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  1. Hey, can you upload a save game directly before one of your home games?
  2. Hey, thanks for reporting this issue. Unfortunately in order to know what went wrong, we'd need a reliable way of reproducing the issue. It's likely dependent on some way you made tactical changes during the match. Please let us know if you see it again!
  3. Hey, I can't seem to find this save game uploaded? Did it definitely go through properly?
  4. This is definitely something we're investigating, but a change like that is fairly fundamental and would take some time.
  5. Hey, apologies for the delay I've been on Christmas break. Are you able to upload a copy of your save game for us to reproduce the issue from please?
  6. Please feel free to post that feature request in the suggestions forum, it's certainly something we can think about adding.
  7. Our stats are defined in the way that we'd prefer basically, in some cases our definitions will differ from some major stats providers. We intentionally wanted key passes to include passes from set pieces in this case.
  8. Will have a look, but at a glance it seems like it'd be related to bringing the QME and FME stats closer together, which will require some fairly big longer term changes. Will make a note of it
  9. Hey all, apologies for not replying earlier but I was on Christmas break (trying to get some rest in after a difficult year :D). There's a few different things here that I can see: Player ratings being low for fullbacks - This will have been completely unrelated to key tackles and has since been tweaked. Key Tackles not being tracked - All stats were redefined this year, and key tackles was one of them. It is now defined as a tackle that directly prevents a clear-cut chance opportunity (with an xG of over 0.3), which is very rare. We're looking at ways to make this a bit mor
  10. Hey, sorry to hear you're having issues. Please report your issue in the bugs forum here: https://community.sigames.com/forum/836-bugs-found-on-android/
  11. If you are experiencing lag or performance issues during matches: For Troubleshooting Suggestions please use our FAQ. For direct support please create a Support Ticket. FAQ: https://support.sega.co.uk/hc/en-gb/sections/360004192538-Football-Manager-2021 Support: https://support.sega.co.uk/hc/en-gb/requests/new Thanks!
  12. Thanks! Could you try clearing your cache, and ensuring your graphics drivers are fully up to date please? https://support.sega.co.uk/hc/en-gb/articles/360015199257-How-to-remove-my-Preferences-and-or-Caches-Folder#text https://support.sega.co.uk/hc/en-gb/articles/360015263438-How-to-Update-and-or-reinstall-my-Graphics-Card-Drivers#text
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