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  1. I was wondering why my Inside Forward always stays in the middle of the pitch instead of staying wide and then cutting in with the ball. Is there any tactical instruction or player role around the inside forwards that triggers this? Is there any way to make them stay wide? I also tried to play inside forwards as wingers when they have the trait to "cut inside" but then they never cut inside which is really strange. Something that i also was wondering about is if the player roles have any impact on the player at all. Because for example players with a trait that says they dribb
  2. unfortunally not right now. But in my last post i had a save-file attached where this was the case. But I dont have it anymore. Im gonna look around, maybe i can get another file. Because the message is very rare (saw it only like 3-4 times until now)
  3. There ist still the bug for the youth teams that play in a official league like Spain or Germany that i mentioned a couple of months ago. The coach for the youth team that you choose has no influence on the youth team - they don´t play his formation and they sometimes are "insecure who becomes next coach".
  4. I would like to see a tactical "overhaul" so that the playing style you choose has more influence on the match and the stats. If i choose "Control" as a playing style my possession is nearly the same as if i choose counter or offensive. And i rarely have over 60% possession per game even with good passers and movement without the ball. What also bothers me is that in the match report i always have around 200-300 passes when im playing full possession as in comparison to real life, those teams often have 600-800 passes or even more. Also i would love to see different formations for wi
  5. Hi Louie, it´s the third point on the negative side. Translated it means something like 'would benefit from better facilities'. Not all players have this point but i would say a third to a half have it. Again at Valencia where i edited the reserves team facilities none of my players got this point. But nearly every player got a point which says 'need im proved specialt raining'. But if i remember right this means for example a goalkeeper need a goalkeeper assistant coach.
  6. Hi Louie, i think i accidentally edited it by myself with the in-game editor befor saving the game. I resigned and signed another club, in that case Real Sociedad. But it´s the same problem. It is in german but as you can see in the club information tab it says 'hochmodern' or 'ultramodern' (i don´t know the proper englisch word, but it´s the best level of the facilities) for both training and youth. But when i look at it with the in-game editor it says 'hervorragend' or `'superb' and 'ausgezeichnet' or excellent.
  7. I found some bugs with the youth teams (Spanish and German League, but i think it applies to all the youh teams that play in a lower tier legaue and not in the etxra reserve team competition) My assistant coaches tactic for the youth team is not applied on the team. Also some player are concerned about who becomes their next coach ('personal' tab in player interface) The training report says that the players need better training facilities, even though training and youth facilities are both outstanding. Interessting is that when i look at my youth teams facilities via in-game edito
  8. I got some suggestions to potentially improve the game. More Player Roles: Complete Winger (Mixture between Inside Forward and Winger), Dummy Runner (Player who makes runs to create space for other players) - theses are jsut some examples More Tactical Depth: More tactical instructions, especially for the last third Pre-Contracts as a manager with another club and caretacker coaches Ability to let Scouts search in a single country, not only in a region Players traits should have more influence (do they have a influence at all). I had several Players with the trait
  9. Hi James thanks for your fast reply. 3. It´s a fair point. Maybe you could just adjust so that when you win a national Trophy such as Copa Del Rey or Spanish League your manager rating goes to national. After winning the Spanish Cup the first time my rating went to regional which in my opinion is not that realistic. 5. After playing on for a little in the save file my motivational coach started influencing one player. But the other still (included myself) have no influence. i also replace some coaches but after beeing in the club for 2-3 months they also have no influence.
  10. I found several bugs. Here´s a list with the attached save-game. Own manager formation stays 4-4-2, even though i play 4-3-2-1 The formation of the assistant coach attached to the reserve team don´t match. My youth team manager has a 4-1-2-2-1 formation but my reserve team plays with a 4-4-2 Manager reputation goes up way to slow. I won Spanish Cup, EL and CL but my reputation only went to continental. In my opinion it should go to continental after winning EL and to worldclass after winning CL. Also after winning the Spanish Cup i would have excpected that i get a national r
  11. I bought FMM 2019 back in November and also bought the all-inclusive package. After setting my phone up newly today i installed FMM 2019 from the PlayStore. When i started the game, every unlockable needed to be purchased again. I tried the "restore transactions" button on the bottom but nothing changed. I also tried to restart my phone but it was the same after that. Can i get help on this issue please? Edit: If i try to buy the all-inclusive from unlockables a smal window opens from Google PlayStore which says : "Error - you already own this article"
  12. Something off-topic. Does updates apply to existing save-games or do i have to create a new save-game to play with the updated version?
  13. Maybe we could get a more in-depth tactic system. Currently the pre-match reports lack information. You only get to know the formation with your opponent played in the last match and often your opponent then plays a complettly different tactic against you which is very frustrating if you set your team up based on the opponent. If would be better if we get to know how they played not only formation wise but also how the team is set up offensively and defensievly. That would go in hand with adjusting the tacical-analyst scouts who are pretty much useless right now. Also we need some more ta
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