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  1. sugar daddy- not unlocking

    It has finally unlocked. won conf cup with brazil, another A league and FFA cup and a 4th ACL b4 it did though
  2. sugar daddy- not unlocking

    Says too big to email so how do I get it to you ?
  3. sugar daddy- not unlocking

    So MCFC is too easy ? lol
  4. sugar daddy- not unlocking

    Seems to get this you should be incredibly sucessful over a period of at least 2 years. Ok, is it just the first 2 years by any chance ? As Melbourne City I have won 8 A Leagues ( so every season so far ) 7 Final series, 8 FFA cups, 3 ACL's and the World Club championship once, plus the Copa America as manager of Brazil. My rep is world class, ranked 10th, but this hasnt unlocked lol. Dont want to even use it, but the fact it hasn't unlocked after all that seems weird ?
  5. Sorry, I deleted and have re started.
  6. Ok, have a save b4 the season ends but after the Finals series has been played, so that is no good. I will just delete it and try again . cheers.
  7. Ok mate, but I assume it won't fix this save, just means it won't hopefully happen again....
  8. Any movement on this one ? I mean the game has no League fixtures in it for new season so it is really a busted season..............
  9. Hi, season 20/21 , I drew the Final Series final 1 - 1 , then won 5 - 4 on pens. Then it went to a replay, which ended 1 - 1, no pens, then a 2nd reply finished 0-0, no pens and a third finished 0 - 0 , no pens. There was no further games so nothing was settled and the records for final series just miss out 2021 .... Edit : I just continued the save to end of season and nothing appera for finals series, it shows the previous seasons result for winner in the round up screen. Going into season 21/22 , there are no League fixtures. The game is allowing me to play FFA and ACL fixtures as normal and arranged a friendly, but no League fixtures..
  10. Broken Achievements

    Yip, just won 3 Croation First Leagues in a row and Domination didnt unlock.
  11. 2 new nations

    I agree . Not so sure I am excited about Poland to eb fair but Turkey is really interesting. Mind you I regulary play in Wales, which most folk dont seem to do , so I might give both a go
  12. So, Poland and Turkey , are we happy with that ? Turkey will be interesting I would have thought.
  13. Am I Too Old For FM

    I am 15years older than you and still play ..............
  14. FMT Skins ?

    Do any of the superb Skin makers on here have any plans for an FMT for PC skin ? The in game retro skin is not bad, but we could do with a change................
  15. Rangers Player Pictures

    Its the same on the PC FMT mate, and the full fat version I believe. I asked this in the bugs forumn but dont think it was answered. I downloaded a face pack to get them