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  1. Just finished my second season with Benevento. In my first season I sold our best player, the right winger for 3 million euros and bought Kostas Galanopoulos on loan from AEK as backup BWM and Nocerino on a free transfer in the January season. I finished comfortably 9th. Now with the TV money and steady income throughout the year, I had the opportunity in the summer to strengthen the team. Firstly, I needed to create a strong centre-back duo, so in came Jorge from Tenerife for 3.5million euros and Marco Varnier from Cittadella for 8.5 million euros. The third big spend was winger Fed
  2. How can you tell when a player is jaded? My tactic to make sure they are not overworked, is to give the players who just played a game and have a fitness of under 80% a 1-day rest, and in some cases where their condition is very low, a 2-day rest. Is this a wise strategy?
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