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  1. FC United (England) Season 4 - 2023/24 So, this is one of the dangers of leaving a save for a prolonged period, and not finishing the latest update. I simply cannot recall the details of the season. What I can see though is, that we were promoted through the play-offs. Great success. Moreover, I remember a solid and strong season from our star midfielder John Garner. What is even better, after the season he signed a three year contract with an optional extension of two years. Moreover, we received a strong left back in the youth intake in Finlay Moloney. He will take over from another youth prospect Richard Edge who has done a good job until now. Moloney is just better. Hopefully, we can survive next year in the Vanarama National League. League (Results 1, Results 2, Results 3, Cups) Team (Stats) - John Garner 1, John Garner 2, John Garner 3 (new contract, U19 call up, profile). Facilities, Finances, No Transfers Youth Intake - Another good intake. Finlay Moloney is already a starter and with Tim Gamble and Jay McIntosh, we now have an abundance of talented strikers in our team. I have a somewhat difficult, but still enjoyable job in figuring out who is the better player and has most potential from our pool of strikers.
  2. So James Garner is a wanted man. I don't think I can keep him forever. He has one year left on his contract and I have an option to extend his contract with further two years. I have already dismissed several bids on him in the January transfer window, but I have actually never been in a position in this challenge where I can actually make a choice whether to hold on to my talented player or not. What do you do in these circumstances? Hold on to him and utilise his playing skills until he has for instance one year left on his contract and hope his value will rise, and sell him with a good percentage of next sale clause. Or sell him prematurely for a lower initial fee, missing out on a great player that could potentially have lifted the squad, but avoid your board taking rash decision.
  3. FC United (England) Season 3 - 2022/23 Much better season well away from the relegation battle. Switching during last season to a simpler 4-4-2 also meant, that we started the season well. From thereon we never got into trouble and actually occupied a play-off spot until after the last match of the season. Missing out on the play-off is ok though, since we need to slowly build a better team and develop our high potential youngsters. The investments in intake facilities can really be seen. League (Results 1, Results 2, Results 3, Cups, League Chart) - Much better season, missing out on the play-offs on the last day of the season. We played really well changing between a simple 4-4-2 and 4-2-2-2 with defensive midfielders when things got wild. But it really helped having a solid base tactic to revert to, if the results were not as expected. In the FA Cup, we made it to the fourth qualifying round where we lost to Stockport County. That must count as revenge from two seasons back, where we beat them in the exact same round. Team (Stats) - I wouldn't say it was like the class of '92, but there were a couple of breakthrough seasons and other strong performances from our youngsters, who are slowly beginning to push the older players out, simply because they are better. In attack, Brian Aitken had a very strong breakthrough season, finished as our top goalscorer and developed rapidly. He ousted Regan Linney completely, who was forced to fill in on left wing occasionally. Billy Maher in midfield also had a good season, but it was in defence where Owen Pollard bursted through. I must admit, that I might have overlooked him when going through the intake initially, but he is now part of my main central defence. Likewise, David Knowles looks like the primary right back in the coming seasons. Most surprisingly, Richard Edge on left back played 32 league matches and is now my main left back going forward. I did not rate him highly at intake date, but perhaps that was a mistake. He certainly looks like he can do a decent job at this level. It was a joy watching Callum Clayton's saves in goal. He gave us confidence and had his share in our strong season. I am very happy with him. The one 'original' player I will highlight is Tunde Owolabi, who again had a good season, scoring goals. He was however, concerningly, left out with injuries for a portion of the season. Facilities - I managed to push the Youth Recruitment another level and they are now Exceptional along with our Junior Coaching. I have never tried having that good intake facilities so early in a challenge, but it feels amazing and our finances seem to be able to handle it ok. Finances - The intake upgrade put further pressure on the finances, but they seem to be relatively stable still. Youth Intake - Another brilliant intake. Actually even better than the one last season. John Garner is a beast and I managed to tie him down on a two year contract with an option for further two years. Kieran Prosser looks really good too, and I will try to play him in defense next year. Striker Robbie Paterson looks fast and very good, so I might save Regan Linney's ~£2.500 monthly wage after this season, because of the abundance of talented strikers we have in the team. Kieran Platt and Kallum Tremarco also look very promising. No transfers. Goal for next season: Another stable season where our very promising youngsters can gain experience and game time.
  4. Thanks for the advide, @dkouv and @vikeologist. Much appreciated, even the hidden part He luckily signed for me, on what is very favorable terms for the club. A two year deal with an option for the club to extend the deal with further two years. I did give him a solid base wage considering his age, but I think it is worth it. The new contract also ended the current interest from other clubs. There will be new clubs interested though, but now I have done all I can until the board accepts an offer over my head. Going forward, I will definitely be more aware of agreeing regular contracts with my most promising youngster right away after intake. I guess this was never really a problem in Northern Ireland, because the players were usually not good enough to generate any interest, and the ones that were, normally would not want to sign a regular contract with my low reputation club anyway.
  5. I fear, I may not be able to keep hold of James Garner - 23A for much longer. He is attracting a high amount of interest. He is currently on a youth contract. Will it increase his value if I try to sign him on a regular contract? If he is even interested in that.
  6. One thing which would really help us log bugs quicker and make sure the relevant information is provided is a quick template of the things to include. This can be found below. Summary: The league charts in Vanarama National League North looks wrong Description of Issue: After a full season, the league chart looks wrong. Several teams finish in the same position, and some positions are apparently unused. See the screenshot. Steps to Reproduce: Version 20.4.1-1363262 (m.e v2040) Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: No, but I can do that? I tried to do so, but apparently I get a warning. The save game file is called 'YAC FC United 19 - SI_07042020.fm', if it was succesfully uploaded, and uploaded 20th of April 2020 around 10:13 (GMT+2).
  7. Intake day arrived, and this was the result. John Garner looks incredible, and makes me consider a formation change to best suit him. Edit: Fantastic progress @dkouv, with back to back promotions!
  8. Keep up your spirit. It will turn at some point - even though I know how frustrating such runs are. Can you see development in your players ability and your performances in general, since you were in the Championship last time (despite your current difficulties)?
  9. FC United (England) Season 2 - 2021/22 So, with an actual goalkeeper and considering last season, we should be in for another succesful, free-scoring season, right? Well, no. This has got to go down as the biggest collapse (drop in performance), I have overseen in FM, and one of the more stressful seasons. We were very poor all the way through, and the final result with a 15th-place and a 15 points gap to the relegation places is very flattering on our part. We were in real danger of being relegated during the entire season. League (Results 1, Results 2, Results 3, Cups, League Chart) - Tough, tough season. Our previously free-scoring, strikers missed almost every opportunity, with footballs dancing on the line and hitting the woordwork. We got absolutely battered in the first part of the season which prompted me to switch to a simpler, less attacking 4-4-2 which helped us stop the poor form to an extent. The poor form returned, unfortunately, and it was only due to a relatively strong finish to the season, that we actually stayed up. Our main problem, I believe, was our incredibly poor new goalkeeper Geraint Page. SI might as well have made him transparent (isVisible = False;), as he spent most of the season dodging shots and headers like he was Neo from The Matrix. The stronger finish might be due to our very strong and pleasing youth intake, where we got a proper goalkeeper in Callum Clayton. Comparing him with Page, it is clear, that he is much better and has loads of potential. I am pretty excited about him and my heart rate has decreased considerably. The league chart is not correct again, for some reason. Our participation in the FA Cup coincided with our worst form of the season, and we were eliminated, very disappointingly, by Bridlington in the 3rd Qualifying Round. Team - We managed to maintain all players in our squad for another season. I was quite excited by this, but the goals were fewer and so were good performances, which can be seen by looking at our most important players Michael Donohue, Luke Griffiths, Tunde Owolabi, Regan Linney, Chris Doyle, Brian Aitken and Taylor Lane. I hope never to be forced to use Geraint Page again. I managed to extend all contracts for another year. Facilities - Good times on this front at least. The agreed Youth Training Facilities upgrade was completed, so they are now Below Average, and I managed to upgrade Junior Coaching and Youth Recruitment such that they are now Exceptional and Excellent, respectively. Very pleasing, and this should mean, that the youth players emerging should be more capable of competing on our current level and grow with the club, as we hopefully get promoted. Finances - Not as healthy as previously due to the heavy investment in training and intake facilities. But still good, and it helps, that our attendances are quite high. Youth Intake - A brilliant intake. I have very high hopes for our new, by far best goalkeeper Callum Clayton. I also like the look of Billy Maher, Alfie Scott, Simon Woodford and David Knowles. Last years intake was very strong in the attack while this years intake reinforced the midfield (and goalkeeping position). No Transfers. Goal for next season: I hope we can have a better season in midtable-obscurity in safe distance from relegation.
  10. That is one of the best regens, I have seen. It is not that far fetched, that you will actually get a payment from the 'profit of next sale'. How much of a boost is this to your finances?
  11. Sorry for all the small updates. Next update will be a full season update, I promise. The change in tactics to a simple 4-4-2 has in the short run turned our form somewhat around, and given us a small gap to the relegation places. I hope it can continue. It would be a shame to have to walk away from such facilities and such a youth preview. The youth training facility upgrade has been done, I and managed to push Junior Coaching and Youth Recruitment to the next level. But our goalkeeper Geraint Page is still hopeless. His Saves Tipped, Held and Parried along with his Clean Sheets have to be the among the lowest in the league. I am desperately hoping for a halfdecent goalkeeper in the next intake.
  12. Unlucky. Sorry to hear. If it is any consolation, I am also struggling badly in the second season. Even with both my best strikers. Looking forward to seeing where you will start the challenge again!
  13. Thanks for the encouraging team talk, @XaW Yes, your seasons with Stratford Town were exciting to follow, but you can definitely feel hard done by after going through so many seasons. I have switched to a simple kick-and-rush, counter 4-4-2, and at least we have had a mini recovery winning two games, but whether it will last, I don't know. But I will kick on and see where it leads us. Best of luck on Iceland, where you are now a domestical force
  14. Wow, this is bad. It is the same players as last year mixed up with some promising youngster and more or less the same tactic. But our players are missing all opportunities, and our new goalkeeper is absolute rubbish. I am tempted to start with a greyed-out keeper. And I am getting to the point where I am panic-switching tactics. If I am not fired, we will definitely go down and end the challenge in that way.
  15. FC United (England) Season 1 - 2020/21 After my last post, I realised, that the squad had no goalkeeper. So I adopted an attacking tactic based on outscoring the opponent before they realised our deficiencies in goal. It turned out this worked very well. We flew through the first half of the season topping the division for most of the period. We had a very bad january, but recovered somewhat. It wasn't enough though, and we finished somewhat disappointingly in 7th - the last play off position. In the first round of the play off, we lost to a strong York City side. Before the season, I would have taken this outcome happily, but given our strong first half of the season it feels a tiny bit disappointing. League (Results 1, Results 2, Results 3, Cups, League Chart) - What a strong first half of the season! Followed by a bad January. But we made the play offs and survived the first season in the Vanarama North. That counts as a success. Also considering missing a goalkeeper until April. As noted above, our tactic was based on outscoring our opponents and overwhelming them. That succeeded. For some reason our League Chart is wrong. In the FA Cup we made to the first round where we lost to a stronger AFC Fylde side from the Vanarama National League. But it boosted our finances nicely. Team - From the offset, we had a very strong squad. Our main strikeforce of Tunde Owolabi and Regan Linney both scored an impressive amount of goals, while our attacking midfielder Luke Griffiths and winger Michael Donohue were responsible largely for the assists. One major drawback was of course the complete lack of goalkeepers in the squad. But luckily, we were able to overcome that. One of the biggest challenges for this team was keeping hold of our very good players for more than one season. Luckily, I managed to extend contracts with all players for another year. Negociations with Tunde Owolabi and Michael Donohue, I left to the board since they demanded way too much in base salary than our current wage budget allows. Luckily they also signed. So I have an intact squad for next season as well, bolstered by the youth intake which includes an actual non-grey goalkeeper. Facilities - Already decent with Average Junior Coaching and Fairly basic Youth Recruitment. And more than enough to compete on the current level. Due to the good finances based on the considerable support of the club, I guess, I was able to upgrade these facilities such that they are now Excellent and Good, respectively. That is massive, and bodes well for future incoming generations. Left with continuingly good finances - something I haven't experiences before in this challenge - I was also able to get the board to agree to an upgrade to the Youth Facilities. The work will go on into the new season. I don't know if this is a feasible strategy for this challenge. Finances - As already mentioned, the finances this season was very strong. We topped at approximately £430.000 at one point. Due to several youth intake upgrades and a single youth facility upgrade this has decreased somewhat. But we are still at a healthy level. Youth Intake - A very good youth intake. Only downside is that both Taylor Lane (Beatles, anyone?) and Brian Aitken, the two best players in the intake are both strikers, an area where we are already strong. But I will not complain. In midfield Stephen Wheeldon looks promising and we got a goalkeeper in Geraint Page, who is admittedly, a long way from first team level. But he will have to do for now as first-choice goalkeeper. No Transfers. Goal for next season: Survive, as I do not thing we can conjure another equally strong season. Hopefully recieve a strong intake based on our upgraded intake and youth training facilities.
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