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  1. 3D Match Engine Never Say Never The hope Die Last.Lets See until November....
  2. No one doesn’t understand how realistic this game look in 3D match engine cause every player will understand part of crazy feeling of Being fan of your team that u are exactly managing and u will experiencing your team goals....with 2D match engine just experience only the caps of a bottle 😂😂😂😂😂
  3. They dont have beta platform for mobile just pre order to u get some news around game
  4. Thank you i hope u make good work with big changes this year.
  5. Hello pleas can u tell me Fmm staff that when will be available football manager mobile 2021 pre order on Mobile? Im waiting for good news 😋
  6. Dont worry because they always ignore our request 😁
  7. Because I don’t get this game free i pay for this game ok.
  8. I have bought this game for 5 years and we need little bit respect to this staff listen our request because i see here and in all websitet peoples also want 3D match engine ok. This time im not gonna throw my money for nothing if they doesn’t listen our request.
  9. Do im the only who want that Football Manager mobile 2021 be available 3D match engine? Ps: Because this staff here never doesn’t care for our desire and our request.
  10. For example i use iphone xs max and this kind of phone can afford quality 3D match engine....Maybe u need to make this change to phones who can afford 3D match engine can play without problem...For me seriosly 3D match engine im waiting for years and years and if this year be same 2D i will be really Disappointed because this is big change that staff of Football Manager need to change.
  11. Vote Fmm 2021 3D - Like Fmm 2021 2D comment
  12. Hello i would like that staff make more changes in Fmm 21 1.Manager contrat.Because look really weird when my option to leave team is really easy and look like amateur. 2.add new league like brasil and , croatia League and to be available manage Germany national team. 3. 3D match engine 😍 that Will be big change and evolution to we experienced something real. 4.Talking with team and player in middle of match or to make conference before start match to show quality of my team and push them make good game. 5.Part of contrat if i loan my players to be more than a year
  13. Hey Marc Im playing fmm20 and alot of transfers missing like martin braithwaite barcelona zyech chelsa on futures transfer
  14. Hey Will come version FMM 20 3D both with transfer January transfert on new updates? any new suprise lol
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