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  1. If you're not going to report bugs with the required information or in a respectful manner, then there's no need for this thread to continue any further. I suggest you read the bug reporting guidelines before posting in future. Thanks.
  2. It's under review, although not every match will be without adboards as you can see above from the other posts.
  3. Several members of the match testing team have coaching qualifications and/or have previous worked in sports statistics, but we also occasionally have talks and discussions with different people working in football so that we can learn and gain insight on certain things we're working on. In this specific process for identifying key/preferred attributes this was done entirely internally.
  4. The attributes highlighted as being key/preferred were reviewed and rewritten when we did the tactics revamp. As part of the design we got in a small group and reviewed everything together. We decided on each based on real-life analysis of players that play those roles, but also how the attributes system works in the ME. After that the final consideration that had to be made is that we differentiated the roles enough from eachother so that the role scoring isn't getting the same scores for multiple roles too often. Then came the testing and iteration, which basically amounted to putting in our changes and viewing random players, making sure that the suggested role made sense. Considering the amount of players in the DB this was a very difficult balancing process! But I think we got a good balance overall. If you have any further questions feel free to DM me and i'll answer if I can.
  5. Could you try updating your graphics drivers? Also, do you happen to have a different monitor you could test the game on to see if that makes a difference?
  6. First of all, are you using a custom skin? If so, does the issue happen without the custom skin or only when using it? If not, then are you able to reliably reproduce the issue? It may be to do with making changes through a certain screen or pop-up. If so please let us know exactly how you get this to happen.
  7. What frame rate are you getting while the match is playing? (you can enable an FPS counter in steam's settings). Can you attach your DxDiag?
  8. Yes they're the same assuming you have the same patch downloaded on both.
  9. We're currently investigating a couple of save games provided to us to make sure everything is working as expected. We'll let you know if we find anything, thanks
  10. We're having a look to make sure everything is working as expected. Could you upload your save game for reference with some examples?
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