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  1. Please, go for a try. If you find any, please reply here.
  2. Hello. Can anyone(sigames) share some standard kits samples/templates (psd files preferable)? I am looking for the Standard Kits from FM19. Thank you!!
  3. Hey mate, i have sourtitoutsie templates.. and are cool.. BUT i want original FM templates.. Look at them.. look like are the same but there are'nt...
  4. Hello dudes, were i can find the templates for standard kits from fm ?! i mean this one BUT with no logos...
  5. Pff, ok. A Developer Member please read that file and tell me what's the issue and how to fix it. Thank you!
  6. the issue is not from the game itself, is from a DB i made (competition - bla bla) , if i can read it, MAYBE i can see what's wrong...
  7. Hello. Can anybody please tell me how can i open and read a .dmp file from fm 13? Don't say "notepad" - is not working. I dod google it allot and nothing helped me. Tell me please how to open and read a dmp file. Here is the file, if you need to open yourself.
  8. I have only two choices to make. win the title or challenge the winner. Im not 100% sure that ill win, but im 100% that il be in top 3. Anyway, maybe they are are not disappointed that i was on 2d place, but im disappointed to read that, cuz i did my best and still there are not even pleased or to say ok, you did all you could, we are pleased you placed on 2d place..
  9. I dont know if i posted in the right place, however, this should not be normal...or it it?! My objective was to challenge the winner title NOT TO WIN...and i finished on second place with 6 points less then 1st place. I was on the 1st place tail since last 2 rounds, so the board should be pleased that i finished second and i was close to win the title. Why the board are disappointed that i finished on 2d place and qualify in UCL ?!! This is not normal... http://s16.postimg.org/osp974tsk/C_F_Viitorul_Bucure_ti_Boardroom_Confidence.jpg
  10. I see, so they dont get regen because they are my backup teams or something like that..and i must full that teams with players i buy... But if i untick that, then i will not be able to use that players, and that's the entire point, creating and expanding the academy all over the world, to gain more youth players from more countries and use them in my own purpose, how barcelona has lujan in argentina or ajax has some academy somewere in ghana...
  11. How to make this youth academy. Cuz i cant find any tutorial, or any other post talking about this...
  12. Hello dudes. Okay, here it is. I have my own competition, bla bla, my own team, reserve and u19 and i have 2 others club affiliated with me (same board, player move freely) in italy and argentina. Both have u19 teams, and both have high youth recruitment.. however, none of them recruit anything.. anybody knows why the hell this 2 teams dont recruit any younger ?!
  13. Because it took like 24-72h until my thread was accepted and visible, i fixed all the issue i had above! However, please tell me how to change the colors from bars (that green or red ones) or blue from scout knowledge...
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