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  1. When I hit a slump I tend to rotate the squad constantly as there are usually bench players desperate to play. I often find that players I’ve mostly ignored because I’ve never given them a long enough run in the team, turn out to be much better than I first thought and so end up being first team regulars. Sometimes you just have to wait it out. If your squad is good enough they come out of the slump eventually. Edit: I’d also check squad morale. Make sure you haven’t got too many players in the team with low morale. Play some of the happy youngsters or content journeymen ahead of the first team regulars if you have to. Hopefully you’ll manage a win or two lifting overall squad morale.
  2. I mention this regularly but I’d still like to see pre-season league and cup tournament odds like in the PC game. The game is already assessing the strength of your side because it gives you individual match odds. Odds are useful because they give you an idea of how much you need to strengthen your squad at a glance. I’ve noticed over ambitious youth players (16/17) wanting to be backup in my Champions Cup winning squads in their contract renewals. They should know that they can only really be hot prospects unless they’re potential world superstars and already 3-4 star rated. It’s good to see that the bigger clubs in Europe are still trying to sign top players after about 15 seasons or so. I’d still like to see a bit more effort. 25 seasons in, the only team buying £100m players is mine yet some of the other clubs must have similar resources. Yes, they’re buying players for £50m or £60m but they seem reluctant to splash the cash for the current superstars. Tight! Talking of success it would be good if the game noted that your side (or another) has defended its league or cup titles. If you’ve won the Champions Cup three times in a row then the game should note it and that your squad (and may be its leading players) are legends of the game. At the moment all time player legends picked by the game are hidden away in the scrapbook. Otherwise, all good!
  3. If it happens the 3D engine would be restricted to top end tablets and smartphones. It would be pointless on a low end Android phone even though the latest models are much more powerful than they used to be. For some reason the 2D engine struggled on my Galaxy S10e. It’s flawless on my iPad Pro as you would expect since it can run the Touch 3D engine fine.
  4. I'd like the scouting system from the PC game even if it's in a cut down form. The chief scout, based on his experience of footballing regions (so may be you'd have to hire one), tells the other scouts where to search for players and only those players who would be a worthwhile addition to your squad are recommend to you. The players, you as manager specify should be scouted, will be reported on in the usual way even if they're hopeless.
  5. I’ve now had time to have a good play and I think we have a really solid game now with a real challenge at the lower league levels and that’s a really good thing. The boards strictly enforce scrooge like transfer and wage budgets and often reduce the wage budget the following season if you don’t do well leaving you in the lurch. It’s also tough to shift players if you have a mediocre lower league team. The only players that are often sellable are the ones you need to keep for any chance of success. Loanees are more important than ever. I think the days of taking that non league team through to Champions League glory though are almost at an end. Some are saying that you can still be too dominant with one of the giant teams so may be some work is needed there.
  6. I've found this as well. Taking over a team that's spent its wage budget is now much more difficult to manage. Pleased to see goal replays, something I asked for. Good game!
  7. I don't think it was ever said by anyone at SI/Sega. I think people just assumed that the national team would come with the league.
  8. I only paid something like £7 after world cup discount because I had left over cash in my account.
  9. Was looking through some of my old posts. I think this one on international management is still mostly relevant. The international team report is a good addition but is more helpful for picking a first team rather than a squad.
  10. Just to repeat as it’s been a while since I last posted it. I wish for pre competition odds - clubs and nations. When your 15 season’s in, it’s not always clear who the heavyweights and lightweights in a division are or whether England are the best country in the world, before they go on to win the World Cup. Tied to that club and country rankings as well.
  11. Mo Salah. He’s in the game but has never been picked for the Egyptian squad in my current save even though Egypt only has about 3 real players in its squad.
  12. Players who know the game well will soon build up a squad that’s above average for the division after a couple of seasons. As Footix says, you’ll then do quite well simply by having better players. Perhaps the best test is international management. If you’re managing a team that’s very average in ability in world terms then you can’t just recruit better players to improve your chances. Even with good managing ability you could struggle as you can’t contain in form attacking superstars or overwhelm world class defenders with journeymen.
  13. The lack of unsolicited Job offers is an old issue. I remember moaning to Marc for a couple of years about it and then in one version the job offers started appearing. But changes made to this year’s game may have tightened things up again.
  14. Good spot this one. It is confusing. If a team plays a two match cup tie and loses the first leg, that match is shown as red. If the team then gets the result in the second leg needed to win the overall tie, that is always shown in green because they’ve won the tie but it also makes sense because they’ve won the second leg. The problem is when a team wins the first leg (shown green as in Acheron’s example) but then loses the second leg but still goes through. You see green for the overall win but there’s nothing to make it clear that you lost that leg. It’s still a defeat which is presumably recorded as one in your overall career record.
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