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  2. [FM17] How to cheat at a youth challenge

    Novigrad - 2017/2018 - Golden signing From Cibalia, who got relegated from the 1.HNL to the 2.HNL, for 40K€: No surprises here that I went for a direct replacement for holding midfielder Dejan Polic, who left after his loan ran out and opened up a giant hole in the squad as we had nobody resembling much of a backup for him. In fact, I almost signed Polic himself! However I decided instead to go for this lad, who whilst he isn't anywhere near as good technically, has resolute personality and can play excellently as CB (quite possibly better than as MC or DM, in fact).
  3. May 2018 (including play-offs!!) Yes!!!!!! Promoted! We beat Peña Deportiva, the champions of the Balearic Islands group of the Tercera División! They can still get promoted to their respective Segunda B division though, they still have to get through two more play-off rounds, but we're through! Next season's wage budget is 375K p/a, for now, which I'm actually very pleased with, a 50% raise while we're in quite a poor financial situation. Whether it'll be enough to stay up next year will be something to watch out for I guess... End of Season Awards Our Tercera Legends! (A bit of hyperbole is allowed after winning a title I say ) Season Review What a season it has been! Next season will be very tough but exciting.
  4. The All-New FMCU Mini-Updates Thread

    Player - "Give me a game Boss! You haven't played me!" Me - "OK.." *concedes penalty within 5 mins* Me - "Motherfu.."
  5. [FM17] How to cheat at a youth challenge

    This is like, every news item I receive is awesome. From scouting Croatia to the whole Europe:
  6. [FM17] How to cheat at a youth challenge

    Even bigger news!! The stadium is growing 4x in size, from hosting 1000 to 4000 people.
  7. [FM17] How to cheat at a youth challenge

    Here's a whole lot of awards. Particularly interesting is we locked out the top 3 young players of the season: And some absolutely massive news! We were only semi-professional up until here.
  8. Anyone else have a problem when Fa trophy games end in a draw goes to extra time and then the games ends in draw and the game goes to a replay even after extra time !!
  9. [FM17] How to cheat at a youth challenge

    Novigrad - 2016/2017 - Season review A massive breakthrough for the club as we reach the top level for what I believe to be the first time in the club's history. It's all the sweeter as we make a direct swap with Istra 1961, the biggest club in the region - I'm hoping to overtake them in terms of youth recruitment and such, and poach the local players instead of them. Statistics, best 11, and top 5 players of the season 5. Nemanja Belakovic (AMR, AML) - This 20 year old Serbian winger had a couple of injuries that lost him a bit of progress earlier on, but later emerged as a quality creator, with 7 goals and 9 assists. 4. Diego Valenta (DC) - Our best defender who had a clearly positive season, but he's already 31. Centre-back already emerging as a bit of a problem position here (although the major priority right now is to replace holding midfielder Dejan Polic whose loan runs out). 3. Kristijan Batelic (AMC, AMR, AML, MC, MR) - A versatile player who I placed right about anywhere attacking midfield-ish, but who eventually settled himself as our AMC. 7 goals, 12 assists. 2. Marin Pilj (MC) - Overperformer of the season. I didn't identify him at first as a particularly impressive player, but the 20 year old beat all expectations by scoring 6 goals and assisting another 12, whilst picking up the highest ratings in the side (7.37), all from a rather deep MC position. Starting to attract interest from Osijek. 1. Artur Miranyan (ST) - When my "golden signing" emerges as top scorer on 22 goals, it's fair to say it was a very good choice of golden signing. Miranyan had a superb debut season for the club, the only issue here is that he's not only attracting interest from Osijek as well, but is also starting to become annoyed I won't let him go. Career progress table I've decided to convert myself to the exhilarating world of spreadsheets! Credit to @Jupjamie who I took some ideas out of, but then I extended the table a bit to include more things:
  10. Well I've been playing my Athletic save on FM17 a lot recently, and I actually started this save on the beta last year but then had a long break from the game Jan-Aug. Athletic has been my main save on FM for many years and I will do it again on FM18 for sure. I will explore all things Athletic again when the game comes out, but I might not get into the save straight away....as I've been playing this FM17 save so much recently I want to keep things fresh as well. I will certainly be involved here though, and will create the Athletic Club guide/drive the forum thread again alongside @Ghents if he's keen to help out again with some of the initial stuff again.
  11. I got two of my players constantly nagging about new contracts, I have told both that they need to improve and show me they earn it and neither seem to understand that. One is my striker that spent the last quarter of last season in the reserves because he was **** poor and constantly about a whole point below the rest of the team avg. He has started this season about as good and I told him that he needs to start scoring or I will bench him. I really don't see how he thinks he is in any kind of position to press for a new contract. The other is my AMC that has started the season way below his usual performance and is also always behind the rest of the team on the pitch. I really hope there will be some improvement to the player interactions in the future.
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  13. Ibrahim has retired and Casciaro has been dreadful and now retired I think I'm enjoying it now. I don't mind losing. Makes me look less rubbish.
  14. [FM17] How to cheat at a youth challenge

    Thanks, your good luck wishes already helped us get promoted.
  15. Try to create overloads on one side of the pitch, for example using IWB to drag opponents into the middle of the pitch and leave space to the Winger. Another way is to use duties that attract the ball (An AP for example) to force the AI to close down the player and so leave space to another player
  16. [FM17] How to cheat at a youth challenge

    Novigrad - 2016/2017 - End of season report After the typical boring winter break, we returned to our task of chasing a promotion playoff place in good form, winning 4 out of the first 5 league fixtures in February/March. This put us back up to 2nd and cemented us there, but there was a slight form turndown with 3 draws in a row and a defeat, and 2nd place was now again under threat from Sibenik. However two big 4-0 wins, including over Sibenik themselves, pretty much confirmed us in the promotion playoff. The official mathematical confirmation came in the penultimate fixture, against Dinamo's reserve side, and we played for peanuts the final match against champions Solin, giving the first starts to Ben Moore 17A, Mauro Grabovac 17B and Ivor Paracki 17C. Fate would put us in the promotion playoff against our parent club Istra 1961, the biggest club in the region. Fate also dictated that our standout performer, golden signing Artur Miranyan was injured for both legs, but Robert Dadic would do a remarkable job of replacing him, scoring 2 goals at home and another away. I took over the job to manage them on the pitch for these 2 key matches, and in the first we were utterly outstanding, opening up a massive 4-0 lead by mid-2nd half. Istra did claim 2 late goals though, so there was still the possibility they'd turn into around in the 2nd match. That was pretty much over within 19 minutes, as Dadic and Aleksic put us 2-0 up again, and although Istra would again emerge better later on, and score 2 goals in quick succession themselves in the 2nd half, making it 2-2, we shut them off for the final minutes and claimed promotion, in a direct swap that makes us the biggest club in Istria. Midfielder Dejan Polic, on loan from our opponents, helped ensure his employer's relegation himself. Once the opportunity opened up of promotion, I decided to go for it with everything I had, rather than give more minutes to the youngest guys or something. It paid off - I never expected this to come already and it's such a huge boost. Let's see if this lot has what it takes to stay up next season - now THAT will be the challenge.
  17. Tough challenge. It's not the first Gibraltar youth only save here in this forum, but always interesting to see how it plays out. It's a massively long journey and I personally couldn't stand all the losses on the way.
  18. [FM17] Yer oot yer face if yer think Shetland plays fitba!

    March 2044 This is killing me.
  19. [FM17] Yer oot yer face if yer think Shetland plays fitba!

    2043/44 Youth Candidates Terrible intake for potential, the worst yet.
  20. New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    @Smurf Hey man i have a question i know the 7200rpm is the fastest one available but does it matter if u have a 5400rpm if u are playing your FM17 on your SSD?
  21. After Four years at Dungannon I had produced a number of players with high potential and five star at my level. Financially we weren't to secure but sales were seeing us improve each season. From the start the Club has excellent training & youth facilities plus youth recruitment and created a astonishing level of regens born in Dungannon Pop:- 15,000. Season 1-3 I sell a number of to English championship clubs at between £40,000-£80,000. And in pre-season four a striker to Linfield for £60,000 all good prices and with lucrative clauses. Come midway season four I leave Dungannon and take over Linfield, knowing the star players at Dungannon I targeted two defenders who were among the best in the league. The centre back was bought for £2,500 and the Left back at £12,500. Considering I knew the Clubs finances were OK and I had six months previously I was offered £60,000 each by Scottish Premier Clubs (going to £80,000 broke off the deal). Why would they then take such a low offer? I found if you offer just the value or even £0 you can get whoever you want off lower clubs. If I'd stayed at Dungannon I'd have got £40,000x 2 easily. I try to be realistic with the game so don't go to hard on forcing players to stay when bigger clubs come calling. Which is also too easy to do, just ride it out for a few months and they become happy again. Will transfers be more difficult in FM 18?
  22. [FM17] Yer oot yer face if yer think Shetland plays fitba!

    When you do the end of season report, could you show us the play offs? Quite interested to know how many Highland/Lowland league sides manage to go up
  23. I'd love to see a list of stats (apps, goals, ave rating, trophies won) for players who have played for you across your career, or for the club you are at. Say even a top 10 list for each. I was disappointed FM17 seemed to drop even the history list of top appearances and goals for your club each season. On the flipside I loved the introduction of player or manager narrative biographies. If the two could be linked in. Also, the career stats history only showing league appearances has always bugged me. If that page could be tidied or spruced up that would be great.
  24. [FM17] Yer oot yer face if yer think Shetland plays fitba!

    February 2044 Poor 1st half of the month but much better 2nd, with just 9 games to go only 8 points separate 1st from 10th.
  25. What's every one doing when fm 18 is coming out trying a new team or staying with Bilbao
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