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  1. 3D Lag on AMD Radeon GPU

    Hope that works. Not had any other reports of a yellow tinge in matches as far as I'm aware so it's a strange one. Seems like a different issue to the Nvidia one, but worth trying changing your free sync settings to see if that has any effect.
  2. Yes This is something we currently are aware of. Thanks
  3. Is allways rainning in England?

    Well it does rain a lot in England yeah! Worth keeping an eye out over a longer period of time to make sure it's not happening every game, but yeah, weather in Colchester isn't nice!
  4. Issue with away attendance shown in 3D

    We're aware of an issue with crowds at the moment that we're hoping to have a fix for soon. Thanks
  5. 3D Lag on AMD Radeon GPU

    The yellow tinge is very strange, do you have a spare monitor anywhere you can try? I'd also recommend checking your display settings to make sure that you don't have any adaptive brightness settings on.
  6. 3D Lag on AMD Radeon GPU

    Can you try updating your graphics drivers? Also, does the lag happen on all settings or only on certain ones i.e. is it laggy on low/medium settings?
  7. Lags when playing match

    Were you able to change your vsync settings to fast? That's sorted the lag for everyone that's been able to do it on high-end Nvidia machines.
  8. Lags when playing match

    Sorry to hear about this. Can you try the steps found in the FAQ link here:
  9. Sunderland AFC Kit Selection - Kit clashing

    You could try editing their 3rd kit to something a bit darker in the DB editor. But the changes would only effect a new game unfortunately.You could also try using a custom kit graphic to override it, someone here may be able to help you https://community.sigames.com/forum/18-skinning-hideout/
  10. Shirt numbers and names missing

    Are you using custom kit graphics? If so i'd recommend removing them.
  11. Licensed 3D Kits not showing in game

    Custom kit packs have nothing to do with us, you're best off asking whoever made the graphics.
  12. Licensed 3D Kits not showing in game

    The Premier League isn't licensed so most teams won't have the real kits other than Watford + Everton. It's the same reason they don't have the real club badges.
  13. 2D Classic poor graphics black ball

    Yes this is being looked in to currently.
  14. All players are black - KNOWN

    Yep, go to preferences. Then there's a drop down called 'preferences'->'match'. The shadow quality option should be there.