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  1. What happens when you press the 'restore transactions' button on the store page?
  2. Can you make sure that you're logged in to the same apple account that you bought the IAPs on?
  3. Make sure that you're logged in to the same apple account on both devices. Also make sure that iCloud is updated on both devices and see if that fixes the issue.
  4. On manager options do you have your assistant set to take over youth promotion? If so, turn that off.
  5. There's no way past the 150m bid limit. If a club isn't willing to sell a player for less than that then they're considered to be 'not for sale at any price' e,g, Messi IRL.
  6. Unfortunately there's not much we can do if the save wasn't completed. You'll have to load an older save/autosave if you have any.
  7. 1) This will unlock but you need to sign a lot of players. Make sure that they all require a work permit (some players have a 2nd nationality which means they don't). It will unlock eventually. 2) The bosman rule in England is only when the contract has less than 1 month left.
  8. Because the player has no history it might take some time for their value and reputation to go up. Also bear in mind that the coach reports take into account the strength of your squad, so if you have a team of 5* players, a 4* one won't be considered fit for the first team.
  9. Try following the steps here:
  10. 1) This issue is currently logged. It's likely because you are changing the roles in your national team for players of the same position (it is changing the roles in the club tactic). 2) This seems like a data issue, I'd recommend reinstalling the game after backing up your save files and game.cfg following the steps found here (there's steps for iOS as well if you need them on the same FAQ).:
  11. No. But we'd recommend that you always keep your game updated.
  12. It appears in your news feed when you start a new season.
  13. Sorry to hear about this. Did the game/ipad crash while saving? It's possible the saving was interrupted before it was finished.
  14. Unlock the 'National Hero' achievement by winning an international tournament in a normal save.
  15. They'll get in to the national team once their reputation is higher, when they've just been created they don't have much of a history/proven record so they won't be in straight away.