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  1. Hello everyone. I like to rotate a lot my squad so i need some advise. Let s say we have bayern's Kimmich on our squad and we want to use him as a right back and also as a central defender. How we have to train him on individual training position/ role /duty to gain ta tactical familitaly on both positions? Any answer whould be helpfull.
  2. Is it possible to train your player to play 2 positions? I mean that as an example, we have a defensive midfielder and we want to use him also as central defender in some matches. How will this player ready to play there if we have set his training as defensive mieldfielder?
  3. So as i said, i tried everything to make my central midfielder to drag wide and cross with no success. I tried 3 flat central midfielder also with inside forward on attack other side and left back as full back defend. nothing happens. There is no reason to post any tactic because i experiment with a lot of things. The correct is someone to post a tactic that found a solution for this. The only thing i did not tried is with no winger in her side but this is not something i want. So i hope someone of SI to answer me in this simple question. Is it possible for a central midfielder on left side as
  4. I will sent you a picture later what is happening to mine difensive line.
  5. Hahaa, yes... So. You have a defensive line of four players. What i want is that when i am on possesion my defence act as a three man defense. I would like to cover the cdc place, the cdrc and cdlc. Ask me then, if you set one fulk nack as inverted do you see this structure on your defence i describe?
  6. I also try him in 3 man mieldfield. I watch 90 minutes game and again no difference. I think i should try him with support duty as central mieldfielder with go wider
  7. The inverted wing back dont play in the same line with the other two central defenders. He will occupy the same line with defensive mieldfielder.
  8. Inside forward on attack on positive mentality always try to find space between a fullback and a central mieldfielder im the last phase of attack. But we miss the point. The question is how a central mieldfielder will drift wide and cross? Any advice will be helpful. I think Rashidi will have an idea about that...
  9. Noway. Iwb act like a defensive mieldfielder. Also center back and right center back staying in their positions and dont moving ....
  10. The main idea with this roles is to play position play game style with movement in the left flank. Inverted wing back on defend will move centrally, mezzalla wide and inside forward centrally. Positional play is exactly that. One player on the flank (mezzalla) and the other two centrally. The movement is the basic concept here with players decide where to move. I also try as central mieldfielder with go wide but same thing. Never goes to a position to cross
  11. Many teams last years when they are in poccession, often defends with three players. One wide fullback push forward and the other act like center back. When barcelona was under pep guardiola dani alves push forward as a right wing back, pique as a right center back moves slightly right, puyol as left center back moves centrally and abidal act like left center back. The same happens to Manchester city with walker. He often act like a right center back with stones centrally and otamendi as left center back so mendy bombs forward. This is unfortunately impossible to implement on fm. So i think th
  12. Hello everyone. I have a central mieldfielder with good crossing. I want to act like Kevin de bruyne who many times drifts wide and crossing the ball from the half space or out wide. I set him as a mezzala on support with an inverted wing back and an inside forward on attack. My thought is to create space for my central mieldfielder to drift wide but never happens. Any advice will be helpful
  13. Don't miss the point. Is it possible to create let s say a situation that you select the underlap instruction as team instruction and you select on your left side a fullback on attack and in front of him a winger on support? Will the fullback underlaps him in match engine or no?
  14. Does anyone of you managed to succesfully create an underlap? If yes please explain me the roles you used, also mentality, width tempo. I found impossible to create one, and i have done many expiriments... Thanks
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