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  1. I do believe this thread was made version independent, such that you can participate with all FM-versions. Please correct me, if I have got anything wrong.
  2. Am I the only one having difficulty accessing fmshots.com? I keep getting this error when trying to go to the page: Fatal error [400]: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] No such file or directoryTriggered in /lib/G/classes/class.db.php at line 99Stack trace:#0 /lib/G/classes/class.db.php(110): G\DB->__construct()#1 /app/loader.php(65): G\DB::getInstance()#2 /index.php(20): include_once('/app/loader.php')
  3. Scarborough Athletic FC (England) Season 7 - 2025/26 Champions and promotion to the Football League! What a season! Something just clicked for us, and we started the season strongly. Moreover, we did not loose a league match from 1st of November until the last day of January. But we did get 'rubber legs' (gummiben) as we say where I am from. Luckily we managed to get back on track and finished the season with four wins in the last five matches to secure the title. In the last match we fell apart completely and ended up loosing 1-6. Hangovers from the celebrations? Gaining access to the Football League meant, that we changed our set up at the end of the season to Full Time Professionalism and the board is building a new stadium matching the regulations in League 2. League (Results 1 | Results 2 | Results 3 | Cups) - This season something clicked big time for the team. I made a few tweaks to our regular and well-proven 4-4-2, but nothing extraordinary. The team jumped out of the start blocks and quickly shot to the top places of the league. But we really cemented our challenge for promotion by our extremely strong performances in November, December and January, where we did not loose. In march however we had a dip in form loosing two, drawing three and winning only one. But we managed to finish strongly winning all four matches in april which was enough to secure the championship. We were not able to emulate our FA Cup run from last year, but winning the league was a good substitute. Here is the positional chart. Team - The team is getting stronger as the players are getting older. Moreover, we have a very talented squad. The players performed admireably this year and limited the number of games where we were outplayed. When that happened we were often able to even draw the match. Standout players were Darren Powell who developed rapidly, Jonny Gregory who really helped scoring our goals, Connor Green, John Jones, John Hickson and in the last part of the season also our young defensive anchorman Ben Thompson. Facilities - I managed to push our Youth Recruitment level again which means, that both Junior Coaching and Youth Recruitment are now at the highest level. Bodes well for the future. After we gained promotion to League 2, we also went professional and the board decided to build a new stadium. So things are moving quickly now. Next step is to maintain the intake setup level and start looking into the training facilities. Additionally, I managed to increase the number of coaches allowed, so this should also help the players develop. Youth Intake - Oh yes. What a brilliant intake. The upgrades are really paying off. Moreover, all players agreed to sign provisional contracts, and their quality in terms of ability and potential meant that many of my other players suddenly agreed to sign new contracts as well. That is tremendous news. Alex Longstaff is impressive and likewise Ben Thompson. Both are being chased by a horde of Championship clubs, so I hope I can keep hold of them. Transfers and Finances - The increased quality of my players means that they are becoming interesting as loan targets. I need to put more effort into this going forward. Switching to Full Time Professionalism and building a new stadium have along with the cost of our youth setup sent our finances plummenting. I really have no overview of our financial standing. Moreover, most players are demanding double wages to sign professional contracts. I did not realise it was that expensive to go professional. I have had some luck in removing pay-pr-match/goal related costs which most of the players have agreed to. But our income cannot in any way match our current expenditure and wages. I just hope it does not affect our youth setup or wage limits going forward. Goal next season: Survive such that we can stay professional and maintain our current status and facilities.
  4. Scarborough Athletic FC (England) Season 6 - 2024/25 This was an action-packed season. Second season in the Vanarama National League, and even though we ended lower than last year (13th and 12th), we actually managed to collect one more point than last year (61 and 60). We started strongly, but throughout the season we were very inconsistent and for a lot of the games we just did not show up and were completely outplayed. I contribute this to the facts that we are still rockbottom in most player stat comparisons across the division and that we have a very young squad. But this year we embarked on a very thrilling cup run. We managed to reach the 5th round of the FA Cup! Fantastic. The players got the opportunity to play at the illustrious Saint Mary's and came away with a very respectable 0-4 defeat after a solid display. This showed me, that we have the potential in the squad to match a higher level in the future - we just need to show it more often than in glimpses - and it bolstered our finances considerably. League (Results 1 | Results 2 | Results 3 | Cups) - A strong start, meant, that we did not get dragged into a prolonged relegation battle. The rest of the season was inconsistent and we failed to impress in most matches. We ended the season loosing three in a row with a final day defeat to relegated and 24th-placed Oxford City. I am a bit concerned since we are outplayed and trashed in quite a lot of the matches. We are not even close to gaining points, and when we win or draw, we have to fight throughout the match. We have no easy wins or draws. This needs to improve, otherwise, we are always only a loosing streak away from getting into real trouble. But on to something much more enjoyable - our cup run. We were this seasons overachievers in the FA Cup reaching the 5th round going out to the mighty Southampton from the Premier League. We started positively against Brackley FC from the National North division below us before eliminating Barnet from our own division. Then we had the luck to play first Colchester United and then Blackpool FC from the bottom of League 2. Both teams had poor form when we played them, and this turned out to be enough for us. I was impressed with the squad. Then we delivered perhaps the best performance of the season eliminating first placed Grimsby from our own division in the 4th round before getting a shot at a Premier League team in the shape of Southampton. So some luck in drawing a Vanarama National League side in the 4th round as well as the struggling League 2 sides meant that we had an FA Cup adventure which the town and local area will talk about for years to come. Delightful. Team - We lost our best striker Mel Davison before the season WBA in the Championship, and in the winter transfer window, I decided to let our second best striker John Muirhead leave for Oxford, also in the Championship because his contract ran out after the season and we managed to get 50% of a potential future transfer fee. Davison spent a year on the WBA Under-23s team and Muirhead was loaned to Partick Thistle where he played eight times in six months. Satisfyingly, our centre-back talent of the decade Greenwood who decided to leave for Boston Utd ended in 16th place below us. But back to our team. After christmas we were a bit thin in the offensive department. We are currently relying on John Hickson and attacking midfielder Henry Bower. Bower along with Daniel Metcalfe and Darren Powell are the standout players of the season having developed nicely and having secured places in the first team. It is still an ongoing battle to tie down our most promising players and I fear, that I will loose our best winger Mark Dunning and striker John Hickson in two years time. Facilities - Last year we maxed out our Junior Coaching which is currently Exceptional and this season I managed to push our Youth Recruitment two levels such that it is now Well established. Fantastic. I did not mean to push for two upgrades but since our board decided to scrap agreed improvements to Youth Training and Training Facilities at the end of the season even though we had the cup money, I decided to try my luck. The intake setup is now very high quality compared to other teams at this level, and this should give me quite an advantage going forward. Even though I might not be able to keep my best players, the players I can actually tie down on contracts should be at a very good and competitive level and should have the ability to play at a better level in the future. Good times. Youth Intake - The first upgrade to Youth Recruitment made an instant impact since we got our first foreigner - the spanish winger Victor Manuel Villegas. I am expecting big things from him alone because of his Determination of 20. But his Technique, Flair, Pace and Acceleration are also good. Jonny Andrew looks like our coming first choice centre-back, and Jordan Haynes is currently our best striker. He as well does not wish to sign a proper contract, so we will probably loose him in the summer. But it is encouraging to see the quality of players now coming through our intakes. Transfers - This year we sold our first players. All strikers. We lost Mel Davison before the season. In the winter transfer window, Akritas from Cyprus offered a deal for our striker Panos Panagiotou. He did not have the quality or potential to compete with our other strikers, so I accepted the offer. John Muirhead did not want to sign another contract so when Oxford offered us 50% of the next transfer fee, I decided to let him leave in the winter. A bit of a gamble, because he was our top scorer, but now we have the chance of a bigger payment in the coming seasons. Lee Thompson was another striker which I did not see potential in so he left for Stevenage in League 2. Finances improved due to our cup run. This is also much needed because of our heavy investment in and running cost of the intake setup. Goal next season: Stay in the Vanarama National League. Be more competitive and hopefully improve the quality of our squad through our improved intakes such that our better players will want to stay and sign at least a first contract with the club.
  5. Davison ended up at West Bromwich at a monthly wage I can only dream of matching. Too bad, but to be honest he was too good to play at our level.
  6. Scarborough Athletic FC (England) Season 5 - 2023/24 I thought it would be a struggle to survive after our promotion to the Vanarama National League, but it turned out to be a relatively comfortable season. After a period to adjust to the increased quality in the league, we managed to stay midtable all season. What we did lack was consistency. We would win one, loose one, win two, loose three. But considering we are still below level with regard to player quality in this division and most of our players are very young, that is ok. So a very good season. In the end of the season the club had a change in ownership. I took advantage of this and pushed the intake setup another level. Nice. League (Results 1 | Results 2 | Results 3 | Cups) - After a period of adjusting, we kept a healthy distance to the relegation places all season. We beat Tranmere, Swindon, Grimsby twice and Barnet on the way. But the most impressive match even though we only managed to draw, was this against Fylde. We were 0-2 down after just three minutes, but managed to turn the match around going 4-2 up just after half time. Fylde then scored two quick goals with ten minutes to go, but getting a draw in this match was impressive. Cups... Well, we participated. Team - After this season, we will loose Mel Davison who has refused to sign a new contract. Next year, we will loose John Muirhead as well for the same reason. This would not be good loosing our entire attack, if we did not have players ready to take over. John Hickson and Henry Bower might not be quite as good, but they will suffice on this level and have already played much. Henry Bower surprised me. I had not paid any notice of him at intake day last year, but he was highlighted by our coaching staff and turned out to be good already and quite promising. Connor Green also had a breakthrough season. All in all, my team is now heavily dominated by our extremely good 22-intake. We have solid players on most positions, but could really use a central defender or two in the coming intakes after we lost Alex Greenwood to Boston Utd. Moreover, at some point i will also have to switch our goalkeeper. Satisfyingly, I was able to extend the contracts of my most promising players during this season with of course the exception of Davison and Muirhead. But they are too good to play at this level, so it is ok. Facilities - After the takeover, I put my job on the line and managed to upgrade our Junior Coaching and Youth Intake again. This means, that the best players coming through should be at least on level with the Vanarama National League and be able to go more or less straight into the team. Great. We received another dispensation to play at our current stadium in Goole some 80 kilometres from Scarborough. Youth Intake - Another quite strong intake. Darren Powell already looks like a very strong central midfielder. Jonny Gregory is another good attacker and Daniel O'Neill looks like my coming left full back. No transfers and the finances are ok. Goal next season: Another midtable finish would be nice.
  7. Good to see the progress being made. Good job, @dkouv, @optimusprimal82 and @Fadedaf. A quick update from me. We are finding life in the National League tough. The increased tempo and the increased quality in passes and finishes are taking its toll, and it is not uncommon that we are down 0-1 within the first few minutes and 0-2 or even 0-3 within the first 20-30 minutes effectively ending the match prematurely. Currently however, we have hit a streak of three fortuitous wins lifting us to a much needed 11th place. But I wonder if this will last.
  8. Apparently they can. Was hoping I could keep him for the entirety of the youth contract. Actually, I did know this thinking more about it. I have just never used it myself since a compensation fee must be paid.
  9. Isn't he on a youth contract? Can anybody just offer contracts to players under youth contract? I was not aware of this.
  10. Scarborough Athletic FC (England) Season 4 - 2022/23 Promotion as champions! Great season. We started strongly and kept going throughout the season to clinch the title with a game to go. Many of the players from last years intake were already good enough to take over from our older, original players. This increase in quality coupled with a switch to a counter-attacking 4-4-1-1 meant that it was a lot more comfortable, and we won a lot of tight games. The cups were a disappointment, but it is forgotten with the promotion secured. League (Results 1 | Results 2 | Results 3 | Cups) - The switch in tactics and the increased player quality meant that we were a lot more competitive. We started strongly and was able to win a lot of tight games over christmas and into january. We clenched the title by beating Boston Utd, a fellow promotion hunter, resoundingly. Good timing. Team - Many of last years intake players went straight into the team as regulars. John Muirhead - 22C became our topscorer with 20 league goals. Impressive. Dunning - 22E and Davison - 21A were also very good as was Moses James - 22A, Brent Morris - 22D. Connor Green - 22B also got a lot of games and did ok. Alex Greenwood - 23A (at intake | end of season) played all games after joining and reinforced the defense impressively. Facilities - Another threat in the end of the season after having gained promotion meant that the Junior Coaching was upgraded. It is now Excellent and the Youth Recruitment is Average. Many players in the intakes are now good enough to play in the Vanarama National League North/South or can become good enough relatively quickly. And the best players are able to compete in the Vanarama National League or perhaps League 2. I don't know how big a the gap in quality is between National League and League 2. Moreover, the best ones do not wish to sign contracts with me due to the division we play in or the general quality of the playing squad. I am hoping that promotion to the Vanarama National League can pursuade Greenwood and Davison to sign contracts. Otherwise, I find myself in the strange situation, that I either need to gain another promotion and hope the best players will sign contracts or hope for players at a slightly lower level qualitywise in the coming intakes who actually wish to play at the current level and with the current squad quality. However, I do trust that the other players in the intakes are ready to take over and of sufficient quality for us to be competitive in the Vanarama National League North/South at least, if we loose Greenwood and Davison. But there is a mismatch in the quality of our intakes and the level at which we are currently competing. Youth Intake - Strong. Take a look at Alex Greenwood - 23A, the perfect defender in my eyes. John Hickson - 23B could make up a strong partnership with Muirhead in the coming seasons. No transfers and the finances are getting worse, as expected. Goal next season: Survive? I think it would be asking a lot. Realistically, I can hope to tie down my promising intake players for some years and they can get a year with better opposition aiding their development.
  11. Good luck to all of you. Good to see so many attempts. On another note. Holy cow! This one just came through. Realistically, he will not want to sign anything but a youth contract. But he should be a very good player for the duration of that.
  12. Scarborough Athletic FC (England) Season 3 - 2021/22 Good season. Although I am disappointed that we did not manage to hang on to the play-off position which we held for most of the season until after the last round. Perhaps I got a bit carried away with the quality of the players from the intake and played too many of them. But it was more comfortable without being solid and my two young strikers Panagiotou and Kalu did a decent job of taking over from Coulson. Kalu has pace, agility and acceleration and Panagiotou has been regular U19 striker for Cyprus. League (Results 1 | Results 2 | Results 3 | Cups) - It was more comfortable this year, though we are struggling to obtain stability in our efforts and results. We started strongly, but had a horror-month in october. After that the results improved, but a poor end to the season meant that we finished just outside the play-off. A bit disappointing, but in the bigger picture another decent season. Perhaps I also need to take a look at our simple 4-4-2 tactic. Team - After loosing our top scorer for the past two season, Michael Coulson, it remained to be seen if our two young strikers Panagiotou and Kalu could fill the gap. They did a decent job scoring 10 league goals between them considering their age. But the revelation of the season is the star of last years intake, Mel Davison. Mainly used as a striker and sometimes a shadow striker he managed to score 13 league goals. Moreover, he improved massively this year and his training effort has been impressive. Facilities - After putting my job on the line again, I managed to get improvements to the Youth Recruitment and the Junior Coaching. Great, but I am not certain, that the threats are viable going forward. Moreover, this tipped our financial balance and it is now decreasing. So there is closed for further improvements, but the current intake level should yield talents capable of gaining promotion over time. Youth Intake - Wow. Fantastic intake. The investments (and threats) really paid off. Overall we received seven players who could more or less improve the current squad from day one. I had to use the letter 'G' when tagging the players. I really like midfielder Brent Morris and his Aggression, Bravery, Teamwork and Workrate. Him and Connor Green looks like my central midfield in the coming seasons. Up front John Muirhead looks like a really good striker and on the wings and the attacking midfield Moses James and Mark Dunning look really promising. Jamie Caldwell looks like a solid full back and Kian Leonard will be ready to take over in central defense. All in all a very solid intake. No transfers and as described finances are getting less stable due to intake investments, but this is ok. Goal next season: Integrate this years intake in the first team. Midtable position again.
  13. A tightly packed and quite disastrous October is finally at an end: Let us hope November will make up for this. Right now morale is at an all time low, and my players are missing all chances to score. That needs to improve.
  14. Scarborough Athletic FC (England) Season 2 - 2020/21 Another decent season. At first glance it looks impressive to improve on the position from last year, but it was never comfortable, and there always was a feeling, that we were a bit behind in games and had to fight for all chances and goals more than the opposition. League (Results 1 | Results 2 | Results 3 | Cups) - This season we had a good start. This was halted by Annans departure after 8 games. Afterwards we had a bleak period where we did not put together much offensively. Slowly we found a decent level again. But it was never comfortable, and you had the feeling, that we were always reacting. On the positive side, we maintained a position between 6 and 9 for most of the season, and if it were not for an unimpressive ending to the season, we could actually have finished in the playoffs. A position we held until the last round of the season. After intake day Mel Davison raised the offensive quality noticeably. But the overall feeling is that we still lack the general quality to compete in this division. A very respectable cup performance again. Team - We lost Annan, our best offensive player after eight games. This affected our offensive noticeably, but the arrival of Mel Davison bodes well. He played regularly in the last part of the season. Our best striker Coulson have been unhappy all season due to the quality of the defensive players. So he will leave at the end of the season. At 33 and having scored only 9 league goals to the 19 last season, it is a smaller issue than it would have been at the start of the season. But we might lack some goals next season. Jack Johnson, our right back is the player who has improved most this season. He looks like a decent quality right back for years to come in this division. Sean Smith from last years intake played 18 games this season and did ok. He could develop into a decent midfielder at this level. Our two young striker Emanuel Kalu, a fast, technical player and Panos Panagiotou will spearhead our attack next season aided by the talented Mel Davison. Facilities - At the end of last season and this season I managed with threats to get improvements to Junior Coaching and Youth Recruitment. This resulted in a very impressive intake this year. So I am very positive going forward. With the quality and potential of the incoming players, we will be able to build a competitive squad in this division over time. Moreover, this season we played our home games at a stadion in Goole near Kingston-Upon-Hull due to our own stadium not living up to league requirements. This has promted our board to begin construction plans of a new stadium. Youth Intake - A strong intake. The investments paid off. Mel Davison (At intake | End of Season) looks like a real talent and raised our offensive threat from day one. Robbie Harris will be our left back in the coming years. Due to the investments in youth recruitment our positive balance is decreasing. So no recruitment investments going forward, but I believe we can build a competitive squad with the current intake quality. And no transfers. Goal next season: Consolidate. Improve current players such that it can become more comfortable.
  15. Hi @optimusprimal82 It looks fine. Good luck in England. Edit: You should go to the Season Preview of the Vanarama National League North and South to find the promoted teams after holidaying. Otherwise, you can visit these sites: Evo-Stik Northern Premier League Evo-Stik Southern Premier League Central Evo-Stik Southern Premier League South Bostik League Premier Division
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