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  1. A couple of other thoughts. I’d still like to see some auto scouting where may be the designated chief scout sends himself and the other on practical scouting missions, if you don’t set anything yourself. I’m quite lazy with scouting and scout on a single player basis, so would appreciate that. I think it’s already been said that a more detailed explanation about the pros and cons of all the different types of coaches, scouts and physios would be useful. Also when you set staff as say chief scout, reserves manager and head of youth development, do they gain any extra abilities owing to their added responsibilities? If not, should they?
  2. Now I’ve finally been successful, I’ve got a couple of suggestions. 1.It would be nice if the Board and the press congratulated you if you manage a season double, treble or mythical quadruple, which I’ve done. 2. Even when you’ve been sweeping all teams before you, some players seem inexplicably nervous that your team might lose. And it’s not losing to a big club, it’s often losing to a much smaller club which may end your undefeated run. I could understand some of the more wary players being cautious but not nervous in those circumstances. 3. I think the competition at the top is tougher now although I’d still like to see the bigger clubs compete more for top players who are looking to move. Would a Premier League club be the only team bidding for a highly rated South American Player of the Year who’s looking to move to a bigger (probably) European club? 4. Youth squad ratings. At the end of the season, I might see that a youth player has scored say 20 goals in 25 games and has an 8.0 rating yet my youth manager (I always try to pick a youth coach) might only rate them as having a half star potential and not worth signing. I’ve signed players like that for my clubs anyway and they’ve usually gone on to do ok, scoring plenty goals in their senior careers but at a lower level. I suppose what I’m saying is that if a youth player does very well in their youth season (especially strikers), they tend to do well in their senior career no matter how low the rating the youth manager gives. 5. I think it’s already been mentioned about agents/other clubs offering your top league club half star rated youth players for millions of pounds. Obviously not realistic. Hope that helps.
  3. I’ve been checking back on Wednesday who are now in the 29/30 season and they seem to be sorting themselves out. I was manager for 26/27. Nearly all the contracts of those players on big salaries have ended and they’ve been let go. Only two players are now on salaries over £10k and they’ll be gone at the end of the 30/31 season. The rest are capped at £3.3k. The finances have improved from bankrupt to insecure. So the game’s financial system is robust and clubs can recover. My issue is that I was starting to be blamed for the earlier mess and from the bad vibes I was getting from the board/administrators, wouldn’t have been allowed to see things through to the recovery. Not to worry though, I'm doing well with Bournemouth in the Championship and should be in with a shout for promotion.
  4. Sorry Marc, I forgot to check back. I’ve left Sheffield Wednesday but I can see that they’re still languishing at the bottom of League Two with several Championship salary players. I’ll send you the save anyway so you can check things out. Edit. If you saw strange minutes from an ADEPT meeting in 2016 then that was me fumbling around with your iCloud system. Struggling to find any FMM files in my iCloud though. Edit. @Marc Vaughan Finally sorted it. What a faff! File with Bournemouth career uploaded on 18 Feb at 14.07. File name is: vane_fmm_save_1.fms Sheffield Wednesday in League Two are beyond bankrupt with many players still on Championship level wages after successive relegations, as discussed.
  5. My first feedback post. Great game as always. It seems harder to me, especially in the lower leagues. Boards seem to be more demanding than ever and give you less time. It’s harder to sign good players on the cheap. They stick out for everything even those with no club! I like new features such as the match hub stuff. I should probably study it more carefully! I like the touches offering extra immersion such as cup holders hoping to retain their titles etc. I did have one difficulty though. Sheffield Wednesday had dropped down from the Championship to League Two in successive seasons but still had most of their first team squad on Championship pay meaning that the wage bill was ten times the budget. I took the job as a challenge in November of the season. Objectives were to lower wage bill and get a mid table finish. I managed the finish with my Championship players but it was impossible to sort out the finances. Couldn’t shift anywhere near enough players even with me and the administrator putting most of the squad up for sale and then I started getting blamed unfairly for the whole mess and called insolent for whatever reason, so I left. I suspect that there aren’t enough teams chasing players from some relegated clubs.. Most players would take a salary drop to stay in the same division wouldn’t they? But I don’t think the offers are coming in so they stay bankrupting some clubs.
  6. iPad version. Scouting matches doesn’t seem work for me either.
  7. IOS version. The Director of Football contract negotiations need some fine tuning. I had a 4 star goalie as my regular starter but needed some half decent backups as my last ones had left/retired. So I signed two young 2 star goalies with 3/4 star potential at around the same time. But I allowed the DoF to sort out the contract details as I tend to be too generous. The salaries agreed were relatively low as expected but he agreed ‘first choice keeper’ playing time with both! Now neither of them are happy and they want to leave. I can manage the fall out but I think the DoF actions need a review.
  8. How old is your iPad? I think it depends on the chipset in the iPad. My guess is that the iPad/iPhones work harder when a goal is scored so it may be a strain for older devices. I've got a 2018 iPad Pro. No frame drops at all. I've also got an iPhone XS (2018). That's ok but you can see it's close to the limit running the match engine. Nerd time! The iPad Pro A12X processor is an upgraded version of the iPhone XS's A12 processor which I think makes the difference. So I suspect that any iOS device older than 2018 may struggle. That's not unreasonable as even my devices will soon by 5 years old and the game will be designed for later hardware....Someone will prove me wrong now!
  9. Google allows you to change your Play store country but there are restrictions on how often you can do it. I also suspect that you would need to be in the new country to download the apps. If you changed your store to Serbia and nipped across the border to buy the apps so you don’t get geo-blocked then all should be fine but as Stephen says, it’s best to check with your local Android community.
  10. I’m trying Touch as I’ve got Apple Arcade as a freebie. This is feedback not bug reports. The commentary text is a bit on the small side. I suppose you’re trying to maximise the viewable pitch space but I think the text could be bigger. It’s a bit odd having to peer at it when coming from the mobile game. Also, when making subs in match mode, it’s not easy to read at a glance what positions your subs play in. None of the viewing modes I tried seem to show their positions. It’s an issue when you’ve just taken over a team and aren’t familiar with the players. only by moving the player on the tactics screen do the green, yellow and red colours show on the positions on the pitch. I like the 3D match engine. It’s better than the 2020 version. But some of the match play is a bit too good. I’m managing Crawley in L2 and they’re passing it around and banging it into the net as if they are a Brazilian team from the 70s and 80s. 😀 Not sure I like the heart symbol for condition either. I prefer a number. Difficult to guess whether a tired player can keep going or not. Thats it for now.
  11. Oh dear! I didn’t even realise that you could check the detailed effect of the team talk on a player. Probably should have turned on that help guide. Lazy me!
  12. Pre-order downloaded and installed itself just as I’m about to go to bed! Arrgh!!
  13. Yep, I be happy with that old PC set up. A few playable leagues with a load of read only would be great!
  14. Although Marc’s just said that the minor leagues have their fans so may be they’re more popular than I think. I’d probably run the lot if the game allowed it as I think my recent age iPad Pro could cope.
  15. The transfer screen above is nice to see but there’s a risk that the powerful ‘enquiry’ mode could make the extra feedback redundant. The selling club nearly always gives me a straight price that they stick to, following an enquiry. It’s only when other clubs join in that the price rises. I’d also hope to see the assistant manager state that a player has just been purchased by his current club and is very unlikely to want to move…and then that player will refuse to move if you continue to try and buy him. I’ve seen too many players being interested to move when they’ve just been bought by another club in the same transfer window. I know it happens but it’s very rare. As for extra leagues, I personally think there’s enough. There wouldn’t be much to be gained gameplay wise by adding say the Hungarian, Czech, Chilean or Japanese leagues unless you come from one of those countries of course. I bet most game players stick to the same major leagues already present in the game.
  16. This is a good idea. I’ve suggested before that scouts should automatically recommend players throughout the season even if you haven’t given them specific scouting tasks.
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