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  1. Giorgos Sarris will be in Ergotelis squad in the full release. This stadium was announced for the first time in April 2008! Nothing happened since then so we will have to wait before including it ingame. 1) Correct 2) No, we don't add all the backup U19 players 3) Correct, we will have to wait until the works officially start 4) Konstantelias renewal will be probably included in the full release 5) Strange, as Glykos departure date is 30/06/2019 and Brkic 21/02/2018.I will look into this
  2. His Polish nationality has been removed now. Someone told us that his mother is Polish but i can't find any evidence about his nationality. That's irrelevant. In fact, he has just returned in training a few days ago, so i will ask this period to be longer.
  3. Hi @kostas1998. Not really. It's a very complicated situation and until it's cleared up we have to not change anything. Check out the following links for more info: https://www.facebook.com/GSIraklis/photos/a.1918586545059030/2680926022158408/ https://www.facebook.com/AftonomiThira10/posts/3679054458795771 https://www.epo.gr/Competition.aspx?a_id=44144&Competition=2241&Season=2000000198&Country=82&Round=2000000493&Group=1000164795 https://www.epsm.gr/table.asp?diorganosi=Β ΕΡΑΣΙΤΕΧΝΙΚΗ - 6ος ΟΜΙΛΟΣ Logged. Thanks.
  4. Thanks @18tasos77 This will be fixed in one of the next updates.
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