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  1. Maybe we could get a more in-depth tactic system. Currently the pre-match reports lack information. You only get to know the formation with your opponent played in the last match and often your opponent then plays a complettly different tactic against you which is very frustrating if you set your team up based on the opponent. If would be better if we get to know how they played not only formation wise but also how the team is set up offensively and defensievly. That would go in hand with adjusting the tacical-analyst scouts who are pretty much useless right now. Also we need some more tactical choices for example man marking in defense and a better control over the players movement in attack. Also the team-mentality often doesn´t reflext the way you want to play. If i play "control" i often end up with 50% possesion (even with slow tempo and "work into box" while if i play "counter" i often end up with over 60% or even 70% possesion. In my opinion the scouting needs some adjustment too. After 3-4 seasons there are always 2-3 young players in the top 20 palyers of the world who play at clubs like lyon, watford, dortmund... whitch is pretty unrealistic because big clubs now buying the young players with an age of 18 or younger. I would like the big clubs to sign the young players ealier or that the scouts of the bigger teams more often discover these young players early so they can sign them immediately. Furthermore the youth squads need some work too. I think it would be very col if you could train Barcelona B for 2-3 years and then take over the first team after some time, just like Real Madrid did with Zidane. It´s common today that teams promote managers from their youth squads if they want a change in the first team. Additionally it would be helpful of you could choose different assistant managers for your youth team even if you are manager of the first team. I also often wonder if players get better in a team and adapt better to a tactic or if it just stays the same. I know that after you get a new player into the squad they sometimes struggle to adapt to the team style of play if your assistant manager tells you so. But i would like to have a better feedback on how the player generelly do with my tactic maybe indicated with a bar or precentage on how good they are with possesion, counter, high-press, sit deep and so on. That would really help from transfers to setting your team up. To me it´s also unclear, if your assistant manager says that a player is a good dribbler, does that mean that he often tries to dribble regardless of the player roles he has? I would like to have a better feedback and explenation, maybe in the online manual. The player traits also need some adjustment and a bigger impact on the game and there should be more options for all player roles. For ecample anchor man, central midfielder or defensive midfielder rarely have those player traits. I enver saw a player trait for an DM in my 5 careers even if i trained them as a DM their whole career. Last i would like to have the option to talk to my whole team just like in pc version. After a bad game i sometimes want to exhort my whole team instead of going trough every player and discipline them. Also i would like to cheer them up after a game that we lost unfortunally. Or give them the extra motivation in a game i really want to win. I love the game and im lookinf forward to what is to come. Im from Germany and it´s the first FMM that i can play since a long time, because it wasn´t available in Germany due license agreements. Keep up the good work.
  2. I was wondering about how the mnager reputation works. I started a new career unemployed and took over R. Santander in Spanisch B3. We got promoted in two years in to First Division. In my first season i reached 6th, second 5th and i won the Europa League. After that i resigned and wanted to move to another club with a higher reputation then R. Santander. After promotion to First Division my manager reputation was regional. Even though i immediately qualified for an International Competition my reputation still was regional. After winning the Europa Cup my reputation was national for a month, then changed back to regional. I thought that if i win a big competition as Europa League my reputation would be at least kontinental and if my team is unexpectedly succesfull over 2 season my reputation should be national, not regional. I was wondering if this is nomal and that you have to win more than an international title to consistently get a higher reputation or if this is a bug.
  3. I´m not sure if this is a bug or if the players my scout recommended me to bring the team to the next elvel are just to expensive for the clubs budgets. My situation was that i had 20m transfer and 150k/week wage budget at the start of the season. My scout recommended players to me, that were far more expensive then 20m (From player value 15m-30m). I tried this again and it looks like that this is fixed or maybe i was just dumb and changed the player roles myself. Something i discovered is that the team-mentality often doesn´t fit with the stats, for example if i play counter my team often gets around 60%-70% possesion while playing control often results in under 50% possesion. Is it possible that those two are mixed up and that counter in reallity is control and the other way?
  4. I discovered some bugs. I added the safe file where these problems occured. - after starting the game and loading the save-game, the game kicks out a player from my bench (result: after restarting the game i always have to add 1 player as a sub) - my scout for starters/regular players always reccomends me player that are way above my transfer and wage budget (example: i have 20m transfer and 150k/w wage, he reccomends me a player for 40m) - when playing a 3-5-2 formation, the player roles get reset after a new game start - the ratings for defensive midfielders is still low, even though has a pretty good impact on the game when looking at the post match statistics (example: 30(28), won 4(4) tacklings and 2(1) areal duels). The role doesn´t really matter, they always get a 6 or sometimes a 7 even though DM is possibly the most important role in modern football - clubs tend to get poorer as the game goes on. I also discovered this but there is already a discussion going on: Thanks for looking into it fm_save2.zip
  5. I do understand that. I tried to adjust the transfer and wage budgets to test if anything happens because in my example, ManCity and Real Madrid didn´t buy players for 3 seasons ( i checked all the top clubs transfers at start and end of season). I was wondering why because they didn´t even had a full squad (15 players and around 10 greyed out). After adjusting both clubs budgets they started buying players again. So there is definitly something going on, i just don´t know what it is. Also what i have noticed, if i take over a club, they always have overdrawn wage budget. Maybe that´s related to the problem. PS: i also checked the budgets during the season with the editor, the budgets dind´t really change (ManCity had transfer around 500k-700k, Real Madrid around 1m-1.5m, same applies to wage budget)
  6. This is my save from August 2037. Note that i changed the budgets for some clubs with the editor but this doesn´t seem to affect the clubs, they loose the money when updating to a new season. Best examples in my save are FC Bayern (Transferbudget 5.3m) Chelsea (38m), ManUnited (16m), AS Rom (1.7m), Real Madrid (38m). This is at the end of transfer phase but when you take a look at the transfer history, Real Madrid bought a player for 18.25m and that´s it. Then you have player from Lyon or AS Monaco under Top-10 players which is pretty ridicolus, it seems like no club can afford them so they stay in their club. ManCity and Barca are two clubs i managed recently, those 2 clubs have more funds then other top clubs. Also i noticed that some squads are pretty much just the starting eleven and some youth players, the rest are greyed-out players which indicates the clubs can´t afford new players at all. I played around 5 careers now. The problem occurs in every career after 4-5 seasons. I hope you can get something out of this fm_save4.zip
  7. Same for me. Idk when it starts but all the rich teams are somehow poor after a couple of seasons. And then you get a player from Huddersfield under Top 10 expensive player because no club can afford him.
  8. I was wondering about the pre-match analysis of the upcoming opponent. Very often there is the case that the opponent team plays a completely different tactic then shown in the analysis (for example 4-2-3-1 in analysis and 4-2-2-2 or 4-3-1-2 in the match). How am i supposed to create a match plan without knowing the tactic? Also why the analysis only contains the formation, not the playing style offensively and defensively? The analysis also is not better with a tactical analyst as a scout. Is this a known issue? Best regards
  9. Hey all, i was wondering if there is any way to prevent crosses. I tested a lot with Barcelona (in 4-1-2-2-1), but my striker always had the same amount of headers (4-6 per game) and shots (6-8 per game). I put him as every possible role, but always with the same result. I also tried Attacking Style 'Narrow' and 'Center', played with Inside Forw. and Advanced Playm. on the wings, put the wingers into 'winger-striker' position. I tried with and without 'Work-inot-Box', 'Overlap' and so on. So i tried pretty much everything to focus on slowly playing in the center of the field. I changed the player-role of my midfielders but this also doesn´t change anything. I also tried without winger, just 'wingbacks' and 'inside-fullbacks' with the same result My question is, is there any way to prevent crosses?
  10. These are some changes i´d love to see in the next version of the game: - caretaker managers, pre-contracts and manager contracts: i´d like to have an expiring contract as a manager that needs to be extended after a couple of seasons, just to make it more realistic. Also i´d like to have pre-contracts with other clubs, so you don´t have to leave your club mid-season to take over any other club that has no manager at the moment. Maybe an assistant manager could take over that club until you take over at the end of the season. - more realistic manager rating (Wolrdclass, Continental, National, ...): I got promoted from Spanish B2 to LaLiga in 2 Seasons. I managed to constantly reach European Championship Qualification (Europa League) 3 times but clubs that got relegated to 2nd Spanisch League didn´t want to hire me even though i did a pretty good job at my club. The reputation of a club and what you reach with it should also be considerd in the manager rating. Best example is Ernesto Valverde, who did a pretty solid job at Atletic Bilbao and the moved to Barcelona even though he didn´t win major titles with Atletic. - more realistic offers for players: in all of my careers there are always some teams, that are unexpectedly good. In real football the good players from these surprise teams get bought out at the end of such a season. But that wasn´t the case in my careers. The bad clubs could easily hold all their players without them complaining. The bigger clubs should be more interessted in good players, especially in good young players. - more realistic manager signings: often good managers get signed by bad clubs. E.g. Julen Lopetegui singed at Deportive La Coruna in Second Spanisch League coming from Spanish National Team and Real Madrid, which is pretty unrealistic. - Specific Skill Trainers: in addition to the assistant trainers i´d like to have some skill trainers, only for passing, dribbling, pace, movement without ball ... so you can train the overall ability of the squad in a specific skill that also has an influence on how the team plays (eg. Passing and Movement trainer for Barcelona for Tiki-Taka). - Tactical adjustments: I´d like to have some more options for setting tactics. E.g. players staying in tactical shape or changing positions, player rotations on the wing, high and/or low crosses or no crosses at all.
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