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  1. Just finished my second season with Benevento. In my first season I sold our best player, the right winger for 3 million euros and bought Kostas Galanopoulos on loan from AEK as backup BWM and Nocerino on a free transfer in the January season. I finished comfortably 9th. Now with the TV money and steady income throughout the year, I had the opportunity in the summer to strengthen the team. Firstly, I needed to create a strong centre-back duo, so in came Jorge from Tenerife for 3.5million euros and Marco Varnier from Cittadella for 8.5 million euros. The third big spend was winger Federico Di Francesco from Bologna for 5.5 million euros (I like tall, strong physical wingers). Remaining signings were: Danilo Cataldi renewed his loan from Fiorentina but instead of paying his salary of 2.2 million euros, it was reduced to 1.6million euros, still the highest paid player at Benevento. Alessandro Deiola from Cagliaro for 3.5 million euros. A promising central midfielder with 20 Determination and decent physical stats. Transfer-listed Joel Pohjanpalo from Leverkusen for 1.7 million euros as a backup striker for Massimo Coda and strengthening our wings. His compatriot, Teemu Pukki signed as a free transfer to supplement Pohjanpalo mainly in the wings but occasionally as a striker (noting his 1 Bravery!!!). Pukki immediately became the highest valued player at the end of season 2, being valued at 10.5 million euros. A third Finn, Sauli Vaisanen came from SPAL as a backup centre back for 800,000 euros. The final important signing was the 2-year loan of promising left back Federico Giraudo from Torino with a 6,000 euro monthly pay!! I finished 2nd season in 4th place, after being champions at the end of round 1. A bad slump followed, and we secured 4th place quite luckily with results going our way for Inter and Napoli who were right behind me. Juventus were champions again, followed by Milan and Fiorentina. I also won the Italian Cuo after a surprise quarter-final 0-1 away at Juventus, followed by an easy draw against Spezia in the semi-finals and Cremonense in the Final. I am punching well above my weight but now have transfers that need to be made with an assured place in the Champions League group stage. I also will only have about 10-15 million euros left for both transfers and wages, with an extra amount to follow at the end of August from the Champions League money. Who should I sign and what should I do? I need a goalkeeper to replace Brignoli who was loaned from Juventus for 2 seasons and Belec. They were both rotating but need someone better. My wingers have generally been woeful, and I need at least 2 CMs (ball winning or box-to-box midfielder to replace Danilo Cataldi and give breathing space to Chitsbah). I will need a taller RB and a top Complete Forward to compete with Massimo Coda. Any thoughts on given the budget and the priorities? 2 CM, 1 ST, 1 GK and 1 RB. I play a 4-3-2-1 with 3 CMs, 1 IF-S and 1 WS-S and CF-S.
  2. I started my long-term career with Iraklis in Greek SuperLeague (Season 5) with this tactic.. I have been consistently overachieving in first 4 seasons and qualifying for EURO Cup and getting out of the group every time, even reaching the Quarter Finals last year! I have never mounted a realistic title challenge even if I comfortably secure a play-off spot (2nd to 5th place for those that don't play the Greek league). Right now I am in 1st place 3 months in, joint 1st with Olympiakos and my highlight has been thrashing Olympiacos 5-0 away!! In my EURO Cup campaign I have 2 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss (to Roma). We are creating a lot of chances and it is fun to watch. I like to keep a cohesive team unit and don't have big names/expensive signings and even playing with 2 wingers who are being trained to AMCs for this tactic. I am enjoying it immensely. I do feel it is a better away tactic than home at times... And I do want my WBs to cross more when given the opportunity. This does happen a bit more when I remove the "Play Through Centre" shout, but not enough for my liking as often they have the ball out wide and have good crossing opportunities. Might try and play "Direct" passing at times that I want to achieve this.
  3. Hi there - I was intrigued by your tactic and I am a veteran FM player primarily playing the Greek league. I have a couple of games on the go but decided to try out your tactic with Kerkyra who is a favourite for the drop. After 4 games in season 1 with 1 win and 3 losses, I switched to your tactic and the results have been impressive so far. Lost the first game, and since then have recorded only victories and draws in the next 5 games. One question is that all the points I have dropped have been from conceding in the last 5 minutes of the game - always from a long ball over the top of my defence for either a striker to have a 1-on-1 or a winger to stretch out my CBs and cross to an unmarked player who scores. I have tried a variety of things for holding on to a lead late in the game (Contain, switch to WB-D, Drop defence completely) but to no avail. If the AI does not score, he will have a clear cut chance/best chance of the game in the last 5 minutes once they are trailing and playing Attacking/Overload. My team is obviously not very good and my 2 CBs have Acceleration/Pace of 10/10 and 12/12 respectively, playing on Cover as per your instructions. There are some great chances being made and it is really enjoyable to watch. My best player is an athletic ST/Target Man who has had no trouble adopting to the SS role even though he has no familiarity with the position at all!
  4. I'm intrigued by your system - how are you faring? Also you told me your midfield combination but what roles do you give your AMC and ST?
  5. I finished on equal 3rd with Athletic Bilbao at the end of my first season, but 4th on GD I think or goals against. Started 2nd season, with a lot of low-key but effective transfers and easily made it into the Champions League group stages. The big difference between 1st and 2nd season is that I have quite a bit of cash which I have spent astutely to bring depth to my team, which it didn't have in the 1st season. This tactic is very good. I have also improved remarkably defensively by playing FB-A rather than CBW-A. The FB-A is still just as threatening up front.
  6. I remember a long time ago I played an intense multiplayer game in FM08, where I took Fiorentina (predicted to finish 7th or 8th) and won the Serie A in my first season. My basis was to play a wingerless 4-5-1, as I felt the wingers were underpowered, and though not to the same extent today, this problem still persists. I took Getafe with media prediction 20th, and I am now 3rd in the league 2/3 into the season. Surprisingly, as I was setting out for defensive solidity, I have actually scored quite a few goals and the team is playing some exciting football at times. Has anyone had success with this sort of formation? My tactics are as follows: CF-S AP-A BWM-S BBM-S/CM-A BWM-S/BBM-S DLP-D CWB-A CD-D CD-D CWB-A Flexible-Counter - will sometimes change to Structured-Defensive for tough away games or Fluid-Attacking when chasing games (replacing a BWM-S with a DLF-S, changing the CF-S to a CF-A and pushing the DLP-D up in the left-central midfield slot). Team Instructions: Fairly Wide - Play from Defence - Play Through Middle - Pass Into Space - Look for Overlap (I will sometimes remove Look for Overlap when trying to speed up the tempo). I also go Slightly Deeper when playing against strong teams or very pacey strikers. Opponent Instructions: Close down DL, DR, ML/AML, MR/AMR, Weak foot on ML/AML, MR/AMR and ST My transfers have been very mediocre too - I sold my star player Pedro Leon (AMR) for 10 million euros, and used the money to bring in Zeca (BWM from Panathinaikos), Sergio Leon (Striker from Segunda Division as back-up to Alvaro Vasquez), Osmar (Spanish DLP who is good in the air from FC Seoul) and another Peruvian BWM/BBM from Peru with little international experience and never having played in Europe. The team is playing very well, and the CWBs have been absolutely key to my system. What I have found whilst trying out multiple tactics and even watching Full Matches, is that players out wide often had the chance to put in a good cross, but would rather dribble a bit closer to the Byline where, though they might win a corner, they would rarely get a cross in as opposed to when they were several metres back. This system lets the CWBs make lots of important crosses. I am getting the type of chances and threats I would have expected from tactics with ML/AML. Obviously, the risk comes from being overlapped on the wings, but BWMs with decent speed and strength offer decent cover. Any thoughts on wingerless systems that pack the midfield with decent midfielders with well-rounded physical stats?
  7. I just finished a multiplayer game with a friend. He was Genoa and I was Torino. We holidayed the first season and started in Brazil - April 2016. I didn't make massive changes to the team, only making two signings, Sebastian Leto for 3.1 million euros (+ bonuses for appearances) from a Serie C team and Zeca as a Ball Winning midfielder from Panathinaikos. They both proved key signings, with Leto being my top scorer. Big disappointment from both Belotti and Quagliarella up front. Zappacosta and Bruno Peres made a solid duo on the right-wing. Anyway, my friend as Genoa was sacked in February with Genoa hovering in the relegation zone and a horrible spell of injuries. I wasn't much better being in 13th place and my job being 'Very Insecure' after two unexpected straight home losses against easy opposition. Great game!
  8. I am nearly halfway through my first season (mid-November) in the Greek Superleague with Panthrakikos (Media Prediction: Last, No Budget), with no transfers whatsoever, and I am incredibly 1st in the league at the moment! The team is playing good football, goals conceded often come from set-pieces or attributable to the weakest link in my team, the GK. I don;t change anything besides switching around from 'Standard' to either 'Counter', 'Defensive' or 'Attacking' depending on circumstances, but largely playing Very Rigid + Standard. Excellent, and the potential is incredible with transfer signings or a possible entry into European football (2nd to 5th place play play-offs at the end of the season to qualify for 1 CL Spot + 2-3 EC spots).
  9. If Greece don't concede in the first 30 minutes, we will stand a chance... 1-0 Greece!
  10. From my Greece team, Kyriakos Papadopoulos (one of the best CB in this tournament, with a big footballing career ahead of him) and Karagounis (for his passion, experience etc. a true leader, especially considering how he has barely played any club football all season, dithering between being a late or unused substitute for a mediocre Panathinaikos team). I also liked the Czech RB Selassie a lot.
  11. Hi all, haven't posted in a while, but would like to get my thoughts in as well... Agree with the comment on Kyriakos Papadopoulos and Sokratis Papastathopoulos as one of the best CB pairs in the tournament. In Euro 2004, we had Dellas - Kapsis, and though I really liked Kapsis, his career took a downturn after the Euro... When he signed for Olympiacos I was hoping for big things but he barely played due to injury... In all respects, the pairing is better than Euro 2004. Our midfield is our obvious weakest link, as everybody has pointed out. Would have been interesting if things had turned otherwise and Avraam wasn't injured, if Kyriakos could have been employed in midfield, to increase its work rate and quality. After an excellent season, I am glad Maniatis is playing well as well. He is tireless, steals the ball frequently, and is getting gradually better and better in his passing and offensive movement. Chalkias was a shocker, there was no way we could have qualified with him in goals. Sifakis was the right choice, he is a confident goalkeeper unlike Chalkias. Gekas quite poor for me. Samaras has been receiving a lot of criticism but he is one of the few players (maybe Karagounis as well, possibly Mitroglou if given a chance) who can hold up the ball in a really defensive Greek team. Even when he plays poorly, he is tightly marked and faces often 2 or 3 defenders. It is a harsh role, and he is performing greatly. Definitely has to improve his work rate and stamina.. His defensive contributions are getting better (albeit very little) with each game, but still needs to up the ante. Interesting to see Makos play against Germany.. He didn't seem to play too well against Russia, mainly covering space, rather than winning balls and challenges. But he is strong, which can only help. Would love to see Fotakis make an entry under the right circumstances. Santos has worked with him and am sure he wouldn't hesitate to do so, he should be our first tactical sub against Germany. Germany will come in strong and hard, just like Poland and Czech Republic.. the first minutes will be crucial.. if we can stabilise the rhythm after 15-20 minutes at 0-0, than we will stand a chance.
  12. The season has just finished here in Greece, and on the sports' news websites there are a whole lot of footballers giving interviews and stating their personal opinions on some common themes that include: their team's MVP of the season, the league's MVP of the season and the best goal of the season. It is very interesting to read and all the players are choosing players from other teams, even rival teams, as the best players in the League. It would be nice to add this to FM, to get an idea of your team's reputation, or a specific player's reputation. Players are even commenting on smaller teams: Henri Kamara of Atromitos stated that Abdun of Kavala (that finished 6th) was like Zidane for his team, with his amazing technical abilities. Kafes of AEK stated that Mirallas of Olympiacos (a rival team) was this year's MVP of the league. Serge Die of Kavala stated that Djibril Cisse was like a one-man team for Panathinaikos. These would be nice additions, to get a perspective and personalise your gaming experience. Maybe it could be linked with a player's reputation and how much it increases over one season, based on their performances/abilities.
  13. -Let's say you are playing a League game and next match you are playing EURO/Champions League, I would like to know, before my league match, an icon to appear next to the player's name to announce that he will be suspended in the game after the next match. This way, if you are using a squad rotation policy, you know which players you can keep on the pitch the whole 90 minutes, if they will be suspended for the midweek game 3/4 days later.
  14. Suggestion for interaction with players: -The ability to explain why you chose to get rid of one of your players in more detail... For example, in my current PAOK game, I signed a Bahraini international Mohammed Salmeen, who is a good player with a driven personality, but I want to sell him now, as he is away on international duty far too much... Hence, I would like to say something like after selling the player or in a detailed end of season interview round-up something along the lines of "Salmeen is a good/great/one of the best players I have worked with, I think his performances at his time at PAOK were poor/average/satisfactory/good/great, and the media underestimated/overestimated his performances." If the player left on good terms, a message along the lines of "Player x enjoyed his time in Greece and at PAOK, and wishes the club the very best after departing on mutual terms today. "I love Greece and would consider playing for another Greek club" or "I am looking for a move in Europe" or "It's time I return home". If a player performed well and was popular with the fans, the fans would release an official thank you, as well... Or, if an important name signed, x amount of fans would go to the airport to greet the club's latest big signing.
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