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  1. Although I suffer the occasional loss to 10 men, I usually win against 10 without having to do anything fancy. I tend to play 442 and 41221 formations.
  2. I was initially wary of the Brexit scenarios but I have to admit they completely change the mobile game if you play with an English side. Whereas in previous versions your careers would roughly follow the same upwardly mobile path, as you replaced your team of British journeymen with team of all conquering international superstars, now getting lumbered with a hard Brexit really stops you in your tracks. No more easy signings of foreign wonder kids and quality young 20 somethings. I've found myself having to scrabble about looking for decent British players and facing really tough competition to sign them. Attracting quality foreign international players is even harder because even if they assured of getting a work permit, rival English teams, never mind foreign ones, battle hard for them. My inevitable march to success doesn't look so inevitable now! I guess that a soft Brexit or a hard Brexit with UK break up will offer even more varied careers.
  3. International team management is a lot better than it was but is still a bit clunky. 1) You need a way of showing when you are in player search mode, which players are in your squad and which ones aren't. So easy to forget to recall a player who you'd removed because of a long term injury, especially if you're managing a team with lots of unfamiliar players. 2) You also need international coach reports. Is that 33 year old veteran midfielder still worth picking ahead of the 23 year old upstart? I like that the regional tournaments and their qualifying competitions are now shown in full. No more such and so has been called up to the African Nations but they don't actually go anywhere and their caps are not counted.
  4. International management selection has always been fiddly on FMM. When players get injured, you have to remember to add them back in the squad again. Also when a player has suddenly risen to international quality, it's not always easy to spot them with the scouting system. I'd prefer it if the game (your international coach perhaps) automatically found what it considered to be the top 40 or so available international players to help you chose your squad but with the option of selecting players outside that top 40.
  5. I've found that offering a big release clause (where appropriate) can get players, certainly younger ones, to accept a lower wage. Only problem with this is that down the line they can start to demand a move later to a bigger club.
  6. Ridiculously harsh sackings are a way of life in Football Manager!! Agree with others that for teams expected to atruggle, players are too quick to lose faith. Early underachieving moaning should only happen with teams expected to win league/division.
  7. So what happened next with Messi? Chelsea bought him for £37m in the January window with no rival bids. He then went on to score 19 goals in 23 games and help Chelsea win the Europa League and just miss out on the Premier League to Tottenham on goal difference. Bargain!! Barca didnt seem to miss Messi too much though and won La Liga by 2 points over Real Madrid and also beat Madrid in the Champions League final. A win-win for Barca and Chelsea then!! If only real life was so simple!
  8. On Apple Macs/ devices, you can save to iCloud in game.
  9. Ah right. I should have said it happened during my Oldham save and the date was November 2016 not Jan 2017.
  10. Ok cheers Jamie. I don't have a start of the season save but I've uploaded my current save to the FMH folder anyway so you can have a look if you wish.
  11. So Barcelona second season in - 16/17, Mourinho takes over as manager. Barcelona (defending Spanish champions) buy Hulk (World Cup flop in real life of course). Hulk takes Messi's place even though Messi was in-game world player of the year for 15/16. By mid Jan, Messi has not started a league game (strained relationship with Mourinho) and begins complaining and asks to be transfer listed and is. Expressions of interest from other big clubs? None!! All very odd!!
  12. I think it might help if real-time speed was labelled realtime rather than slow or normal etc...
  13. That info was from your official Twitter feed. Football Manager (@FootballManager) tweeted at 10:06pm - 16 Nov 15: @emileklof The Air is not compatible with the upcoming release of Touch (