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  1. Look what u can do Marc it is really positive if you and your best staff realized that
  2. Hey Marc I really need this option on Fmm22 That be option who turn off all players face cause i really don’t like that part that some players have face and some no in different leagues….at least just put that option that i turn off all players facepack….when i played years ago 2017 on Android this option was available so i would like that option be available in ios platfortm..I hope you get that request for me …wish all your best.
  3. Hey Marc any chance for next year fmm 22 be available on 3D match engine?
  4. On 3D match engine you enjoy part of your goals but 2D match engine is like 23 bottle caps with number move and don’t feel emotional of dribbling or goals….so for years its still same thing…this is why world evolution to make big changes not to stay for years on same place….
  5. Maybe scout is too detailed....but 3D match engine we are waiting this since 4 years ago so i think that Fmm need to make this big change for next season on Fmm 22....thank you
  6. Hello @Marc Vaughan im waiting so long for this desire on Fmm but i hope 3D match engine realised on Fmm 22....Thank you
  7. Hey Marc Seriosly really was hard work to add Option Of Talking On Media Before Every Matched Started...Im 100% that not will cost anything that Every Match Be in Conference Of Media 1:This will encourage Team Before Match Started,and will push them to Play hard in every march 2.Morale that Every Player will need to Grow for Good words that say for them in Media U can add 10 or 15 options that manager answer questions of media this will not coast or slowing database im pretty sure I really hope that you and your staff take this argument as a basis and to get an answer for that.
  8. Hey Marc i still don’t understand Really is so hard to put option like Manager Answer press Conference Media before starting match I think this is gonna give team morale before they start playing Ps.I Love New Features...With this have make me forget 3D match engine Lol Great Job Guys
  9. I didn’t understand something U are pro or not of 3D match Engine?
  10. Marc what abaut press conference in will be available this year?
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