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  1. can anyone explain why loan fees so low in fm21? i can understand 20/21 and 21/22 seasons but no one wants to pay any fees for a loan way after covid period. in fm20 you could earn some money on a loaned players, but in this year you barely get full salary payment for a loan.
  2. hi, thanks for response, but i think i was wrong, it change but it take a long time, like half of the year or something, so this confused me a little.
  3. it's odd to go on vacation for one day
  4. it seems like this properties doesn't change, i've attended all press conferences for at least 5 months and it didin't change.
  5. @zlatanera thanks for response and detailed explanation) for me the main issue was the lack of explanation in assignments screen (scout priotities), because at first in "progress remaining" column it displays a week (and than counting) but after a week there is no realy any info about what happened next
  6. yeah, i'm also talking about that screen, for example in this situation it's hard to understand how long to wait for full knowledge, or at least to find any indication of how progress goes, unless you checking from time to time and spot the difference
  7. @Zemahh, the funny thing is that i have five scouts without assignments, so this is pretty confusing, because i can't reaaly understand how much more time i have to wait for player to be fully scouted
  8. can anyone explain certain scouting process - when i start scouting a player, after a week I receive a report with some knowledge of that player (20-30%), but then scouting stops, in menu of this player it says that scouting in progress, but knowledge doesn't increase further, and such players stays in scouting assignments for weeks. Another scenario if player scouting progress is "On hold", so can anyone help with this?
  9. in FM20 there was an option to edit colors of player attributes and some other parts of the UI, did anyone find this options or it is not in the game anymore?
  10. @Ben Kenney but I have disabled button or area of General Focus when I delegated scouting responsibilities, or I have to make additional settings elsewhere?
  11. wonder is this view settings or role of particular player doesn't matter anymore and role will be just a set of instructions
  12. so people shouldn't want and expect significant changes or new features in this game because it's hard to develop?)
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