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  2. AC Milan (now managed by Pep Guardiola) reach a second consecutive final after knocking out my old side in the Semi Final, but were outclassed by Real Madrid who absolutely smashed through the competition this season, with comprehensive wins over Arsenal, Lazio and Man City on their way to the final. Spartak Moscow reaching the 1st knockout round, with a decent enough year for Bayer Leverkusen too.
  3. plcarlos, I am not sure what you mean about double\double\normal\rest. Here is how my players are rested/intensity of training:
  4. Because all players are seen as unrealistic targets because of the transfer ban. They don't scout anyone unless you tell them too. Please try fix this asap as I'm in enough trouble already with this embargo!!
  5. Career History ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Season Club League Position Achievements/Other ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2018/19 Arsenal Premier League 4th Europa League winners 2019/20 Arsenal Premier League 2nd Champions League winners ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2020/21 Paris SG Ligue 1 1st Ligue 1 & Coupe de la Ligue winners 2021/22 Paris SG Ligue 1 1st Ligue 1, Champions League & Trophee Des Champions winners ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2022/23 AS Roma Serie A 3rd Italian Cup runners-up 2023/24 AS Roma Serie A 2nd Italian Cup winners 2024/25 AS Roma Serie A 1st Serie A winners 2025/26 AS Roma Serie A 2nd Italian Super Cup winners & Champions League runners-up 2026/27 AS Roma Serie A 1st Serie A, Italian Cup & Champions League winners ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2027/28 Atletico Madrid La Liga 3rd N/A ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Trophy Cabinet Champions League x3 - 2019/20 (Arsenal), 2021/22 (Paris SG), 2026/27 (AS Roma) Europa League x1 - 2018/19 (Arsenal) Serie A x2 - 2024/25, 2026/27 (AS Roma) Italian Cup x2 - 2023/24, 2026/27 (AS Roma) Italian Super Cup x1 - 2025/26 (AS Roma) Ligue 1 x2 - 2020/21, 2021/22 (Paris SG) Coupe de la Ligue x1 - 2020/21 (Paris SG) Trophee Des Champions x1 - 2021/22 (Paris SG) Nations Completed 1. England - Arsenal 2. France - Paris SG 3. Italy - AS Roma
  6. End of Season Update Spanish Cup We took an early lead at the Bernabeu but ultimately got hammered 4-1, which cost us the tie. We managed to come from 2-0 down to win on the night at home, but we were long gone by then. We took a real beating at Valencia which was massively demoralising, but we recovered to then win 5 on the bounce against Espanyol, Gijon, Sevilla, Pamplona and Getafe without conceding a single goal. We dropped points against Leganes though, then could only draw against Barca. We thrashed Coruna 4-0 after that, but then got hammered against Real Madrid again which pretty much killed any hope of a title challenge we might have had. We won at Vigo after that, but then drew at Malaga, before winning in Alaves. Bilbao held us at home, before we won 4 on the bounce against Vallecano, Sociedad, Leganes and Levente, with Villarreal beating us on the final day. Valencia ended up coming a lot closer than we did, but even they could not stop Real from retaining the title. I thought we did okay in the end, certainly room for improvement next season though. A bad year for Barca that saw Luis Enrique sacked. Villarreal back in Europa, with Getafe retaining their European status under Xabi Alonso, narrowly pipping Leganes who had a good year. Sevilla ultimately survive after sacking Fred Rutten mid-season and replacing him with Steven Gerrard who guided them to safety. Champions League A goal each from Rashford and Sterling in either leg sent us out. We put up a great fight and did well, but just couldn't break down a defence and side that I helped build over the last 5 years. We can have no complaints unfortunately. Thomas Lemar probably the best player, with Pedro Diaz, Saul and Jamie Orta also having good seasons. Dario Arena probably our best defensive player. Douglas Starnley struggled to stay fit and even when he was fit it was hard to leave out Thomas Lemar, Pedro Diaz or Jamie Orta to play him as they were all very good.
  7. Sometimes the prize is not worth the costs. The means by which we achieve victory are as important as the victory itself. Malmö FF -- June 2051 Although we sit atop the Allsvenskan at the summer break and claimed the Svenska Cupen, I cannot help but be frustrated at the dropped points away to Orgryte and Hammarby. We're better than this. Even as a young side, we're better than this. The only reasonable solution is extra kickboxing sessions with Zlatan. Just until we're satisfied with the effort out on the pitch.
  8. Ah ok thanks. Yes i have already put Sanchet, Nolaskoain and Guruzeta in main squad, but make them available for B team most matches. Appreciate everyone taking the time to answer my questions, as i said its been an awful long time since i played the full version, just so used to touch version now.
  9. I agree about possession, but I think it's a risk worth taking to focus on shape. A lot of the reason we had more possession before is because we used to press so much too, but that left us out of position all the time on the break. We'll give it a year and see what happens, hopefully it will work as well as the lop sided 4-2-3-1 in League One. 👍
  10. Hey Knap, where are the lastest BEOWULF tactics ? are they set up to download as a pack ? or all individual ? if so can you link them for me please ? thanks for your awesome work
  11. Whats your training like then? That's another item to look at - For refernce - I'm yet to have a Jaded player, I'm 4 seasons in, I Set Training at double\double\normal\rest all season, and Most weeks I have 3 sessions booked. On the weeks i have multiple games, I dial back training sessions accordingly, and I'll switch to a lower intensity program - Tacical or Technical mainly All 3 of your tacitcs are High intensity, so that will increase the chance of Jadedness\injuries above normal, which is why the next place to look at would be training session\rest IMHO.
  12. Cunning Plan. Jul 2042. I'm still looking for another striker, but have sort of come to a decision that I'm going to stay with what I already have and just make do, (with the exception of some Giant kid I am currently looking at). My DoF sent me another Argentinian to sign and while I obviously didn't sign him, (because he wasn't Basque, it did at least give me an idea to try before I completely binned off the idea of signing another striker. Rather than my DoF coming to me and me saying no, I thought I would grab the bull by the horns and go to him. Lets find some common ground and some common targets I thought to myself. First of all I went for End of Contracts players, (so I could possibly sign them on a free), then I went for striker and then I went for Advanced Forward. It have me 0 results. The I changed it to all strikers and it still gave 0 results. Then I changed it to Not Set for players and it still gave me 0 results. Of course it did. It gave me 0 results because there are no contracts expiring imminently. They have either already expired or they are 6 months away from expiring. No problem. I will just see who is available on a free now. I kept it as all strikers and immediately got a hit. Wow. He looks decent in term of CA, PA and recommendation. CA is 3.5, PA is 4.5 and Rec is 81. Wow again. He's better than I was expecting. His finishing isn't great, but in terms of the all-round package and especially taking into account that he's free, he's very decent indeed. The only problem is that he's not Basque. Well actually that needn't be a problem, just so long as he never plays for us. It's just like me playing a Youth Only save but then allowing myself to sign non-playing tutors. I'm not asking you lot if you agree with me by the way, I'm just thinking things through in my head. I've already done it once and while it certainly wasn't the plan, it seems like a decent move now. I would be able to sign him on a free, take into account his wages and any signing on fee, then loan him out to reduce those costs and then flog him next Summer. He wants £22,500 over 4 years with £750,000 + £140,000 to pay in fees. That comes to a total of £980,000. I think he's worth way more than that. I think he worth £10M+ and even more than that if I can get him loaned to the right club and doing well. I think this is a no-brainer of a deal. I think I'm in. BOOM! He's immediately worth £20M. He's still not playing though. In fact he's not even getting registered so that there can be no mistakes. No to get him out somewhere on loan. I have a feeling that he is not going to be very happy, but as long as he is unhappy somewhere else then who cares? Right? While all the above sounds great, and I had both Ajax and a Spanish club lined up to take him on loan, pay his wages for the season and also give me a few quid for my back pocket, the stubborn oaf refused to go. I didn't register him for either the league or Europe, and will simply have to fill his boots for the Reserves. He's already gone up in value from £20M to £22M by the way. We have an existing link with Real Irun and I have tweaked it a little to hopefully mean that we will get some Spanish Basques coming through the Academy. 10 (TEN) Players called up for Int duty. But nobody above U21 level yet.
  13. Champions League Update, 2051 Another year...and we have the first newly-eligible team in a while, after Vlad Dragomir led Bordeaux to the final only to lose to Divock Origi's Monaco. For those keeping track, yes -- this is the same Monaco side that lost to Celta under Nordi "Teh Big Choke" Mukiele. Solid showing from Laurent Henkinet's Club Brugge and Kostas Tsamouris' RB Leipzig, as well.
  14. Centre Back depth With Francesc Riverola entering the last few weeks/month/year of his career - I need to plan accordingly for the future. Below are all the players who I believe are capable of playing centre back: As you can see - three of the players have the asterisk next to their name to signify that I have identified them as potentially players who could make the first team. However - the issue is that, aside from the four players currently within my first team, they have a combined five appearances between them. When looking at the profiles of each of the three starred players, plus Ricardo Patricio - the other U23 centre back - the coach reports believe that none of these players are suitable for Primera Liga football, yet. Whilst they may have the time to grow - I am conscious that, with a busy schedule, I really need to have experienced heads. I will go out and sign somebody. Or not. That won't be happening given the restrictions I have placed on this save. Plan B. Retraining. The above is Xuxa - my first team left back. He happens to be 6'4" tall and has decent attributes in all areas, except for heading. The plan is to retrain him as a centre back to fill the void for a couple of years. To fill his place - I plan to use Tiago Silva as a left back where possible as he is already competent there. Flexibility is the key.
  15. Hi. I am a big fan of 4-2-3-1, along 4-3-3 it’s probably my favorite formation. I will give this article a re-read to freshen things up. As for my 4-2-3-1 I am trying to create one that uses an AP in the AMC. It’s an idea that stems from the fact that the playmaker “attracts” the opposition players when he has the ball so that could free up the space somewhere else. Of course I have to be aware of the opposition formation aswell, I think a playmaker in AMC would struggle v 4-1-4-1 or any formation that uses two DMs. So starting from that idea and using a very good playmaker in Eriksen, I want to build the tactic up. So the info I got, a playmaker needs space to create chances and team mates who can finish those chances. So I was thinking of choosing a Poacher up top. He’s a fairly static role though so maybe I should reconsider this choice? Also, to make sure the space centrally does not become congested, I would choose a winger down AML/R. Given that I have an attacking striker up top, a winger could supply him with crosses. On the other side of the pitch I am not sure what to use. I am not sure what I want either. Do I want/need another player who looks to make early runs, like an IF-A? Do I need a player who will attack the box from deeper? Most certainly I am not going to use another winger, to have some variation. That unless the player I use has PPMs like Move into Channels or Cuts inside with the ball. Also the two CMs should be more conservative as you said in the article but do I need a more dynamic role like box to box (using the standard 4-2-3-1)? My concern is that he will get in the same space as the AP. Also was thinking to use a player who recycles possession, maybe a DLP? But is that a good idea to use two playmakers in a 4-2-3-1? For the back four I will look to use an overlapping fullback and a more conservative one. Mentality is Standard/Control. Keep in mind that my team is expected to win most of the games so my roles & duties choice will probably have to include all sorts of movement, width, depth, creativity etc to break sides down.
  16. Thank you for your answer. I did do that. Also I have one more question for you. This is my graphics chocies. Which is the best for me? I play with Retina display or without...? ((Düşük = Low, Tam Ekran = Full Screen)
  17. If you posted a screenshot of your tactic, it would be easier for us to spot potential weaknesses and flaws, and then we could be able to explain you why something is wrong and give you suggestions as to what you could do to improve it through more concrete examples. That way it would (hopefully) be easier for you to understand tactics better.
  18. Count me in for Romania. Had a lot of fun with the last one, although I lost my best GKs (generally have the lowest rating in a heavy loss). So maybe something to prevent that happening to often for smaller nations would be nice. I would be against bonuses and other messing around. Cant wait for it to start!
  19. I mean he's definitely good enough, but seems a little wasted as a regista. His best quality is his athleticism and dribbling, so I can't see why you'd ask him to stay relatively deep and pick passes.
  20. Today
  21. B team training is seperate, so if you have a real top prospect, I'd recommend having them training with the first team and available to play for the B team. I do often put players there for a fixed period though and it usually works ok, but I find leaving them there for multiple seasons doesn't help development at all
  22. I'm sure someone out there could re-brand the logo as Maidenbower for you
  23. I am sorry for the bad language. Here are my staff ratings in the PL and some info on numbers: Here is my head of sport science: He also has a rating of 18 in fitness coaching Here are my other sport scientists: They all have fitness coaching above 17. As for international games, the jadedness happens far too often for this to be the main reason. As for resting, I rest them as much as the other players, and most of them don't get jaded at all, over a whole season. Now Savic and Asensio, they get jaded all the time. As for lacking fitness, I only play my first team players when they are fit to play. There are only exceptions to the rule if I have a sudden injury crisis, which I seldom have. As for individual training, I train them both on shooting. Savic is also learning to play as a shadow striker. That being said, I have lots of players training shooting and learning different positions, without getting jaded. As for general training, I have one of my coaches setting it up automatically. Here are the ratings for my general training: These are the tactics I am currently using, first one being main tactic: As you can see, the tactics are intensive, but again, Savic and Asensio are the only players who get jaded all the time. None of the positions that Savic or Asensio plays in are instructed to press more than the default pressing. So, based on this, how can you tell me it's just me doing something wrong?
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