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  1. 1st and 2nd one yes, they will be fixed. For the registration issue, i will check it, as i said before
  2. - Greek U20 Division will be removed in one of the next updates. U17 and U15 can't be portrayed ingame for legal reasons - Greek Cup schedule will be correct in one of the next updates - @ELDITH, thanks, i will check it, probably it is related to Sparti's transfer restriction in some way
  3. Peritri

    [Greece] Data Issues

    @Tsaca, it will be fixed. There is no U20 division this season IRL. It will be removed and there will be only U19 Division in GSL and Greek National B Division.
  4. Peritri

    [Greece] Data Issues

    @xai, OFI's Board will be updated in the full version but Giorgos Samaras isn't the new president. Check out the new members of OFI's board in the following links: http://www.ofi1925.gr/el/οφη-12/το-διοικητικο-συμβουλιο-τησ-παε-οφη-1925-13 http://www.gentikoule.gr/podosfairo/149458-to-organogramma-tis-pae @jehovaswitnessatyourdooraswespeak, there is nothing official yet. Pairoj Piempongsant is still shareholder of Mouscron.
  5. Peritri

    [Greece] (Official) Data Issues

    @Cizzu, thank you. Fixed. @Rivelino, i will inform Cypriot HR about it.
  6. Peritri

    [Greece] (Official) Data Issues

    @aka_wizard, thank you, we are already aware of that. @Persee, ok then, so please make more specific suggestions about his attributes. @VinnieJones, this has never happened to me so far, i think it will be better if you post it here: https://community.sigames.com/forum/588-transfers-and-contracts/ @Bigpole, thanks, done.
  7. Peritri

    [Greece] (Official) Data Issues

    @ThanosV, i do not understand, all these players you mentioned above are not missing. @Persee, have you watched Ansarifard lately? Which attributes do you believe must be higher? @nikolaosaek, thanks for the notice, i have already informed AEK AR about this.
  8. Peritri

    [Greece] (Official) Data Issues

    Hi @aka_wizard, Panachaiki kits will be ok in a later version. You are right about Aris third kit, thanks for the notice.
  9. Peritri

    [Greece] (Official) Data Issues

    As far as i can see he is not going to retire ingame. Can you please post it on German Data Issues topic as Sokratis plays for Dortmund? Thanks in advance
  10. Kyrgiakos retired from the Greek international squad.