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  1. I manage Besiktas in Turkey and Besiktas is big team in Turkey but i am struggling on tactics. I try a lot of tactics. My own system or Recommend tactics but anyone not working.
  2. The game is started in Asia. In Europe and Middle East When will it come.. 😁
  3. Are you thinking of surprise? 😁 Any innovations that you did not explain?
  4. Why not announced ? We are still waiting FMM 21 features... If not announced I can't buy this game... Because every year same game...
  5. Where is the new feature ? When will it come ? We're waiting good features. Hi From Legandary Managers Facebook Group 🙂. (Turkish Football Manager Mobile group )
  6. Bad news... We pay every year 60₺. My weekly allowance is 50₺. But every year same game...
  7. Like this tactic... He is unconquareble in 2022 against PSG. This tactic is unrealistic. But like 4-1-2-2-1 tactic didnot work. I say my gooalkeper play short but my keeper play long... I use enhanced match engine.
  8. We spend money for this game but we can't play this game with our friends. Please take notice us !
  9. Thank u for your reply. But mobile tactical system bad. Unrealistic tactic works but realistic tactics doesnt work.
  10. If fm turkey group read this they can understand me. Bu oyuna 60₺ veriyoruz. Her sene aynı oyun ve leş... Yapmayın abi siz bu işi... Taktikte kontrollü pas oyunu oynamak istiyorum ofansif oyun kurucum ne top aliyor ne top çıkartıyor... Oyunu hücuma donduruyorum yine aynı şekil... Büyük takimlar kötüleşiyor.. rekabet kalkıyor 3 sezon sonunda... Böyle yapacaksanız almayalım gitsin. Siliyorum oyunu bıktırdınız artık. Rakibiniz Soccer Manager'da bile taktik sistemi daha iyi...
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