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  1. We have made changes in players' skin tones, probably Koutroubis is an exception. Please check other players skin tones as well.
  2. Please be more specific, which attributes do you believe that should be higher and why.
  3. @moroccan_fan, you have a personal message...
  4. @moroccan_fan, I totally disagree with you about Manuel da Costa. I think that his mental attributes are his main weakness and they do not deserve to be higher than they are now. He often makes important mistakes in defence.
  5. You are probably right @Preveza, i will try to make as many changes as i can in Greek players' skin tones.
  6. Alafouzos is considered as one of the most patient chairmen in Greece. Everyone wanted Stramaccioni to be sacked sooner because his record before he left was: LDDDWLLLDL. Furthermore, please remember the cases of Jesualdo Ferreira and Giannis Anastasiou as well, he was very patient as well. So, i think 8 for Alafouzos patience is fair enough ingame.
  7. Maybe sometimes he tends to make runs on the flanks but every striker do that. Last night his position was striker alongside Marcus Berg.
  8. @Preveza, No, Jens Wemmer is still at Panathinaikos. We will take a look at Wakaso's strength, thanks. Leto plays now only as striker or second striker. He hasn't played as AMR/AML since he came back to Panathinaikos. When did you watch him playing on the flanks last time?
  9. Thanks @Ropotas, please post only in English here . Thanks @Persee.
  10. Please feel free to post here data issues related to Greek leagues. You can also visit our research forums on There is a topic for every single player and staff for the most reputed Greek Clubs such as Olympiakos, Panathinaikos, PAOK, AEK and a dedicated topic for every other Greek Club.
  11. Kyrgiakos retired from the Greek international squad.