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  1. All you can really do is try to be more consistent than they are! I agree with other posters, it's good to see that you're being given a real challenge over a number of seasons. Maybe you could try some mind games with the media to try and unsettle them?
  2. Hey, thanks for raising this issue, however we need PKMs of these matches to see what's gone wrong here.
  3. Would just like to remind people that this thread is for general feedback. If you have any specific issues with the game that you can provide examples of then please start a thread in the relevant area of the forums. If you want to have a debate with someone over tactics then take it to PMs please. Too often this thread is getting cluttered up with little arguments because someone has a different opinion to you.
  4. If you want to see more of the pitch you can simply set the camera to be 'sideline' and zoom out as much as you like.
  5. To clarify: Jemal's post wasn't entirely accurate so I've hidden them for now. We are working on a new ME for 19.3 that should have improvements for the movement of all striker roles (among other improvements). We have larger plans for the future that require more time, however we still feel there should be a noticeable improvement on what we had before.
  6. This is correct, however I've made a note to look in to this further when I get the time to make 100% sure since you're having problems getting them to dribble less from the sounds of it.
  7. I have to say I don't think i've ever not used the 'send home' button out of this very fear..
  8. In the EPL 17/18 season (using our definition of a cross), there was an average of 68.5 crosses per match. The current ME has 71 crosses per match, which is pretty accurate. However, if you think there's an issue with crossing then feel free to raise it on the ME bugs forum with evidence.
  9. FM has never and will never be 'scripted', there'd be no reason for us to do it. I've never seen any actual evidence that other multiplayer games do it either. Sometimes when people lose in games it's easier to blame their teammates, the game etc, we're all guilty of it at some point...
  10. No, it's impossible to say from just a couple of screenshots. As others have said you could have drawn the opposition out and countered with pace in behind.
  11. Hasn't happened yet, but when it does it's just a case of getting the update from Steam automatically then starting a new save game (the DB will default to the newest version).
  12. The text that displays in the TI UI will always reflect the current level of that setting. You should notice when changing to attacking mentality that the text updates to reflect the changes in levels e.g. tempo going from standard to higher.
  13. Just to add to this. Retain possession was removed since we added a 'control possession' tactical template that is a lot more effective. The problem with the old 'retain possession' instruction was that you could set other TIs that completely contradict a possession-based system, leading to you not keeping the ball well at all. When people click 'retain possession' they expect it to work, but this wasn't always the case if your other instructions didn't support it. Long story short, controlling possession is something that requires co-ordination between not just your 'in possession' instructions, but all 3 of the TI sections. Therefore it made more sense as a style than an instruction.
  14. This isn't FM related at all, but he's right, you have a 2/3 chance of winning if you 'twist'. The key is that the host will always choose an incorrect door when removing one of the options. You pick 1 door out of 3, then, since the host always removes an incorrect door, the only way you lose by 'twisting' is if you chose the correct door initially. Which means you have 2/3 chance of winning. If there were 300000000000000000 doors and the host closes 299999999999999998 of the incorrect doors, then the optimal solution is to stick with your choice until you're down to the last 2, then switch. You can find more information here: http://mathworld.wolfram.com/MontyHallProblem.html
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