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  2. Ok, so which are the players you have problems with? Could you also screenshot them?
  3. I've made this conclusion as well. If you watch some of the one-on-ones in slow you can see the keeper actually diving before the shot. It's only a fraction of a second, but if the keeper already knows the direction and height the shot will go, that much easier it is to get to. If you go into your goal stats for the season and watch where the goals are saved, you can find a dead zone in the middle of the goal where the keeper will always get the save, which probably means that the keepers are too efficient parrying balls at close range (just a guess):
  4. Newgens cant have "Leader", "Born Leader" and "Charismatic Leader" personnalities. I tried to modify their attributes on editor but cant have these personnalities. It works on beta save but not on save started after the beta.
  5. This is the tactics No matter I buy some playrs for 20-30 mln euro and they are worst from my own intake players with max 2 stars CA and PA
  6. Even better is that Cavese ended up 19th in the league and lost the playoff rounds Currently still waiting for further interviews or interest to pick up
  7. Hi i keep getting the same crash dump everytime i try to create a new tactic could some one help me with this please ?
  8. I never saw many missed 1v1's, until I changed my tactic. Then I saw loads. Now I have changed tactic again I am back to seeing 'proper' goals and chances again. The long ball over the top to put a striker through is the problem for me in seeing the 1v1 annoyance. My current and original tactic has cut this out.
  9. great work sporadicsmiles i have always wanted to have more african leagues going to give it a try very much appreciated
  10. This is something I've noticed in the last few iterations of Football Manager, and it's strange and pretty annoying. When viewing the Focus of Attacks widget during the match, it clearly shows one side at either end of the pitch. Logic would tell you that when you're the away side, you would be at the right side of the graphic and therefore, the arrow, which points down the opposite end of the field, would indicate what side your team is focussing on on the basis of the arrow -- i.e. when you the away side, the bottom arrow pointing towards the opposite end of the field would indicate attacking down the left-hand side. But when you check it post-game in the post-match analysis, bizarrely, your attacks down the left have actually been down the right, and vice-versa. I can't be the only person that finds this misleading and, of course, when you know about then "error" (?) you can read it properly by just taking it as the opposite of what it appears to indicate. However, it must be misleading for any player who hasn't twigged. I can't figure out if it's deliberate or not because surely the developers would have picked up on this after several versions of the game and rectified it by now, so can anybody explain why it is the way it is in the match engine widget? This is what the in-match widget indicates. However, post-match, it turns out those attacks have actually been down the right hand side.
  11. This is getting slightly silly... 3rd season in the Championship, after making it to the Playoff finals in both the previous seasons, and people are still talking about us as being relegation candidates. Worse is that we're in 8th, and Rotherham are in 16th! There needs to be an option in press interviews along the lines of "What the [heck] are you even talking about?" for when we get asked daft questions like this. Or just not have the daft questions in the first place... I get that there's a "maybe he should look closer to home" response but that still implies we're in consideration for relegation. (FWIW our pre-season prediction was 17th)
  12. It's admittedly tricky as for City the CBs oft are still availble to pass to (and generally are the deepest guys still available). Whereas on FM CBs, they oft to have hang all the way back or else they would put the Opposition Forward/s onside. That also means they aren't systematically available much anymore once Play has transitioned into the final third. Play has moved too far ahead of them.
  13. I set Martial as a CF on Attack. Scored 25 in 43. 22 in 37 in the league. I'm training Greenwood and Martial to round the keeper, in the hope it circumvents the issues somewhat.
  14. !!!!!FM19.3.4BEOWULF442KnapP106ALLCUPS.fmf 45.23 kB · 41 downloads Planning to update this one for FM20 Knap? This was the beast for me last year
  15. Only in October of the first season, but undefeated in the league so far. Struggling for goals at the moment which is frustrating. 3-1 win vs Leicester at home, 1-0 win at Arsenal, 0-0 draw at Burnley, 1-0 win at home to Liverpool and 2-1 win at Everton. 6 points from first two Europa League games though. Lindelof, van de Beek and Rashford all out with long terms injures. Martial not really doing much as DLF(A), Greenwood missing plenty of good chances and one on ones. Bruno Fernandes doing ok as Mezzala(S).
  16. July 2029 A mixed month but we're still clinging on to the top spot but only 4 points ahead of 5th place.
  17. Normally been able to bypass this by telling the board you're not going to play them. Happened to me with Jones and Smalling.
  18. In some of the matches the kit disappears in the match engine. The only visible on the player is his head and legs, the rest of the body changes to grass-colour. This happens to 3-4 players in every other match.
  19. Was wondering how to spot the future stars? My main focus is on 17.18.19 year olds at the top level? What stats would be seen as this guy is the future? Is it a 13 and above in relevant stats or does it need to be higher? Basically what stats are needed for youngsters to be the next big thing?
  20. You need to keep in mind that a new player needs some time to get into the team. New players usually perform worse in the first few matches, so you need to give them some time. If your new player performs badly the whole season long, there must be something wrong with the way you're using him in your tactic, or maybe his personality or mental attributes are not good enough. It's really hard to tell without knowing more details.
  21. You sign good youth players to use them later in your team or eventually making money by selling them when they become decent players, nothing else. I would not invest big money, except if they have really good potential.
  22. I was excited to do one but had some other saves lined up. Would it work if I set one up saved it and stored it for a later time. \still think it would have been a unique challenge.
  23. What a game!! Outstanding performance from Utd in first half and City in second. City always looking for those little through balls even from inside penalty area, crazy.
  24. Very good post and shares my sentiments about FM20. I've played at least last 15 FM versions and apart from one or two bad first release versions this is the worst and made me uninstall the game despite winning PL with Liverpool.
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