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  1. Can't confirm the team or the players? Every player needs to have a natural (light green, not dark green) position and footedness before you can confirm them.
  2. This is the FM Mobile forums, closing thread. You may be able to find help in the FAQ link below though:
  3. We're currently looking into this issue, thanks. If you happen to have any save files from just before you do 'New Season' for us to reproduce the problem they would be very helpful. Out of interest, if you adjust budgets do you end up with a decent transfer budget? It might just be putting it all into wage.
  4. Thanks for letting us know about these, some are already known and logged. If you have any save files that can show us the first morale issue, and the blank scout report (the last issue), could you please send them to us at help@sega.co.uk? Add a link to this thread and tell them to forward the email to Alari. Thanks.
  5. When uninstalling the game you need to backup any files that you don't want removed from your device. Steps on how to access your save files are found in the FAQ linked below:
  6. Can you try clearing Play Store and Play Services cache and data? Then reboot your device and try again. Try the 'basic' option as it should use up less space. If this doesn't work, you may need to free up a bit more space for the installation (downloading might need some extra space available just for the installation process).
  7. Please check your other thread linked below, this forum is for football manager mobile.
  8. Servers should be up and working now, I'd recommend trying a different wifi connection and trying again. Are you getting the same error message?
  9. Sorry to hear about this. Could you confirm the exact error message you are getting (screenshot or send us the full text)? Are you trying to download on internal storage or external? Finally, could you try using a different wi-fi connection?
  10. Did it get reduced to a light injury? If so then he can play through it if the manager wants him to.
  11. The achievement differs based on the team you manage. Liverpool are a big team so you need to win more to unlock it, you should be close though.
  12. I think we've actually had that player of the month/year issue reported before and it turned out that no such award exists for those leagues. Will double check though when I get the chance.
  13. Odd. Could you please send us a save where we can reproduce this issue if you still have it? Thanks.
  14. Hey, Thanks for your suggestion, could you please post it in the wish-list thread?
  15. Had a look into this and it should be unlocking. Did you happen to holiday past this fixture? The achievement will only unlock if you actually played the match yourself.