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  1. Thanks @Ropotas, please post only in English here . Thanks @Persee.
  2. Please feel free to post here data issues related to Greek leagues. You can also visit our research forums on There is a topic for every single player and staff for the most reputed Greek Clubs such as Olympiakos, Panathinaikos, PAOK, AEK and a dedicated topic for every other Greek Club.
  3. @Stezarium, it's not wrong. There is no limitation about EU players in GNB clubs' squad but there is in their first 11. Here is the proof (in Greek), article 22: They have to use 6 players eligible to play for Greek NT in the first 11. This means that they can't use more than 5 foreign players regardless they are EU or not.
  4. Kyrgiakos retired from the Greek international squad.