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  1. I've been able to reproduce the issue internally using the same resolution + zoom level and have passed on the info to the dev team. Thanks!
  2. In terms of power vs accuracy for free kicks. A player's strength attribute can determine how much power a player could use for a shot, whereas technique determines how much bend they can put on the ball. As Hunt3r said, finishing is not used for penalties, since there's players like Jorginho who are probably one of the best penalty takers in the world, but their finishing is average. It's a different skill and there's definitely some mind game elements at play. Look for: penalty taking, composure, ability to handle pressure and keep an eye on their body language to make sure they're not rattled.
  3. Hey, what kind of cable are you using to connect your laptop to this monitor? Could you try disabling V-Sync globally in NVIDIA Control Panel and restarting the game?
  4. My initial assumption would be that it's down to an issue with the custom skin you're using. But since you've already tried removing that and clearing cache it's probably worth making sure that your graphics drivers are fully up to date. Also try this:
  5. From what I remember (and I'm a bit rusty on the exact details) this is correct. Another key consideration to make when choosing an assistant (not just for OIs, but in general) is their style of play, since their suggestions will be biased based on that. e.g. a defensive manager may suggest going defensive more often when you come up against good sides. Try to choose an assistant that has a similar philosophy to yours and you'll get suggestions that are more relevant to the way you like your team to play.
  6. Hey can you try clearing your cache: Also if you're using any custom skins please try removing them to see if that's causing the problem.
  7. Hey I'm not seeing your save game on the cloud server. Are you sure that's the correct name?
  8. Right click your desktop and go to Nvidia Control Panel then go to Manage 3D Settings. You can set the card to be used here.
  9. You attached the PKM in one of your previous posts. What we're missing is your save game
  10. I don't see any save game in the cloud server with the name "EVERTON SOUTHAMPTON"?
  11. Low quality will lower the match resolution. What you can try is using medium settings but changing individual graphics options to low - by going to the match section of the preferences popup.
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