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  1. Alas this is the end. We are massively struggling and i am not enjoying what i am trying to do right now so i think it's time to jump before i am pushed. FM21 is just not cutting it for me.
  2. Hows your luck - my Cook Islands striker scores twice.. the oppo have a guy who scores a hattrick! So blinking close... But hold on... Aymar Kamango picked up a MoTM award in a dull 0-0er a few weeks back, since then he has been on penalties and has finally got one. Democratic Republic of Congo, you are done my friends. 37 out of 227 and we have done 4 tonight
  3. On a roll... Ibrahim Dumbuya came in last January as part of my attempt to improve the squad and not just sign random rubbish, and has done a good job, with 6 goals in 16 games from the right wing position. His MoTM display came in the cup in a dreadful team performance where he came off the bench and scored the winner. Don't matter how it happens. Sierra Leone is done.
  4. Take Care Garnier... I say this each time he sets foot on the field, as he is from a poor nation and is not a great player, now thankfully he can go back home! 8 goals in 18 games isn't a bad record to be fair to the Saint Martin international, but it's taken him 3 years to do it! Hervé Garnier, I love you, but I wont ever call you again. 35 out of 227
  5. Oh Serbia, you mistress of infinate frustration. You've given me Uroš Mihajlović, who is attribute wise, my star, but despite 50 odd games you have never even got close to a MoTM award, I had to bring in Srećko Lekić and hope that the combination of the two can tick off a nation - it took 19 games but we have done it. 34 out of 227
  6. I'm only counting their main nationality. So if you have a Dutch/Irish player, if they have declared for Holland then they are working towards the Dutch one, but if they have declared for Ireland then they are aiming for that. If they switch AFTER completion then thats fine and they count for the original nation but not the new one. If they switch during (i.e. not completed) then anything they did prior to the switch is paused and they are unable to complete that nation. I hope that makes sense!
  7. Things have started very well this season - 3 straight victories, tons of goals scored. AND a couple of nations. The obscure one now - England... Ifeanyi Okoh came off the bench and scored a treble in the 2nd half of an 8-2 win 33 out of 227
  8. Game one of the new season and Turkey is ticked off Murathan Yılmaz smashing a debut 4. He is the 4th Turk to appear for us and the first to do anything really. 32 out of 227
  9. Which nation you in? Northern Mariana Islands is a horrible one to tick off!
  10. End of Season 5 position In terms of a league campaign - it was not a good season - we were expected to achieve a Play-Off place and we got 5th - yes that is 1 place below the play-offs but 9pts away which shows just how far behind we actually were. At one point we were 12th and rumours of the sack were rife, we managed to recover but my job is not the safest it has ever been. In terms of the challenge it has been a very good season - comfortably our best campaign with 11 done - some random nations in the mix as well 77 nations have played for me (+14 on last year) 4
  11. The final game of the season and our 11th of a prolific campaign, and it's fair to say this one has been a long time coming as well - not sure how many times i've written that statement but it feels like a lot! Pierre Brierre has 7 goals and 6 assists which demonstrates that he has been a good player for me - just has never been able to get that illusive MoTM award until today - he got 2 assists in the final game and ensures that Turks & Caicos Is. (207th in the world) is done. 31 out of 227
  12. This one is like hen's teeth - rare i tell ye, rare! We had a Curacoan called Shermaine Locadia who got a MoTM award pre Christmas and we have just been waiting for him to score a goal - today he delivered. We also had a Montserratian called Garry Ryan who powered in a brace of headers to secure a MoTM award - two ticked off in one match! This also brings up the double figures for the season - 10 ticked off. 30 out of 227
  13. We haven't produced many of "our own" in this challenge yet - most have been fairly rubbish Dutchmen, but there has been one and he has finally scored.. He got MoTM a fair few games ago so it's been a waiting game for the net to bulge. Ante Kramaric is only 16 years old but he has probably ran his race for us now. Croatia makes it 28 out of 227 - less than 200 to go!
  14. I'm hoping it doesn't come to that but i'll probably retire manager 1 and create manager 2 so i can continue the journey with Beek. When i did it last time i moved clubs quite a bit and it was always a struggle with that new club starting off.
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