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  1. thanks marc, its pretty good for the game experience that you are always here solving all our doubts 😁👌
  2. Hello, I create this topic to suggest (and consult) if it is possible to create an option to "delete save data" since, although at least in android the directory to do it manually is easy to find, it would be much more natural to do it from the application itself and I do not see any negative factor to add it, it would also help to get rid more easily of the automatic saves that the game does even if the option is switched off, since they take up space on the device and are generated quite frequently. PS: Are you planning to release a second winter update? since I tried to create a new ga
  3. ohhh sorry! my bad, as you said 'tell me if not' i thinked you were talking about the current version. thanks for taking your time and clarify.
  4. 15th game of the league and still shows this, so in the current version is not fixed, had the same issue with second B spain groups but that is already fixed, still not in ARG So I guess it's just a matter of making the same fix in this league. (it only happens when you are on the B group, the table shows on the home screen but not when you touch it trying to see it fully)
  5. Thanks to you marc, its always a pleasure helping to improve the game! it would be great if you can see my other post as never had a response, thanks in advance.
  6. I found what i think is a translation error on the defense option for players, in english says "zonal - man", that sounds right to me, but in spanish says "zonal - manager (?" i dont understand why.
  7. hi, sorry if my english is not the best, i have an issue with my save, im playing with gimnasia de mendoza, a second division team from the b Group of argentina, and everytime i touch up right in the home screen to see the table positions it shows me this, the traduction would be something like "the competition is not programmed/scheduled yet" even im already playing the league games, i started other saves and noticed it happens with all the group B teams, idk if other leagues with different groups have the same issue, but with group A teams shows everything perfect. edit: i cant upload m
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