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  1. Jack Joyce

    Uploading video to youtube

    From the sounds of it, it could be something to do with your machine since the analysis issue I don't believe has been reported elsewhere. Could you attach your dxdiag for us?
  2. Jack Joyce

    Uploading video to youtube

    Just catching up on this issue now. From what I've read it seems like you want to upload two videos, one of each highlight? If so, have you tried doing this without deleting the ones you don't want? For reference, upload highlight just creates a video of one specific highlight, whereas upload package should do a video which has both highlights in it, one after the other.
  3. Thanks, we're currently looking in to this issue. It appears to be specifically happening on commentary only mode but could be quite rare.
  4. Hey, thanks for raising this issue. What match settings are you using? Commentary only?
  5. Jack Joyce

    Worst game experience ever!!!!

  6. Jack Joyce

    Outline vanished

    This is currently a known issue and is under review. Thanks.
  7. Jack Joyce

    Vertical sync

    Nothing has changed, it could be to do with a windows update that you installed recently? Worth trying to roll back a bit to see if that clears up the issue. Bear in mind that we won't always respond immediately to threads on a bank holiday weekend.
  8. Jack Joyce

    Abysmal morale

    Thanks for this example, we currently have it under review.
  9. Jack Joyce

    Weird lag in 3d match on a mobile GTX 1050Ti

    I mean video memory (or VRAM). Let us know if this happens again for you, but it might just be a one-off.
  10. https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/regret-update-windows-10-revert-version/
  11. Jack Joyce

    Kits invisible since update to 18.3.3

    This came up for a few people using custom kit packs after the update: Have you tried verifying your cache in steam? Worth trying that.
  12. If a recent update has led to this issue starting for you, you could always try reverting back that update?
  13. Jack Joyce

    Switch FM18 - Game engine bug? (Need Advice)

    The Switch version of the game uses the same match engine as FM and FM Touch.
  14. Jack Joyce

    Weird lag in 3d match on a mobile GTX 1050Ti

    If it didn't create a log file then it could possibly have been memory-related. I'd suggest lowering your crowd quality a little bit and seeing if the issue happens again. It might not