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  1. I reckon this will sort the problem out for you:
  2. Jack Joyce

    ME 1922 - Long Throws

    Thanks for the examples, these issues are currently under review.
  3. Yeah the roof here is covering the pitch in a way that sunlight isn't making it through. Something we definitely want to address but it's not a quick fix unfortunately.
  4. Thanks for the examples
  5. Jack Joyce


    Regarding "low service of help", we responded to you when you posted a thread about lag a couple weeks ago, but you never replied back... It's important that you try our suggested solutions and provide us with the information we need to help you. Thanks.
  6. Jack Joyce

    Help with determination

    First part is likely correct, however Determination does have an impact on player development.
  7. Jack Joyce

    Someones taken control!

    They will do if you change formation, since they need to make sure your new formation has players that fit
  8. For the AI their Duty selections are directly influenced by their current match mentality so this isn't the case. There's wider issues at play here.
  9. The ME is so complex that we will never say for definite that issues will be fixed, oftentimes we fix one issue and create 4 or 5 more since everything is so interconnected. It takes a huge amount of analysis and balancing to make changes to the ME. For example, we improve attacking movement then it will likely need us to improve defensive positioning to stop a huge increase in the overall amount of goals, and that's just the obvious knock-on effect, there's many more. However, having said that, these issues in particular are right at the top of our priority list when it comes to working on the ME since we agree it can be improved and we know that a lot of people feel the same way. You're not being ignored at all, and it's certainly not something our brilliant, hard-working QA team hasn't seen themselves either. We're all listening.
  10. Jack Joyce

    Pressing Forward not pressing the backline?

    It's possible that a number of things can happen: laziness, tiredness, momentarily lapse in concentration, being caught in two minds as to whether to press the keeper or someone else. There's a lot that goes in to it, all we can really do is look at PKM examples with timestamps to see what they were thinking at the time.
  11. Jack Joyce

    Match screen dropping frames\lagging!

    Hey, can you try the following steps? It's strange that this only started after the 19.1.3 update since we didn't make any major changes to the graphical system, I'd suggest not only trying these steps but if that doesn't work then try rolling back your Nvidia driver to rule that out as a potential cause.
  12. Jack Joyce

    Help with laggy game play

    Hey, have you tried the following steps?
  13. Jack Joyce

    Stadium seats are not generated

    Hey, do you happen to be playing on low graphics quality? Go to preferences then use the dropdown to go to the match section, check what level your crowd quality is. If it's off then that'll be why.
  14. Jack Joyce

    Pressing Forward not pressing the backline?

    I think there could definitely be issues in individual moments with pressing, since I refuse to believe that our pressing system is perfect. However, in this case I think the shape of the team here looks good. The number 9 is preventing the short pass to the CB, if the FB tries to pass to him, your number 9 can nick the ball ahead of him. Let's consider the fullback's passing options here, who can he really give the ball to? The only options i really see are the GK and the number 7 (which would be a bit dangerous since he'd get swarmed by blue shirts immediately). In many cases this will force the fullback to knock it long which is exactly what you want here since you're almost guaranteed to win the ball back. I'd be open to seeing more examples of course
  15. Jack Joyce

    Pressing Forward not pressing the backline?

    I'd say those examples in the video are of Atletico employing a higher press. In each clip you can see the rest of his team pressing forward with him to cut off passing options. If they don't do that then Griezmann's work is useless. Anyway we're moving away from the point of the original post now