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  1. All these key tackles from I think 3 matches in 1 day, thank you SI, it seems fixed now
  2. Funny how SI never respond to posts like this. They love to ask us to post bug reports, and then when we do, IGNORED. what a useless company.
  3. Yes the stats are broken, several people for the past four or so months have put lots of time into showing this. Sadly, SI have taken the approach that it's a feature now, and don't seem to be able or willing to fix it.
  4. What was the point of the beta exactly si? People reported issues and you flagged them. Now we're half way through February and still no fixes for so many problems in the ME, some being reported back in FM 2020 and still being present. For a full price 50 euro game, this is unacceptable to me.
  5. SI are a joke. The ME having so many glaring problems for so many months now and nothing being fixed or even any communication. This game never should have left beta in this state.
  6. >if you have issues take it up in the specific sub forums Yes because obviously that works, considering these things were pointed out as errors in the """""beta""""" and then ignored and still haven't been fixed 3 months later, plenty of people have taken time out of their lives to post indepth about certain problems, only for SI to ignore the issue and never even respond as to whether or not it will be fixed, so what's the point of me giving feedback if they will just ignore it?
  7. It's nearly February and so many things are still broken, like player ratings and passmaps and such, maybe next time SI should have a beta before releasing a game in this state...oh wait.
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