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  1. How about setting in amc position three players? Kun as amc ( attacking midfielder attack) amrc De Bruyne ( attacking midfielder support) and Silva as amlc (attacking midfielder support) ? Also i was thinking about the two wide players if they has to play in aml & amr position or deeper as ml $ mr. The last one is Fernandinho starting position. Maybe for better replacation we have to play him as a central mieldfielder defend. Thanks for reading and i hope i give you a point to think. I found that silva and de bruyne moving very well and wide enough if agouero is between them.
  2. The unrealistic thing is the amount of crosses and also the numbers of goals scored from them
  3. Hi When you set up a 3 defenders tactic (cbl cb cbr) when you are in possesion the two wide cb nearly playing on the touchline. Real game 3 defenders formation playing in the half spaces and not in touchline. From the other hand when you defend the same players in this position playing too much narrow and you can easily exposed from the opposite wingers
  4. Same problem with amr aml. They always cut inside in the final third. No movement diagonially to receive a through ball. If you play with amr aml you have no width to open the opposition defence.
  5. Thanks. I had in my mind that training one thing several times had more impact than training once so i lost sessions for doing the same thing without result. Also i thought that we was playing better if we train attacking movements several times before the match... Was my idea?
  6. Simple question. If i have an upcoming match and i want to train my team for attaking movement, whats the deference if i put the attaking movement training session in one slot and what if i put in in two or three slots. And also what if this training sessions trained not the day before match but two days before. Sorry for my English but i want to know if training attaking movement more than one time has better results
  7. Maybe you are right! Thanks for the help and don t blame me for my nerves. Sorry and thanks!
  8. This is simply anawful comment and the only one you can make. If you don t know how i play let someone else to comment!
  9. i play with barca.... 40 shots per game... 20 long sots.... congradulations SI!!!! the worst patch ever... If i made those mistakes in my job, they should fire me the next morning. Keep it up!
  10. Same problem. The skin is one of the nicest ever seen nut i play in 2D and i can t read the names. This is the reason i m not using it for the time. Hope to fixed soon.
  11. We all understund this news. The new problems you ve found, is it possible to solve or it's something very difficult?
  12. I thought i ask Cris, not you. Thanks anyway. As i can see there is no way to speak seriously here. You xan continue to laugh at me now...
  13. This is what i m saying. This current version of match engine is good enough for him to start a career? And is not a sarcasm. Is a simple question!
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