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  2. Chinese football is indeed a disorienting mixture of the sublime and the incompetent. Interesting that you didn't take the China national job. If you struck lucky and won the East Asia Cup, that could really boost your reputation, but of course there's no real prospect of them winning the Asian Cup. Congratulations on the double. It's a pity (though obviously not for all of you doing the challenge) that the game doesn't reflect the reality of Evergrande winning the title every season. It's weird because in recent versions, PSG and Bayern tend to win every season. I wonder why it's coded so that the Chinese league is so inaccurate. Obviously you're all wonderful, so you'd have still won the league, but Evergrande should still finish second. @shirajzl Likewise, congrats on the double. Always fun to have a league decided for the final match of the season. Why do you think the ACL is sucky? Have you been unlucky in the past? Of course, the thing with all champions leagues in the challenge is that, once you've done the domestic double, the champions leagues are the only thing you're hanging around for, so you really want to win it first time, or at the very least not fail to win it all 4 times (while being dominant domestically) as I did last year. But that was Chile. With China, the odds are pretty much in @blackdevil's and your favour. I must admit, I've never tried trusting my DoFs to find new players, though i accept it could save a lot of time. i mean, i do instant result most of the time. I've just checked my dafuge save, and my current DoF has 6/7 judging, so maybe I won't try that just yet. To be fair, that wasn't why I hired him. @Ronaldo Beckham Congrats on the new job. Even if it is a bug, we get screwed by so many of them, it's always nice to screw back.
  3. It'd be nothing like it. The SV has hard coded behaviour that can't be replicated with the tactics creator.
  4. Youth Prospects

    Unlikely, also because those teams tend to play in lower leagues and players need to play at a higher level in order to fully develop.
  5. When trying to export/encode a goal highlight the game just becomes non responsive, with the "encoding video" bar appearing but no progress. The file which was being encoded did appear in the sportsinteractive > upload folder but hanged at only 4.50MB. I have tried clicking the "Cancel Video Encoding" button too but that hasn't helped. This has happened to me in both times I have tried to export a goal video, 2nd one after beating Man City Has anyone else experienced this? Any solutions? FM 18.1.3f1045020 Windows 10, gtx 1070, i5, 8GB RAM (shouldn't really have an issue with encoding a video)
  6. Half Back Role Fixed?

    But don't they have the code of CBs splitting wide when fullbacks are in WB strata? They should use a similar code to a back four imo.
  7. Playing as RKC Waalwijk for the third year in a row.
  8. FM18: Liverpool FC - Pace Abuse

    I wonder if the researchers got him a bit wrong to be honest. Having a hard time accepting that his concentration is 2 points lower than Lovren.
  9. 25/11 update, around 2.300 changes Mostly fiddling with nationalities/histories because it's off season and september/october missing are corrected (if possible.) DOWNLOAD
  10. Here we go... my attempt of a journeyman save here on FM18. I'm quite new to these forums, I briefly tried documenting a save on here however it didn't really materialise, but now after reading other threads I now understand the general idea of a thread and how to present it. With that said, I have decided on a journeyman save as I was influenced by a friend who had started one and is currently doing quite well for himself, but also by the tremendous amount of similar saves to what I plan on doing here, hence the remark about 'another one.' Without further ado, this is my game setup. Game setup England - Premier League - Vanarama North/South Ireland - Irish Premier League - Irish First Division Northern Ireland - Danske Bank Premiership - Intermediate Premier League Scotland - Scottish Premiership - Scottish League 2 Wales - Welsh Premiership (France, Germany, Italy and Spain have all been added as 'view only' leagues.) Coaching Badges Rules There won't be too many rules when it comes to this save, it's a standard save where I look to build myself up and see where the wind takes me all in all, well instead of the wind deciding it'll be how well I perform in each job I take over in. However, I will be following a few rules such as being realistic, now this seems a strange rule... but the idea is that I want to remain realistic. I wouldn't leave a job within a few weeks, nor would I leave a job to take a huge pay-cut, these two elements will be considered when taking a job. The other rule is that I can't take international job offers whilst at a club. If I was to take the job, it would require for me to resign as manager of the club I was currently at. Let the journey begin...
  11. Update to the latest game version in steam- are you using steam?
  12. FM18: Liverpool FC - Pace Abuse

    The low concentration and decision attributes is why I don't rate Van Dijk that highly really. My main targets for CD are Laporte (because of his passing ability and he's left footed) and De Ligt (the best youth CD prospect).
  13. Make South America Great Again!

    Sud América - Campeonato Uruguayo - 2021 We had a superb first season back in the top flight, but it was going to be a tough ask to better that. Opening Stage - we had a terrible start to the season and fell well off the pace, Copa Libertadores - we struggled against the big team but made it through to the Sudamericana where we edged out rivals Nacional. Squad - the squad is huge due to the brilliant youth intakes. Transfers - these signings made a huge difference. Finances - playing continental football made a huge difference. Key Player Profiles: Alejandro Pintos - the new signing was the top scorer. Bruno Vides - the foreign signing impressed again. Rodrigo Viega - the winger was our most valuable player. Bruno Giménez - this winger has been here since I took over. Salvador De Amores - the pick of the latest golden generation. Career Overview: Season Team Country League Position Achievements ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2018 Sud América Uruguay Segunda División 12th Started job in May 2019 Sud América Uruguay Segunda División 1st Promoted as champions 2020 Sud América Uruguay Campeonato Uruguayo 2nd Intermedio winners, Playoff finalists 2021 Sud América Uruguay Campeonato Uruguayo n/a Intermedio finalists, left in October Next Season: Last season I was gutted to miss out on the Peñarol job, but another brilliant opportunity has presented itself.
  14. New Scouting system and promotion

    as a further question. do scouts gain knowledge over time or is it broken like last years version ? @Lucas Weatherby
  15. When you get the message that the unhappy player may be willing to talk to one of your senior players, the AM will decide which player to ask and in about 90% of cases, I have found that they will be successful in resolving the issue. If the option is not there, then you may struggle to resolve it by asking a senior player to get involved.
  16. With the new celebration cut scenes, I though that we can now expand on those scenes. One suggestion would be a Guard of Honor for the League Champions if there are any games left after winning the league. Then consider other celebrations for the trophies...more players, media, coaching staff being shown celebrating. Maybe a pitch invasion every once in a while?
  17. Moving players between squads

    Hi, I'm currently having an issue where I don't have an under 20's squad. I gather this is a gameplay feature as I'm currently Nairn County whom I would imagine don't have the youth level to have a team. However, I did have a youth intake and sign a lot of players to that squad. I'm now not being given an option to move any of these players to my senior squad? Is there anything I can do to rectify this. I've managed to move a couple where my assistant has recommended it, but I'm unable to do anything with the rest. Thanks.
  18. Alright, if i played the game on my laptop would i be able to access more? is there a way to find out if my laptop will be able to hold more than 10,000 players? had a bit of a disaster buying it on ipad ahahah
  19. Last two games, I've played Mata on the Left/Right wing of a flat 4-4-2
  20. Can I just ask, I just got a youth intake as Linlithgow Rose in the first season, signed some of the better ones, and they have went into my non-existent U20 team and no i can't promote them to my first team. Will I get a U20 team in the second season could you test this?
  21. Match interface no fitness

    Hi only just started on fm18 and having previously owed all other fm touch’s I have found a very annoying problem. When in a match I can’t view the fitness of both sets of teams, we are able to see the player ratings and who has scored but it would be nice to see what my players fitness levels are and also the opponents players, like they were in all the previous games. Have I missed something?
  22. Its not bug. When you overwrite continental rules - you cant get "continental qualification" info in rules page. However you can make "workaround" like this: its not ideal but it gives some info about continental qualification
  23. Another exemple AS Saint-Etienne - OM.pkm
  24. Currently in my first year with Leeds, been fighting near top of the league with Reading all year, we are in international break in March, Reading are top with 78 points, Leeds 2nd on 76 and Hull 3rd with 70 points all having played 38, I think it's fair to say Reading have a extremely good chance of being promoted, however Jaap Stam has decided to jack his job in and take over at relegation threatened Burnley who have just sacked Sean Dyche, now Burnley are 19th with 6 games to play and trail 17th placed Newcastle by 7 points who also have a game in hand over Burnley, Crystal Palace sit 16th 1 point ahead of Newcastle. I think it's a little unrealistic to think that a manager would swap a near promoted side for a near relegated side, now if it was (with respect) a bigger club than Burnley then maybe but Reading and Burnley are quite similar sized clubs.
  25. Leon Bailey looks to be one that I might go for, also looking at bringing Zaha back into the club, think he could be the answer on the right. Really struggling to find a quality left footed left winger that will hug the line and beat full backs.
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