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  1. can it be related to level of knowledge of a player? Did you try to scout him, any changes after that?
  2. lol, if you start with an offenses you self value should increase somehow? I don't care about their sales, this is forum mostly for people who buy game - spend money, that's why I pointed to that. Try to look beyond you nose a little.
  3. saw this message after my previous comment - not surprised, but then how do you expect to see/heard real opinion or even bugs, or thing that don't work? they create false picture of perfect game.
  4. actually this is a terrible idea, if they "promote" a game, especially with guidance or instructions from developers then what's the point of it for players or potential buyers, you can just watch video from developers in that case. And btw there are still no real criticism of the game, I mean no critical approach, everyone likes everything (I watched first 5 or 6 from the playlist), one of the dude tried to promote new animations so match, that it raises a question whether he had any incentive to it except free access to a game.
  5. I've seen this message so many times starting from first video, and now we have around one week before beta and around three weeks before release, simple question - when will it be not early, on the 8th of November?
  6. yeah, just look at last fixtures of Championship - very few team had pass accuracy percentage above 80%, and in their stream (I watched on one of the youtube channels, so might be wrong, but) both teams in 2 or 3 matches had more then 80% (in one of the match I think 84 and 87) passing accuracy, and I have suspicions that in lower leagues in FM numbers will be the same. That's why I'm not excited about data hub at all - that's just representation of data you couldn't change or influence by your tactic or level of your players - because if championship teams have similar passing level as man city, then what's the point of all that stat.
  7. also same advice in staff meeting, I don't know where they add 4000 new strings, but a string with even one letter changed can be considerer as new, so maybe.
  8. why it is so high percentage of passing accuracy in matches they played? more then 80% for both teams in championship, in some matches close to 90.
  9. no, at least I didn't see them, there maybe 20-30 same questions already 4-5 years in the game, if not longer. I already know the positions of answers to chose from, and many of them I just remember from years of repetitions, and I think most players here have same experience with media questions and players interactions.
  10. and this is about LAYOUT, not AI 🤣 but the date of post is too late imo to be taken as the reason to implement this "feature", so probably this is still devs decision.
  11. Yes, I understand that get everyone satisfied is close to impossible 😁, but then I think good solutions would be dlc of some kind, like really complicated set piece editor, or stadiums pack or stadiums editor that people mentioned on this forum, or something else, So if you want it, you buy it, but I suspect that this is bad solution for SI from business point of view, so I don't even hope for this.
  12. yeah, but as a person who played this game for almost 20 years and doesn't see progress in training and set pieces systems over those years, I honestly can't understand how those such important parts not receiving proper amount of attention from developers, but instead we have body language and ineffective advices from staff and recruitment team. I understand that a lot of people here would like to see something very niche, like unique stadiums, or new faces, but in general those are just additions, that is not a gameplay itself, but training, on the other hand, should be part of the gameplay because it's day to day task to train and develop your players, train you system teamwork etc., how often some footballers said that particular head coach have different training approach, or that in some particular league physicality is a massive so obviously training also is different. And getting response from assistant that some player show good work on training don't tell you much, you have to see how players work on a pitch, how they understand you tactic, how they understand and execute personal instructions and not wait until the match to see that it doesn't work. Same with set pieces, currently we have like 10-15 positions to place players, you set some basic instruction where player should be and that's all, you as a manager don't have any control over actions of players after a pass from a corner, you cant create combinations, players movement etc. I remember some time ago some of the players from man city said that Pep literally take player by the hand and show him where he should be and where to go, so obviously this is part of combinational play (teamwork), which, as I think, most managers work on during trainings. Again, I just honestly can't understand how in current state of the football this is not considered as important part of fm.
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