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  1. Morpeth Town FC (England) Season 5 - 2025/26 Much improved season. The extra year gone by did all the difference for our youngsters. They really clicked and put in an improved performance with several players having a breakthrough. So much that this would also be the season when practically all 'original' players still in the club were replaced. League (Results 1, Results 2, Results 3, Cups, League Chart) - Strong season. We were between 4th and 6th in two thirds of the season ending with a 5th place and a defeat in the second round of the playoffs. We could have been pro
  2. Morpeth Town FC (England) Season 4 - 2024/25 This was a tough season. We were poor. The old guard were by now actually the too old guard forcing me to introduce youth prospects, and the youth players were still not overall at a level to be competitive. League (Results 1, Results 2, Cups, League Chart) - A struggle. In many games we were harmless going forward creating next to no chances. We survived because the bottom four were poorer still, and because Yael Brea had a killer season in attack and Lee Stewart bossed the midfield. We made it to the Quarter Final of the FA Troph
  3. Morpeth Town FC (England) Season 3 - 2023/24 Another 10th place finish. But this year around, we struggled a lot more. This can be seen by the league chart, where we were never higher than 9th for one round. The leading, aging squad members are declining and the youth prospects are still not quite ready to fully take over. But I will take this season. Bottom line is that we survived another year enabling us to develop the youngster even further. League (Results 1, Results 2, Results 3, Cups, League Chart) - We struggled a lot more. But we managed another midtable finish and w
  4. Don't be too hard on yourself. He will sell for big money when he is ready to depart for La Liga or the Premier League
  5. Morpeth Town FC (England) Season 2 - 2022/23 Another quite strong season and a 10th place finish. Though it is a bit worrying, but expected, that things are going backwards as my strongest players are getting quite old, and no youngsters are yet fully ready to take over. Though three of the youngsters from the first intake had mini breakthroughs already this season. This bodes well. League (Results 1, Results 2, Results 3, Cups, League Chart) - Another good season. I am satisfied. And again had a strong FA Cup run reaching the second round were we were eliminated by Coventry.
  6. Morpeth Town FC (England) Season 1 - 2021/22 It has been a long time since I actually played this season, but from what I remember, this was a terrific season. We were very good, and our general quality showed throughout the season. I am though very glad, that we were not promoted. The squad might have turned in a really good season now, but we would be out of our depth in the Vanarama National League with an aging squad with next to no youth prospects to take over. League (Results 1, Results 2, Results 3, Cups, League Chart) - A really strong season. And third round of t
  7. I really like the look of the Head of Youth Development we have hired: Lee Hildreth He is much better than what can be expected at this level.
  8. I have had a number of starts in this challenge this year without really making it off the runway. In the background I have slowly been churning away on a save with Morpeth Town FC in England, and I think having reached the fifth season, that this save will actually stick. So meet the manager og Morpeth Town FC. The facilities at the beginning are Training Facilities: Basic Youth Facilities: Poor Junior Coacing: Fairly basic Youth Recruitment: Basic I picked Morpeth because they have a really strong and experienced squad for this level, which will giv
  9. Itching to give this challenge another go. I haven't started it properly this year. One question though. This issue with non-contract players transfer listed by the club when you takeover. Is there any way to remove them from the transfer list? I have had a couple of test starts in England, and every time I have lost up to a handful of players because of this. It just makes the challenge quite a lot harder :)
  10. Indeed. Grande Alberto I really miss him in todays races
  11. I know this might not be the correct thread for this. But I have a general question regarding training. I have set up the training as shown below. Assistant is responsible for general training, and I take care of individual training. Still I am receiving updates on players that are training for new positions that I do not recall having asked them to train. Am I missing some setting or is the positional training part of the general training? As I recall it, this was not the case in FM20.
  12. Belfast Celtic in Northern Ireland it is! Meet the new manager. The squad is small and aging in certain positions. Most notably our only goalkeeper, 39 year old David Hilton-McIlwaine. Half-decent facilities for this level, I would say, and even though we are projected to finish dead last, our central defender has snuck into the Media Dream Eleven. Here we go.
  13. A quick note on Northern Ireland in this challenge. It seems that the promoted team to the Bluefin Sport PIL is determined between 1st of May 2021 and 1st of June 2021. If I save at 1st of May and holiday to 25th of June, I can get different teams. Saving on the 1st of June, the promoted team seems to have been determined already. Edit: And it should be hard to get other teams than Belfast Celtic or Donegal Celtic. They both have a reputation of 1250 and the third most reputable team Coagh United has a reputation of 800.
  14. And we are relegated from the danish 3rd division. Admittedly, my tactics were all over the place (and proven FM20 tactics did definitely not work), but the opposing players ran right through my central defense and had an insane conversion rate. Moreover, we had our share of disallowed goals and offsides, and the new match UI made the confusion even bigger. What is the definition of a half filled yellow heart and a purple smiley? And my neck is hurting with all the horizontal scanning of the screen... I need to find a working tactic and figure out how to properly motivate my pla
  15. Am I the only one experiencing, that the opponents are just firing the one 30-meter screamer after the other into the net? It is not uncommon that I am trailing 0-3 after 10 to 15 minutes in a game.
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