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  1. It happens on every save I've had. A screenshot won't show anything, it'll just show a screen with a series of training scheduled. Going back and then forward will show different (correct) schedules. Next season, I'll try to video it happening, it happens every year I think.
  2. On my 3rd save now, and the same thing has happened on all of them. At the start of each season, I plan all my training weeks using my pre-made schedules. The problem is that sometimes - not every time by any means - using the arror keys to move from one month to the next, the training schedules "go wonky". It seems that the call to pull the training regime title isn't working, and so it shows whatever the last month was. Going back and forward always resets it. I can't replicate it, it happens about twice each calendar year.
  3. I have the same problem. Especially the way I have my tactics page set up - it keeps reverting and I keep having to "reset all columns".
  4. Yep, this is what I thought it must be. I had thought "natural" meant 20, but it must not. And that's what the change is that I've been seeing. As for the second point, I wonder if you get the same message when the attribute spread changes in such as way that the circles change to full green. Hard to check that one without an editor, and comparing to an old save.
  5. Yeah, I was top of the league almost the whole season. Only dropped to 2nd with 2 games to go. There was 1point in it going to the last game of the season, and we both won - so we finished 2nd. We had better GD too fwiw. The comment about being disappointed was not in club vision, it was a news storInsert existing attachmenty. Here's a screenshot
  6. Last league game has been played, and I came runner up in the EPL by 1 point. Board reaction was wierd - they were unhappy that I'd *only* managed to qualify for the Champions League" via league placing". Isn't that exactly how a team qualifies for this competition? The only other way would be to win the Champions League, which hadn't finished yet, but I did end up winning. In Club Vision, my target is to "challenge for the league title". I led the league for most of the season until the sheer volume of games killed us - we made the final of all 3 cups - League, FA and Champions League, so the schedule was just crazy and we fell right at the end. We missed out by 1 point & 1 place. Isn't that "challenging for the title" ? But no, I've been judged to have "Failed" that one.
  7. Yet I still get reports to say a player has now perfected playing in a role. The circle has gone full green, but NO attributes have changed. So I really don't understand this one!
  8. Hi Dan, I'm not sure what you mean. I'm not reporting a bug or anything. But all GK and Fitness Coaches can coach all of your squads. So they're in 3 places at the same time. I don't know why a save game is relevant - unless this is completely not what its supposed to do. But I know people say never to hire GK or fitness coaches for the reserves or youth teams as you don't need them.
  9. I think the staff budget is separate, yes. And that its at the whim of the board.
  10. I always took it to mean their positional 0-20 score will not increase any further, say, 15. And that it won't go up until they play games there. That said, I assume you're training a role like Inside Forward, not just "AM L" - in which case that also focussed the attribute training for that role, and that's something that you never need to stop, even when they are naturals.
  11. Have you checked the Scout Priorities screen? You can filter by scout, and see how long the backlog is for each scout. I think when you select "scouting pool", it goes to the scout with the shortest backlog. I purposly don't give my 2 best scouts any assignments, so that they can focus on my targetted scouting.
  12. I never played the old games with tutoring, so I'm for sure not stuck in that mindset. This is my first FM game ever. Although I did play every single CM game (except the horrific non-SI one of course). It does make sense that a player with good personal traits will - on average - have more chance to meet their potential than someone who doesn't That's just the law of averages. My post is merely a question about how the game works. I think that's a fair thing to ask for, no?
  13. I've also replied direct to his tweet. Fingers Crossed for a reply
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