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  1. I think the training rating is based on certain factors (motivation, morale etc.) that do feed through to the match. So those factors can lead to a better training + match performance, but the training rating alone doesn't if that makes sense. Not to say that this is a guarantee of performance though, since there's players in reality who aren't hard workers in training that up their game for match days when the pressure's on. etc. It's just an extra consideration for you to make.
  2. Good form improves a player's morale, and a high morale definitely has a positive impact on a player's performance on the pitch. What we don't do though is improve a player's future performance because of their past performance, it'd create a self-feedback loop that just keeps making good players better and better. Form in a way is just short-term variance, which is replicated through a player's consistency (and other hidden attributes), and sometimes it's just down to a run of good fortune.
  3. I believe that a player's big matches attribute has a chance to increase when winning major trophies. Winning cup finals etc. breeds 'winning mentality' so there's a chance it goes up then.
  4. There's a lot of factors that come in to play e.g. movement speed of players, bravery, strength, body position. It's rare that two players with the same jumping reach will be differentiated by their height since its extremely unlikely that these other factors are also going to all be the same. Personally I just look at jumping reach when judging players, never really check the height since it's factored in.
  5. Just to clear up any misinformation, weather and pitch conditions absolutely do affect the match engine. As well as various other things such as jet lag, altitude etc.
  6. As others have already said, we've made no changes to the match engine. You can check the ME version yourself from the game status page in-game. If we were ever to make a ME change without upping the match version number, we'd get divergences all over the shop! I'll conveniently ignore the bizarre conspiracy theories that followed your original post.
  7. Thanks. Twice in such a short space of time isn't good at all. Usually what causes it is some specific way of making tactical changes earlier on in the match. Having the stream link is useful since we can just watch back exactly how you interacted with the tactics UI and try to piece together what happened. I have a feeling it may be to do with the way you stacked up multiple role changes in quick succession using the dugout bar but have passed on the info to the UI team. Do you happen to use any sort of custom UI skin?
  8. Thanks, I've passed on this info to one of our lead testers to investigate.
  9. Technique is used to determine how much curl a player can generate, so it is useful. Finishing/Long shots are not used. Same for penalties actually, the penalty taking attribute directly replaces finishing. So finishing is not required, but composure definitely helps!
  10. Free kick taking attribute is used for direct shots on goal only. For free kicks in wide crossing positions we actually use corner taking, or passing depending on the action taken. e.g. if a free kick is near the corner flag, it uses the corners attribute since the same kind of technique is required.
  11. Hey, there's a graphics setting that disables the crowd from being visible, can you check your preferences to make sure that isn't turned off? If that doesn't work, did your team happen to change stadium in the last couple of games or something along those lines?
  12. Statistically our number of goals from outside the box is actually a fair bit lower than in real life. We also have less shots from crazy distances/angles than in real life as well. As has been stated above, it's worth posting in the tactics forums to see if you're potentially leaving that area of the pitch too exposed. I don't generally agree that you should see less long range goals in the lower leagues. The modern game at the highest level is seeing a reduction year-on-year in the number of long shot efforts which is likely analytics driven: https://the18.com/en/soccer-entertainment/long-shot-decline-modern-football . If anything the number of long shot goals in the lower leagues would be higher, as players are more willing to shoot from distance and a lot of teams are set up more 'traditionally'. This is a good opportunity for me to shamelessly share one of the few bright points in my team's season (not bad for a league 2 player.. ):
  13. Interesting info, thanks! If you're somehow able to narrow down the culprit program please let us know.
  14. As long as you're in 3D you should get one at the end of the match during the post-match cutscenes. There's currently no way to re-watch the cutscene unfortunately, but it sounds like a good idea for a feature request to me!
  15. Those clear cut chances shouldn't be happening after this patch, it should be fixed. Key passes are intentionally counted for set pieces, as it didn't really make sense not to reward a player for providing quality deliveries into the box throughout a match. If anything I'd be more concerned if your team are managing to regularly get 10 direct shots from corner deliveries regularly, as that suggests the defending team aren't dealing with the set pieces well at all. Please log a bug report if you see any common trends.
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