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  1. just noticed, Celtic dont have pics either, weird
  2. I haven't downloaded any packs yet as wanted to see what was in the for Rangers. Will have to shortly I guess.
  3. Players first game and unlocked 3 achievements, 2 were ok, clean sheet and win first game, but it also game me packed the bus ? After 1 game ? supposed to be 5 isnt it ? Playing as Rangers.
  4. Rangers in Scot Prem don't have player pics ? Why ?
  5. aye, mine raced to 67% and has now slooooooooowed right down, and that is just FMT, as I thought it would be quicker.............
  6. And the fun begins.............................
  7. Yup, you beat me by a second :-)
  8. Think lastline of this is spot on. I think in each version since CM2 that I have played, I have been able to play straight away , without any "game stopping" bugs, that only seem to appear in the AI when watching a match. Since I dont watch the matches and just play the game I dont seem to have problems year on year...
  9. So , if you have the 2 games in your STEAM libary as part of the preorder package, there is a chance or BETA for FMT ?
  10. But this year the 2 games are seperate items in STEAM, that is the reason for the question
  11. Was wondering the same thing, my guess is no...would like to be surprised though
  12. I always create seperate folders for each game, doh. So I could change taht to point each game to the same set of graphics folders ? what a waste of time I have been doing then :-(
  13. So in my Steam Library it is showing FM17 and FMT17 as 2 seperate games. How will will work re the folder structure on the PC ? will it actually be split into 2 ? Or will it be the same as previously and all in the one place. Just wondering re graphics really, will they need to be save din seperate folders depending on teh game you run ? also , I guess will be be as now, one icon to run and then choose an option for FM or FMT or will FMT be a seperate icon ? Apologies if this has been discussed previously....
  14. just checked my Rangers save, yip it is the same, no reserve/U20 fixtures.
  15. I have managed to add a couple of new kits but when trying to add downloaded 3D kits, it ain't happening. Does FMT allow the 3D kits ?