded are all your NA ones I have won the opening stage twice now and CL has started but I am not in it I have also won the closing stage once, just about to start it again So no CL again @davie77
  8. In the sidebar menu, I have the club badge / comp logo showing at the top of the screen. How would I get the comp logo only to also show at the bottom of the sidebar menu ? so on home page club badge would be top and comp logo be bottom.....
  9. ok, ta, will finish in Fiji, try and get OCL, then start a new Honduran save. Thank you for these files, it is so much better playing in Asian or Oceania Leagues than going Barca or someone for the 100th time, really enjoyable.
  10. ok, no worries. No point going to Honduras then if I cant qualify for NA CL
  11. I didnt know that mate, it was in the 21.1 version of these files, so assumed it would be in the 21.4 version. I bow to your superior knowledge my friend. :-)
  12. mate these files are brilliant, playing in Fiji just now, Fiji !!! NZ just didnt allow me ( Hamilton Wanderers) in Oceania CL .
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