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  2. I am having the same issue. When using my IPad I can see FM 19 on the AppStore but not FM 20 to pre-order, however when I look in the AppStore on my mobile phone it shows FM 20 to pre-order.....
  3. The way the ball curls hasn't worked properly since it was implemented. It tightens too much and isn't impacted by the ball hitting the ground like it is in real life. Players also often put curve on the ball when there's no reason to. Here's an example of all three, 13:20 in -
  4. Thanks for the feedback. Could you let me know if you are encountering this message when you have a large number of trial offers in on players, or are you encountering this when making trial offers for only a handful of players. If you have a save game where the issue can be seen would you be able to upload the save to our cloud service. Details on how to upload can be found via the link below.
  5. Yep something changed with the latest patch which meant that a lot of younger players at game start had 1 determination.
  6. Thanks for the feedback. We have an example of the issue you have described which is logged with the development team. They are investigating the issue. Cheers, Ben
  7. I was looking for this theme. First of all, I'm playing the game more or less for 15 years now - just in case someone wonders if an inexperienced player speaks. Namely, we are having a absolutely terrible function of wing and full backs, wingers, inside wingers, reumdeuters, inside forwards, i.e. any player cutting inside from wide positions. What's the problem? Well, for someone looking for long range shots, long range passes and / or early crosses, they function properly, almost great. But when you want to exploit wings and cut inside and between the FB and CB, leaving more space for marauding WB and CM/AMs, they only look to dribble to the opposite goal line and they ABSOLUTELY ALWAYS SHOOT FROM DEAD ANGLE when they get to 10 m or less from the goal. They do not pass / assist and get rarely lucky with abnormal goals - only if goalkeepers are too bad. It's so annoying that I almost learned the pattern - when my wide players dribble inside the box, I give up from expecting anything. And the most interesting - as I mentioned above, they happen to be so useful outside the box that you can not give up on them. I really hope SI developers will look into this, as I'm sure I'm the only one having this problem.
  8. Same. The game is completely broken on Catalina. It didn't work for me for over a week, then after the latest update worked once, and now doesn't work again. Hopefully they fix it by release.
  9. Hi Rob, It looks like that responsibility is for the senior players. If you navigate to the Staff -> Responsibilities -> Transfer & Contracts -> Contracts page then there should be the option to set the responsibility for U19 contracts there. Looks like there is a bug with the responsibilities option on the news item though if it is only giving the user the option to change the senior contract responsibility.
  10. I only ever praise players if they've literally only got a 9 rating, strikers are meant to score goals so if mine scores 2 in game, great he's doing his job. I might praise a keeper if he wins us the game be it saving a penalty or having an absolute barn stormer of a game. It's like Russian roulette with morale when you praise players in FM
  11. It would seem that my Facilities are back up to where they were again, but I'm not sure why they dropped in the 1st place or why the were returned after just saving and reloading the same save again.
  12. yep. xd But i am missing 3/4 of my penalties. "Also Never score 1v1 with the goalkeeper simulator", and also maybe "Never pass to a better positioned teammate and shot from a very bad angle all the time simulator". Yes i know its a beta.
  13. December 2019 December started OK with a draw against Huddersfield, Jack Clarke grabbing a double to snatch a draw, this was followed by a win at home to Hull and a draw at Cardiff. We then had a top of the table battle with Fulham and for the first time this season we was outplayed losing 2-0 and unfortunately could only get one further point in our games against Preston and Birmingham. The results meant we fell 5 points behind Fulham with Brentford only a point behind after winning 4 or there last 5 games.
  14. Summary. Sudden drop in Youth Recruitment rating. Description. When my Youth Intake came through in Sep 2027 I know that my Facilities were as follows. I have just checked our facilities again, (now in Jan 2028), and our Youth Recruitment seems to have dropped 4 levels. Youth Recruitment seems to have dropped from Exceptional, past Excellent, past Good, past Adequate to Average. June 2027 Facilities. November 2027 Facilities. December 2027 Facilities. January 2029 Facilities. Ok. This is weird. The picture above is showing that Youth Recruitment is back up to Exceptional. I have a picture that I posted in my thread in the Career Update Forum and it clearly shows Youth Recruitment at Average. This was on 1st Jan 2029 before I saved. Now when I reload the save it's back to Exceptional. Steps to reproduce. I'm really not sure. Files Uploaded.
  15. Like what exactly? Edit every single ref in the game to be trigger happy with giving penalties away?
  16. Cheers, the forms fell apart a bit as you'll see in future updates.
  17. Update: it's still broken. Everything is updated to the latest version and I did uninstall and redownload FM 20 as well.
  18. Hi Craig, It's my understanding that at launch you will only be able to access the Stadia platform via the code included in the founders or premiere edition. Cheers, Ben
  19. Having the same issue even going onto the next screen after pressing space it wont respond
  20. EFL Cup 4th round game (5/10/22) and several players are on international duty (Nations League). Their international games are on the 6/10/22. England players still available as England game is 8/10/22. Not sure this would happen in real-life?
  21. Thanks for the feedback. I've tried to reproduce this scenario by taking over a Scottish side with foreign players on loan. When Brexit occurs in late December 2020, these foreign players still have WP's. If you have a save game from before Brexit occurred could you please upload the save game to our cloud service. Details on how to upload can be found via the link below. Cheers, Ben
  22. July 2023 ------------ Transfer Window Roundup Best Signings Match 1 - VS Torquay (Friendly) Strong friendly victory for us, but hardly unexpected considering it's a VNL team. Match 2 - VS Sutton (Friendly) Another really good friendly victory. Match 3 - VS Lancaster (Friendly) Another dominating victory. Match 4 - VS Havre AC (Friendly) Now this is a match up against stronger opposition, and it showed. We were pretty much even, even despite the 2 goal margin. Poached Player You can keep him.
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