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  1. @Yuko, thanks, i will look into it, but please, for one more time, please be more polite. @Stelios PAOK, it is true that this season there will be no club promoted from C division to B Division. That's why Division C clubs complain about: https://www.onsports.gr/podosfairo/story/608821/exodiko-apo-tis-omades-g-ethnikis-se-epo-kai-yfypoyrgo-gia-tin-anadiarthrosi I will check what's going on in the 2nd season. Please ask Claasen himself about any issue you have with his patch. @Travis Bickle, this is the topic about Greek leagues, not Cypriot ones, i cannot do anything about it.
  2. Yes, he must be able to register them if the players are under 23 years old. When did he tried to register them? Registration periods are the same with transfer periods in Greece.
  3. According to official announcement of Greek Professional Sports Committee on 18/10/2018, Gianis Alafouzos owns 44,24% of Panathinaikos shares. Source: http://www.gga.gov.gr/images/ΔΕΛΤΙΟ_ΤΥΠΟΥ_ΤΗΣ_18.10.18.doc The most of the rest percentage of Panathinaikos shares is owned by Sortivo LTD, company owned by Giannis Alafouzos as well. Giannis Alafouzos announced on 06/10/2018 that there is a pre-agreement between him and Pairoj for the sale of 50% of his shares but nothing happened since then. Also, it's really important Pairoj to be approved by Professional Sports Committee. So, we have to wait for official announcements by the board of Panathinaikos and Professional Sports Committee as well
  4. 1st and 2nd one yes, they will be fixed. For the registration issue, i will check it, as i said before
  5. - Greek U20 Division will be removed in one of the next updates. U17 and U15 can't be portrayed ingame for legal reasons - Greek Cup schedule will be correct in one of the next updates - @ELDITH, thanks, i will check it, probably it is related to Sparti's transfer restriction in some way
  6. @Tsaca, it will be fixed. There is no U20 division this season IRL. It will be removed and there will be only U19 Division in GSL and Greek National B Division.
  7. @xai, OFI's Board will be updated in the full version but Giorgos Samaras isn't the new president. Check out the new members of OFI's board in the following links: http://www.ofi1925.gr/el/οφη-12/το-διοικητικο-συμβουλιο-τησ-παε-οφη-1925-13 http://www.gentikoule.gr/podosfairo/149458-to-organogramma-tis-pae @jehovaswitnessatyourdooraswespeak, there is nothing official yet. Pairoj Piempongsant is still shareholder of Mouscron.
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