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  1. Given it's the middle of the season, I'm not sure why my goalkeeper is on holiday. I also can't find the button to ask him to return.
  2. i just bought the editor. but when i click play now, it launched the main game instead. i can't work out how to load the editor
  3. How do i actually buy fm2017? I bought it a few years ago but I am locked out of my steam account. I forgot my password and there is no option to reset. They ask me to provide previously registered credit cards. The only card i had registered expired a long time ago. They will not accept a passport, driving license, or any phonecall. Thus I'm trying to buy it again with a new steam account. However it says it's either out of stock on some websites or on steam it says the publisher took it down.
  4. Hovis you legend, thank you. So basically there isn't a stat that governs if this geeza would be a good Ass Man. It's just the actual attributes that I searched for, plus a few others that I was too dumb to include.
  5. Problem statement: I've not played FM for donkeys. Just started with FM2020 and it's overwhelming compared to what I'm used to. Thus I feel like I need a good assistant manager to help me out whilst I'm getting up to speed. I did a staff search by attributes and two geezas came up: Amador Adan and Tony McAndrew. Adan has the attributes I'm looking for in an Ass Man. However his familiarity circle for the role is a low red. What does that mean? Does it mean he will do a worse job? Or just that he hasn't done the job before? Will an Ass Man contract help him improve? How long wi
  6. Mitrovic ags 2.75. been on the serbia win at 2.10 since june 5th
  7. Decided on my method of getting Brazil on side today. http://www.savethepunter.com/world-cup.html if you want to read it Also backed Germany & over 1.5 a week ago at 1.80. Price has contracted a bit since though.
  8. World Cup betting podcast hosted by myself, with 3 panellists, including @Readingfanman Has some superb bets for you to listen to. Let us know what you think about our 28/1 shot.
  9. Can't be long now. Not sure it will be as many words as the 40,000 word preview that we've put together at www.justgiving.com/savethepunter If you donate, and don't enjoy the magazine Lermon, I'll match your donation *10 fold.
  10. Great to hear Pukey. Can you let your real world friends know about the mag. Hopefully they'll donate for a copy also.
  11. The magazine is ready to be read. Doing a soft launch. Anyone that wants it just wattsapp me on 07756359889
  12. I'm not sure about that. Hugo Lloris has made plenty of mistakes leading to goals for club and country this season. They can also be got at out wide. Agreed that going forward they have an embarrassment of riches. I think I might lay France to get further than the semi final. I would have also gone for an extra midfield instead of one of the defenders for England. That being said, Young can play in all 6 wide positions. The reason why there aren't more wingers is because Southgate does not plan on playing with traditional wingers in any of his 3 favoured set-ups. It's Brazil who are actu
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