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  1. I believe the game should have a all time Goal ranking and assist in all competitions to make it more lively as players will be expected to break such records. Also, I don't see why teams don't have their own personal awards.
  2. I think it will be better if manager can get contracts from clubs they are coaching or managing. That would be make the game more interesting and real
  3. Not only that. There should even be awards for the player with the highest assist not just for goals scored alone
  4. I think it would make lots more sense if managers can be signed on contracts by their clubs and their contracts get to expire like real life. Also make an award for like the player of the season for each clubs(if you are coaching Manchester united) they should be handing out awards to the best player for them both monthly and yearly. A 3D match engine. Enjoyable transfer window. Removal of release clause for all Spanish teams. Manager's award and pictures. Also a press meeting before and after every match. Media on teams performance where you can praise a certain player performing well
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