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  1. Even I'm thinking to buy in game editor i just want to know if i buy now and later if due to some reasons i delete and re install my game, should i buy in game editor once again or else it will be present????
  2. Will we get 3d match engine in FMM 20 beacuse it's the only missing thread in this game . Their was game called real football manager 2008 by GAMELOFT , i used to play the game on my Nokia 5200 it was a symbian file, and that game had a 3d match engine , it was not that good but it had a 3d match engine it was ony 2mb file. FM being such huge brand why can't they give 3d match engine in this mobile version it will take this game to another level if we get 3d match engine Every year we all wait for 3d match engine, hope we get suprised this year by 3d match engine in FMM 20
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