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  1. What version of FM are you running here? Do you have all the updates? The match in the save diverged for me. From the video it looks like the ball went through the net rather than missing the goal completely?
  2. Best thing to do for stuff like this is to report examples of it happening in the match forum. That way we can have a look and see why that decision is being made, it could be a wide variety of things to be honest.
  3. can you upload a save game just before a CL match where this happens please?
  4. Ah, I don't believe FMT can save PKMs don't worry about it.
  5. Is this just happening for CL games? If so then that suggests that the match is being sent through the wrong attendance figures somehow. Have you edited the DB in any way for this save game?
  6. Are you using a custom skin pack? If so please try removing it. Also try clearing your cache + preferences folder: Then verify your FM files via Steam:
  7. Yes we call this a divergence and it's related to the way tactical changes are made during the match. Custom skins could potentially change the way tactical changes are made and lead to a divergence depending on the skin you're using. We need to know if this happens without the custom skin, and if it does, exactly how and when you made all of your tactical changes.
  8. The divergence here appears to be related to one of your tactical changes (or team talks), do you remember exactly how you made them? It could be something to do with the custom skin you're using, is this something that keeps happening for you or is a one-off?
  9. What graphical settings are you using for these matches? Your camera angle is also likely a factor here
  10. Hey guys, we've been investigating the crashes you've been seeing and from the reports we've seen on our crash server, all of them are on 10.14.4. We'd recommend updating to 10.14.5 (which has had no crashes reported) and seeing if that clears it up for you. Thanks
  11. Do you have a save game that you are able to reproduce this issue from? Have you tried clearing cache?
  12. If you've done a shout in the last 10 mins or so it'll be greyed out, is that it?
  13. Hey guys, thanks for testing out the latest changes and giving feedback. Can everyone that's tested this latest fix please attach their system info so we have that handy when cross-referencing affected machines? Thanks
  14. The best way to look at it is: Marking is how well a player actually marks and keeps track of someone, whereas other mental attributes (such as positioning and anticipation) will improve their decision-making in terms of who to mark and when. Since marking is a technical attribute, it's not used to catch players offside so much as the previously mentioned mental attributes.
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