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  1. Yeah, you’re going to face some undeserved sackings in those older games.. Ditch that version and find yourself a cheap unused version of FM14 where things like that had been ironed out.
  2. I recall when the game didn’t give you an automatic rep to match the club that you were managing. It meant that if you started with Man Utd, everyone - fans, board, press and the players wanted you gone on day 1. There was a lot of whinging and so automatic rep was introduced. Adds realism.
  3. FM18 - Who will you manage?

    How about Crystal Palace? Poor team and really tough opening fixtures. Palace will probably be better in FM than in real life though.
  4. FM18 - Who will you manage?

    Leicester City. Gonna win them back that Premier League!!
  5. It's not essential but worth adding if it's easy to do so. There are some good goals scored occasionally and it's a shame if all you see is the praise in the commentary.
  6. You can try offering a big signing on fee or a longer contract but you're normally stuck if a player's wage demands are well over your wage cap.
  7. There were a lot of additions in FMM 2017 but with 2018 two months away, I'd wait, especially as you'll get all the current squads.
  8. Sure I've mentioned this before but goal replays would be great. Nothing worse than being momentarily distracted by the TV or another person then looking down to see your team has just scored a great goal that you'll never see.
  9. Ah, one more thing. A clear message stating that a player is not interested in signing for you when he's just signed a new deal or signed for another club.
  10. Been thinking about the 'lack of difficulty' issue for some. May be you could have permanent unlockables that would be restrictive rather than beneficial. So when you unlock 'sugar daddy' you also unlock 'miser daddy' where you'll have a new chairman who snaffles most of your potential transfer budget, or worse, likes to sell off your most valuable players whether you like it or not and grab the profit! You could also have a 'nation restriction' unlockable meaning that you must have for example at least 95% of players from your club's home nation in your 1st team squad. You could be really harsh and make it 100% just like it really is for some clubs. Another could be a permanent winter transfer window ban unlockable where only the player's club is unable to trade in the winter. Of course the game's AI would need boosting as many computer controlled sides already don't trade in the winter. Not saying they'd all work but like when you unlock super hard legendary modes in video games, you could have options like those to make your game artificially tougher.
  11. I think in SIG's defence, FMM and its forebears have always been designed as a casual experience. Taking a non league team to Champions League glory was all part of the fun. It's really designed at the casual fan rather than the FM enthusiast who's going to find it limited even if they've given up the PC game. Problem is that as mobile devices have grown more powerful, the game has expanded greatly and people are expecting a greater challenge. I think the hard Brexit options make it tougher especially if you don't use unlockables for work permits, transfers and sugar daddy. But I agree that it could be made harder for low status lower league clubs to sign quality young players and also quality veterans who walk out of giant clubs into second tier clubs for a small wage. (Messi scored 25 goals for my Championship Portsmouth side and he only played half the season because he couldn't hold his fitness). There needs to be more competition from the other clubs to sign these players. But not everyone would be happy if they were only able to sign mediocrity.
  12. A couple of points that I've probably made before. No surprise that manager AI generally deteriorates as the years progress but it's inconsistent. Some teams from outside your chosen playable leagues might have very well stacked squads whereas top teams in your playable leagues might have run their squads down so much they need greys to fill in. I've seen a club (with a thin squad) let 6 pros go at the end of a season and replace them with two pricey signings for positions where they already look ok. Thinking about it that's probably realistic!! International management. I think you've already said you're looking at international scouts. I'd also like an automatic pool pick option, where your assistant gives you the 40 best available players to choose your squad from. I'd also like an automatic squad pick option by your assistant. Would be very useful when you're managing unfamiliar national teams especially later in the game when they all are. It also allows you to avoid forgetting to bring back key players from long term injury. Happens a lot when I'm in a rush or tired. I'm also sure that players in non playable leagues are sneaking in phantom matches just before internationals. I sometimes notice a new match rating for them has appeared in their ratings history. I regularly find my international squad has several injured or unfit players when in some cases I don't think they should have played any games before the international. May be something to check out. Finally for now there's that issue where some players don't decline enough when they hit their mid 30s. It's possible for a lesser side to pick up a former world class player, who's been let go by his previous club. But he plays as if he's still near his peak and is devastating. It's great fun if you're not managing a top team but it's not really realistic. You end up not playing your up and coming players enough then they get annoyed and want to leave then your superstar retires and you're left with problems! Edit: Oh yeah meant to say that when squad numbers get run down over the years, AI teams are forced to pick unfit players in their first 11. I also think some AI managers continually pick their sometimes very unfit top players instead of fit average players. It means the human manager’s team can normally beat those tired teams through fitness alone.
  13. Further update. Man United bought the Norwegian national goalie soon after my last post. So there is some squad checking going on but it's on the slow side.
  14. Update on this. A youth goalie got promoted the next season and became first choice goalie and averaged under 6.0 for the season. Still no attempt to buy another goalie by United but they did buy an attacking midfielder!! A second youth was promoted and he is now 2nd choice goalie. United still made the Champions League though. Noticed squad issues with some other big teams. I'd expect them more in inactive leagues rather than the active ones.
  15. One thing I've seen in several versions, is that mid game a player might be getting say a 5 rating. So you sub him and off he goes but his final rating shows as 7 for example. Was he playing at a 5 level just at that moment but overall he was actually at 7? I might not have subbed him if I'd known that.