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  1. Totally up to you mate, but the templates allow you to set a basic framework. You then choose formations and roles. I selected genpress then set up as my FMM20 tactic, tweaked the roles to my FMM20 tactic and have won everything. FC Bayern, won UCL first 3 seasons in a row.
  2. both I think, but obviously 2 peeps can have different opinions of a player I guess.
  3. Interesting. If you have a good youngster though, he will progress with training / game time and longer term his star rating will rise ? I agree they can go up and down a lot, but I just kinda go thats fitba, I still know Kimmich is my first choice RB even if he drops to 3 stars for instance. Biggest bug bear of mine is the difference between a Gold Scout and a Gold Ass Manager. So the stars you see in the squad screen are the ass man right ? so a scout might say 4 star ability but when they appear in squad screen they are 2 star.
  4. What condition % is he at at when you put him on as a sub ? If he is less then say 90, he will finish the game very low, so wont have time to get back to 100 b4 next game, so the indicator will always be there.
  5. What style are you playing, gen press etc ? I am using a genpress 4321 formation and having the opposite issue, having a dream save that I have never ever managed first save of a new game
  6. you do it like offering a player to other clubs, then there will be an action, loan to affiliate.
  7. Slightly tired. Thats why it is there. Needs more rest, it isnt a bug, nothing to fix
  8. yeah, no worries chief, once you know where it is it is fine.
  9. Small thing. So I am FC Bayern, ( go them to get to know the game mechanics and Coaching badges up to Gold ) and I asked for an affiliate club. Season 3 Board said ok, been no since start, and I get Colchester. So, that might be ok, I expected a lower League German club, but no worries. But, can we actually see in a menu anywhere who the Affiliated clubs are ? Thought they might be listed in General info, but can't see them? TIA
  10. after deleting the cache, restart your device. Then go in to FMM21 and on the settings screen , click on reload skin.
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