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  1. I'm retraining my AF into IF and honestly I may mess up there. One of them have dribble through the center and I'm trying to remove that. The other is a bit selfish, he have 8 in teamwork.
  2. I try to avoid using AF as my CBs tend to pass straight to him. And when I use CM, he always goes into the box which leave the DLP alone so I add hold position to him. I wanted to see one of the winger act like a winger. Crossing from the byline, and the closest thing is WM with crossing from the byline PI. When I use IW, they really take cutting inside to a whole new level. Which I think due to low attributes.
  3. I have never really use an automatic duty before and in a support duty they just act like a normal fullback. I'll try.
  4. I want a 433 with the striker drop deep and the wingers on either side to run diagonally. Ideally, I want the midfielders to play among themselves until an opening is created then making through balls allowing the wingers to run behind. This is how I set my team up at the moment. However, the F9 didn't drop as deep and both midfielders doesn't pass around the ball that much. During most of my highlight, my midfielders will get the ball but they will instantly pass it to WB or the wingers. The end is almost always the same. The winger get the ball, run toward the box then shoot from wide. Almost all midfielders have killer balls often which I think why they always try to pass to the wingers instead of playing to the other midfielder. I would love to hear some suggestions.
  5. I have tried this before but with a 4411. Rather than IWs, I used WM-A and WP-S on the wings. WP-S plays more like an AP. If my right winger is the WP, then my right CM will be drop into DM strata and BWM-S role to give the WP more space. The other central midfielder is CM-S with hold the position as I don't want him to get into the box but rather be a central partner with the BWM (interestingly the BWM push forward to join CM when in possession). Up top, I used DLF-S and Shadow Striker. Shadow Striker will be on the same side with WM-A. The back three in possession is achieved with FB-D and CD-D. Unfortunately the my other wingback (WB-A) didn't push as high as I wanted. WB-A is on the same flank with WP-S. Although it work pretty well, I changed to a double SS and it works great for me.
  6. When I try a back three but using a Half Back, I used stay wider for both CBs. But it's easy to be exploit by the AI. When I try stay wider on RCB while also having my LB to play narrower as FB-D, it wasn't exploited that much.
  7. Thank you. After I wrote this post, one of my U20 player have successfully unlearn a trait although the other players all under 30s failed to do so. My coaching staff aren't the best too so I guess that's that.
  8. Does coach attribute have any impact on training to remove a player's trait? If so, what attribute affect it? I've been trying to remove my players trait as I deemed them to be contrasting with how I want to set up. But in two season, I can remember only once trait removal been successful. Or am I facing a bug?
  9. Yes. I'm using FB-D for that. I'm quite surprised that even tho possession wise we are terrible, players prefer to hoof the ball straight to the striker, the LB is playing narrow pretty close to how I wanted.
  10. I'm trying a similar tactic. AF and F9 up top. WM-A on left and WP-S on the right. WB-A on the right with FB-D on the left. Problem right now however possession is terrible. Would have to let the team be more familiar.
  11. As the title suggest, I want to make a tactic that change from 4-4-2 to 3-4-3 Diamond. In the video below shows how I want the players to move. However, this is only an idea at the moment and fluidity is still something that not entirely implemented with the current ME. So, I would like to hear other suggestion as to how to implement this idea. The reason I prefer 4-4-2 and not 4-3-3 is because I believe that the 4-4-2 is more defensively solid although a 4-3-3 would be more suitable for a higher pressing style. 4-4-1-1 could also work as the defensive formation but I'm more inclined to a strikerless than a AM-ST partnership. tactical-board.com.mp4
  12. Thanks for your answer. Regarding those said attributes, what's the least number tho? I currently have a player playing left wing with 7 decisions and 7 teamwork. At first I thought it was attack duty but even while on support he still doesn't cross. He always try to one on one with the keeper. Which I conclude it is because of the attributes and when checking report, he does have fairly selfish player.
  13. Hello everyone. I have few issues I've faced while managing a Malaysian club for 10 seasons. While the players quality and even the staffs are improving, the gameplay aren't all that improved. Firstly, wingers. I want wingers to provide crosses, square it to the striker. But most often than not, the wingers will shoot and most of the time misses. I often used wingers on attack duty as I want then to take on their man but when I changed to support, it doesn't make much different. They'll still shoot. So I ditch winger and used inverted wingers instead. Unfortunately, it doesn't solve the more shooting than crossing issue as IW will usually cut inside and take a long shot which have more miss than then wingers do. Secondly, throw in. I know long throws have been nerf(?) as said in one of Zealand's video but I have never really focus on creating chances from throw ins. But, in these 10 seasons I've seen my players not being able to make good throw. Most of the time, they will throw while the other players are being blocked which led to counter attack. But when we defending a throw in, my players didn't block them, more like "meh just let them have it". I don't know if this is tactical issues or ME issues and if there's anyway tactically to improve throw ins, please do tell me. After managing in Malaysia I went to Ligue 2 managing Havre. Although the players are versatile, none of them are really good in their roles. Seeing that we don't have the best attackers, I thought of having a mid block but in 15 matches, I got 4 red cards and only one game my team doesn't receive any card. Most of the goals we conceded are due to defenders mistakes (fouls/leaving players unmarked). So I would like to know if this is the same with everyone who doesn't play high pressing game? Or maybe it's just my players. I hope to hear from you guys. Thank you.
  14. I used WBde to get the back three shape. I can't see 325 in goal kick as fullback always start wide but if my team win back possession in their own half, I do occasionally see a back three. IWBde didn't behave like a CB but more like a DM. This is the closest 325 that I get as the new tactic with 2 SS is more fast attacking.
  15. Changing the two fullback roles? WB behind Winger and fullback behind IF. And maybe BWM instead of DM.
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