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  1. Hi, Does anyone happen to know if you can still download FM08 from anywhere (happy to pay), and if it would still work on Windows 10? Thanks in advance, Rich
  2. Won’t it be partly down to clearances from defenders counting as passes? I’ve never understood why that is the case.
  3. I agree. The game is unplayable due to the shooting from wide all the time and almost every 1 on 1 being missed. I’ve stopped playing it already and won’t go back unless there is an update.
  4. Yeah I've seen that, but when I had a look at the squads, the ratings for many of the players (even average PL players) were way too high. I know if was based on the old CM4 ratings, so they haven't just been made up, but felt having looked back at it, they were far too unrealistic. That's just my take though, thanks for your input.
  5. I'm looking at going back to some past FM's to enjoy some of the old databases - buy some future stars before they were snapped up by their current clubs etc. Thought it would be fun for people to suggest which version to go for. My steam account goes back as far as FM 2010, which is a shame as FM 2009 would have allowed me to play with the 08 Man Utd side that won the CL with the likes of Ronaldo, Tevez and Rooney in the side, along with ferdinand & Vidic at the back. Would have been great to keep that side together and see what they could have achieved. Please feel free to prov
  6. This sounds very interesting. Any chance you could share some stats for the different positions and screenshots of some matches?
  7. First just like to say that the public beta is a great idea, so well done for that. I'm still noticing far too many goals from set pieces though, and struggling to score many at all from general open play. As previously stated, the false 9 position is still not dropping deep at all. I'm also noticing that the number of passes in general is still greatly down and can vary drastically from game to game - even when playing with possession based tactics.
  8. Does anyone know if they are working on a fix to the current match engine? I'm not sure I can play the game again unless it reverts back to something similar to the beta version. And that's breaking my heart, as I just want to enjoy the game again.
  9. I had great success in FM18 with Salah and Liverpool in general. Had him up to 50-60 goals a season. He was playing as a IF attack, with pass into space instruction. Did wonders, especially against teams that came at you and left space in behind. I think his beat offside trait really helped with the tactic. Haven't tried replicating the tactic in FM19 yet, as focussing on a possession based tactic atm - with very little success so far!
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