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  1. Fixed Fixed Fixed Thanks for your help guys.
  2. @mchbitil, any link/source proving he is on loan please?
  3. @GameCrasher, thanks for your remarks. His join date for Inter has been amended. His contract with Olympiakos is 1+1 according to the Greek Media, so i will not change it.
  4. @Stezarium, it's not wrong. There is no limitation about EU players in GNB clubs' squad but there is in their first 11. Here is the proof (in Greek), article 22: They have to use 6 players eligible to play for Greek NT in the first 11. This means that they can't use more than 5 foreign players regardless they are EU or not.
  5. @ctfm2012, there should be a start date few days earlier (1/7/2015) for Greek clubs, i will take a look at this @Yuko, he still has a high dirtiness attribute. 3 red cards in just 5 games, probably that's an exception, i 've never experienced this in my tests. Anyway, the fact is that he deserves this attribute to be high, he makes dirty tackles even in the training sessions
  6. So, was the start date 1/7/2015? There is no way in FM to portray the stadiums as they are in reality.
  7. Hi ctfm2012, are you sure that you set "Greece" as game start date?
  8. Hi Lars, we know that Katsouranis has retired from football but he announced it too late to include it in this beta. By the way, i would like to let you know that Greek speaking users can post their comments on our dedicated research forum on
  9. Kyrgiakos retired from the Greek international squad.