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  1. Cheers guys. Please do spread the word amongst your friends so we can raise more money for CALM
  2. Does anyone in here actually follow Mexican football? The reason I ask is because the world cup e-magazine that @Readingfanman & I are putting together is currently about 74 pages, and Mexico is one of the teams we don't have a contributor for. FWIW it's a charity magazine with all proceeds going here: www.justgiving.com/savethepunter
  3. paz

    Brazil - official thread

    Yep that's the place my mate was supposed to book. Unfortunately it's full now. This is what happens when I leave it to someone else
  4. paz

    Brazil - official thread

    Not sure the Brazilian embassy would let us in
  5. paz

    Brazil - official thread

    Where would be a good place in London to watch Brazil vs Croatia on Thursday. We are 5 English lads all supporting Brazil with Brazilian shirts, and we want to watch the game with Brazilians.
  6. I was unsure if I would get abused for posting this in a new thread so I think this may be the most appropriate place to ask...... If I'm going to buy a Euro 2012 squad guide, any ideas on which one is the best? World Soccer Magazine's latest issue looks good, but it was written before the squads were announced. Likewise FourFourTwo's Euro 2012 special issue won't have up to date squad lists.