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  1. Incompatible

    You need to buy the game through the Play store, then it should work.
  2. This is for licensing reasons.
  3. The ratings issue is separate to the disallowed goals one. The game doesn't think they've played it's just adding the ratings in at the end incorrectly. If you see it again a PKM would be very useful, thanks.
  4. You can backup your saves by following the 'how-to' section of the FAQ: Copy the save on to your computer, then after reinstalling the game you can just copy the save file back to the same location on your phone. https://community.sigames.com/faq/football-manager-mobile-2017/
  5. Did you happen to save a PKM of this match? You can do so by pressing the save match bottom (bottom left) before leaving the match at full time.
  6. Will have a look at the save, thanks. Can you post your suggestion in the thread linked below please? We go through them all each year
  7. The training facilities upgrade happens immediately, but not every level of facilities leads to more staff being available. However it does mean that your players will be training with better facilities and will improve more often.
  8. The number of coaches you can have depends on the level of your training facilities. Try asking your board to improve them if they're not already the best level. Most you can have is 4 + yourself.
  9. We're currently looking into this issue. It is unlockable but does appear to be a bit too difficult at the moment.
  10. New phone

    Unfortunately only purchased achievements will be carried over, but you can access your save files using the steps found here and can copy them over to your new phone to the same location (also have android steps if you need them):
  11. Small Window display

    In the user interface section of Preferences is there a 'stretch display' option? If so, try using that.
  12. What happens when you press the 'restore transactions' button on the store page?
  13. Can you make sure that you're logged in to the same apple account that you bought the IAPs on?
  14. iCloud not showing up

    Make sure that you're logged in to the same apple account on both devices. Also make sure that iCloud is updated on both devices and see if that fixes the issue.